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Does Biofreeze Help Lower Back Pain

What Kind Of Reviews Are Out There For Biofreeze

This Biofreeze Spray and Lotion Helps Back Pain

Most customers who used the product were satisfied with the Biofreeze benefits. It is effectively reduced their joint and muscle pain without the worry of experiencing serious side effects.

People also liked that Biofreeze comes in various preparations wherein all are very handy especially the Biofreeze singles thus they can experience pain relief anywhere and anytime they want. The consumers also noted the immediate and long-lasting pain relief that is provided as compared to other topical analgesics.

New Formula Biofreeze Offers Even Greater Pain Relief

Biofreeze has long been the #1 clinically used and recommended topical analgesic. Now, though, it is even better. The enhanced formula is:

  • more natural than ever ,
  • 100% paraben-free, and available in both green and colorless versions.
  • Just like the old Biofreeze, the new version has no greasy feel or odor and wont stain your clothes.

Is the change in Biofreeze really an improvement?

The manufacturer of Biofreeze was very cautious about changing the best-selling Biofreeze formulation. Nothing was left to chance.Development of the new formula involved more than two years of testing and refinement. Finally, an extensive study validated the change: 4 out of 5 users preferred the new Biofreeze Pain Reliever. It is an improvement.If you are looking for fast-acting, penetrating, long-lasting pain relief, Biofreeze delivers.Part of the reason is ilex, an herbal extract from a South American holly shrub. Used traditionally by Paraguayan Indians to enhance the effectiveness of their medicines, today ilex is incorporated into various preparations worldwide to enhance health and wellness.Who can benefit from Biofreeze?

The new Biofreeze with ilex helps provide quick and penetrating relief from:

  • arthritis pain,

Biofreeze works for both acute and chronic pain.

Muscles The Backs Unsung Heroes

Your spine is a stack of interlocking bones with cushions in between, and joints connecting each vertebra to the next. The facet joints allow your spine to bend and twist.

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  • Find the best treatments and procedures for you
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Do A Few Yoga Stretches

If you feel back pain coming on, Fenton recommends unrolling your yoga mat to do a few stretches like cat-cow, childs pose, and half-kneeling hip flexor stretch. These all help to move the spine gently and create a sense of safety in the brain, she explains. When the brain feels safe, pain decreases.

This mat is made of eco-friendly, non-slip material, so you dont have to worry about slipping mid-downward dog. Its flexible and crack-resistant, too. You can choose which thickness to get, depending on how much cushioning you prefer. And it also comes with a carrying bag for easy toting.

  • Pros: Made of eco-friendly material
  • Cons: One reviewer notes it slides easily when placed on a rug or carpet

Review: I was worried that this was going to be too hard, one reviewer wrote. But I was pleasantly surprised to find it to be a good mix between cushioned and firmness.

Dimensions: 72.05 x 24.02 x 0.24 inches

How To Relieve Lower Back Pain: Chiropractors & Biofreeze

Biofreeze Professional Pain Relief Spray

Lower back pain is a common condition that can lead patients to chiropractors when looking for pain relief. Are you doing everything you can to bring your patients relief?

A study published in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine found that chiropractic care and Biofreeze reduced patient pain more than chiropractic care alone.1 Learn more about this study and find out if Biofreeze can help your patients!

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What Causes Back Pain Is Biofreeze Good For Back Pain

Back pain causes are as diverse as they are common. The most common are muscular, skeletal, and disc problems. Despite their seemingly simple nature, these conditions can be very painful. Some of the most common cause of back pain is improper posture. You should always strive to sit with your shoulders over your hips. This helps to keep your spine in the proper alignment. When you deviate from this position, you put extra pressure on your back muscles, which may lead to muscle spasms and even a spinal stenosis.

