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What Massage Is Best For Back Pain

Symptoms Of Low Back Pain

How to Use a Percussion Massage Gun for Back Pain Relief

There are many symptoms of low back pain, including:

  • Low energy and motivation.
  • Aching or stiff muscles in the lower back region.
  • Pain that worsens when bending over or sitting for long periods of time.
  • Difficulty breathing deeply from a seated position.
  • The most common symptom is chronic stiffness in the lower back area with either no pain at all or pain that only occurs during physical activity such as running, climbing stairs, etc.

What Does The Research On Massage For Back Pain Say

Several scientific studies have been conducted on massage therapy and its efficacy in treating various conditions, including low back pain. One systematic review looked at ten randomized controlled trials that included a total of 1,759 participants. The review found that massage therapy was effective in reducing pain and improving function in people with chronic low back pain.

Another systematic review looked at 29 randomized controlled trials that included a total of 3,032 participants. This review found that massage therapy was effective in reducing pain and improving function in people with acute and chronic low back pain.

A third systematic review looked at 11 randomized controlled trials that included a total of 1,068 participants. This review found that massage therapy was effective in reducing pain, improving function, and reducing disability in people with chronic low back pain.

There is strong evidence to support the use of massage therapy for treating low back pain. Massage therapy is a safe, natural treatment that can provide relief from chronic back pain. If you are suffering from back pain, massage therapy may be an effective treatment option for you.

Who Gets Back Pain

Anyone can have back pain however, several factors increase your risk. Risk factors increase your chance of developing back pain and can include:

  • Fitness level: Back pain is more common among people who are not physically fit. For example, weak back and stomach muscles may not properly support the spine. Back pain is also more likely if you exercise too strenuously after being inactive for a while.
  • Weight gain: A diet high in calories and fat, combined with an inactive lifestyle, can lead to obesity. This can put stress on the back.
  • Job-related risk factors: Jobs that require heavy lifting, pushing, pulling, or twisting can injure the back. A desk job may also play a role, especially if you have poor posture or sit all day in an uncomfortable chair.
  • Age: Back pain becomes more common with age, particularly after the age of 45.
  • Heredity: Genetics play a role in some disorders that cause back pain.

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Zyllion Shiatsu Back And Neck Massager

  • Distinguishing features: This pillow has three deep tissue massagers that can be used to target smaller areas like the lower back or between the shoulder blades. Massagers automatically change direction. While this product can only treat one area at a time, its praised for reaching into the contours of your body. Theres no option to adjust intensity, but the device comes with a padded cover for a gentle massage. Theres also a model with eight deep tissue massagers.
  • Target areas treated: back, neck, shoulders, abdomen, legs, calf, thigh
  • Safety: auto shut-off for heat and overheating protection
  • Usability and versatility: This device can be moved to different parts of the body. An adjustable strap allows you to secure the device where you need it, and it comes with a car adapter for portability.
  • Reviews: almost 44,000 reviews, with 73 percent 5 stars
  • Cons: This device can only treat one area at a time, and it must be plugged in to use. Intensity level can only be adjusted with a removable sleeve.

What Is The Outlook

Best Multi

Most of us will have a bout of nonspecific low back pain at some point in our lives. The severity can vary. However, it is difficult to quote exact figures as to outlook . This is partly because it is so common and many people with back pain do not consult a doctor. Roughly, it is thought that:

  • Most nonspecific back pains ease and go quickly, usually within a few weeks.
  • In about 4 in 10 cases, the pain has completely gone within four weeks.
  • In about 7 in 10 cases the pain has completely gone within one year.

However, once the pain has eased or gone it is common to have further bouts of pain from time to time in the future. Also, it is common to have minor pains on and off for quite some time after an initial bad bout of pain. In a small number of cases the pain persists for several months or longer. This is called chronic back pain.

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How Can A Massage Help Lower Back Pain

It can take days, weeks, and even months to completely recover from a flare-up of low back pain and soreness. In the meantime, massage therapy offers a non-invasive way to relieve tight muscles and tension so that you can get back on your feet sooner rather than later and without pain.

But don’t just take our word for it plenty of research supports the use of massage when dealing with a sore back. The benefits of massage therapy include:

  • Reduces tightness

Needless to say, not only does massage therapy work for lower back pain it works well.

How Bodyworks Dw Uses All Of These Deep Tissue Massage Techniques In Back Pain Massage In Midtown And Fidi

Great massage therapy in NYC needs to have a solid arsenal of techniques. And tools to be able to create an effective and thorough treatment plan. At Bodyworks DW, we have regular advanced trainings for all of our massage therapists. These trainings are designed to improve each therapists skills in assessing the primary sources/reasons for your pain. Our therapists come prepared with a toolbox full of the best deep tissue massage techniques.

