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Will Glucosamine Help Back Pain

Review Strengths And Limitations

Glucosamine Benefits | Arthritis & Heart Health

The selection procedure and literature search utilised in this review may have introduced bias.

The selection criteria did not place limits on the ages of participants and as the pathology of LBP may change with age, direct comparisons between studies of patients with different patient demographics need to be taken with caution.

Relevant, unpublished trials may have been omitted and as these are likely to be small studies without positive results, this may lead to publication bias. Studies not published in English were excluded and may also have introduced bias. Utilising references of the included trials to identify other studies may have also led to an over-representation of positive studies.

The search strategy, however, was vigorous with several databases utilised, in addition to reference screening of included studies, which ensured that the omission of relevant studies was minimised.

Glucosamine Chondroitin Msm & Treatment Of Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative disc disease isnt actually a disease at all 12. Its a condition that results from a damaged spinal disc. When a disc suffers trauma, its unable to repair itself, allowing its cartilage to begin degenerating. As the disc degenerates, you may begin to experience periodic episodes of pain, some loss in your range of motion and less flexibility in your back. Treatment for this condition often relies on pain medications, physical therapy and surgical procedures. Some people, however, turn to complementary and alternative courses of care. A combination of glucosamine, chondroitin and methylsulfonylmethane is one option. Talk to your doctor before taking these or any other supplement to treat degenerative disc disease 1.

If you are experiencing serious medical symptoms, seek emergency treatment immediately.

A Personal Review Of Glucosamine & Chondroiton For Back Pain Sufferers From Body

I remember my late grandfather using glucosamine & chondroiton for about 6 months and proudly showing me how he could bend his middle finger all the way down to his palm something he wasnt able to do before. So I have witnessed the effectiveness of this supplement first hand. However, I have never met anyone who claimed it cured their chronic back pain. My guess is that if you could somehow be guaranteed that ALL the nutrients of glucosamine & chondroiton were being fully absorbed into all your connective tissue , including your vertebrae, the benefit to structural integrity would still NOT be enough to overcome the constant throbbing of low & upper back muscles from poor posture. Glucosamine & chondroiton readily absorbs into collagen but has little direct effect on muscle tissue.

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Is Glucosamine Chondroitin Good For Back Pain

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Glucosamine And Chondroitin For Osteoarthritis Pain

Schwartz Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM Turmeric for Hip, Joint &  Back ...

Research is mixed on whether these supplements help with OA pain and stiffness, but they are safe to try.

Glucosamine and chondroitin are popular supplements used to treat osteoarthritis . According to one estimate from the National Institutes of Health, 6.5 million adults, or 2.6% of the population, has used one or both of these products. Although studies on glucosamine and chondroitin have been mixed, some evidence suggests they may help relieve OA joint pain and stiffness.

What Are Glucosamine and Chondroitin?

Glucosamine and chondroitin are natural compounds found in healthy cartilage the connective tissue that cushions joints. Supplements are manufactured from the cartilage of animals such as cows, pigs or shellfish, or are made in a lab. Glucosamine is sold in different forms, including glucosamine sulfate and glucosamine hydrochloride. You can buy glucosamine and chondroitin individually, but most often theyre sold together in a single supplement.

In many European countries, these supplements are a prescribed treatment for OA. In the U.S., the recommendations on glucosamine and chondroitin are more moderate, due to the mixed results of studies.

How Do They Work?

Glucosamine and chondroitin protect cells called chondrocytes, which help maintain cartilage structure. In theory, these supplements have the potential to slow cartilage deterioration in the joints, and to reduce pain in the process.

The Evidence

Which Form Is Best?

Are They Safe?

The Bottom Line

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And What About The Downsides

In general, glucosamine and chondroitin are thought to be safe. However, as with any medication, there are potential risks. In some clinical trials, people taking the glucosamine-chondroitin combination have reported

Another concern is drug interactions, which may be a problem with any combination of medications. For example, chondroitin may interact with blood thinners such as warfarin, so the combination could increase the risk of bleeding.

