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What’s The Best Over The Counter Medicine For Back Pain

Are Painkillers Effective For Back Pain

Whats the best medication for back pain?

A recent study suggests that popular painkillers, such as aspirin and ibuprofen, are generally useless when it comes to relieving back pain and in many cases, they can cause more harm than good, according to the review published in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases Journal.

The study revealed that one in six patients treated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs achieved any significant reduction in pain. Furthermore, those taking the pills were 2.5 times more likely to suffer from gastrointestinal problems, such as stomach ulcers and bleeding.

Consultant Spinal Surgeon, Mr Bob Chatterjee, and advisor to the NHS Choices website on the treatment of back pain says, The biggest problem in addressing this question, is what do we mean by back pain? For example, back pain can be caused by a muscle strain, a slipped disc, wear and tear malalignment of the spine, trauma, cancer, arthritis just to name a few.

Mr Chatterjee also based at Highgate Private Hospital and Harley Street Spine continues, Interestingly, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence has recently updated its guidelines at the end of last year, regarding the treatment of low back pain, and I think it reflects some of what this study is saying.

We asked Mr Bob Chatterjee his views on the study, and how back pain sufferers should view the findings from the study considering recent news:

2) Do you feel that such painkillers can do more harm than good, and why?

These include:

Is Diclofenac Safe For Elderly

Appropriate studies performed to date have not demonstrated geriatric-specific problems that would limit the usefulness of diclofenac in the elderly. However, elderly patients are more likely to have age-related kidney or stomach problems, which may require caution for patients receiving diclofenac.

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Opioids Have Serious Side Effects And Risks

Over time, your body gets used to opioids and they may stop providing pain relief as well. To get the same relief, you may need to take more and more. Higher doses can cause serious side effects, including:

  • Breathing problems and a slow heart rate, which can be deadly
  • Confusion and mental disturbances, like moodiness or outbursts of temper
  • Constipation

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True Lasting Back Pain Relief

Back pain is more than an annoyance, its a symptom that there is something wrong. And while pain pills might stop you from feeling discomfort, they cant heal you.

Chiropractic adjustments and regular spinal care, on the other hand, will keep your back in tip-top shape so that you no longer have to suffer the harmful side effects of OTC pain meds.

Many people wait until they have been in a car accident or another type of severe trauma before seeing a chiropractor. But seemingly innocuous activities can be extremely hard on your back.

Dont wait for your back pain to get better on its own. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Justin Cough at Oviedo Chiropractic so that we can get to the root of your back pain.

Painbloc24 Arthritis Pain Relief Long Lasting Pain Relief Topical Medication For Knee

What Is the Best OTC For Back Pain Relief?
  • important â if you feel a warming or burning sensation after application, it is a sign that painbloc24 is working and will decline with daily use, usually by the second day.
  • long lasting the over-the-counter topical pain reliever in painbloc24 helps provide 24-hour arthritis pain relief.
  • capsaicin capsaicin, a natural substance found in chili peppers, works differently than other topical analgesic ingredients.
  • easy roll on application â no mess, no-touch roll-on applicator.
  • arthritis pain relief â painbloc24 relieves chronic pain in knees, hands, elbows, ankles, arms, back and feet by helping to block the pain signal.

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What About Prescription Pain Relievers

If youre dealing with chronic or severe pain after an accident or injury, OTC pain killers may not cut it. In these situations, your doctor may provide a prescription pain reliever. Things like opioids, antidepressants, anticonvulsants, muscle relaxers, and corticosteroids all fall into this category, according to the Cleveland Clinic. One note of caution about prescription pain relievers is that with stronger medications comes more risks, including the potential for substance abuse. For this reason, your doctor will likely only prescribe a short course of these medications.

Whether you are taking prescription or OTC drugs, its a good idea to keep a list of all the medications, vitamins, and supplements you take so your doctor and pharmacist can be aware of any harmful interactions that could occur between medications.

For Osteoarthritis Relief: Tylenol Regular Strength

Dosage: 325 mg acetaminophen

Why experts recommend it:

Tylenol is a good alternative for those who have any underlying conditions in which a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug would not be appropriate. It is an effective pain reliever with fewer side effects than NSAIDs.

There are also stronger formulations with higher doses of acetaminophen, such as extra-strength Tylenol. They are specifically designed for arthritis pain relief. Higher doses have greater risks of side effects and serious problems.

How it works:

Acetaminophen is an analgesic, also known as a general pain reliever, but it isnt anti-inflammatory. Evidence shows acetaminophen works by changing the way our brains perceive pain.

