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Can Urgent Care Treat Back Pain

How Is Back Pain Diagnosed

Burning Sciatica and Back Pain HELPED! |EP1| Dr. Rahim Chiropractic

The WiseCare Urgent Care team offers state-of-the-art diagnostic testing on-site to quickly understand the source of your back or neck pain. Dr. Weisman takes the time to review your personal and family medical history and physically examines your back, checking for areas of inflammation and evaluating your range of motion.

Once Dr. Weisman understands the root cause of your back and neck pain, he creates a treatment plan that focuses on easing your pain quickly and preventing it from disrupting your life.

Can I Go To Urgent Care For A Uti

Urinary tract infections can happen to any woman, pregnant or not. And they are not fun. However, during pregnancy, women are more prone to UTIsdue to the expansion of the bladder and urethra, as well as the concentration of urine. All of these things can encourage bacterial growth and lead to an infection.

Untreated, a urinary tract infection can cause serious health problems for both mom and baby. You should go to urgent care if you experience any of the following symptoms of a UTI, as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control :

  • Pain or burning while urinating
  • Frequent urination
  • Pressure or cramping in the groin or lower abdomen

Acute Low Back Pain: First Dont Panic

When acute and extreme low back pain strikes, your first reaction may be one of worry. The pain can be so severe that it may limit your ability to lie down or sit comfortably. Standing upright and walking may be difficult, and going to work may be impossible.

Remember that most low back pain and sciatica gets better quite quickly, and many cases resolve completely in a few short weeks. Sometimes, your low back pain may go away with no treatment whatsoever.

Rest assured that while your current pain is intense and your functional mobility is limited, you can be up and about in a few short days with the right treatment and advice.

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When Should I Go To The Er For Sciatica Pain

When someone suffers from a pinched sciatic nerve, it can be tormenting. Sciatica sufferers often deal with back pain or leg pain, and sometimes even weakness, tingling, and numbness join in. It frequently starts as achiness in the lower back, then the pain spreads towards the buttocks, and down through the back of the leg. The streak of pain usually affects only one leg.

Sciatica is not a medical diagnosis but rather a symptom of an underlying medical problem. Here are some possible causes or conditions that stem sciatica from happening:

  • Neck or head injury
  • Lumbar disc treat or herniation
  • Degenerative disc disease

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Change The Way You Sleep

can urgent care help with back pain

Your sleeping position can put a lot of pressure on your spine, which leads to unwanted back pain. If you are a back sleeper, try sleeping with a pillow under your knees to relieve the pressure on your back as your sleep. The best sleeping position for lower back pain, however, is the fetal position. Sleeping on your side with your knees drawn up close to your chest and placing a pillow or two between your legs can help reduce stress on your lower back. Sleeping on a too soft mattress can also cause lower back pain. A firmer mattress is best.

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What You Can Do In The Meantime Before Going To Urgent Care

It is important to know that the first thing you should do is avoid sitting or standing for too long. A few other things you can try are taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatories for the pain and using ice packs or heat on the sore area if needed. These remedies will help with any inflammation in your muscles or joints which could be causing your discomfort. Of course one of the best ways to combat back pack is to prevent injuries from occurring in the first place. Continually stay proactive about your health. Get routine physicals, stay active and eat healthy. Be sure to check out our recent blog post: Top 3 ways be proactive about your health and wellness.

If you have any questions about back pain or symptoms, feel free to reach out to our Phoenix Urgent Care Team! Call 480.660.6052

When To Contact An Urgent Care Doctor

Visit an urgent care doctor or contact your primary care doctor if back pain is not better after 3-4 days of self-treatment, if you have severe or recurrent back pain, new unexplained symptoms, or treatment side effects. If you are still having pain after 4 week, you may want to discuss other treatment options with your doctor. These may include electrical nerve stimulation, acupuncture, or chiropractic. Surgery is very seldom the best treatment choice but there are some cases in which it is recommended.

Seek immediate medical assistance if you are numb in the groin, are running a fever, have difficulty going to the bathroom, or lose bowel or bladder control.

We can help. We have five convenient MedHelp locations in the Birmingham area. No appointment needed for most visits.

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When To Call The Professionals At Fastmed

If self-care measures taken over a period of a week do not alleviate your symptoms or if your pain increases in severity, its time to visit a healthcare professional.

At FastMed, we work hard to get you in and out of our clinic as quickly as possible. Each of our clinics are equipped with on-site labs and X-ray machines, saving you time and energy if more advanced diagnostics are required.

While we strive for speed and convenience, we also provide each of our patients with quality care. Visit our website today to find the FastMed nearest you. Dont suffer from sciatic nerve pain any longer!