Check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking glucosamine and/or chondroitin. Many doctors warn patients that the FDA does not regulate supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin, so they may not contain the amounts stated on the label, or there could be contaminants in them.

And, of course, there is cost to consider health insurance usually doesnt cover these supplements. .

Rated For Knee Pain Report

Considering there is nothing else really that has a disease modifying effect,& the possible negative and dirorienting info by interested parties, I have after much study and constant monitoring found that Glucosamine Sulphate over a period of 2 years has helped me markedly, though I must mention I took 1500mg of it along with 1300 of Chondroitin for the 1st year, and then 1750 mg Glucosamine with 650 Chondroitin. I have 2 further inputs. The first is the caveat about the quality of the product here I have a simple approachgo for someone with a name, say for instance Walgreens. Secondly, it has been recently found that some of the osteoporosis medications like Calcitonin are the only other agents that clinical trials have shown to have a disease modifying effect.

by Andrew Lavender, The Conversation

Pharmaceutical companies have been promoting glucosamine supplements as a treatment for osteoarthritis for many years. Taking glucosamine for osteoarthritis is one of the most common forms of complementary medicine in western societies.

Osteoarthritis is a condition in which the cartilage lining the surfaces of the joints wears thin due to the bones rubbing on each other for a long period. Its also caused by reduced production of proteoglycan, an essential component of cartilage, as we age. This results in joint pain and stiffness.

Glucosamine formulation

Glucosamine as a preventative measure

Chondroitin sulfate

So whats the verdict?

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If Your Joints Ache Can Glucosamine Help Ease The Pain

Joint pain makes almost everything you do more difficult. The stiffness, swelling and aching can start when you get out of bed, worsen as you walk or climb stairs, and even flare up with changes in the weather.

Youve probably heard people recommend glucosamine as a supplement that can help ease your joint pain. But does it work? Or is it just a waste of your money?

  • Vitamins to Prevent Back Pain
  • Can you ward off back pain with vitamins? Maybe. Certain vitamins may have the potential to ease back pain and inflammation that can be associated with a host of spine conditions, including spinal osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

    Of course eating a healthy diet is an important way to support an overall healthy lifestyleyou can usually get plenty of the vitamins you need from the foods you eat. However, sometimes you need to take supplements to ensure youre getting enough of certain vitamins.

    Before taking any new vitamins, ask your doctor if its safe to do so. He or she will recommend how much you should take as well as how frequently to take the vitamin. You may need a higher dose of a particular vitamin, depending on how deficient you are in that vitamin and/or how efficient your body is at absorbing that vitamin.

    To test for a vitamin deficiency, your doctor can order a simple blood test.

    Vitamins for Back Pain Below are some vitamins that are helpful in boosting back health.

    Natural Supplements That Might Relieve Back Joint And Muscle Pain

    Glucosamine/Chondroitin Are They Right For You

    Pain in your back, joints, and muscles musculoskeletal pain is caused by a range of lifestyle and genetic factors. Treatments for that pain must be personalized for every patient, based on your level of inflammation, how you experience pain, other health conditions, and current medications.

    Creating personalized treatment plans can be simultaneously the most rewarding and challenging aspect of my physical medicine and rehabilitation practice. Several natural, medicinal, and procedural pain treatments are available, and patients respond differently to all of them.

    In the U.S., musculoskeletal pain management is beginning to incorporate more Eastern and Ayurvedic medicine, which focus on natural mind and body treatments using exercise, foods, or herbs, as a complement to Western medicine, which treats physical symptoms with medication or surgery.

    While anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen or naproxen can be effective for acute pain, long-term use can cause harmful side effects, including kidney and gastrointestinal damage. Some natural supplements can be highly effective for certain conditions, and some have fewer side effects. However, not all supplements are effective or safe for everyone.

