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Where To Massage For Lower Back Pain

Waist Heating Pad For Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Treatment – Massage/ Manual Therapy

Heal your back pain with this USB heating waist belt that offers hot compresses and relieves cramps. The belt features a built-in thermal protection module or tool that prevents overheating and returns to the standard temperature. The belt has a heating pad that can warm your abdomen and lower back and can reduce soreness while improving blood flow in the areas.


· Offers 3 heat-settings and 2 charging methods

· More extensive temperature control from 104-194 degree F that can be changed with ease

· A USB charging cord and AC adapters are provided for charging

· Comes with a hook and loop closure to adjust the band according to your size

· Fits up to the waistline of 42 inches easily

· Comes with small voltage control design with overheat protection tool


· The cable may come off easily as charging cord is not long enough


The pad comes with a 2m long charging cable so you can sit back and let the belt work. The belt also features a lightweight and breathable neoprene to ease any discomfort, and the controlled temperature regulation provides enough warmth while allowing the air to flow. The belt offers lumbar support and is easy to clean.

Massage For Back Pain Relief

Massage is now being recommended by medical professionals and doctors. It is being recognized as an overall wellness program.

Benefits of Back Massage

Regular massage to the back alleviates lower back pain Your back muscles become very tense because of repetitive use during a workout or sitting at your work desk all day. Massage releases the tension of these muscles.

Pain can be caused in the shoulder and neck due to constant movements or immobility. Massaging the upper back alleviates the pain and tightness felt in these areas, and can also reduce pain from headaches and migraines.

Massage stimulates the production of chemicals within our bodies, such as endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. The treatment involving the release of these chemicals blended with massage techniques helps to decrease pain in the lower back, which can reduce depression and anxiety.

I Have Lower Back Pain But I Feel It More In My Hip Joint

Again, although youre feeling pain in one area, this is often caused by muscles which are tight in your glutes and legs, especially if youre suffering with shooting nerve pain such as sciatica. Tight muscles can pull your joints closer together than they are meant to be, thus causing your bones to scrape against each other when we move.

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Causes Of Lower Back Pain

There are many causes of lower back pain, including:

  • Muscular problems such as torn muscles or ligaments in the spine.
  • Problems with discs between vertebrae like a herniated disc which can cause intense pain. Herniated disks most often occur when people experience an injury to their back and they stay immobile for too long.
  • Age-related changes in spinal discs.
  • An injury that causes nerve damage.
  • Long periods of sitting or standing with poor posture can lead to chronic stiffness and muscle tightness in your upper body. This often leads to tension headaches as well as neck and shoulder pains.

What Are The Best Types Of Massage For Lower Back Pain

Massage helps relieve back pain

The best massage for lower back works hard to address tight, sore, sticky tissues with the appropriate level of pressure for each person.

While chronic lower back pain can be treated by massage, not all styles of massage are good for all types of pain. And the effects of massage vary due to differences in techniques and the skill of the therapist.

Common types of massage therapy include:

  • Myofascial release
  • Craniosacral therapy

Here are five types of pain management massage that can help with different types of pain, including back pain and neck pain .

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Why Are Massages Good For Lower Back Pain

Massage therapy for lower back pain activates parts of your body that physical therapy wont.

Massage therapy does the following:

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Releases endorphins
  • Works out muscle knots
  • Myofascial release
  • Trigger point and myotherapy

Look into the best massage therapy for back pain in your area. Some people prefer a deep tissue massage or a Swedish massage. These types can reach the deepest point of your pain.

Secure Two Tennis Balls For A Supine Lower Back Massage

For this DIY massage, you will need a couple of tennis balls and some duct tape:

  • Place 2 tennis balls next to each other and use as much duct tape as needed to secure the balls in this shape. When completed, the tennis balls and duct tape contraption will look like a peanut.
  • Place the tennis balls on the ground and then lie on them in the supine position , keeping the knees bent. The tennis balls should be parallel to your waist and centered just above your lower back. Each tennis ball should be situated in a way that it contacts the muscle tissue on each side of your spinal column .
  • Adjust yourself until you feel balanced and comfortable, and then raise both arms with your fingers pointed toward the ceiling. Keep your arms as straight as possible.
  • Beginning with either your right or left arm, slowly lower your arm back toward your head. While keeping your arm straight, feel free to bend your neck backward when lowering your arm.
  • Hold this position for a few seconds, then slowly bring it back to its original starting position.

You will feel the secured balls gently pressing and massaging your sore tissues as you move your arms back and forth. Repeat the same action with the other arm. Aim to repeat this massage 4 times for each arm.

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Massage In Different Directions

Ask your assistant to place the massage gun on your lower back. Begin by massaging the muscular bulk on either side of the spine from top to bottom or vice versa. Add some side-to-side motion as you approach the quadratus lumborumdeep muscles of your back. You can also keep massaging down your back, such as your glutes or thighs.