Some of the most common back pain causes are as described above: a dull ache in the back that can radiate to the buttocks or legs. Although not all cases of back pain are as serious, there are a variety of symptoms that can be caused by back issues. A doctor can determine the exact cause of your back pain by asking about your symptoms and performing a physical exam. Sometimes an x-ray will be taken to check whether your bones are aligned properly and to rule out any broken bones. Unfortunately, x-rays cant detect if your disks and nerves have been damaged.

Q: At What Point Should You Stop Using A Topical Pain Reliever And See A Doctor

A: Most topical pain relievers should not be used over seven days. Using it for longer than directed could result in a rash or sometimes even a chemical burn. Stop use if your condition worsens or the area becomes irritated.

If your stubborn pain just wont quit, it might be time to bring in the big guns and talk with your doctor. He or she can help you solve the problem of your nagging pain and might even prescribe a prescription based topical pain reliever.

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Are Topical Nsaids Safer

Many other countries permit the sale of topical NSAIDs like Voltaren Gel over the counter. This reader would like to know if such products are safer than oral medicines:

Q. Please clarify whether Voltaren Gel used topically on my knee or spine carries the same risk as NSAID pills. I use a fingertip-size portion on a knee and a fingernail-size portion on one irritated vertebra as needed.

A rheumatologist prescribed it. Neither he nor my other doctor seems to know about NSAID risks with Voltaren Gel.

A. A review of 61 studies of topical NSAID pain relievers like Voltaren Gel concluded that these products provide good levels of pain relief in acute conditions such as sprains, strains and overuse injuries, probably similar to that provided by oral NSAIDs .

This analysis found very few systemic adverse events like digestive tract irritation or cardiovascular complications. Nevertheless, some people are extremely susceptible to NSAID side effects. A few readers have reported stomach pain or abdominal cramps associated with Voltaren Gel use.

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What If I Still Prefer Ice Over Biofreeze

Does BIOFREEZE help with pain? Review and opinions

If you still prefer ice, try Therapearl Color Changing Hot and Cold Packs. The 2-in-1 packs can be frozen in the fridge for cold therapy or heated for microwave for hot therapy. The packs are reusable and designed for use on specific body parts, like your shoulder or ankle. Each pack has a strap to secure it during use, eliminating one of the nuisances of using ice – you can still move around during application!

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Frequent Peeing After Birth

You thought pregnancy meant a lot of trips to the bathroom! Many postpartum moms experience a frequent need to pee, as the body starts to lose all the excess fluid that built up during pregnancy.

Some women also have trouble stopping the flow. In fact, the strain of vaginal delivery can cause mild incontinence for new moms

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How Does Biofreeze Work

Biofreeze, like other topical analgesics, is thought to work due to the Pain Gate Theory, also known as the Gate Control Theory.

You feel pain when your nerve receptors send a signal from the point of pain to your spinal cord and then to your brain. The cold sensation counter irritant caused by the menthol in Biofreeze blocks the nerves that signal pain, so you feel a cooling sensation instead.

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Q: How Often Should I Use Biofreeze On A Painful Hip When Walking

A: Biofreeze comes with a clinically recommended seal, and its a longtime trusted brand for joint pain relief. This medication is for use on the skin only. Apply to the affected area no more than 3 to 4 times a day. If you are using the cream, gel, or liquid, rub it gently and thoroughly. Some liquid forms of this medication should be shaken before use.

Does Biofreeze Help With Gout Pain

Biofreeze Cool The Pain XL Patch

Gout is inflammatory arthritis characterized by repeated attacks of a red, tender, hot, and swollen joint caused by the deposition of monosodium urate monohydrate crystals. The pain usually strikes quickly, reaching its peak intensity in less than 12 hours. In roughly half of the cases, the joint at the base of the big toe is affected. It can also cause tophi, kidney stones, and kidney damage. Gout is caused by persistently high uric acid levels in the blood. This is caused by a combination of dietary factors, other health issues, and genetic factors. The uric acid crystallizes at high concentrations and deposits in joints, tendons, and surrounding tissues, resulting in a gout attack. Gout is more common in people who regularly consume beer or sugar-sweetened beverages, eat purine-rich foods like liver, shellfish, or anchovies, or are overweight. The appearance of crystals in the joint fluid or a deposit outside the joint can confirm the diagnosis of gout. During an attack, blood uric acid levels may be normal. Aside from this, you maybe also interested to know the best real money online casino australia.