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    Find Relief From Back Pain With Glucosamine Chondroitin

    Research provides evidence that glucosamine chondroitin reduces low back pain by relieving pain, reducing inflammation, and improving function. However, different from other dietary supplements, glucosamine and chondroitin arent available in everyday foods. Thats why youll need to look for high-quality glucosamine chondroitin supplements to incorporate these healing substances into your diet.

    Stop worrying about your low back pain today. Find relief by buying glucosamine chondroitin from our website.

    Whats Behind The New Advice To Stop Taking Glucosamine For Arthritis

    by Nial Wheate and Joanna Harnett, The Conversation

    The Australian Rheumatology Association this week warned people not to take the supplement glucosamine for their osteoarthritis due to possible allergic side-effects.

    Whats the evidence behind this latest advice? And do you really need to stop taking it?

    How did we get here?

    For years, glucosamine has been marketed as a treatment for osteoarthritis, which can occur when the protective cartilage in the joints wears down over time.

    This is despite conflicting evidence on whether the supplement works. Yet many patients may buy glucosamine, presuming that even if it doesnt help, at least its natural and so wont do any harm.

    But an Australian study, which has been online since last year and was cited in one of this weeks media reports, has given us more information about glucosamines safety.

    The study found hundreds of allergic reactions to glucosamine have been reported to Australias medicines watchdog, the Therapeutic Goods Administration .

    So is it safe for you to take glucosamine? In short, if it works for you and you havent had any side-effects, and your doctor and pharmacist know you are taking it, it is likely to be safe based on the multiple trials conducted to date.

    What is glucosamine?

    Whether it works to manage osteoarthritis seems open to debate. The most recent evidence suggests little to no clinical benefit.

    Is glucosamine really as dangerous as people say?

    Conflicting advice

    So, what should I do?

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    How Does It Work

    Glucosamine is found naturally in your body. It plays an important role in making glycosaminoglycans and glycoproteins, which are essential building blocks of many parts of your joints, including ligaments, tendons, cartilage and synovial fluid. Its been suggested that the way these parts of your joint are built and maintained contributes to the development and the progression of osteoarthritis.

    Animal studies have found that giving glucosamine can delay the breakdown of cartilage as well as rebuild it.

    The Lowdown On Nutritional And Other Approaches

    Schwartz Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM Turmeric for Hip, Joint &  Back ...

    It’s possible to take a natural approach to back pain by using supplements that can reduce inflammation and provide some pain relief. Supplements work best when used in combination with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and stress management, says Carrie Bowler, DO, a physician with One Medical Group in New York.

    But the word “natural” on a supplement doesnt automatically mean safe, so its important to talk with your health care provider before you begin a new regimen. Some supplements can interact with other medications and cause complications, and some just plain don’t work.

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    Why Chiropractic Combined With Glucosamine & Chondroitin Sulfate Are A Win

    The most effective treatments are often found in the natural ones. The human body has this incredible ability to provide its own healing. Often we can aid that process through nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes. While there are some people who do reach for medications and invasive means of pain control, the truth is the best cure is the natural one. This is also true of degenerative disc disease. There are several natural treatments that help relieve the pain and even stop the progression of the disease. Common treatments include chiropractic, glucosamine, and chondroitin sulfates.

    Natural Supplements To Consider

    1. Turmeric

    A plant from the ginger family, turmeric is often used in South Asian cuisine, such as curry. It contains curcumin, the key ingredient that can help decrease inflammation. To be effective as either a supplement or food and not simply metabolized and excreted turmeric should be absorbed with fatty oils, such as avocado or olive oil, and black pepper, which most supplements contain.

    I recommend making turmeric a part of your daily diet for three to six months to gauge any benefits. Turmeric supplements can be expensive, and inflammation can be treated in other ways. So, if your pain hasnt decreased after this amount of time, we can try something else

    2. Cherry juice extract

    Anthocyanin supplies both the red coloring and anti-inflammatory benefits in cherries and other red fruits and vegetables. Most of my patients who say cherry juice helps relieve their pain drink about one glass a day, but you can eat a handful of cherries daily or take supplements that contain the pure juice extract cherries are high in anthocyanin. However, because of its high sugar content, I do not recommend cherry juice for diabetic patients.