While holding the massage gun tightly against your back, try flexing and extending your back if you feel comfortable.

Which Type Of Lower Back Pain Are You Dealing With

How to Give a Lower Back Massage | Shiatsu Massage

Massage will affect each type of back pain differently, so its important to understand the source of yours.

Typically, back pain falls into one of two categories: Acute or chronic.

Acute low back pain can happen when you pull your back muscles during physical activity. Its also common after sitting hunched over for a long time or being injured. Rarely, lower back pain happens with more serious medical conditions.

Chronic low back pain, on the other hand, is often related to spinal issues. It can also stem from a condition called myofascial pain syndrome.

According to the University of Maryland Medical System, you should see a doctor when your back pain is persistent or when it comes alongside other symptoms, including fever, tingling, unexplained weight loss, or weakness.

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Can Pregnancy Cause Lower Back Pain

Believe it or not, backache or lower back pain is extremely common during pregnancy especially in the early stages.


Because the ligaments in your body naturally become softer and stretch in preparation for the birth of your little one. This can put a major strain on the joints of your pelvic region, which can cause you guessed it chronic low back pain.

The weight of your growing bump can cause sore muscles and back pain, too often making sleep especially difficult to find. But don’t worry 8 Sheep Organics Sleepy Body Lotion is here to the rescue!

Our pregnancy-safe formula is completely natural and an excellent source of magnesium. Simply massage the lotion into your lower back to ease pain, calm your body and find sleep. What’s not to love?

Common Causes Of Lower Back Pain

Acute and subacute lower back pain can result from injury or trauma, or from undue stress on the quadratus lumborum and gluteus medius. Common causes include:

  • Falling or suffering traumatic impacts
  • Improperly lifting heavy objects
  • Moving while having poor posture
  • Not exercising or sitting for too long
  • Sudden back movements after repetitive activities

Severe or frequent experiences of acute lower back pain can develop into long-term health conditions that are more likely to cause chronic lower back pain. The most common causes of chronic lower back pain include:

  • Muscle decondition/atrophy from age or inactivity
  • Bulged, ruptured or degenerative spinal discs

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Best Back Massager For Lower Back Pain

A back massager for lower back pain is a device that helps to relieve pain in the lower back by massaging the muscles in that area. There are many different types of back massagers available, and they can be used in a variety of ways to help relieve pain. Some back massagers are handheld, while others are designed to be used while lying down. Many back massagers also come with different settings to help customize the massage to the individuals needs.

How To Choose The Best Massager For Lower Back

Medical Massage for Low Back, Hip &  Sciatic Pain

There are varieties of back massagers available in the market. However, every massager has a unique feature, and to choose the best back massage for healing your lower back pain, you need to have a look at these features before investing in a massager. Here are the things you need to consider before buying a massager:

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Heel Back Tablets 100 Tablets

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  • Easy to use- dissolvable tablets for fast- convenient relief whenever symptoms start.

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What Does Perfect Spot No 6 Feel Like Sciatica Among Other Things

Even without nasty symptoms, pressure on these muscles may still feel important. They usually harbour trigger points that arent obvious until they are poked , but which cause symptoms like stiffness, heavy-ness, muscle fatigue, vague discomfort and diffuse aching throughout the hip and buttocks and descending into the leg. Their importance is often unsuspected because the key gluteus medius and minimus trigger points are not found where the symptoms are but they produce symptoms that spread backwards to the sacrum and down the leg.4

Important! This article is best for people with a minor low back or leg pain problem. If you are having more serious or long-term pain, please start with my low back pain tutorial.

Given their stealthy nature, massaging these muscles can feel like a surprising and satisfying discovery of the true source of stiffness you did know that you had thats what makes it a perfect spot.

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Relaxzen 3d Mesh And Pu Massage Lumbar Support Cushion With Heat

This lumbar support heating cushion is a powerful tool that offers relief from back pain and relaxes the muscles. The cushion provides vibration massage through its 2 powerful vibration motors. These motors feature 30-minute auto shut-off feature to prevent overheating or injuries. The high and low massage intensities are offered for a customized and enhanced experience.


· Features 2 powerful and high-intensity motors

· Offers high and low-intensity vibration massage for along with heat settings

· Offers firm lumbar support and massage

· Comes with a 30-minute auto shut off timer

· Breathable mesh and foam padding makes the cushion more comforting


· Retaining strap is not durable

· The heating level is not as good as vibration level


The cushion features a 3D mesh design with foam padding and PU leather cover that is skin-friendly and soft to touch. The cushion offers contoured support for any seating, and it also comes with AC and DC adaptors for using the device in a car, at home or office. The therapeutic movements of this cushion offer gentle warmth while the optional heating settings are provided for additional comfort.

