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Can I Take Advil For Lower Back Pain

Ibuprofen For Nerve Pain

Taking DEADLY amounts of IBUPROFEN for Low Back Pain

As we already mentioned that ibuprofen is one of the most common of drugs that are used to treat various painful conditions. It would help in mild to moderate nerve pain. It belongs to the class of drugs called NSAID . Apart from pain reduction, ibuprofen also helps to reduce fever, and it has anti-inflammatory action. Ibuprofen has been included in the WHO list of essential drugs due to its effectiveness, safety profile, and low cost.

However, it must be understood that ibuprofen is not a specific drug for nerve pain, and it is not intended for long-term use. With long-term use, there may be many side effects of these drugs.

Ibuprofen works by inhibiting the production of so-called prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are substances produced by our body in response to injury, and they cause pain and swelling . Prostaglandins are also responsible for causing fever.

Painkiller effect of ibuprofen starts within hours however, its anti-inflammatory effects takes few days to reach the peak . Although ibuprofen is a safe and effective drug, it is not free from side effects.

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Whats New: A Second Pain Reliever Adds Nothingexcept Adverse Effects

This RCT found that adding cyclobenzaprine or oxycodone/acetaminophen to naproxen for the treatment of nontraumatic, nonradicular acute LBP did not significantly improve functional assessment based on RMDQ scores or pain measures at 7 days or 3 months after the initial ED visit. It did, however, increase adverse effects.

Something Better Than Medication For Lower Back Pain

If you are one of the millions suffering from back pain, dont feel that the only way to get relief is from a bottle. Not only do these medications cause potentially harmful side effects, but they also do not address an underlying cause that is frequently overlooked by the medical community as a whole. What is this common cause of back pain?

Believe it or not, back pain often begins in the neck. When the atlas becomes misaligned, the rest of the spine shifts to compensate. Since the pain will often occur where the biggest adjustments take place, the lower or mid back may be where the pain occurs despite the initial problem being in the neck.

These shifts can also lead to a chronic pain condition known as sciatica. What is sciatica and how is it caused?

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What Form Does This Medication Come In

Each white and purple, caplet-shaped, bilayer, film-coated tablet, debossed with “rph” on the white side and plain on the purple side, contains 500 mg of methocarbamol and 200 mg of ibuprofen. Nonmedicinal ingredients: pregelatinized starch, maize starch, sodium starch glycolate, microcrystalline cellulose, povidone, sodium lauryl sulphate, FD& C Blue No. 2, ferric oxide , stearic acid, magnesium stearate, colloidal silicon dioxide, and aquarius BP 19008 .

When It Might Be Time For Back Surgery

Advil Liqui

For example, we might consider surgery if a patient has one of the symptoms we mentioned above that warrant an immediate visit to the doctor: numbness in an arm or leg, trouble with bowel or bladder control, or weakness in an arm or leg. These could be signs of a neurological condition. Other symptoms of a neurological condition include trouble using the hands or frequent falls in addition to back pain.Mechanical issues, or problems with the physical structure of the spine, also are conditions we can correct with surgery. Mechanical issues often show up in one of these ways:

  • Back pain thats worse when moving, sitting, or standing a certain way, as opposed to constant pain
  • Deformity or other structural issues with the back
  • Pain thats significantly worse when standing or sitting upright and supporting body weight

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Lower Back Pain Treatment Options

, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke . Discomfort in the lower back can be chronic or ongoing. It can also be a sudden and brief condition known as acute pain.

Causes of lower back pain include:

Treatment options for lower back pain range widely according to the cause of the condition. Read on to learn more.

A Move Away From Oral Painkillers

People with back pain are usually told by their health care practitioners to take analgesic medications to relieve their pain.

Out of date Australian guidelines for managing back pain recommend paracetamol as first choice analgesic, NSAIDs as second, and oral opioids as the third line medicines. Paracetamol is still the most purchased over-the-counter painkiller in Australia, but weve shown it to be ineffective for back pain.

