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Is Stretching Good For Lower Back Pain

Which Lifestyle Factors Contribute To Lower Back Pain

11 Best Lower Back Stretches For Pain & Stiffness

There are three major lifestyle factors that may affect your chances of developing lower back pain:

  • Multiple studies have established a link between smoking and lower back pain. Smoking raises inflammation inside the body and hinders the body from healing itself.
  • Obesity is also associated with several types of chronic pain, including lower back pain. In people with high body mass index , the stress on the spine increases, contributing to even more wear and tear.
  • Your level of physical activity can also play a role in your lower back health. While a sedentary lifestyle could increase your risk of developing lower back pain, so can excessive or strenuous physical activity. Check with your doctor if you are unsure about your ideal level of physical activity.

Exercises To Relieve Pain In The Lower Back

According to the Global Burden of Disease 2010, pain in the lower back area is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Its also the most common reason why most Americans miss workdays. The reason for lower back pain ranges from simple reasons like poor posture to more complicated ones like internal organ damage and spine conditions.

If youre experiencing back pain, theres a huge chance that the muscles in the area are tense. Stretches designed for relieving lower back pain help reduce the tension in the area and improve blood circulation. Here are nine kinds of exercises that help relieve pain in the lower back area:

Arthritis Of The Spine

Arthritis of the spine the slow degeneration of the spinal joints is the most frequent cause of lower back pain. All of us experience wear and tear as we age, and it is normal for your lower back to start acting up as you get older. As the cartilage breaks down between the spinal joints, surrounding tissues may become inflamed. The inflammation and the thinning of cartilage increase friction in the joints, which may cause pain in the lower back.

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Can Lower Back Pain Be A Sign Of Something Serious Like Cancer

Lower back pain can be related to cancer. In fact, it is one of the first symptoms of prostate cancer when it metastasizes and creates lesions. Almost any cancer can spread to the back and some, like sarcoma, can originate in the back. Be cautious, especially if you are experiencing other symptoms besides lower back pain. Talk to your doctor if you have additional symptoms or concerns.

Stretches For On The Floor

Pin on Back stretches &  exercises for back pain

Sitting and standing exercises are practical and can be performed in nearly any setting, but stretching on the floor can be even more effective. If you have a private office or a clear area of floor available, these stretches will allow you to stretch more muscle groups in your trunk.

1. Single Knee to Chest Stretch

  • While lying on your back, slowly bring one knee up toward your chest.
  • Grasp the knee with both hands and gently pull it up towards your chest.
  • You should feel a mild to moderate stretch in the low back, hip, and buttock.
  • Hold the stretch for 15-20 seconds, then repeat 3-5 times on each side.

2. Double Knee to Chest Stretch

  • While lying on your back, slowly bring both knees up toward your chest.
  • Grasp the knees with both hands and gently pull them up towards your chest.
  • You should feel a mild to moderate stretch in the low back, hip, and buttock.
  • Hold the stretch for 15-20 seconds, then repeat 3-5 times on each side.

3. Supine Piriformis Stretch

  • While lying on your back, slowly bring one knee up toward your chest as you did with the single knee to chest stretch.
  • Grasp the knee with both hands and gently pull it up across your body toward the opposite shoulder.
  • You should feel a mild to moderate stretch in the low back, hip, and buttock .
  • Hold the stretch for 15-20 seconds, then repeat 3-5 times on each side.

4. Lower Trunk Rotation Stretch

5. Prayer Stretch

6. Lateral Prayer Stretch

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Stretch 4 Lying Knee Twist

Begin lying down on your back with the legs extended straight out. Then, bend the right knee up and cross it over to the left side of the body. Hold for 20 to 30 seconds to feel the stretch through both the lower back and buttocks and repeat three times on each side.

The stretch helps improve flexibility but can also strengthen muscles along the spine and in the abdomen.

Fixing Your Low Back Pain

There is a very high probability that instead of stretching out your back like the top image here, you actually need to extend the back-like in the picture to the right.

This will relieve the tension on the muscles, ligaments and discs that are most likely causing your pain.

The easiest way to fix your flexion intolerant low back pain-the right way-is to put your back into extension by laying on your stomach and prop your head up on your two fists, or hold a low cobra hold . Hold that for a couple minutes and youll feel better and that feeling will last much longer and will start you on your path to a happier back.

If you want a little more challenge and want to strengthen your back-read here for a simple and effective exercise to try anywhere.

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Simple Stretches To Relieve Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can be a debilitating and painful condition.

Fortunately, staying physically active may be the most effective and cost-efficient way to soothe or prevent it.

Here are 8 simple stretches to relieve lower back pain.

3 ).

