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What Bed Is Good For Back Pain

Can Sleep Help With Back Pain

Best Mattress For Lower Back Pain And Sciatica

Sleep has rejuvenating capabilities. It can heal your body and mind. Quality sleep for 7 to 9 hours at a stretch can prevent or reduce your back pain. Heres how sleep can help:

  • Growth hormone released during deep sleep stages repairs muscles and relieves pain
  • Sleep disruptions make your nervous system over sensitive to pain, reducing pain threshold
  • Insufficient sleep causes depression, and depression can trigger or increase back pain

Can My Mattress Cause Herniated Disc

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If you are heavier, it is best to sleep on a soft mattress if you are smaller, it is also best to sleep on a softer mattress. If you sleep in a certain position or have a different body type, the proper firmness level should be chosen.

herniation of the disc, also known as a slipped disk or ruptured disk, is a condition. If you use your back muscles instead of your leg and thigh muscles, you can lift heavy objects. If you are overweight, your disks in your lower back will become strained. When you smoke, the oxygen supply to your disk is disrupted, causing it to degenerate more rapidly. It is always a good idea to consult with a doctor if you are experiencing pain. In most cases, your doctor can tell you if you have a herniation by performing a physical exam on you. Acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and naproxen are examples of over-the-counter pain reliever that can help manage mild to moderate pain.

Herniated discs are a common problem, but you can be proactive and avoid them without hurting yourself. Walking is a great way to get your daily exercise fix without putting undue strain on your spine. Walking on a daily basis can help to maintain your spines health while also helping to alleviate symptoms.

Nectar Premier Copper Mattress

With a middle-of-the-road firmness, the Nectar Premier Copper performs very well for back sleepers who suffer from back pain.

The Nectar Premier Copper is a medium-firm, luxury foam mattress made with special cooling materials like gel, copper and phase change material. This bed performs best for back sleepers who experience back pain and need the proper lumbar support to have a restful nights sleep.

When you lie on this mattress, your back will keep its natural S curve alignment, which is optimal for preventing aches and pains. The copper makes the difference in this beds performance by not only being cooling, but also relieving pressure from the lower back and keeping stress off of your joints. Our pressure map test shows the best results for light to average weight back sleepers.

The Nectar Premier Copper comes with a 365-night sleep trial, as well as a lifetime warranty, and free shipping to the contiguous United States! If you order from Alaska or Hawaii, you will be charged an added shipping fee.

Read our full Nectar Premier Copper mattress review to learn more! Looking for more options? Check out our Guide to best mattresses for back sleepers.

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The Best Mattress For Back Pain In 2022

Our guide to the best mattress for back pain is your key to uninterrupted sleep and ache-free mornings

The best mattress for back pain is your key to waking up refreshed every morning if you struggle with constant aches in your shoulders or lumbar. Repeatedly shifting positions in an attempt to get comfortable can add even more strain to your back if you’re not sleeping on the right bed. Not to mention, you’ll be losing out on high-quality sleep at night, which will leave you feeling tired and unfocused during the day.

Among our general best mattress contenders are seven models we deem exceptional at alleviating back issues and promoting proper spinal alignment based on our extensive research and testing. Topping our list is the Saatva Classic mattress , a highly-customizable hybrid that’ll suit most people seeking relief from back pain. Plus, it comes with free delivery and in-home set-up so all you’ll have to do is sleep on it. However, our list includes a range of budgets or builds so you’re bound to find just what you’re looking for in alleviating back pain.

We personally research and test the latest mattresses to provide unbiased recommendations in this guide. We rate each mattress out of 10 and use the review data to inform rankings. Read our mattress methodology for more.

Loom & Leafs Best Features

11 Best Mattress Pad for Back Pain Reviews and Buying Guide ...
  • Given this is a thick, all-foam bed, Loom & Leaf is a nice option for heavier folks who dont like the bounce most hybrid and innerspring beds provide .
  • Loom & Leaf is also available in a Relaxed Firm and Firm model, so you can choose whichever seems to best suit your sleeping preferences. Remember that support is key here for back pain.
  • Its one of the thicker all-foam mattresses weve tested, measuring out to 12 thick. This makes it more supportive and durable than competing foam mattresses.
  • But wait, theres more! Under the center, third of the bed is a gel cooling panel made from a material used in hospital burn units. This wont make you feel cold necessarily, but it will help regulate your overall temperature

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What Makes The Helix Midnight Luxe Stand Out

  • The top memory foam layer provides good contouring, while the coils provide excellent support.
  • Many side sleepers should get good pressure relief.
  • The mattress boasts excellent cooling features.

Read our full Helix Midnight mattress reviewto learn more. If you arent interested in the Helix Midnight mattress, check out our list of the best medium firm mattresses for more great options.

