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What Is The Best Therapy For Lower Back Pain

Achieve A Healthy Weight

7 Best Lower Back Pain Relief Treatments – Ask Doctor Jo

More than 70 percent of people in the U.S. are overweight and nearly 40 percent are considered obese. Carrying extra weight can significantly strain your back muscles and spine.

Losing weight can be difficult however, doing so can help control your back pain, prevent the condition from getting worse, and even potentially eliminate the need for pain medication or surgery. If you need help losing weight, request an appointment.

“There are many alternative treatments for back pain, many of which are easy to do at home and affordable, with no doctors prescription necessary.”

Carlos Bagley, M.D.

Back Pain In The Lower Back Is The Most Common Problem That Affects Millions People Every Year

The pain of lower back is a common issue that affects millions of people every year. Although lower back pain can be caused by a variety of reasons, like discs that rupture or strain, the most common cause is poor posture. In todays sedentary lifestyle, we spend a lot of time at a desk or in front of phones that put a lot of strain on the lower back. There are, however, a many lower back pain treatments that can help ease the back pain and improve your posture. Simple tips include wearing comfortable shoes with good support as well as sleeping on a firm mattress, and avoiding extended periods of standing or sitting. If youre suffering from lower back pain, talk to your doctor about the best options for treating you.

Exercise To Loosen Muscles

Although it may seem counterintuitive to exercise when lower back pain is causing you grief, the right kind of movement can help eliminate the discomfort. Its always important to consult your physician before you engage in exercise when you have pain, but this conversation is well worth having if youre suffering.

First, you should keep in mind that not all exercise is beneficial in combating back pain. Try to avoid toe-touch exercises and sit-ups, which may add to the stress on your spine instead of relieving it. Leg lifts are another exercise to stay away from when you are hurting. If your core is not strong, leg lifts could be too demanding on your body if youre already experiencing pain.

Several types of exercises can be useful when you need to relieve back pain. Partial crunches can aid in strengthening your core without applying too much pressure to the area. Slow and controlled wall-sit exercises may also be useful. Other repetitions to consider include bringing each knee to the chest in succession, pelvic tilts, and swimming.

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When To Not Use Heat Or Cold For Your Lower Back

There are some conditions and situations that should not be treated with heat or cold therapy. For example:

  • These therapies must not be used on open wounds, bleeds, or when there is any fluid oozing out of the painful region.
  • If you have certain chronic conditions such as multiple sclerosis, poor circulation, spinal cord injuries, diabetes mellitus, and/or rheumatoid arthritis, it is advised to avoid heat therapy. Heat in these conditions may cause excessive burns, skin ulceration, and/or increased inflammation.1

It is also advisable to avoid laying directly on the heat source due to the risk of burns, skin damage, or permanent changes in skin color. A protective barrier such as a cloth or towel may be used between your skin and the source of heat.

In general, many people feel heat therapy works better to relieve their lower back pain compared to cold. Also, taking oral pain-relieving drugs while using these therapies may have an added effect on the overall pain relief.2

About Lower Back Pain

Best Stretches For Low Back Pain

Lower back pain is pain in the area of your back from the bottom of your ribs to the top of your legs. It can come from any of the many structures that make up your back. These include bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, nerves and tendons.

Your spine supports your back. Its made up of 24 separate bones called vertebrae stacked on top of one another. The lower section of your spine is called the lumbar spine. Below the vertebrae, at the bottom of your spine, are bones called your sacrum and coccyx. You may hear lower back pain referred to as lumbosacral pain.

Discs of cartilage sit between each vertebra, acting as shock absorbers and allowing your spine to bend. Some lower back pain originates from these discs. Your spinal cord threads through the vertebrae, carrying nerve signals between your brain and the rest of your body. If nerves at the base of your spine become compressed or inflamed, it can cause sciatica. Sciatica is a type of pain that starts in your back or buttocks and spreads down your leg.

Its usually difficult for doctors to say exactly whats causing back pain. This is because there are so many different parts to your back and tissues that surround it. Even tests such as X-rays and magnetic resonance imaging scans arent helpful for most people.

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How Can A Physical Therapist Help

Your physical therapist can help you improve or restore mobility and reduce low back painin many cases, without expensive surgery or the side effects of medications.

If you are having low back pain right now:

  • Stay active, and do as much of your normal routine as possible
  • If your pain lasts more than a few days or gets worse, schedule an appointment to see your physical therapist.

Not all low back pain is the same, so your treatment should be tailored to for your specific symptoms and condition. Once the examination is complete, your physical therapist will evaluate the results, identify the factors that have contributed to your specific back problem, and design an individualized treatment plan for your specific back problem. Treatments may include:

  • Manual therapy, including spinal manipulation, to improve the mobility of joints and soft tissues.
  • Specific strengthening and flexibility exercises.
  • Education about how you can take better care of your back.
  • Training for proper lifting, bending, and sitting for doing chores both at work and in the home and for proper sleeping positions.
  • Assistance in creating a safe and effective physical activity program to improve your overall health.
  • Use of ice or heat treatments or electrical stimulation to help relieve pain.