How to use Tylenol Regular Strength:

  • Use as directed on the label or as instructed by your doctor

  • Do not take more than 10 tablets in 24 hours, unless told by a doctor

  • Not recommended for use for over ten days unless directed by a doctor

Precautions when taking Tylenol:

Acetaminophen can cause serious liver problems with high, frequent, or long-term dosing. Do not take acetaminophen if you:

  • Have a history of liver disease

  • Drink more than three alcoholic beverages per day

  • Are allergic to acetaminophen or any of the other ingredients

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, ask your doctor before using acetaminophen

  • Are taking any other medication containing acetaminophen. This may cause permanent liver damage

Common side effects of acetaminophen:

  • Nausea and/or vomiting

  • Loss of appetite

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Back Pain Relievers For Different Types Of Pain

If your go-to over-the-counter pain medicine hasn’t been touching your back pain lately, you’re not alone. According to a 2018 review in American Family Physician, chronic low back pain affects up to 23% of adults worldwide.1 Back pain is a common problem for adults of all ages, and finding the right treatment can take time and a little trial and error.

Back pain may feel dull and achy or sharp and pinching. It could be caused by an injury, age, inflammation, or other health condition. The most common causes of low back pain are repetitive trauma and overuse injuries.1

Back pain relievers are usually designed to target only one type of back pain. For example, ibuprofen is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that is effective at treating inflammatory back pain. It’s often the first-line treatment recommended when you develop back pain. Unfortunately, most cases of back pain are not caused by inflammation.2

Solve The Problemnot The Symptom

ð? Best Over The Counter Back Pain Relief â Best Cure For Lower Back Pain

Your throbbing back might disagree, but pain is actually helpful.

Pain is your bodys way of alerting you that theres a problem. The inflammation is caused by increased blood flow, which is how your body helps heal injured tissue. The pain you feel is a reminder to stop and let your back get some rest.

For instance, say you tripped while hiking one weekend and broke your wrist. If you take the right combination of pain medications, you wouldnt be able to feel a thing. But there isnt a drug in the world that can reset your bones.

Further, pain medication doesnt give you any clues as to the cause of your pain.

If your pain is due to a pinched sciatic nerve, an anti-inflammatory wont relieve that pressure. If your issue is a misalignment of the vertebrae, an opioid isnt going to correct it.

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Harney & Sons Organic Peppermint Tea

Helps with: Sore throat, cough

If your mom ever served you warm tea with honey when you were sick, she was on the right track. Austin-based Sarah Talbot, a registered nurse and physician’s assistant with FetchMD told Insider that warm tea with honey, as well as throat lozenges, can help to soothe a sore throat or cough.

An easy, at-home approach is to combine lemon juice and honey in hot water. But if you want more flavor, try Harney & Sons Organic Peppermint Tea with honey stirred in.

While there isn’t any evidence that honey can help fight the COVID-19 virus, researchers are actually looking into that very question. That’s because past studies do show honey boosts healing in general through antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, among others, reports a 2018 study in Molecules. Research also shows it’s potentially more effective at reducing coughing in children than a lot of other remedies, including OTC cough suppressants.

As for the tea, scientists have found peppermint teas and oils may contain illness-fighting effects. The menthol in the plant, among others, has excellent antibacterial properties, according to a 2018 study in the Journal of Oleo Science. Other herbs, oils, and teas are also being studied, with some mixed results, including elderberry, chamomile, and more.

Other peppermint teas work but we like Harney & Sons as the tea is made from 100% Oregon-grown peppermint leaves.

What Is The Best Muscle Relaxer

Best muscle relaxers | Prescription muscle relaxers | OTC muscle relaxers | Natural muscle relaxers | Side effects | Warnings | Drug interactions

So, you sprained your lower back shooting hoops, a stressful work week spurred on a series of tension headaches, and arthritis has you waking up with stiffness and neck pain. Now what? Tense, aching muscles can be frustrating, distracting, and throw a wrench into your schedule. When muscle pain hits, it can have you looking for fast-acting relief so you can get on with life. Whether you experience back pain, muscle spasms, arthritis, injury-related chronic pain, or even TMJ, muscle relaxers offer fast pain relief, allowing your body to function as usual. Consider this guide your roadmap to the best muscle relaxers on the market.

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When Will My Lower Back Strain Feel Better

Recovery time depends on how serious your low back strain is. Mild cases may resolve in a couple of days. It can take many weeks for more serious strains. Remember that everyone heals at a different rate.

Once the back pain is gone, your doctor will probably want you to start a regular exercise routine. This will get your back muscles stronger and more limber. It will help you recover, and reduce your odds of low back strain in the future. Your doctor will probably want you to take up low impact sports, like swimming or using a stationary bike.