Back pain is a prevalent issue addressed by massage therapists for many of you. Each of your massage needs and cases are unique. Therefore, each of our treatments are uniquely customized to you. Your Bodyworks DW massage therapist will carefully consider your symptoms, history, routine and movement patterns. Then they determine how to provide the most effective treatment. We are dedicated to finding what will work best for you. So that you can get back to moving more freely and without pain or discomfort. We offer back pain massage in Midtown and the Financial District in New York City. Would you like to schedule a professional massage with one of our highly trained massage therapists? Contact Bodyworks DW today or click on the button to book online at our back pain massage Midtown or back pain massage Fidi studios!

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Does Massage For Back Pain Work

Massage has gained popularity in recent years as increasing numbers of people are seeking alternative care. The many health benefits of massage therapy can be part of a multi-disciplinary treatment plan. Surveys commissioned by the American Massage Therapy Association show that more people each year seek massage for health reasons and more physicians are recommending massage to their patients.

A systematic review of studies up to 2016 shows that pain management massage is strongly recommended. This review examined 60 high-quality studies and found massage effective in treating both pain and the anxiety that accompanied it.

Other recent research on the effectiveness of massage for chronic pain include the following studies:

There is also strong evidence that massage is effective for nonspecific chronic low back pain. The best massage for lower back pain , relieves stiffness and pain of ankylosing spondylitis, and is a preferred treatment option for chronic musculoskeletal pain.

The Best Type Of Massage For Back Pain

How to Use a Massage Gun For Low Back Pain Relief

Some individuals with back pain find that massage directly helps to ease their pain. Others believe that the relaxing effects of massage make chronic back pain more manageable. Although further study is required to conclusively prove the benefits of massage treatment for back pain, some case studies and papers suggest that it could reduce the intensity of chronic lower back pain and deliver many benefits to those with a range of chronic pain conditions. Although exploring massage treatments for back pain is a personal journey, there are some techniques which may be more suitable for different conditions. If you live with chronic pain, dont forget to consult your doctor and speak openly with your massage therapist before you begin a new treatment.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Back Muscle Pain

The symptoms of Back Muscle Pain may vary from being just a subtle discomfort to being a severely incapacitating pain. Some of the symptoms of Back Muscle Pain are:

  • Localized back pain without any radiation to the lower extremities
  • Presence of tenderness or spasm in the back
  • Sudden onset back pain, especially with heavy activities.

Ginger Massage Oil For Relaxing Massage Therapy Massaging Joint Pain Relief Moisturizing Body Oil For Men And Women 88 Oz

Features :

  • RELAX MENTAL& BODY: ORMEAS ginger massage oil enriched with Clary Sage, Ylang-Ylang, Ginger, will reduce muscle tension & boost mood ,sooth the nervous system and calm your mind. Let this amazing oil soft your skin and relax muscle, take your mind and spirit away to a place of hope, calmness, and total tranquility.
  • PERFECT TEXTURE: Refresh Therapeutic massage oil was formulated to provide the perfect glide during your massage, will gives you adequate massage therapy time without leaving skin greasy. This massage oil will glide over your skin until take away your tired and stress.
  • NATURAL MOISTURIZER: Our massage oil contains vetiver which is a natural skin protectant, one of the best choice for your dry skin as it nourishes it deep within, improve damaged skin. Skin will retain supple moisture and firmness all the day.
  • SPA EXPERIENCE AT HOME: ORMEAS Massage Oil will make you feel like you are at the spa while being in the comfort of your own home! It will provide tension relief for a sore or aching neck and shoulders , or anywhere else on the body youre looking to massage. Great for massage at home.
  • NATURAL& GENTLE: Made from the finest all natural ingredients, this contains no harsh chemicals, non-GMO and free of hexanes, parabens, artificial dyes, and fragrance.End the tired and nourish the skin gently.
  • Unit count type: Fl Oz

Additional Info :

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Do Doctors Recommend Massage Chairs

If you are shopping for a massage chair, you are probably wondering whether the item you choose is really worth the investment. Before you jump into making your final choice, you need to know more about the benefits of massage that these types of chairs offer. After you decide which kind of chair is the best for you, you need to make sure that you visit the store where you purchased it in person.

Did you know that massage chairs can be used anywhere you can reach out? You just need to fold down the arms on the chair, and then you will be able to bring it wherever you need it. This can be a perfect solution for those who need a chair in their home, especially if the room has no access to the bathroom.

Mighty Bliss Deep Tissue Electric Handheld Percussion Massager

Muscle Relax Massager for Back Pain Relief® â Best Gadget Store

Loosen those knots with this powerful handheld tool

Dont suffer with muscle knots any longer, release them with the Mighty Bliss Percussion Massager.

It delivers a powerful 3,700 RPM, which Mighty Bliss liken to a BMW car!