The UK 2017 National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidelines now no longer recommend paracetamol as a stand-alone intervention for back pain. In the UK, NSAIDs are recommended as the analgesic of first choice for back pain, and opioids as second.

However in research published last week, we show NSAIDs like ibuprofen and diclofenac offer only marginal relief from back pain compared to a placebo . Only one in six patients treated with NSAIDs achieved any significant reduction in pain.

We also found people taking NSAIDs are more than twice as likely to experience vomiting, nausea, stomach ulcers or bleeding compared to those taking placebo.

The study raises the question of whether the benefits of NSAIDs outweigh the risk of side effects offered by these drugs.

These results were obtained by reviewing 35 studies of 6,065 people with various types of spinal pain, including lower back pain, neck pain and sciatica .

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How Should I Lay With Sciatica

Lie flat on your backkeep your heels and buttocks in contact with the bed and bend your knees slightly towards the ceiling. Slide a pillow between your bed and knees for support. Slowly add additional pillows until you find a comfortable knee position. Its not uncommon to not find relief after a few days.

Pain Medicines: What To Do If You Have Heart Problems Or Kidney Disease

Southwest Denver Chiropractor Asks Should You Take Ibuprofen for Back Pain

When people have pain, they often take pain medicines called NSAIDs . These include:

  • Advil and Motrin . Ibuprofen is also in other over-the-counter drugs, such as cold medicines.
  • Aleve .
  • Celebrex .

NSAIDs help ease pain and inflammation. But if you have high blood pressure, heart failure, or kidney disease, you should not take an NSAID. And you should not take any drugs that have ibuprofen or another NSAID in them. Heres why:

NSAIDs are bad for your blood pressure.

NSAIDs can cause high blood pressure. And if you have high blood pressure, they can make it worse. This increases your chances of having a heart attack or a stroke.

NSAIDs can also keep some blood pressure drugs from working right. NSAIDs can interfere with:

  • Diuretics, or water pills, such as apo-Hydro .
  • Diuretics remove excess water from the blood vessels.
  • ACE inhibitors, such as Altace and Coversyl .
  • ACE inhibitors are drugs that relax the blood vessels.
  • ARBs such as Cozaar . ARBs are another group of drugs that relax the blood vessels.

NSAIDs are bad for your heart and kidneys.

Long-term use of NSAIDs can make your body hold onto fluid. This can worsen the symptoms of heart failure, such as shortness of breath, swollen ankles, and a rapid or irregular heartbeat. NSAIDs can also keep the kidneys from working well. This makes taking NSAIDs risky for people who already have kidney disease.

Which painkillers can you use if you have heart or kidney disease?

Managing pain without taking drugs

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Is Ibuprofen Good For Nerve Pain

Nerve pain is debilitating as it is not a condition of few days, it is challenging to live with an illness that is continually there. Considering the chronic nature of the nerve pain, it is best to try to treat it with the help of non-pharmacological methods.

However, non-pharmacological methods may fail in certain conditions to relieve pain, thus necessitating the need for medical drugs. When it comes to the medications, people would mostly start with some of the over-the-counter painkillers, and ibuprofen is one of the most common of them.

Before we look deeper into the ibuprofen, its mode of action and its role in nerve pain let us explore some of the most commonly used over the counter medications to treat nerve pain.

Headache Backache Joint Pain How To Choose The Right Pain Reliever

Over-the-counter pain medications are a medicine cabinet stapleyou probably have some Advil, Tylenol, or aspirin stashed in yours, ready for the next time you feel a headache coming on, strain your back with yard work, or leave the gym with sore muscles. These medications are common and familiar, but you still need to use them safely.

Grace Akoh-Arrey, a pharmacist with Banner Health in Phoenix, said, Many people believe OTC pain medications are safe to use limitlessly. But thats not accurate. You should take the correct dosage and use these medications only for as long as indicated.