Although its origin varies, changes in the lumbar, or lower back, structure due to musculoskeletal damage are considered to be the main cause .

Your musculoskeletal system is made up of bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other connective tissues that provide form, support, stability, and movement to your body.

Other muscles that play an important role in maintaining the normal curvature of your spinal column are reported to be associated with lower back pain. These include the hip flexor and hamstring muscles .

Minor lower back pain normally gets better on its own within a few days or weeks. It can be considered chronic when it persists for more than three months .

In either case, staying physically active and regularly stretching can help reduce lower back pain or prevent it from returning .

The remainder of this article provides eight stretches for lower back pain, all of which you can do in the comfort of your own home with minimal or no equipment.

Summary Lower back pain is an incredibly common condition that can be relieved or prevented with regular exercise and stretching.

The knee-to-chest stretch can help lengthen your lower back, relieving tension and pain.

To perform the knee-to-chest stretch:

What Does It Mean If Lower Back Pain Is Shooting Into Legs


Lower back pain can radiate to other parts of the body: up or down from its place of origin. Sometimes lower back pain can be on one side of the back, which is also normal.

If the pain is shooting from the lower back into one or both legs, it could be sciatica , but its not always the case. There are many parts in the lower back that may cause the pain to radiate into the legs, such as facet joints, sacroiliac joints, muscles or inflammation of the bursa.

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Move #: The Cat Camel

Based on the findings of renowned back pain researcher Dr. Stuart McGill and his lab, the cat camel exercise has been found to be the least stressful way to incorporate some movement into the spine without aggravating it. Its a helpful and healthy way to:

  • Maintain good spinal movement AND
  • Reduce any movement restrictions or friction within your spine

For these, get on all fours. Slowly move back and forth from a downward spinal curve with the head looking up like a cat.And then move into a rounded spine while the head looks down like a camel.Each cycle should take about three to four seconds. Note that you should always stay within a range of motion that is pain-free for you. Also, avoid pushing the end of each range. Remember: this is not a stretch. Its the simple movement of the spine thats more important.

Now, Dr. Stuart McGill measured spine stress on patients performing this movement. And he found that only 7-8 cycles were needed to help reduce spine friction and resistance. In fact, he found that further cycles could even undo the value of the exercise. So stick with that recommendation and avoid overdoing it.

After completing the cat camel, you should have reduced a bit of friction in the spine. That means were now ready to move onto some mobilization drills for other problematic areas within the body that may be contributing to your back pain.

Why Relief Is Only Temporary

When you stretch a muscle, the stretch reflex kicks in to prevent the muscle from tear and injury.

This is why the effect of static stretching doesnt last long. And as youve probably noticed, the muscle starts to tighten up shortly after.

Too much stretching can weaken the muscles ability to contract and thats why it is recommended to not perform static stretching before exercise.

Stretching has its place for sure as I explained a little while ago.

But, if you have chronic muscular pain, I highly recommend you start digging a little deeper and look beyond the temporary fixes youre getting from it.

Start assessing for postural and muscular weaknesses that are causing the pain. When your muscles have the right tension, youll be able to maintain muscle balance .

My full system to fix chronic lower back pain, piriformis syndrome, and hip pain. Includes premium coaching videos, tutorials on how to get back in shape safely, and how to keep the pain from coming back.

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Stretching To Relieve Back Pain: A Practical Guide

At this very moment, there are tens of millions of people wishing there were a magical cure for back pain. After all, back pain is the single leading cause of disability in the world, with experts estimating that upwards of 80% of the population will at one time or another experience back pain. Further, Americans alone spend an estimated $50 billion per year on back pain.

While no one magical cure exists, for many people suffering from back pain, there is an easy and inexpensive way to find relief from back pain. Its exercise, and this is a comprehensive guide to exercise for back pain relief.

An Overview

An exercise program for back pain is one that must be carefully undertaken. When done in a controlled and gradual manner, exercising can help keep the ligaments, discs, muscles, and joints of the back healthy. However, when done in an uncontrolled and overly aggressive manner, exercising may worsen back pain or cause new injuries.

A successful exercise program for lessening or eliminating back pain has three components: low-impact aerobic exercise, stretching and strengthening. Though the back is obviously the focus of the majority of the exercises, the program will work the entire body in order to improve overall strength and health, which will positively impact the spine.

If you have a pre-existing back issue or any other health condition, you may want to consult with your doctor before beginning an exercise program.

Low-Impact Aerobic Exercise for Back Pain Relief

When To See A Medical Professional

6 Best Stretches for Lower Back under Weight Loss Programs

We include items we assume serve for our viewers. If you purchase via web links on this web page, we might gain a small payment. Is Stretching Good For Lower Back Pain

Back pain is an usual issue that can disrupt an individuals job and individual life. Thankfully, many natural home remedy exist to help ease bothersome back pain.