Whats The Best Sleeping Position For Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain isnt as common as lower back pain, but the best way to alleviate it is by sleeping on your back on a supportive and pressure-relieving mattress, particularly for the shoulders. We also mentioned earlier that stress can create tension in the middle and upper back, so youll want to manage your stress to help relieve upper back pain.

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Can Adjustable Beds Help With Back Pain

Jill Zwarensteyn Disclaimer – Nothing on this website is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment…Read More Here

For people with experience back pain, the right bed can make all the difference. Back pain affects every part of your life, from trying to get through your day to the way you sleep at night. If youre experiencing back pain, how you sleep at night plays a huge role in your pain levels the following day.

Switching to an adjustable bed may be the solution that youre seeking. Below, well break down exactly how an adjustable bed can add to your comfort and help with your discomfort. We’ll also look at the most important things to know before you buy.

Why Your Bed Frame Could Be Causing Your Back Pain

Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain and Sciatica – Our Top 6 Picks!

If youre waking up with achy joints or a sore back, your bed frame could be to blame. Though metal bed frames are generally more affordable than their wooden counterparts, they may not provide the best support for your body overnight. If youre struggling with back pain, you may want to consider switching to a bed frame that better suits your needs.

The iron bed frame is one of the most popular pieces of furniture in modern homes. Bed frames provide a strong foundation for your mattress while you sleep, making it more relaxing. In the night, an iron bed frame can cause back pain and squeak, which interferes with sleep. Furthermore, they may contribute to electrical pollution, which can have serious health consequences. Because they may pose the greatest health risk, it is recommended that you use iron bed frames. Energy pollution, also known as electromagnetic fields, is caused by invisible forces interacting with electrical and magnetic fields. EMF poisonings can be harmful to you during sleep.

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Disadvantages Of Sleeping On The Floor

Before hitting the floor, lets examine how it may also cause harm.


Allergies occur when your immune system overreacts to foreign substances called allergens. You may find common allergens on the floors of your home, like:

  • cockroaches and other insects

Floor sleeping might lead to increased contact with these allergens versus sleeping on an elevated bed. As a result, you may experience skin irritation and trouble breathing.

Pain and stiffness

Sleeping on the floor offers little to no support to your spine and joints. The conflicting opinion among some experts say resting on a hard surface worsens back pain and leads to other problems.

For example, a pressure ulcer is a skin injury from constant pressure. Sleeping on a hard floor may lead to skin breakdown, pain, and infection, where parts of the skin meet the hard surface. A supportive mattress can help prevent this from occurring.

Floor sleeping may prevent you from properly aligning the spine, especially if you sleep on your side. You may require pillows to help correctly position your legs, hips, and head to maintain proper alignment and avoid injury.

Too Cold

Its best to sleep in a cooler room as long as you dont become too cold. Like too much heat, a low body temperature may disrupt your sleep. So, the discomfort of feeling too cold might make falling asleep more challenging.

Try sleeping on a blanket or mat to prevent losing too much heat. Also, a heated floor might help.

Not Ideal for Older Adults

Latex Mattresses & Adjustable Bed Bases

Latex beds are quite similar to gel infused memory foam in terms of feel, although it is a bit more bouncy. However, its more durable and can be a more eco-friendly alternative, if you choose natural latex. If you do end up choosing latex it will be much more sturdy and long-lasting than synthetic. Latex is also great for pressure relief. The latex itself is cooler than a memory foam bed and offers the same, and sometimes better pressure relief.

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What Sleeping Position Is Best For Back Pain

The best sleeping positions for back pain are on your back with a pillow underneath the knees to alleviate pressure or on your side with a pillow in between the knees. If you sleep on your stomach and can’t make the switch, sleep with a pillow underneath the lumbar region .

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.

Spinal Solution 14 Firm Double

The Best Mattresses for Back Pain to Help You Sleep Easy
  • Might be too firm for the comfort of some sleepers, even those with back pain
  • Added thickness could make it hard to get up onto the bed
  • Some owners have concerns about the durability of the mattress

Right away in the name of this product, you can clearly see that it is aimed at helping with back pain. The Spinal Solution 14 Firm Double-Sided Mattress is the thickest option on our list, and it is available in every common mattress size. While it does come at a somewhat higher cost than some of the alternatives, it is not as expensive as some of the luxury products in this category.

Unlike every other mattress weve highlighted, this is an innerspring model that does not utilize memory foam in its construction. Rather, there are innerspring verticoils to provide support to the sleeper, which may be able to offer the kind of firm sleeping surface that those with back pain need. Also, since it is not a memory foam product, it does not have to be unpacked for a couple of days to expand before it is used.

Owners of this mattress will appreciate the double-sided design which allows for the mattress to be flipped when a fresh sleeping surface is needed. This can allow you to get more useful life out of the mattress, leading to a better overall value for the purchase.

