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Which Mattress Is Best For Hip And Back Pain

Comparison Chart For Best Mattress For Lower Back And Hip Pain

Best Mattress for Hip Pain – Which Type of Bed is Best?

We’ve looked through 60517 reviews and put forward the best Mattress For Lower Back And Hip Pain from these reviews for your consideration.

Vriksasana Sacroiliac Hip Belt for Women and Men That Alleviates Sciatic 9.6
2 ProsourceFit Ki Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set with 100% Natural Linen for Back/Neck Pain Relief and Muscle Relaxation 9.6
ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow for Sciatica Relief 9.4
4 Cooling Gel Lumbar Pillow for Sleeping Memory Foam Thickest 3 Lower Back Pain Relief Support Cushion in Bed Waist Support Cushion Pregnant Woman Hip Knee Spine Alignment Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief 9.2
ComfiLife Lumbar Support Pillow for Sleeping Memory Foam Pillow for Back Pain Relief Side 9
Cooling Mattress Topper King for Back Pain 9
Cozy Hut Soft Memory Foam Sleeping Pillow for Lower Back Pain 8.2
Adjustable Lumbar Support Pillow for Sleeping Memory Foam Back Support Pillow for Lower Back Pain Relief 8.2
10 Better Back Yoga – Gentle Yoga To Prevent and Alleviate Chronic Back Pain – 2 Part System To Help You Feel Better 8.2

Whats In This Buying Guide

This buying guide will help you choose the best mattress topper to relieve you or your partners back pain.

We begin by recommending 16 top picks, one for each major common need and type of product.

Then we review each of our top picks and discuss the options and features to consider when choosing the right pad or topper for your bed.

Finally, we answer common questions you may have about using a mattress topper or pad to relieve back pain.

Each product on this page is proven and highly rated. In some cases, weve tested the product in our home.

This comprehensive buying guide took us a long time to produce and should take about 10 minutes to get through.

You can skip the most crucial section if you have a short time.

So let’s get started!

  • Slight smell when new.

Why Does It Matter

When the body experiences trauma, like a car accident, a fall from a ladder, or slipping on the ice, the body has to find a way to accommodate the damage, heal it, and keep us walking upright. These changes can create misalignments that sometimes last for years and cause pain.

If youre wondering what this has to do with sleep, the answer is two-fold. One, sleeping wrong can be enough trauma to cause these issues, and two, sleeping right is a big part of healing these issues. So while those with chronic back pain might think they have a rocky relationship with sleep, the real issue might be the habits or the mattress.

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Best Overall: Saatva Classic Mattress

  • Made with recycled steel coils

  • Two height options

  • Prone to sagging

  • May be too firm for some

Saatvas Classic Mattress offers pressure point relief no matter your go-to sleeping position. Designed to add benefits to those recovering from surgery or experiencing back or joint pain, its individually-wrapped coil construction contours to your bodys unique movements while the memory foam keeps your spine in check. And if youre prone to overheating, its dual-coil system promotes enhanced airflow while the organic pillow top promises breathability.

Depending on your body type and if you prefer a hugging or floating feel, choose from the comfort levels plush soft, luxury firm, or firm. For added weightless comfort, you can also purchase the Lineal Adjustable Base, which offers underbed illumination and head and foot support, to complement the mattress.

If this hybrid pick doesnt meet your needs or expectations, it can be returned within 180 nights of the home trial, at a pickup cost.

Firmness: Available in plush, luxury firm, and firm | Thickness: 11.5 inches | Type: Hybrid | Trial Length: 180 nights

Mattress Features Important To Back Pain Sufferers

18 Best Mattress Toppers for Back Pain and Hip Pain First ...

Pressure relief: The bodys main pressure points are the hips and shoulders, where pressure can build when side sleeping or dealing with joint pain. Mattresses will use foam and pocketed coils that react to varying levels of pressure and transfer it to full-body weight distribution, thus taking the pressure off these areas.

Spine alignment: People who suffer from lower back pain or chronic back pain will want to look for a bed that keeps the spine aligned while they sleep.

Durability: A mattresss foundation is just as important as the support layers built atop it. Look for high durability testing scores that will help indicate the longevity of the mattress. The majority of online mattresses are manufactured to last the test of time.

Motion transfer: Mattresses with motion isolation keep you from being shaken awake when your bed partner moves around. This is also a good quality for people who share their bed with pets.

Temperature regulation: People who tend to sleep hot will appreciate mattresses made with cooling elements, such as memory foam infused with cooling gel or latex which naturally promotes airflow.

Responsiveness: If you move around often, switching back and forth from your side to your back, finding a mattress that springs back into shape will be important. Responsiveness denotes how reactive materials are, parlaying support at all times.

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Best Mattress For Back Sleepers Dreamcloud Original

Back sleepers require plenty of support to keep their spines aligned while also getting requisite relief from pressure to avoid pain in their lower back. They could find a great combination in the DreamCloud, a hybrid mattress made up of the combination with memory foam and poly foam with pocketed coils.