Lower back pain is a prevalent problem, creating more international handicap than any other problem. As much as 80 percent of grownups will certainly experience low back pain at the very least once in their lives.

People can likewise experience discomfort in various other locations of the back, consisting of the center and top back.

The back muscular tissues as well as spine support much of the bodys weight. An individual uses the muscle mass for daily movements, consisting of resting, standing, as well as walking.

Non-prescription pain drugs, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, might help relieve discomfort.

Hi there! Im Sara and welcome to my site, 4thicft. As someone who has been suffering from back pain for most of my adult life, I understand what a pain it can be. Thankfully my back feels almost as good as new these days after much trial and error. I am also a big Yoga fan as it has helped with my posture. Hope my site helps!

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Common Causes For Low Back Pain

Low back strain can start with:

  • Extreme physical exertion you can strain muscles by stretching them too far, causing tiny tears in their tissues.
  • Falls injuries can result in much more than a muscle strain. They can cause subluxations, disc herniations, or vertebral fractures.
  • Repeated bending repetitive forceful motions while bending such as with rowing or golf can cause muscles to tighten and tear.
  • Lifting heavy objects incorrectly may strain the lower back muscles and cause vertebral misalignment . It may cause a disc herniation where the disc starts pressing on spinal nerves or even on your spinal cord.
  • Poor posture slouching adds strain on the low back muscles and on the spine.
  • Weak abdominal muscles low back muscles are balanced by opposing, abdominal core muscles. If abdominal muscles are weak, the lower back is at increased risk for injury.
  • Chronic diseases diseases that cause degeneration of the spinal joints and bones.
  • Congenital deformities spinal defects present at birth.

Lower Back Pain: What Could It Be

Do you have lower back pain? You are not alone. Anyone can experience lower back pain at any time, even if you dont have a prior injury or any of the risk factors. It is not always serious and can often get better on its own. But in some cases pain is your bodys way of telling you that something isnt right.

Learn more about lower back pain and what causes it from rehabilitation physician Akhil Chhatre, M.D., who specializes in back pain in the Johns Hopkins Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

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Stretching And Types Of Muscles

Tonic muscles which are prone to overactivity and tightness, and phasic muscles which are more likely to weaken and lengthen.

Heres a short list of these muscles:

Stretching becomes an issue when more time is spent stretching the phasic muscles, such as the glutes and lower back muscles

And less time releasing the tonic muscles, such as the hip flexors complex, which can get extremely tight and drive the hips out of balance.

Its important to stretch only the muscles that need to be stretch and stabilize and strengthen the ones that are weak.

Video: 4 Easy Stretches For Neck And Shoulder Pain

12 Min Lower Back Pain Stretches – Exercises for Lower Back Stretching and Pain Relief Stretch

See how to correctly perform the 4 neck stretches listed above.Watch Now

Stretches that are not recommended include neck circles or quickly stretching the neck forward and backward or side to side. These stretches may cause muscles strain or place additional stress on the cervical spine.

See Neck Stretches

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Best Stretches To Help Relieve Lower Back Pain

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It seems like everyone you know has some type of back pain, and its usually lower back pain. But, theres good news! There are stretches for lower back pain that can really help alleviate this nagging problem when done on a regular basis.

Of course, if you have an injury or your low-back pain is due to something else, you may need to enlist the help of a doctor, physical therapist, or other health practitioner. But many of us can find relief by doing a few simple movements at home.

General Tips For Stretching To Relieve Back Pain

Keeping the following in mind can help effectively stretch the muscles without injury:

  • Wear comfortable clothing that wont bind or constrict movements
  • Do not force the body into difficult or painful positionsstretching should be pain free
  • Move into a stretch slowly and avoid bouncing, which can cause muscle strain
  • Stretch on a clean, flat surface that is large enough to move freely
  • Hold stretches long enough to adequately lengthen muscles and improve range of motion1
  • Repeat a stretch between 2 and 5 timesa muscle usually reaches maximum elongation after about 4 repetitions1
  • Stretch one side of the body at a time

Below are examples of stretches targeted for the neck, upper back, and the lower back.

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Is The Toe Touching Stretch Good For The Back

Rick KaseljFitness, General

The other day I ended up getting an email from a reader, and what she sent me was this photo of a person doing a Toe Touch exercise in order to stretch out their hamstrings.

What she knew was that was a horrible exercise to do that was bad for the back and increased the risk of back pain and back injury. She wanted to know what my take on it was.


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