    3. Omega-3 fatty acids

    Most patients I see have taken these supplements before without good results. For better absorption I recommend incorporating omega-3s into your diet through foods such as tuna, salmon, sardines, tofu, walnuts, and flaxseeds.

    4. Collagen

    5. Chondroitin and glucosamine

    6. Boswellia

    7. Cannabidiol oil

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    Often Used To Treat Bone And Joint Disorders

    Glucosamine supplements are frequently taken to treat various bone and joint conditions. Most scientific research on glucosamine has focused on the use of one specific form called glucosamine sulfate.

    This molecule has been well-studied for its potential to treat symptoms and disease progression associated with osteoarthritis , rheumatoid arthritis , and osteoporosis.

    Multiple studies indicate that taking daily glucosamine sulfate supplements may offer effective, long-term treatment for OA by significantly reducing pain, helping maintain joint space, and slowing disease progression (

    16 ).

    Based on the conflicting evidence, some scientific organizations recommend against the use of glucosamine for managing knee osteoarthritis .

    As such, more human research is needed to better understand the mechanisms of and best applications for glucosamine in joint and bone diseases.


    Though glucosamine is used frequently to treat various bone and joint conditions, more research on its effects is needed.

    People often use glucosamine to treat a wide variety of chronic inflammatory diseases, although scientific data to support this is limited.

    Glucosamine: No Real Relief For Chronic Lower Back Pain

    Low Back & Hip Pain? Is it Nerve, Muscle, or Joint? How to Tell.

    by Cathie Gandel, AARP Bulletin, August 10, 2010

    The popular supplement glucosamine doesnt appear to relieve lower back pain, according to new research.

    Eight out of 10 Americans will experience lower back pain during their lifetimes. For some its a fleeting inconvenience, but for others its a chronic condition affecting health, work and quality of life. In search of relief, more than a quarter of the millions of Americans with chronic back pain take glucosamine, but a new study reports that this widely available dietary supplement provides little real benefit.

    A team of researchers at the Oslo University Hospital looked at 250 people over the age of 25 with chronic lower back pain who also showed signs of osteoarthritis in the lower back. Half were given 1,500 milligrams of glucosamine the rest were given a placebo.

    Patients were asked to describe their back pain using a standard rating scale. At the start, all the patients scored between 9 and 10 on a scale of 24. After six months, the placebo and the glucosamine groups showed the same improvement, both rating their back pain at about 5 on the scale.

    This was a well-done study to test a widely used therapy, says Andrew L. Avins, M.D., research scientist in the Division of Research at Northern California Kaiser-Permanente in Oakland, and author of an editorial on glucosamine and lower back pain.

    The study appeared in the July 7 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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    Glucosamine No Remedy For Lower Back Pain Says Study

    A new study suggests the popular supplement does little to ease aching backs.

    July 6, 2010& #151 — Glucosamine has looked like salvation to many people with joint pain, but it proved no better than a sugar pill at reducing pain, disability or improving quality of life in a study of people plagued by chronic lower back pain and degenerative osteoarthritis.

    But the findings, published in this week’s issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, are unlikely to be the last word on glucosamine, which remains a popular alternative to prescription drugs and other traditional therapies. Although some research studies have found it doesn’t help osteoarthritis, others suggest it may provide some mild benefit to painful osteoarthritis of the knees and hips.

    Statistics attest to the supplement’s widespread appeal. A 2007 federal survey of Americans’ use of complementary and alternative medicine found that more than 6 million adults in the United States had taken glucosamine in the previous month. A study from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, published in 2004, found that among women treated at New Mexico hospitals for joint and muscle pain, 25 percent of those with osteoarthritis used glucosamine.

    Birdsall said that the study results would make him “much more likely to recommend they discontinue the glucosamine, and take other approaches to deal with the pain.”


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