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Can Adjustable Bed Cause Back Pain

Compare With Other Brands

What Could Be The Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain?

There are lots of great mattresses on the market on the market, brands such as Beautyrest Black, Shifman, New Purple, Sleep Number 18, Leesa Sapira, Casper Wave, Kluft, Stearns & Foster, and the list continues, but going through every brands site would be a daunting task.

So, weve decided to send you to a matrix page at which you have the ability to find all the principal benefits of each brand in 1 place.

Sleep Number C2 Smart Bed

Sleep Number is a well-known smart bed brand, offering mattresses that people can adjust in several ways.

All Sleep Number beds allow people to adjust the firmness and comfort of their mattress on each side. They also respond to a persons movements while they sleep. The Sleep Number app connects to the bed and can tell people whether their sleep quality is high or low.

The Sleep Number c2 Smart Bed is the most affordable in their range, and it comes with a 100-night trial period and 15-year warranty.

For an additional cost, it is possible to add extra features, such as:

  • endless head and food positions
  • underbed lighting
  • foot warming

Other models in the Sleep Number range also offer additional pressure relief and temperature regulation, but these are more expensive.

How Can An Adjustable Bed Help My Back Pain

As the name suggests, an adjustable bed can move into various positions, allowing you to find your optimum sleeping posture that causes the least amount of discomfort. Adjustable beds can also help people who feel more comfortable sleeping in an inclined position, rather than lying flat on a regular mattress.

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The Role Of Alignment

The University of Rochester stresses the role of alignment as an essential part of a comfortable sleeping position. They recommend to keep your ears, shoulders and hips aligned when turning as well as when sleeping.

This is probably the most important yet difficult rule to follow. In many cases, people tend to move during the night and break the pattern. Thus, there are a couple of methods to address this problem.

Heres Why Cheap Adjustables Can Cause You Lower Back Pain

Do adjustable beds help back pain?

We all deserve to have a good nights sleep, but when your mattress is giving you aches and pains you need to consider changing it to get the support that your body needs. Chronic back pain prevents 31 million Americans from enjoying sleep. Lying on a flat mattress is not recommended as it can prevent you from finding a good position that will ease pain and re-energize your brain and body.

Many consider investing in a good adjustable bed to offset their aches and pains. What makes the best adjustable beds for back pain? Sleeping on an adjustable base can help put your body in an inclined position up to 45 degrees while adding extra support under your knees to ease the pressure on your spine. Those who have undergone surgery, have back or neck pain, may find that they can sleep better when they are able to adjust their head and foot in a different position.

Although there are many enjoy the benefits of an adjustable bed position for lower back pain, some wonder, Do adjustable beds cause back pain?

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Can The Right Adjustable Bed Position Help Sciatica

Those who suffer from sciatica may find the resting positions offered by an adjustable help relieve their discomfort. Sleeping with your knees elevated raised is one position recommended to reduce the pain caused by sciatica. This position can easily be achieved with an adjustable bed.

My wife and I love our adjustable bed, she feels much better in the morning, puts her in a better and positive mood. I can set up the bed in the right position and it helps us both so much, it helps the circulation in my legs and I can see improvement in myself.

The bed helps her condition, elevates her health and de-stresses her its a real good thing to see.

Our Adjustamatic bed is brilliant, best thing Ive bought in a long time!

Mr Steele from Fort William

Can The Mattress On An Adjustable Bed Make Back Pain Worse

Mattresses play a vital role in distributing pressure. A well-designed mattress ensures that your body is adequately supported and that pressure is not concentrated in joints or other sensitive parts of the body. A mattress can make back pain worse if it is too soft, too hard, or does not have the right amount of support for the parts of the body that need it.

Many consumer mattresses and even some low-cost mattresses designed for hospital beds do not provide the best support for people with back pain.

The mattresses in the Supernal Sleep System are designed to provide just the right amount of support. The Ascent Hospital Bed Mattress uses progressive laminated foams to manage pressure distribution. The Soft Touch Memory Foam Mattress uses form-fitting memory foam so that it adjusts to the shape of your body.

If you would like to talk to an expert about how an adjustable bed can help with your back pain, contact us today by phone or email.

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Do Foam Mattresses Sag

Foams are a more recent filling, and are certainly good at easing pressure points. Foam mattresses will also eventually sag, just like any other filling. Once a foam mattress sags you have to trash the mattress whereas natural mattresses can be recycled. It is important to note that due to their dense nature they have poor breathability and can become very hot at night, as the heat from your body struggles to escape. It is for this reason that we tend to prefer to manufacture more traditional mattresses with good breathability in our workshop.

The Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

Adjustable Beds with Lumbar Support – HYPE or Relieves Back Pain? | Review & Demo

This mattress is individually wrapped coils which support your unique body shape and sleeping style.