Evaluation Of Knee Pain: An Urgent Care Approach

How to Relieve Lower Back Pain IN SECONDS

Urgent message: Knee pain is a diagnostic challenge for urgent care providers, but a strong understanding of the anatomy and potential etiologies will prepare them for success.

CHRISTOPHER TANGEN, DO Approximately 10% of all urgent care visits are for musculoskeletal complaints and knee pain is a common such presentation. An urgent care providers approach is different than that of specialists because patients present with more acute cases, and therefore, the physician needs to consider a vast differential and rule out limb threatening conditions. These encounters often yield suboptimal exams, and referral to sports medicine or orthopedic surgery. This article serves as a template for urgent care providers on how to evaluate knee pain.

Introduction The knee is the largest hinge joint in the body and houses the largest articular cartilage surface area, as well as four stabilizing ligaments and many muscles and neurovascular structures. Knee pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal complaints, especially in the younger, athletic population because of overuse syndromes, high energy injuries, and relatively weak growth plates. Seniors often experience knee pain associated with chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis. This article represents a protocol that urgent care providers should follow for all encounters in which a patient presents with knee pain.

  • Reider The orthopaedic physical exam- 2nd edition. 2005. p. 201-246
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    An Urgent Care Approach To Low Back Pain

    Urgent message: To better evaluate and treat patients with low back pain, urgent care providers need a good understanding of the anatomy of the back and they must be vigilant for red flags that signal a potentially serious condition.


    Introduction Acute low back pain is a common condition often seen by urgent care providers. An episode of acute low back pain is usually of short duration and many patients will recover without any therapeutic intervention. The challenge for a provider is to manage low back pain effectively while limiting diagnostic evaluations and providing adequate conservative treatment. At the same time the provider needs to be vigilant about red flags associated with low back pain that may require further work up and referral to a spine specialist. This article is a comprehensive review of evaluation and treatment of low back pain and red flags associated with it. It should be noted that red flags may not necessarily indicate serious pathology, but providers should rely on a comprehensive clinical approach to evaluation of the condition.

    How Urgent Care Providers Can Help

    Urgent care providers are a step below going to the emergency room. They often provide cheaper care for routine matters such as lower back pain. Choose an urgent care provider with good reviews, as they can vary a lot in their service.

    The belief that they are inferior and designed primarily for people without insurance is no longer accurate, but still, many are not accredited. There are excellent ones as well as those that want you out the door as quickly as possible.

    If there is no urgent care provider available, it is OK to go to the emergency room. However, note that your insurance might not cover the cost if they decide it wasn’t enough of an emergency.

    An urgent care provider may refer you to a specialist or tell you to make an appointment with your doctor when they are available. Typically, they only provide “first line” care. However, a good urgent care provider can give you a preliminary diagnosis of what is going on.

    For many cases of lower back pain, all you need is a quick check-up and possibly a prescription for a stronger painkiller.

    To treat your low back pain, an urgent care provider will:

    Review your medical history

    ERs and urgent care providers don’t have access to your regular file, so be prepared to give them information that may seem unrelated. They may ask about your stress levels or general wellbeing, but this does not mean they think it is “just anxiety.” They ask because tension and stress can lead to muscle tightness, which can cause back pain.

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    Er Average Wait Times

    ER wait times are approximate and provided for informational purposes only. If you are having a medical emergency, call 9-1-1.

    The ER wait time represents the time it takes to see a qualified medical professional, defined as a Doctor of Medicine , Doctor of Osteopathy , Physician Assistant or Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner .

    ER wait times represent a four-hour rolling average updated every 30 minutes, and is defined as the time of patient arrival until the time the patient is greeted by a qualified medical professional. Patients are triaged at arrival and are then seen by a qualified medical professional in priority order based on their presenting complaint and reason for visit.

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    Waiting For A Doctors Appointment Later In The Week

    Can Urgent Care Help With Back Pain? Symptoms and Solutions

    If back pain is tolerable and does not cause alarming symptoms or signs, it may be safe to wait for a doctors appointment later in the week or by the following week. It is important not to ignore a back problem evaluating and treating back pain at the earliest can help prevent the problem from becoming chronic. Chronic back conditions can be more challenging to treat.

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    About Physicians Premier Er

    You cant prepare for an emergency, but what you can do is trust your health in the hands of the skilled staff at Physicians Premier ER. Located in Corpus Christi, we offer patients of all ages an elevated emergency room experience thats worlds away from the lackluster attention you would receive at a traditional emergency room. As a freestanding ER, youll be amazed by the quality of our team and our technology, as well as our calm, comfortable environment. Let us handle your needs. You have enough to worry about!