The materials used make the DreamCloud just a little more firm than medium-firm. Back sleepers will feel as if theyre on top bed. In addition theyll feel a touch of comfort from the memory foam.

In addition, the memory foam comes with cooling gel in the form of an infusion that prevents it from absorbing heat like traditional memory foam does. And the beds coils make space for a lot of airflow.

If you decide to choosing the DreamCloud be aware that its a very heavy bed, so it may be a good idea to assist you in getting it in your home when it arrives.

Are you sold on youre interested in the DreamCloud Mattress? Click here to get our best price.

Best For Couples: Ghostbed Flex

Avoiding hip pain by way of a supportive mattress will help improve your sleep, but what about if you sleep with a partner? To make sure you both are steering clear of unnecessary aches and pains, check out the GhostBed Flex. This is a durable mattress for two, with three layers of pressure-relieving foam that sit atop a layer of responsive coils. Altogether, this hybrid responded well to testers moving between sleep positions as well as absorbing this feeling of movement as it was happening .

  • Mattress Type: Hybrid

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What Causes Low Back Pain And Can A Mattress Topper Really Help

Low back pain can come from a number of different things, ranging from issues with posture and keeping good spine alignment, to the surface you’re sleeping on and your weight.

On of the biggest factors of low back pain is the lack of pressure relief on your spine. If you have bad posture, or hurt your back, there’s excess pressure being put your spine. This is only worsened if you struggle with weight issues on top of everything else. Finding a product that can make a difference can be difficult, and not every product can actually help.

Different people have different needs, and a product that might relieve back pain for one personal, may worsen it for someone else. Make sure you go with the product or products that re the best option for you. Consider the materials that you like, the high quality and durability of them, your body shape, and all of the pros and cons of the product you choose to provide some relief.

How Can Your Mattress Affect Back Pain

Is This The BEST Mattress for Back, Hip, & Shoulder Pain? It Just Might Be.

The lower back has more curvature and range of motion than the rest of your back, which makes it more susceptible to injury from incorrect alignment. If a mattress offers insufficient support, your lower back may twist or bend in an unnatural way. If the bed is too soft or dips in the middle, your hips may sink deeply into the mattress and out of alignment with your lumbar area. Conversely, if the mattress is too firm, your hips may sit too high. Respected medical journal The Lancet has published a study finding that moderately firm or medium mattresses provide the best support with contouring for your impact points, and help relieve and prevent lower back pain.

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Another Organic Option Thats Ideal For Back Sleepers


Cyber Monday mattress sale: Enter the promo code SAVEBIG to score $125 off Avocados hybrid and latex mattresses or code BFBLISS to save $3o0 on the brands Organic Luxury Plush Mattress. You can also get $200 off wood bed frames.

  • Materials: GOLS-organic latex, pocketed support coils
  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • Trial period: One year

Many of todays mattresses are made from memory foam, which typically contains synthetic chemicals. If youre looking for something a bit more eco-friendly, consider the Avocado Green Mattress. Its constructed of organic ingredients, including a layer of organic latex sitting on top of more than 1,000 pocketed support coils. The mattress has a gentle-yet-firm feel and five distinct ergonomic zones that adapt to your pressure points and provide relief where you need it. The thoughtful construction also helps reduce motion transfer and distributes weight more evenly so the mattress can contour to your bodys natural shape. Its best for back and stomach sleepers.

Which Mattresses Are Best For Hip Pain Sufferers

Alike to the back, you want to make sure that your hip is not misaligned when you are sleeping. This can happen if you have a sagging or unsupportive bed. If you are a side sleeper, something with zoned support may be best. Level Sleep is an all-foam mattress with a softer area in the hips and shoulders with greater support for the spine. This works with your body to alleviate pressure. Lastly, Bear Mattress is designed for athletes that have to recover everyday — but helps even the non-athletes feel refreshed. If your pain is from a sports injury or you sleep hot, this may be the perfect option!

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How Can I Dispose Of My Mattress

People can dispose of their mattress by recycling it, donating it, or leaving it at a landfill site.

A person may be able to recycle most of their mattress. Materials such as springs, foam, and polyester filling are all recyclable. However, people will have to take apart the mattress and separate the materials.

If a mattress is still useable, some companies or charities may accept it to donate to others. Although some places may accept mattresses in a range of conditions, most will not accept mattresses that are not useable.

If a person cannot recycle or donate their mattress, they must dispose of it at a landfill site.

Build Up Your Core Muscular Tissues

The 10 Best Mattresses for Back Pain 2021

You may think, what does that relate to my back? Its an interactive building system. Your core is constructed from up a number of muscle mass groups in the abdominal area, sides as well as back. Entirely, they support your pose as well as back.