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Case Study: Back Pain Due To Scoliosis Helped By Upper Cervical Care

The case study involved a 15-year-old female patient with a history of scoliosis and lumbar pain. Using the Cobb scale, the girls scoliosis was measured at 44 degrees. The patient also suffered from vertigo, which is a false sensation of movement .

Diagnostic imaging revealed that the girl did indeed suffer from an upper cervical misalignment. The patient visited an upper cervical chiropractor 35 times over the course of 4 years and 2 months. However, she was only adjusted the 5 times that her atlas was out of alignment when examined. Her adjustments averaged once every 10 months or so.

Further x-rays showed a correction of the atlas misalignment. Lower back pain and vertigo were both completely gone. Doctors had previously recommended surgery to correct the severe scoliosis, but by 5 months into care, the scoliosis had been reduced to 32 degrees on the Cobb scale. By the completion of the study, the degree of scoliosis had further been reduced to 25-degrees and surgery was no longer recommended.

This study reveals the benefits of upper cervical chiropractic in caring for lower back pain, even when that pain is being caused by something as serious as a scoliosis severe enough to warrant surgery.

Finding The Right Treatment

4 PK Advil Pain Reliever, Fever Reducer Ibuprofen Tablets 200mg 6 ...

Most cases of lower back pain are comparable to the common cold.

Depending on each patients unique situation and condition, conservative treatments and over-the-counter pain relievers may not address the underlying problem. In these cases, stronger medications or perhaps surgery might be the answer. Our goal is to provide the right treatment for the right condition, for the right patient, at the right time.

Times have changed, and the practice of medicine changes with time. As we learn more about lower back pain and how it works, well continue to refine our treatment recommendations. But our goal remains the same: using evidence-based medicine to give our patients safe, effective relief from back pain.

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What Side Effects Do Nsaids Have

Most patients do not get major side effects when they take NSAIDs such as ibuprofen or naproxen for short term up to two weeks. However, you are at increased risk of side effects if you take NSAIDs for a long time or if you have medical problems such as a history of heart attack or stroke, kidney disease, or previous bleeding in your stomach or intestines that we discussed above . The most common side effects of NSAIDs are as follows:

  • Heartburn: NSAIDs can cause heartburn and stomach upset. You should take an NSAID with food to minimize heartburn.
  • Stomach ulcers or bleeding: If you are over 65 years old or take NSAIDs for a long time you may start to develop ulcers or bleeding in your stomach, esophagus, or intestines. Your doctor may recommend antacids such as omeprazole or lansoprazole to reduce the risk of developing a stomach ulcer or bleeding when you are taking an NSAID.
  • Increased Blood Pressure: Your blood pressure may increase while taking an NSAID, but if you are taking blood pressure medications and your blood pressure is stable, NSAIDs probably will not affect your blood pressure that much.
  • Kidney Disease: Avoid NSAIDs if you have kidney disease because NSAIDs can make your condition worse.
  • Liver Disease: Although rare, taking NSAIDs for a long time may damage the liver. If you have to take NSAIDs for more than a month, your doctor may need to check your liver function with a blood test.

Medicines For Muscle Spasm

If youre having muscle spasm, your doctor may prescribe a medicine called a benzodiazepine to relax your muscles. Benzodiazepines are usually prescribed as a short course one tablet up to three times a day for up to five days.

Diazepam is prescribed for a short time because there can be problems with withdrawal symptoms and dependency if you take it for a long time. Withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, difficulty sleeping, confusion, loss of appetite, sweating and heart palpitations.

All medicines come with the risk of side-effects. These are the temporary unwanted effects of a medicine. The main side-effects of taking diazepam are feeling drowsy and being less able to concentrate. Its very important to follow your doctors advice about driving especially if the advice is not to drive. Even if you only take diazepam at night, it can affect your ability to drive the following day.