Th DrmClud fturn tundngl tll rfl fr a mttr in a whng 15 nh. Th five-lr construction is brkn dwn nt fm and wrd l mnnt, which wrk in tndm tul th sleeper wth a frm nnrrng lft nd lots of mf pressure rlf.

Other mattresses have just 2-4 layers. Those five layers and how they work together is what makes DreamCloud so particular to look after your back.

Lets see briefly the different layers that DreamCloud contains and what they can do for you:

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Which Is The Best Memory Foam Mattress For Heat Retention

GhostBed Luxe reduces excessive heat build-up on the surface with the exclusive Ghost Ice coating with thermostatic phase transition material and cooling fibers woven into the fabric. Two comfortable layers of memory foam are also gel-infused, while the Ghost Ice mid-layer is designed to absorb and dissipate heat.

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How Back Pain Affects Sleep

Related Reading

Back pain is a widespread problem that affects an estimated 80% of adults at one time or another. It can make all types of daily activities difficult including walking, working, sitting, and lifting even lightweight items. Unfortunately, back pain complicates sleep as well, making it hard to find a comfortable position to fall asleep and keep sleeping soundly through the night.

Research studies have found that over half of people with lower back pain report sleeping problems. These negative impacts on sleep arise in people who have both sudden and short-term back pain and those who have long-term, persistent back pain.

People with pain tend to have fragmented sleep that occurs from waking up during the night. Upon waking up, getting back to sleep can be difficult because of ongoing aches and discomfort. Pain can also contribute to stress, depression, and anxiety, all of which can be detrimental to quality sleep.

Back pain sufferers can take a number of steps to try to feel and sleep better. Getting medical help for serious back problems may help reduce pain. Treatments depend on the cause and nature of a persons symptoms and can range from surgery to physical therapy to pain-relieving medications.

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Things To Consider Before Purchasing An Adjustable Bed To Relieve Back Pains

Before you head to your favorite mattress store and get yourself an adjustable bed, there are some few things you should consider

1. Weight and the Frames

Adjustable beds come in varying weights. You should consider one that is suitable for your room or floor and one that is convenient for you to move around.

2. Pricing and Features

The cost of purchasing adjustable beds and the features is one of the most important considerations to be made before buying an adjustable bed.

3. Partner

If you happen to share your bed with someone, consultations should be made before purchasing because you know, you cant enjoy your new bed if youre in the dog house.

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Thats all we have for you today. If you are suffering from back pain we hope you are seeing a trained professional, but pain sucks and if there is anything we can do for the community to help alleviate it we are all for it. Thats one of the reasons we started stocking great adjustable beds in stock, and they are selling like wildfire. Its now very affordable to get a great bed and skip the old school box springs. A step up for any bedroom for sure.

Contact any of our mattress stores, and wed be happy to walk you through the features and select the best adjustable bed for you!

Other questions you may have about adjustable beds:

What Are The Benefits Of An Adjustable Bed

Best Adjustable Bed for Back Pain  The Ultimate List for ...

For most people, adjustable beds have a wide array of benefits that go far beyond simply promoting spine health. Some of the benefits of an adjustable bed include:

  • Increasing mobility. Over time, an adjustable bed can help to reduce pain and increase mobility.
  • Minimizes mouth breathing. Breathing through your mouth is much less efficient than breathing through your nose and can lead to nasal congestion, obstructed airways, and dried bums. Sleeping on an incline helps to promote breathing through your nose.
  • Promoting blood circulation. With an adjustable bed, you can sleep in a zero-gravity position, which promotes blood flow and circulation. This can be beneficial for individuals with heart issues and varicose veins.

These are a couple of benefits associated with using an adjustable bed. If you are struggling with back pain an adjustable bed could be a viable solution.

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Using An Adjustable Bed For Back Pain

Getting a good nights sleep can be difficult when an individual is recovering from back surgery or has chronic back pain. For anyone who has difficulty getting or staying comfortable enough to sleep on a flat mattress, it may be worth considering if an adjustable bed is a better alternative.

See Considerations When Buying a New Mattress

Sleeping on an adjustable bed allows the upper body to rest at a slight incline, such as 30 to 45 degrees, with support under the knees so they bend at a slight angle.

An adjustable bed has the potential to help anyone who feels better in an inclined position, such as when sitting in a recliner, rather than when lying on a flat mattress. It is not uncommon for people with back or neck pain, or other joint conditions such as shoulder arthritis or pain, to feel better in this position.

This article provides a few examples of certain back conditions and how an inclined position in an adjustable bed can sometimes help the patient feel more comfortable.

Eat Plenty Of Calcium And Vitamin D

Osteoporosis is one of the most common causes of back pain while ageing, especially for women. It causes your bones to become fragile and deficient of the aforementioned nutrients.