Whatever you do, don’t rush things. Don’t try to return to your previous level of physical activity until:

  • You can move as easily — without stiffness — as you did before your injury.
  • You feel no pain when you bend, twist, walk, run, and jump.

If you start pushing yourself before your low back strain is healed, you could end up with chronic back pain and permanent injury.

The Best Otc Pain Reliever For: Backache

What Are The Best Over The Counter Medicine For Lower Back Pain

If your back hurts after heavy lifting or other physical exertion, consider naproxen . This NSAID differs from pain relievers like ibuprofen and aspirin in that it takes longer to work, but its pain-relieving effect lasts longer, making it the better choice for deeper aches and pains, says Dr. Gupta.

You could also try an over-the-counter transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation device . It works by electrical nerve stimulation that can block pain receptors and trigger your body to release endorphins, your bodys natural pain blockers. However, pregnant women and people with pacemakers or epilepsy should avoid TENS as they may experience complications, suggests a 2020 review of studies published in StatPearls.

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Avoid Sitting For Too Long

This goes hand-in-hand with exercise and stretching. Sitting for too long can increase the amount of inflammation in your lower back and increase your level of pain. This doesnt mean that you cant sit at all, but it certainly shouldnt be something that takes up the majority of your day. If you work from a computer chair, try to incorporate short breaks in between hours to improve your blood flow and lessen the pain. Laying down can be better, but still is not recommended.

For Nighttime Relief: Motrin Pm

Dosage: 200 mg ibuprofen and 38 mg diphenhydramine citrate

Why experts recommend it:

The two active ingredients in Motrin PM help when you have trouble sleeping due to pain.

How it works:

Diphenhydramine is an antihistamine used to help relieve allergy symptoms. There is evidence that Some types of antihistamines can cause drowsiness, whichhelps a person sleep better or fall asleep faster.

How to use Motrin PM:

  • Use as directed on the label or as instructed by your doctor

  • If NSAIDs cause you to have gastrointestinal problems try taking them with food

Precautions when taking Motrin PM:

  • Do not take Motrin PM for longer than 10 days or at higher doses unless instructed by your doctor

  • People who take NSAIDs may have a higher heart attack or stroke risks than people who do not take these medications

  • Do not drive or operate heavy machinery due to drowsiness from diphenhydramine

  • There are increased risks of falls for those over 65 years of age do not take unless directed by your doctor

Common side effects of Motrin PM:

More serious side effects of Motrin PM:

  • Blurred vision

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What Is Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is an incredibly common condition. In fact, back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide according to a 2014 study. 28% of adults experienced low back pain that lasted a whole day or more during the past three months, according to a recent Vital and Health Statistics Report Series. Low back pain is specific to the lumbar area. This area begins just below the ribcage and ends above the tailbone and hips. It supports much of the weight of the upper body. The lower back includes five vertebrae the spaces between the vertebrae are maintained by pads called intervertebral discs which act as shock absorbers throughout the spinal column to cushion bones as the body moves. Additionally, ligaments hold vertebrae in place, and tendons attach muscles to the spinal column. Finally, 31 pairs of nerves are rooted in the spinal cord to control body movements and transmit signals from the body to pain. Based on this complex anatomy, it is not surprising how common lower back pain is reported.

Back injury is one of the common causes of lower back pain. Injuries occurring to the back muscles, spine, or nerves can all quickly become a problem and lead to chronic issues or severe pain later on. The good news is, diagnosis is typically very simple because it’s easy to tell when you are experiencing lower back pain.

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The Best Otc Pain Reliever For: Fever

Acetaminophen is the optimal pain reliever for regulating the body temperature and relieving any aches and pains that come with a fever, says Kavita Gupta, DO, medical director of the Advocare Pain Institute of South Jersey. It is also considered the safest medication for children. While acetaminophen does not cause stomach irritation, it should not be used by those who drink alcohol regularly, adds Dr. Gupta. If you are taking acetaminophen, make sure to drink more water than usual as these pain relievers can dehydrate and tax the kidneys. One more caveat: Many combination medicinesSudafed, Excedrin, NyQuil, and Alka-Seltzer Plus, for instancecontain acetaminophen. Taking these medicines when youre already taking acetaminophen may cause you to get more than a safe amount of the pain reliever. Avoid taking more than 4 grams of acetaminophen in one day. If someone is taking nonsteroidal drugs regularly for more than a week, they should take an acid blocker like omeprazole or famotidine with it to lessen the chances of a gastrointestinal complication.


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