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Best For Back Pain Relief If You Cant Use Nsaids: Acetaminophen

How it works

Acetaminophen decreases pain. It also lowers fevers. Researchers dont exactly understand how acetaminophen works. It affects different paths in the brain that help with pain and temperature.


A typical OTC tab of acetaminophen is 325 mg , 500 mg , and 650 mg . The typical and maximum dosage depends on the specific product. But you generally shouldnt take more than 3,000 mg to 4,000 mg of acetaminophen per day.

Precautions and side effects

Taking more than the recommended dose of acetaminophen can cause liver injury. Other sources also have acetaminophen, like OTC cold medications and prescription pain relievers. So its important to make sure that you arent getting more than the maximum dose from all of your sources put together.


A months supply costs a few dollars.

Prescription strength available?

Certain medications that have acetaminophen require a prescription. But the FDA limits the amount of acetaminophen in these products to 325 mg.

Other Articles In This Acute Low Back Pain Treatments Series

Tylenol (Acetaminophen) VS Advil (Ibuprofen)

While erythematosus or urticarial skin rashes are occasionally observed, the most serious adverse affect of acute acetaminophen over dosage is hepatotoxicity . In adults, hepatotoxicity may result from a single dose of 10 to 15-grams. More chronic abuse of acetaminophen has been associated with nephrotoxicity .

Acetaminophenâs analgesic effects make it an acceptable medication in the treatment of acute low back pain. It is inexpensive and its use is typically without complications. While effective against mild to moderate pain in some acute back pain situations, it does not offer the patient other desirable effects against inflammation, muscle spasm, nor sleep disturbance. Its efficacy as an analgesic for low back disorders associated with severe pain is more questionable.

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Safety Of Ibuprofen Or Naproxen

To prevent side effects from NSAIDs such as ibuprofen or naproxen, you should take the lowest effective dose for the shortest duration necessary . You should also take ibuprofen or naproxen with food to minimize stomach upset.

If you have one or more of the following medical conditions below, do NOT take ibuprofen or naproxen without your doctors permission :

  • 65 years of age or older
  • Kidney disease
  • Ulcers or bleeding in your digestive tract
  • History of stroke or heart attack
  • You are taking blood thinner medications
  • You are taking steroids such as Prednisone or Dexamethasone for a month or longer

For more detailed information on the safety of Naproxen and Ibuprofen, click on this article: Is Naproxen or Ibuprofen Better for Back Pain?

Which Is The Best To Take For Pain: Tylenol Advil Ibuprofen Or Excedrin Why

Besides Excedrin, Tylenol, Advil, and Ibuprofen are also effective in pain relief. You can also consider them as strong painkillers for back pain. But the question is, what is the best medicine for lower back pain or almost any pain?

Honestly, all the drugs mentioned above provide temporary relief in minor pain. Tylenol contains acetaminophen and works well in minor stomach aches, headache, toothache, joint pain, etc. However, it wont be a very great idea to consider acetaminophen for back pain.

On the other hand, Ibuprofen is the main ingredient of Advil. This drug relieves pain and reduces any feverish symptoms. So, if you ask, is ibuprofen good for back pain, my answer will be heck yes.

In reducing back pain, Excedrin works better in mild or dull aches. Some users suggest Advil provides the best relief in back pain than Tylenol and Excedrin. It is because Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory drug and can reduce the swelling or soreness in your back.

Tylenol does its magic in minor body pain and stomach ache. When you are stuck between tylenol or excedrin for back pain, headache, or migraine, doctors suggest that Excedrin is the best painkiller among Advil, Excedrin, and Tylenol.

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What Are The Side Effects Of Ibuprofen

This is not a complete list of side effects, and others may occur. A medical professional can advise you on side effects. If you experience other effects, contact your pharmacist or a medical professional. You may report side effects to the FDA at or 1-800-FDA-1088.

Ibuprofen can cause side effects, most of which are mild. However, some of ibuprofen’s side effects can be serious and require medical intervention. Be sure to mention any side effects you experience to your healthcare provider.


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