    How Do You Treat Front Knee Pain

    To help relieve your pain and speed recovery, you can: Rest your knee. Ice your knee to ease pain and swelling. Wrap your knee. Elevate your leg on a pillow when you sit or lie down. Take NSAIDs, if needed, like ibuprofen or naproxen. Do stretching and strengthening exercises, especially for your quadriceps muscles.

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    Pain Accompanied By Flu

    Body aches are common with the flu. Often, those aches include neck pain. A doctor can prescribe medications to reduce the severity of flu symptoms and shorten the length of time the illness lasts. People with neck pain and mild to moderate flu symptoms should visit the doctor. If neck pain is accompanied by a fever, vomiting, headaches, and sensitivity to bright lights, then you should seek a doctor immediately. These are potential signs of meningitis, but only a doctor can make an official diagnosis.

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    What Causes Back Pain

    Fixing Back Pain From Disc Bulge (Real Patient Story)

    Your spine is lined with dozens of ligaments, tendons, muscles, and bones plus cushioning discs between each vertebra. Theres a lot of room for injury, and pain may stem from a combination of issues. Some of the most common causes of back pain include:

    • Herniated discs
    • Arthritis or osteoporosis
    • Sciatica or whiplash

    Because the cause of back pain can worsen if left untreated, finding the source and getting treatment right away is important. Usually, your doctor can diagnose the cause of back pain right away by performing a physical examination, evaluating certain movements, and getting imaging .

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    > > > Back Pain & Sciatica Watch Here

    Other back pain causes include lumbago and cauda equina syndrome. Your physician will ask about your symptoms, examine your back, and conduct an examination. The diagnosis will be based on the severity of your pain, but your symptoms should subside within two months. If the pain persists, you should consult a doctor to make sure it isnt something more serious. The best treatment for back pain is to rest and avoid physical activity.

    If your back pain persists after a few weeks, you should consider a more serious diagnosis. There are many different types of back pain. Some people have a spinal disorder, which is more severe than others. Its important to get proper diagnosis and treatment for back pain. You should also make a lifestyle change that promotes your health and keeps you from experiencing pain. You can also see a physical therapist if you have a specific type of injury or if your back problems are recurring.

    In addition to exercising, you should do light physical activities. Gentle exercise can help alleviate back pain. Yoga and pilates are both excellent exercises. The best exercises for backache are those that increase muscle tone and flexibility. You can also try over-the-counter pain relievers or heat to reduce the pain. If youre experiencing severe pain, your doctor may recommend a stronger medication to ease your symptoms. If the pain persists, you should consult with a medical professional and make an appointment with a physician.

    When You Should Go To The Er

    Sometimes back pain just cant wait. For example, if you were in a major car accident, or fell from a dangerous height, you want to check for any fractures, ruptures, and dislocations. And while its rare, lower back pain can be a symptom of more serious neurological issues, infection, cancer, and other worrisome conditions.

    So get to an ER ASAP if any of these situations are true for you:

    • Have back pain associated with serious trauma
    • Have cancer or have a history of cancer
    • Have HIV/AIDs or are taking immunosuppressive drugs
    • Have trouble going to the bathroom or cant hold your urine or stool
    • Are experiencing neurological dysfunction like leg weakness or numbness
    • Lose sensation around the groin area
    • Have a fever in associated with your back pain
    • Have back pain thats worse when lying down

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    See A Back Pain Specialist Near You & Get Treatment

    Are you suffering from new or ongoing lower back pain, and are unsure what the root cause is? Come in to Portland Urgent Care for any type of lower back pain today for a full check-up and diagnosis. We also provide physical therapy if needed, and consultations for other services such as acupuncture or chiropractic work that may need to be done.

    Our staff of on-site chiropractors will be able to assess and diagnose your discomfort and help mitigate back pain. Visit us today to get started on your back pain treatment.

    What Back Pain Treatment Options Are Available To Me Can Urgent Care Help With Back Pain

    what will urgent care do for back pain

    There are many methods for treating back pain at home, but only a few of these have been proven to be effective. The most common treatment is rest and applying ice to the painful area. This treatment is very relaxing and should be used for only 10-20 minutes. It should never be applied while you sleep. Also, exercise and stretching exercises are essential for keeping muscles and supporting tissues flexible. While some of these methods may not seem like they are effective for you, they can help you overcome your back pain.

    Physical therapy is a good option for treating back pain. It will help you improve your posture and strengthen your core muscles. Massage therapy and acupuncture are other options for relieving tension and reducing joint pain. Some people also find that water therapy improves flexibility and balance, while yoga helps them heal faster from injuries. Proper nutrition and lifestyle changes are also important for treating back pain. It is very important to consult a physician if you are experiencing back pain because it will help you avoid more serious conditions later on.

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