Why Use An Elliptical

An elliptical trainer is a highly popular piece of equipment that is seen in most gyms. Many individuals purchase ellipticals for home workouts too. This type of trainer is especially useful for improving cardio, and stamina. An elliptical trainer helps to work out the upper and lower body and is good for burning calories, and body fat.

Cardio is an essential part of any fitness regime, and it brings with it some great health benefits. Cardo can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by over 50%. It also helps to reduce blood pressure, regulate blood sugar, and even improve sleep patterns.

Anyone suffering from lower back pain, or any type of injury will need to be careful with the exercises they do. Some gentle exercises for back pain recovery include yoga, pilates, and swimming, but high-impact workouts can worsen symptoms.

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How To Use Cbd Cream

People can apply CBD cream to their skin as any other lotion.

However, it is important to follow the instructions on the product packaging. Individuals should start by applying a small amount of the cream and gradually increase the amount they use as necessary.

If a person experiences any reactions, such as redness or inflammation, they should stop using the product immediately and contact a healthcare professional.

The Food and Drug Administration has only approved one CBD product, Epidiolex, a prescription medication for certain types of seizures.

Generally, people tolerate CBD well. However, the warns that CBD can cause some side effects, including:

There Are Many Different Reasons For Lower Back Pain But The Most Prevalent Is A Injury To The Muscle Or A Sprain

Chronic Low Back Pain : Understanding lower back structures and treatment approaches

There are several causes of lower back pain, but the most frequent is a strain or sprain to the muscle. These injuries can result from lifting something that is heavy and sudden movements or long standing or sitting in one spot. In some cases, lower back pain can be caused by arthritis, degenerative disc disease, or a herniated disc. Muscle strains and strains are the most frequent causes of lower back pain.

The signs of a muscle strain or strain include stiffness, pain, or tenderness in the lower back. In some cases you may also experience muscle spasms. If you think that you be suffering from a muscle strain sprain, its important to visit a doctor so they can determine the cause for your pain and suggest the best treatment. Treatment for a muscle strain or sprain usually includes rest, ice, and over-the-counter pain medication. In cases of extreme severity physical therapy may be recommended.

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A Lower Backache Is A Frequent Problem That Affects Millions People Each Year

In the United States, lower back pain a frequent issue that affects millions people every year. Although lower back pain can be due to a variety of reasons, like injury to muscles or ruptured discs Most often, the cause is bad posture. The modern lifestyle is sedentary. most of us are looking at phones or computers and put a lot of stress on our lower back. It is good to know that there are many lower back pain treatments that can help ease the pain and improve posture. Some of the most effective tips are wearing comfortable footwear with adequate support, sleeping on a firm mattress, and not enduring long periods of sitting or standing. If youre experiencing lower back pain, talk to your doctor regarding the best options for treating you.

Diagnosis Of Lower Back Pain

Your physiotherapist or GP will usually be able to diagnose lower back pain from your symptoms and by examining you. Theyll want to rule out whether theres any underlying problem that could be causing your pain.

Your physiotherapist or GP will ask you lots of questions about your back pain. These may include when it started, how bad it is and if theres anything that makes it better or worse. They may press against your back to see if theres any tenderness and check for any deformities. They might ask you to move around too, to see if you have problems bending or extending your back.

Usually, further tests wont help. But if your symptoms indicate an underlying problem, your GP may recommend tests including:

They may also refer you to a specialist for further investigations.

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When Should I See My Healthcare Provider About Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain usually gets better with rest and pain relievers. Back pain that doesnt go away may be a sign of a more serious condition.

See your provider if you have:

  • Pain that doesnt get better after about a week of at-home care.
  • Tingling, numbness, weakness or pain in your buttocks or legs.
  • Severe pain or muscle spasms that interfere with your normal activities.
  • Fever, weight loss, bowel or bladder problems or other unexplained symptoms.

A note from Cleveland Clinic

Millions of people live with low back pain. Stiffness, pain and limited movement can have a major impact on quality of life. But you may be able to avoid lower back pain by maintaining a healthy weight and staying active. Talk to your provider if back pain doesnt go away or if youre unable to do the activities you enjoy. Several treatments can relieve pain, help you move better and get more out of life.

Last reviewed by a Cleveland Clinic medical professional on 01/18/2021.


What Will This Summary Tell Me

Best Multi

This summary will answer these questions:

  • What is low back pain?
  • How is low back pain treated?
  • Nonmedicine treatments such as heat, exercise, and massage
  • What have researchers found about treatments for low back pain?
  • What are possible side effects of medicines to treat low back pain?
  • What should I discuss with my health care professional* about treating my low back pain?
  • * Your health care professional may include your primary care doctor, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, bone specialist , nerve specialist , a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist , physical therapist, or other therapist.