Good sources of calcium include dairy, leafy greens and calcium-fortified cereals. In addition to helping you maintain healthy bones, calcium also helps your nerves send messages and muscles contract.

Good sources of vitamin D include sunshine & fatty fishes such as tuna. As it doesnt occur in a lot of foods, a supplement may be necessary.

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Invest In A Comfortable Bed

While bed rest doesnt help back pain, having a comfortable bed can often help you heal faster and relieve pain. On average, adults require seven and a half to nine hours sleep, meaning you will likely spend 2737.5 to 3285 hours a year in your bed.

A medium-firm mattress can help as it supports your back, yet has enough padding to adapt to the natural curves of your spine. A mattress that is too soft will not provide support, while a mattress that is too firm will not adapt to your natural shape.

The Pocket Comfort Mattress

How to Get the Best Out of a Bed for Back Pain | Adjustable Beds by Easy Rest

Pocketed spring mattresses are universally recognised as providing excellent levels of support, comfort and orthopaedic benefits.

This 7 thick pocket sprung mattress combines pockets of fabric and springs which allow you to enjoy a comfortable and supportive nights rest.

Perfect for those people who sleep with a partner, as the individual springs prevent roll together a common cause of sleep disturbance.

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Use A Pillow To Keep Your Spine In Alignment

Waking up with lower back pain often means your spine was rotated throughout the night. If you sleep on your side, try placing a pillow between your knees. If you sleep on your back, place a pillow behind the backs of your knees. And if you sleep on your stomach, try placing a pillow under your hips and lower abdomen and another thin pillow under your head.

The right pillow can go a long way in helping your back pain. But it can also help you reduce neck pain too, as long as you choose the right pillow.

Adjustments With The Touch Of A Button

Mechanical hospital beds were used in the past, as were many of the less sophisticated beds accessible now. Youd have to get out of bed and wind a handle or move part of the bed on a ratchet to modify the height or head or foot adjustmentsor, more likely, ask a caretaker or family member to do it for you.

Electric motors and simple controls are standard features of modern hospital beds from Transfer Master. Hospital Bed Rental Inc. includes an adjustable head, foot, elevation , and two-way tilt mechanism that the patient may operate from the bed using a wired or wireless remote.

Its difficult to overestimate how much time and work electronic adjustment saves a patient and their caretakers in a day.

Dealing with the day-to-day reality of illness or handicap takes time and energy that may be put to better use and enjoyed elsewhere. A home hospital bed allows patients to complete tasks more quickly, effectively, and safely, allowing them to reclaim time that might otherwise be wasted.

The hospital bed from Hospital Bed Rental Inc. has a maximum weight capability of 300 lbs. The Hi-Low has a weight capability of 400 pounds for twin beds and 500 pounds for full and queen beds.

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How Can An Electric Adjustable Bed Help My Back Pain

If youre not sleeping comfortably an adjustable bed allows the upper body to rest at a slight incline. This position supports your back without putting pressure on your neck and lower lumbar region. It also relieves you from substituting back support from stacked up pillows, which doesnt actually give your back the support it needs.

With an adjustable bed, its not only your back that is supported, but your knees are also supported at a semi-contoured position. Thus, adjustable beds reduce discomfort by spreading weight evenly across your body, making it easier to sleep. The brilliant thing is that you can choose the exact height that is most comfortable for your head, back and legs.

Head Up Only Position

Pain Awareness Month: Adjustable Beds &  Back Pain

An adjustable bed causing back pain does not have to be a given. Back pain can occur if they buyer purchases a cheaper and bulkier version. Cheaper alternatives do not give adequate support and adjustment to their sleeping position. Add to this the fact that their mattress compatibility is limited, and your sleep may be compromised. It is one of the reasons why the topic of an adjustable bed causing back pain has cropped up.Yaasa®, on the other hand, gives you perfect control over your sleeping position. You are able to raise your upper body on an incline to prevent acid reflux.

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The Complaint: You Cant Turn It

Memory foam beds are usually built with a top and a bottom. Unlike the old sprung mattresses that you would flip every few months, a foam bed doesnt need turning. While you might think this isnt a problem at all, clients used to traditional mattresses may feel uncomfortable with a one-sided model.

The belief is that a mattress that doesnt get flipped doesnt get even wear. While we dont disagree, this method of thinking started back in the days of the old spring mattress. Since these would often bust a spring if you forgot to flip it, this thinking made sense.

Memory foam mattresses like those by Tempur-Pedic dont need flipping because there arent any springs included.

The Fix: Rotate, dont flip

If you feel that you are wearing a human-shaped dent into the mattress, rotate it from top to toe. This will reduce and evenly spread the wear. Its an ideal solution for those who fear not turning their mattress since moving things around will make you feel more comfortable.


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