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How Do Topical Arthritis Creams Work

Many people with arthritis use topical treatments alone or alongside prescription medications to dull their pain. Topical treatments, which are available in creams, gels, sprays, and roll-ons, are absorbed through the skin, and are most effective when they are rubbed on the joints that are closest to the skins surface, such as the joints in your hands or knees. As always, you should consult with your doctor on your pain management regime.

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How Does Biofreeze Help With Acute Pain

For almost 20 years, patients and clinicians have relied on Biofreezes cryotherapy effects to manage the pain of bodily sprains and strains. A recent study reported in theClinical Journal of Sports Medicine concluded that Biofreeze and ice both have the same effect in reducing blood flow. Applied following an acute injury or after strenuous activity, they lower the metabolic demand on injured tissues and help reduce pain.Biofreeze is used by health care professionals worldwide to aid in physical rehabilitation. Pre-treating acute areas of muscle spasm, for instance, allows those muscles to relax more quickly, improving treatment response. By facilitating relaxation, Biofreeze aids in ultrasound treatments, massage, and rehab on many areas of the body.

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Is It Safe To Use Biofreeze Daily

Biofreeze is a topical analgesic, meaning it can be applied by hand directly to the painful area of the skin, no more than 4 times per day. Do not use a heating pad in the same area you are using Biofreeze, as you may experience injury. It is also not recommended to wrap the area where you have applied biofreeze.

The Prosource Fit Acupressure Mat And Pillow Set Is Portable Easy To Use And Effective In Relieving Lower Back Pain

Quick Lower Back Pain Relief With 3 Easy Steps

Have you ever wished you could have physical therapy or massage sessions in the comfort of your own home? The ProSource Fit Acupressure Massage Mat and Pillow set offers you effective pain relief but at a fraction of the cost that your own personal physical therapist would cost.

The mat is equipped with 6,210 plastic acupressure points and the pillow has 1,782 points. All you have to do is lie down on the mat and pillow for it to start working.

The mat and pillow are designed to stimulate pressure points in your body, increasing blood flow, and reducing inflammation. They can be used just about anywhere, including on the floor, the couch, and on a chair. They’re lightweight and portable, so you can take them to the office with you or just use them in the comfort of your home.

Insider Picks Editor Sally Kaplan uses this mat to help relieve her lower back pain. In her review, Sally writes, “Using the acupressure mat … makes me feel like I’m lying on a pile of fire ants. ‘Comfortable’ is the last word I’d use to describe what it’s like to have my bare back and body weight pressed against a surface made of spikes. But every time I sit up from it , I noticed a huge wave of relief come over me along with a distinct softening of my muscular tension.”

Pros: Portable, easy to use, targets pressure points on your body

Cons: Can be painful at first and takes some adjustment

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Symptoms Of Back Pain

Back pain is a very common complaint. It tends to be what is described as ‘non-specific’ where there is no known cause or ‘mechanical’ which means that the origin of the pain is likely to be from soft tissue, joints, or individual bones centered around the spine. Lumbago, otherwise referred to as pain in the lower back is particularly prevalent. This type of pain can have an impact on the lower extremities including your legs and feet. Back pain can be felt in a number of ways including muscle aches, stabbing pain and pain that travels down your legs, often leading to reduced mobility and flexibility.


In most cases the pain isn’t caused by anything serious and will usually resolve itself within a few weeks to months.