The Takeaway On Massage For Low Back Pain

How to Do Thai Massage for Lower Back Pain & Hip Pain Relief, Part 1

So, does massage help lower back pain? In many cases, yes but it can depend on the type of back pain youre dealing with. If your back pain is severe or persistent, a doctor can help you figure out if massage therapy is right for you.

Alongside massage, a combination of stretching, core-stabilizing exercises, and any recommended medical treatments can get you on track to feeling better.

Ready to get started with daily restorative massage in the comfort of your home? The MedMassager MMB05 is one advanced massage tool that can provide daily relaxation and therapeutic relief. Check it out or learn more about using it for low back pain here.

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Maturity Pays Off For Massage Therapy

Researchers followed 104 patients who had consulted their primary care providers about back pain lasting three months or more, defined as chronic. More than half reported significantly less pain after 10 one-hour massage therapy sessions rising to 70 percent among those 50 or older. Most still showed improvement six months later.

Why the age difference? Older participants were more likely to stick with the 12-week program, says co-author Niki Munk, a gerontologist and licensed massage therapist who teaches and conducts research at the Indiana University School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.

While the results dont pinpoint other reasons, mature patients may be more self-aware, says Munk. Older patients have better perceptions of their pain and relief, she notes.

Benefits Of Massage For Lower Back Pain

Guidelines set by the American College of Physicians recommend several non-invasive treatments that can be used to recover from lower back pain, including over the counter pain relievers, exercise, heat wraps, acupuncture and massage therapy.

Massage therapy works by providing specific benefits for pain management and recovery, including:

  • The release of the endorphins, serotonin and dopamine
  • Improving circulation by stimulating blood vessels in the direct area
  • Relaxing muscles and relieving tension
  • Reducing feelings of stress and anxiety

A review of studies found that massage therapy can improve patient outcomes and should be offered as a means of pain management. A 2017 study published in the journal Pain Medicine details how people experiencing chronic lower back pain benefit from massage therapy. Heres a quick breakdown:

  • Researchers looked at 104 subjects with persistent back pain who were referred by their doctors to licensed massage therapists.
  • This was a diverse group of patients, including some who were obese, some who had other health conditions exacerbating their back pain, and others taking opioid pain medications.
  • Over 50% reported clinically meaningful improvement in their back pain.
  • Three months later, 75% of the participants who reported initial improvement said they still felt better with no further massage sessions.

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How Does A Lower Back Massage Break Down Scar Tissue

A lower back massage helps break down scar tissue. Scar tissue is formed as a result of injury or surgery. Scar tissue can be restrictive resulting in muscle tightness and tension.

A lower back massage aims to loosen and break down scar tissue to relieve muscle tightness and tension.

As muscle temperature is increased, the temperature of the scar tissue also increases. Increasing the temperature of scar tissue allows them to be broken down more easily as they begin to loosen. As scar tissue is broken down, the collagen fibres making up the scar tissue are realigned, reducing restriction. Increasing temperature of scar tissue also improves its elasticity. Improving elasticity of the scar tissue further reduces restriction therefore relieving muscle tightness and tension.

Best For Neck And Back Pain: Trumedic Magichands Trushiatsu Neck And Back Massager

Pin on Back pain

This Oprah-recommendedmagic massager uses four powerful nodes to mimic human hands, so you can quickly soothe sore and aching muscles without visiting the spa. The durable unit lets you choose between three different pain-relieving speeds and features adjustable arm straps so you can personalize the position of the massager to your body. Plus, one five-star reviewer says its a top pick for anyone seeking relief from chronic pain, while other shoppers said it works great on neck, back, and shoulder pain.

Available at , $150

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Common Treatments For Lower Back Pain

Most individuals initially believe it to be basic muscle soreness, so they take painkillers or stretch to obtain temporary relief. Unfortunately, this is not the optimal answer, and many years may pass as the underlying issue is covered up to get out of bed. Eventually, the individual visits their physician, who orders imaging that reveals a much more severe structural problem than normal muscle soreness. It is nearly hard to harm a muscle without also causing injury to a ligament, disc, or nerve. Even if the condition was caused only by repetitive actions, it always affects the complete functional unit. Muscle pain is a symptom that accompanies nearly all types of spinal lesions, and our brain is unable to distinguish between muscle pain and a herniated disc, tumor, or deteriorated joint.

Mighty Bliss Cordless Massager

  • Distinguishing features: This handheld massager comes with six different massage heads. You can apply however much pressure you want on any part of your body with a percussion massage.
  • Target areas treated: anywhere
  • Safety: can be removed at any time, and intensity depends on how firmly you apply it
  • Usability and versatility: The device can be moved to different parts of the body, with a selection of different massager heads. The lithium-ion rechargeable battery makes this device very portable.
  • Reviews: more than 12,000 reviews, with 80 percent 5 stars
  • Cons: You must hold this device in position to use, so it could be difficult for those who cant hold it in place or to reach out-of-the-way areas.

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