If you dont consistently do core workouts, we advise contending least one training session with an instructor or physical specialist so you learn simple methods to begin that wont complicate your back hurting. Begin gently, as well as slowly develop to a longer time or even more representatives, depending upon the workout.

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Which Type Of Mattress Is Best For Back Pain

A key step in choosing a mattress is deciding which mattress type is most likely to work for you. Virtually all mattresses on the market today can be broken into five types based on their construction and materials.

Within each category, you can find consistent features however, there can be notable variation from one brand or model to the next. Some types allow for a greater diversity of designs, which leads to a wider variation in the expected feel and performance of any specific mattress.

Thickness For Back Pain Sufferers

Thickness is something to look for in latex mattress toppers and foam ones for back pain. Generally, mattress topper product will range from 2 inches to 4 inches thick. If you tend to have worse levels of back pain, youll want something thats 4 in thick and has more support to it to relieve pressure points. If your back pain isnt as severe, youll likely be okay with something thats a little thinner since you don’t have as much of a need to relieve pressure points.

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Lumbar Pillow For Sleeping

  • UNIQUE HONEYCOMB VENT DESIGN: Memory foam is hollow perforated, air circulation is accelerated, and it is more refreshing, breathable and comfortable.
  • RELIEVE BACK PAIN: Our memory foam lumbar pillow for sleeping are ergonomically designed, fit perfectly on your waist, effectively relieve waist pain and help improve sleeping posture.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL APPLICATION: Sleep pillows can also be used on knees, legs, feet, as knee support pillows, leg support pillows, and foot support pillows.
  • SOFT AND BREATHABLE COVER: 100% premium memory foam inner core, always keep its shape, make it consistent with the waist curve of the body.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT FOR VALENTINES DAY: The best gift for family and friends.

Which Amerisleep Mattress Reduces Hip Pain

Best Mattress For Hip Pain (UPDATED LIST)

We suggest our AS2 or AS3 for hip pain sufferers. Our AS2 mattress is medium-firm and better-suited for back or stomach sleepers with pain. The AS2 contains three inches of Affinity foam with HIVE® technology for better hip support and improved comfort.

Our AS3 is our medium mattress compatible with side, back, and combination sleepers. The AS3 offers a good balance of comfort and support and is recommended for those with hip pain seeking a medium mattress. The AS3 has 2 inches of Affinity foam with HIVE® for cushioning comfort and healthy support.

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What Kind Of Mattress Is Best For Back Pain And Hip Pain

For the ultimate comfort pairing, use your mattress topper with the best mattress for back pain. This double-duty combo will be the most effective way to combat lower back pain while you rest . A mattress made with memory foam is a good bet, since it conforms to your body to relieve pressure points and reduce aches and pains.

Some of the best mattresses for back pain include:

Best Budget: Linenspa 8

  • Free returns within 30 days

  • Compatible with any base

  • Doesn’t require a box spring

  • Takes up to 48 hours to expand

  • May not be as breathable as some need

You don’t have to put up with your back pain just because you don’t have a huge budget for a new mattress. This eight-inch mattress is described as medium firm and combines memory foam with the traditional support of an innerspring mattress. The innersprings are topped with a 1.5-inch layer of memory foam to cradle your body as you sleep and minimize pressure points.

The Linenspa mattress comes compressed in a box for convenient delivery as well, but as is true of all boxed mattresses, it perks up to its intended size and firmness level once it’s unpacked.

Firmness: Medium-firm | Thickness: 8 inches | Type: Hybrid | Trial Length: None offered

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Our Top Picks For The Best Mattress Toppers For Back Pain And Hip Pain:

  • Most popular mattress topper for back pain and hip pain : TEMPUR-Topper Supreme
  • Best latex mattress topper for back pain and hip pain : PlushBeds Talalay Latex Topper
  • Best down mattress topper for back pain and hip pain : Parachute Down Mattress Topper
  • Best memory foam mattress topper for back pain and hip pain : PlushBeds Luxury
  • Best wool mattress topper for back pain and hip pain : PlushBeds Natural Wool Topper
  • Best affordable mattress topper for back pain and hip pain : SUFUEE Plush Mattress Topper
  • Best luxury mattress topper for back pain and hip pain : Airweave Top Mattress
  • Best hypoallergenic mattress topper for back pain and hip pain : Parachute Wool Mattress Topper
  • Best gel memory foam mattress topper for back pain and hip pain : LUCID Ventilated Gel Memory Foam
  • Best high-tech mattress topper for back pain and hip pain : Molecule Airtec Mattress Topper
  • Which Type Of Mattress Is Best For Hip Pain

    5 Best Mattress Toppers for Hip Pain in 2020

    The type of support that you get from a mattress is determined largely by the type of mattress that you use. Five types of mattresses are on the market, and each has pros and cons. The following sections introduce these mattress types, but its important to note that performance isnt uniform within each category. While there are consistent features, the performance of any given mattress will depend on the specifics of its construction, which can vary even within a mattress type.

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