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Why The Winkbed Suits Hot Sleepers

The WinkBeds thickest layer consists of extra-tall coils, which means the bulk of the mattress is going to have plenty of space for airflow. Above that, a thinner layer of memory foam has been infused with gel to help dissipate heat. Also, the mattress is shrouded in a cover made of Tencel, a material derived from naturally cooling eucalyptus.

In other words, almost every layer of the WinkBed has some kind of cooling feature built into it.

Sleep Trial And Warranty

Buying a mattress separately from the frame online can be scary, especially one for an adjustable bed frame. When you go with a company that gives an aggressive sleep trial and at least a 5 year warranty, you can literally rest easy knowing your comfort is protected. Not all lower quality mattresses will offer a sleep trial, or the sleep trial may be voided by simply removing the mattress tag. Most mattresses that come with a good warranty should give you peace of mind.

When shopping for a mattress, look for at least a 5 year warranty, but also be aware that a 10 year warranty is the industry standard. Anyone willing to have a 10 year warranty stands behind their products. Those who don’t offer a warranty, or have a short warranty should be approached with caution, because they probably aren’t using premium materials.

When it comes to industry standard for the amount of night sleep trial you should be looking for, most give a 365 night sleep trial of less. Anything under a 20 night sleep trial should make you wary. Some lower quality mattresses don’t want to give a long night sleep trial because they know their mattresses don’t hold up as well over time.

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Can Your Mattress Cause Back Pain

If youve started waking up with back pain and you didnt have pain before, your mattress could be the culprit. If youve recently purchased a new bed, it could be a bit too soft for your needs, which can cause back pain, especially if its throwing your spine out of alignment. If this is the case, Id recommend sleeping on your new bed for 30 days to see if your body adjusts. If it doesnt, youll need to return your mattress or purchase a topper to help.

Mattress sagging can also be a significant cause of back pain. If your mattress is 710 years old and sagging in certain places, it could be negatively affecting your sleep health. Plus, you could be unconsciously contorting your body to compensate for the sagging. If you notice your mattress is sagging, its time to replace it, or add a topper until youre ready to find a new bed.

A Word From The Mattress Nerds

5 Best Mattresses For Back Pain (UPDATED!)

We test a lot of affordable mattresses in the lab and are always impressed when they perform as well as or better than some of the expensive products that come through our doors. The Nolah mattress is one such mattress, as at its relatively low price it still did a good job of keeping our spines aligned and our pressure points supported.

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How We Chose The Best Mattresses For Back Pain

We researched tediously, compared features, combed through reviews and enlisted expert advice to compile this list of the best mattresses for back pain. Further, Forbes staffers personally own several of beds on this list. We also have a broad base of mattress knowledge from writingand continuing to improveour base of sleep, which includes over 15 mattress-specific round-ups.

To make the cut, each mattress had to be from a reputable brand and offer a generous sleep trial period. This list is regularly updated to reflect current information and pricing, including sale pricing it was last updated in October 2022.

What Is The Best Type Of Mattress For Back Pain

When it comes to back pain, mattress type is less important than mattress firmness. Likewise, the number of foam layers or support coils wont matter as much as how the mattress feels. And if you have back pain, studies show that a mattress that feels medium-firm is the best type of mattress for you. According to one expert we spoke with, thats because a bed labeled medium-firm is likely to support your spines natural curves whether youre a side-sleeper, a back-sleeper, or a stomach-sleeper. Whether youre trying a mattress in a store or testing one you purchased online, ask yourself these questions to get a better idea of how comfortable it really is.

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What Does The Layla Mattress Feel Like

The Layla mattress features soft memory foam so, overall, it has that slow-moving memory foam feel that lets us sink into the mattress. The feel will differ depending on what side someone is sleeping on. The soft side will let people sink in very far, but the firm side will make it feel like they are sleeping on top of the Layla mattress.

Overall Best Mattress For Back Pain

Is orthopedic mattress good for back pain? Best Mattress UK

The exact Tempur-Pedic mattress I recommend is the Pro Adapt advanced pressure relief model with a medium hybrid feel. To see the mattress with those exact specifications, .

The Pro Adapt selection is Tempur-Pedics most popular choice and for good reason. Each proprietary layer of memory foam built into the mattress has a cellular structure with specific a purpose. When you combine the different types of foam it gives you a perfect balance between support and pressure relief.

The Pro Adapt starts with a Comfort memory foam layer that is designed to give you the sleeping on a cloud feel. Its responsiveness adapts to your weight, your body shape, and whichever temperature you sleep at night. This is what helps alleviate pressure points in any position and will keep you from tossing and turning throughout the night.

Deeper into the mattress is the Support Layer. This is a firmer memory foam layer that keeps the mattress from bowing or sinking in. Its job is to push up into you to allow your muscles and joints to relax and be supported throughout the entire night. This layer is perhaps the most important for those who are looking for a mattress for back pain, because most nighttime back pain sufferers are lacking a supportive mattress.

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