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    Injections And Other Procedures

    If you have severe sciatica, your doctor may suggest an epidural injection. Epidural injections contain a local anaesthetic and steroid to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Theyre only recommended for sciatica and not non-specific lower back pain.

    If your back pain is chronic and other treatments havent helped, your doctor may suggest a procedure called radiofrequency denervation. Its only suitable for certain types of back pain. Your doctor will refer you to a specialist to assess whether it would help you.

    Products That Contain Methyl Salicylate Can Be Deadly

    Methyl salicylate is a chemical compound similar to aspirin thats added to many deep-heating topical analgesic creams.

    The manufacturers of these products claim theyre great for muscle pain relief/sore muscles, arthritis pain relief and joint pain, back pain and more.

    Also known as oil of wintergreen, methyl salicylate can be deadly if consumed orally, especially by small children.

    It can also be toxic when applied topically to your skin.

    In 2007, a 17-year-old athlete died after using a popular pain-relieving cream, and high levels of methyl salicylate were found in her body.

    The ingredient is particularly dangerous when applied in excess or with chronic use, but its possible for your body to absorb a higher than normal amount of the chemical even when you use the product as directed.

    For instance, exercise and heat can both increase the chemicals rate of absorption .

    When used in excess, methyl salicylate may lead to convulsions and can cause brain regions that control breathing to become overstimulated, leading to hyperventilation and nervous-system problems.

    If you have any of these products around your home, be sure to keep them out of the reach of children.

    Just one teaspoon of 98% methyl salicylate contains as much salicylate as nearly 90 baby aspirins which is more than four times the toxic dose for a 22-pound child.

    Incidentally, methyl salicylate was actually first registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 1972 as a pesticide.

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    Lower Back Pain And Cancer

    Cancer involving the lumbar spine is not a common cause of back pain. However, in people who have a prior history of cancer, for example, in the breast or prostate, or who have weight loss or loss of appetite along with back pain cancer needs to be considered.

    Night pain can be a clue to cancer in the spine. A benign tumor called osteoid osteoma, which most often affects young people, causes pain that tends to respond well to aspirin. Multiple myeloma is a malignancy that occurs when the plasma cells in the bone marrow begin spreading uncontrollably. It is most common in older people, and can cause pain in many parts of the spine. When tumor or infection are suspected, blood tests may be ordered, including a CBC , sedimentation rate , and protein electrophoresis .

    Try To Boost Your Mood

    BEST treatment for lower back pain – quadratus lumborum muscle (METs)

    No, the lower back pain isnt in your head, but obsessing over it could be making it worse. Fear, anxiety, and catastrophizing can amplify pain, says Dr. Mackey. Because brain circuits that process pain overlap dramatically with circuits involved with emotions, panic can translate into actual pain. Start by accepting that you have pain, Dr. Mackey says. Then say to yourself, it will get better. If you struggle with overall mental wellbeingsay, you have anxiety or depressionin addition to your physical aches, it could be worth seeing a therapist to manage negative thought processes while exploring other lower back pain treatments.

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    Best Back Pain Patches : Top 4 Pain Relief Patches In 2022

    Pack up your things were taking you to a discovery. Discovery of the best pain patches!

    Pain can be dull, and in 2022 we say goodbye to boring things. They will make you forget how pain feels. The best back pain patches are what you need when the world crushes you down and you need to get up.

    Theyre practical, and yet you shouldnt be skeptical. We wont force you to make the right decision. What well do is tell you more about the best back pain patches, so you have to make up your mind if you havent still.

    Mission Farms Relieve Cbd Cream

    Let the power of CBD work wonders on your back pain

    A cream might not be top of your list when looking for a powerful tool to relieve your back pain.

    But this is no ordinary cream!

    Mission Farms Relieve cream is packed with 900mg of full-spectrum CBD.

    With anti-inflammatory properties, research has shown CBD to be highly effective at easing chronic back pain.

    However you need to be careful as there are a large number of rogue competitor products on the market.

    Many contain only the smallest trace of CBD, meaning you wont get the same effects.

    At Mission Farms they use the whole hemp plant meaning youll get the full range of benefits.

    Based in Oregon, they tend their hemp from seed to harvest, using no chemicals or pesticides in the process.

    Soaked in natural sunlight and fed by the waters of the local river, you can be sure youre getting the highest quality CBD product.

    Its not just great for your pain either! It also contains goats milk to rejuvenate your skin.

    Compared to other products on the list its low cost, plus it isnt likely to have any side effects and can be used wherever and whenever you need it.

    A spiky way to embrace all the benefits of acupressure therapy

    Another way to take control of your condition is by exploring the benefits of acupressure therapy.

    Unlike acupuncture that uses needles, acupressure uses the pressure of a firm finger. It works by increasing blood flow to painful muscles, encouraging the release of endorphins.

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