Common Causes:

  • Bending or twisting awkwardly
  • Lifting and carrying heavy objects
  • Sitting for extended periods of time such as at work or driving – often in a hunched or slouchy position


There are some remedies you can try at home to help alleviate this pain:

  • First of all, it is really important to keep moving. Simple back exercises and stretches can help reduce pain. Your GP or physiotherapist will be able to provide support on those exercises that are appropriate for your condition
  • Yoga, pilates, swimming and walking can also be beneficial in relieving symptoms of back pain

How can Biofreeze help?

We recommend the use of: Biofreeze Spray Pump for the upper body
We recommend the use of: Biofreeze Roll-On for the lower body

Biofreeze For Gout Pain

Biofreeze, also known as cold therapy, is a topical analgesic that contains menthol and works quickly to relieve minor muscle and joint pain. The Gate Control Theory is the basis for Biofreezeâs effectiveness. When the body is stressed or traumatized, certain receptors in the spinal cord transmit pain signals to the brain. The cold sensation caused by Biofreeze applied to the painful area is thought to suppress these pain signals, resulting in relief. Cold therapy has also been shown to reduce inflammation and swelling, which are two of the most common causes of joint and muscle pain. Biofreeze may also help to reduce nerve activity, which is another source of pain. This can help to reduce the pain of your gout. Biofreeze therapy reduces inflammation and improves circulation in the same way that ice does, but it is more powerful, comfortable, convenient, and long-lasting.

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Reasons Why I Recommend Biofreeze For Natural Pain Relief During Pregnancy

During my wifes pregnancy, she avoided taking prescription medication so it was my job as a physical therapist to keep her feeling healthy and allow her to sleep at night. The problem is that pregnancy pain is incredibly unpredictable! One day the baby is calm and down and the next day hes up and kicking my wifes ribs. Some days her calves are cramping and some days they are not. Other days her back and shoulders are stiff and other timeswell actually they were always stiff Unfortunately, she cant come to the clinic every day or drop in at 10pm so I use this at home to help manage the pain during the rough times to help her sleep.

Biofreeze Pain Relief Gel Is Nsaid

Biofreeze Pain Relief, Menthol, Spray

Biofreeze Pain Relief Gel is a topical pain relief formula that you can massage into your lower back for cooling pain relief. It’s widely used by healthcare professionals such as chiropractors and physical therapists. This gel quickly penetrates long-lasting relief. It is greaseless, easy to use, and has minimal odor.

My chiropractor introduced me to Biofreeze, and I’ve continued to use it after being impressed by its effectiveness. It is far less greasy than many other muscle rubs on the market, and its minimal odor means that you can apply this before going to work and no one will know. With other muscle rubs, the peppermint smell is often so strong that it’s eye-watering.

I’ve found that I can feel this gel working within about 30 seconds of application, and the relief typically lasts for hours. It’s particularly helpful on days when my back is sore and tight, or after a physical therapy appointment.

Biofreeze Pain Relief Gel has a 4.3 out of 5-star rating on Amazon, based on 657 reviews. The gel has a 4.6 out of 5-star rating in terms of effectiveness, ease of use, and overall satisfaction on Web MD.

Pros: Low odor, greaseless, fast-acting deep pain relief

Cons: The gel is green, but a clear gel version is available

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How Does Biofreeze Work And What Does Biofreeze Do To Muscles

Biofreeze states on their website, that clinical studies have shown that those who use Biofreeze decrease their pain twice as much as those who dont. While I was running the New York City Marathon last year during the final miles in the Bronx all I felt was soreness, fatigue in my legs, and tiredness.

Runners had to run through the Biofreeze Relief Zone where volunteers would apply Biofreeze on the runners legs, backs, and ankles. It immediately helped me. I felt less sore until almost to the finish line, found back into my running rhythm, and finished strong.

Does Biofreeze reduce inflammation? It is important to understand how pain happens. Your receptors send a signal from your spine to your brain. The cold sensations, like menthol, stimulate receptors to block those signals to relieve pain. Its really simple. People use it for sprains, sore muscles, arthritis, and all other types of joint pain.


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