Unlike other percussion massagers which can be a little bulky, this massager is slim and lightweight. Its cordless too, meaning you can pop it in your bag and use it after a session at the gym.

Six different massage heads ensure that as well as your back, you can also reach other parts of your body to relieve any pain or discomfort.

Fitted with the same type of battery you now find in electric cars, it charges really quickly and can be used for 120 minutes.

If youre interested in the iReliev Percussion Massager or the Theragun PRO, but dont have the money to spend, this is a percussion tool that offers real bang for the buck.

Of course it doesnt have a touchscreen or the range of different programs like the Theragun PRO, but you do get serious power and a number of different heads you can experiment with.

Deep massage fans loved how the various attachments and lightweight nature of the product meant it could get to those hard to reach places. Many even said it had quickly replaced their massage therapist.

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Will Stress In My Shoulders And Neck Cause Lower Back Pain

Sometimes youll find that a general back and glute massage will ease many pain across your spine that you didnt even know you had until we started working you. Think about how small the bones and tiny muscles of your vertebrae are. If theyre connected to larger muscles, which pull them out of alignment, then youll feel pain all over the place. For instance, one common complaint that our therapists will often track shoulder and neck pain back to standing on one dominant leg.

Its surprising when you read that therapy release techniques for your buttocks sometimes helps pain in your neck. But it can be one of the most effective techniques at giving relief.

Best Type Of Massage For Shoulder Pain

Although many forms of massage may be of benefit to individuals with chronic shoulder pain, Swedish massage may be a good technique to begin your massage journey.

This relaxing technique can involve gentle soothing pressure or deeper pressure, according to your preference. Its whole body approach can also promote full body relaxation. This may reduce anxiety and stress, which can in turn help to relax your overall posture, reducing excess tension in your shoulders.

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Best Portable: Mighty Bliss Deep Tissue And Back Massager

More than 9,000 shoppers gave this completely cordless massager a five-star rating for providing the perfect deep tissue massage. It uses powerful percussion movement to pulse up to 3,700 times per minute, so you can relieve knotted muscles and painful spasms. Each massager arrives with six interchangeable heads, which can be used to target different body parts, and can run for up to 120 minutes off a single charge. The ergonomic design is also super lightweight, so giving your back a little relief won’t require an arm strengthening session, too.

Available at , $60

Can Further Bouts Of Back Pain Be Prevented

Basic Back Massage Therapy Techniques for Relaxation & Back Pain Relief

Evidence suggests that the best way to prevent bouts of low back pain is simply to keep active and to exercise regularly. This means general fitness exercise such as walking, running, swimming, etc. There is no firm evidence to say that any particular back strengthening exercises are more useful to prevent back pain than simply keeping fit and active. It is also sensible to be back-aware. For example, do not lift objects when you are in an awkward twisting posture.

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Treat Back Pain At Reflections Therapeutic Massage

Searching for a back pain massage near me? At Reflections Therapeutic Massage, our experienced, trained therapists use specific massage techniques for back pain to ensure you walk out of our clinic feeling relaxed, refreshed, and fully-functioning again.

When you arrive for an appointment, your massage therapist will provide a quick consultation to get an idea of where the pain resides and how much pressure you prefer during your massage. Soon after, youll lie down on the massage table where theyll use tailored massage techniques for back pain on your back, neck and shoulders to get rid of the pain and stiffness.

Ready to relax? Book your appointment for massage therapy in Clearwater today.

When You Should Go To The Er For Back Pain

If your back pain is accompanied by any of the following symptoms, head to your closest emergency room because you could be dealing with a more serious condition or injury:

  • Sudden spike in pain, discomfort, weakness or numbness
  • Loss of bladder function
  • Unexplainable weight loss
  • The pain results from a fall or severe blow to your back

If you experience any of these symptoms, its a good idea to talk to your doctor so you can determine next steps for managing pain.

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Homedics Percussion Action Plus Handheld Massager

  • Distinguishing features: This handheld percussion device has two dual headsets for a firm or soft massage. It has four speeds that control the intensity. The massager has an optional heat option to soothe aching muscles and enhance relaxation.
  • Target areas treated: anywhere
  • Safety: 15-minute auto shut-off
  • Usability and versatility: The double heads allow you to massage both sides of your spine at once. The long handle makes it easy to reach most body areas.
  • Reviews: more than 18,000 reviews, with 68 percent 5 stars
  • Cons: A few reviewers complain that the massager doesnt get hot enough, while others say it overheats. Other reviews report that its too heavy and noisy.

How Soon Will I Feel Better

Back Massager Pain Relief with HEAT Ache Lumbar Lower Acupuncture ...

Depending on how severe your original muscle strain is, you should feel better in a few weeks. Talk to your healthcare provider before resuming any intense physical activities.

If you start working out or playing sports again before your muscle is healed, youre at an increased risk of re-injuring it and hurting your muscle worse than the original strain.

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