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Is Coil Mattress Good For Back Pain

Trial Period And Warranty

Casper Original Hybrid Mattress Review | Memory Foam and Coils | Back and Hip Pain

When shopping for any bed, especially online, its important to find out the trial period before pressing purchase. Luckily, most online mattress retailers offer generous risk-free trial periods in which you can try your bed at home for up to a full year. If you dont like it, you can send it back for a refund or exchange.

Youll also want to check out your mattress warranty. Things like manufacturing defects and premature wear should be covered for at least five or so years.

Decide On Your Ideal Firmness Level

After selecting a mattress type, its time to figure out which firmness level is right for you. Most mattresses come in a range of firmness levels, from soft to medium-firm to firm. While theres no universal measure of mattress firmness, most companies use a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest.

A soft mattress is great for side sleepers because it conforms to your joints and spine to provide cushion and support for pressure points in contact with the mattress. Memory foam and latex foam mattresses usually fall into this category.

A medium mattress is the universal mattress firmness. Its supportive enough for all sleep positions, and you can usually find any mattress type with this firmness level.

A medium-firm mattress is ideal for back and side sleepers. It provides enough support while still remaining comfortable and plush. Both hybrid and innerspring mattresses usually fall into this category.

A firm to extra-firm mattress is the best choice for stomach sleepers. A firm sleep surface will help your body maintain the best possible alignment while lying facedown. You can find innerspring, hybrid, and latex mattresses in this category.

Body type and body weight can also affect your choice of mattress firmness. People with larger body types and higher body weights will benefit from the extra support of a firm or extra-firm mattress.

Memory Foam Vs Spring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses have been around for decades but with the advent of the age of technology, newer materials have begun to show up none of them perhaps is more intriguing than memory foam a material that responds to body heat to shape itself.

Many of us are on the fence between these two choices traditional vs. contemporary. The truth is that there is a vast difference between the structure and mechanism of the two, and choosing between them can be a tough call if you dont have a lot of experience in bedding.

Still, picking the right side for yourself in the memory foam vs spring mattress debate could prove critical for a restful sleeping experience, one that rejuvenates your physical structure, and alleviates back-pain.

Conversely, make the wrong pick, and you could end up with a lot more than lost sleep severe sciatica, short product lifespan, and a voided warranty are all on the table.

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Types Of Spring Systems

Different kinds of springs and coils may be used to make spring mattresses. The way these coils and springs are layered, arranged and connected within a bed determine the different typessuch as Bonnell coil, offset coil, continuous coil, pocket coil, coin-on-coil, and innerspring.

Bonnell Coil Mattress

Hourglass-shaped coils form the support layer in this innerspring mattress. These coils are the cheapest amongst spring mattresses, making these beds less durable than other types.

Offset Coil Mattress

Individual coils are connected to each other as they sit very close and tight together forming a coil layer that provides firm support to the mattress. Offset coil mattresses are durable, but the connected coils transfer motion, not making them a good option for couples.

Continuous Coil Mattress

Continuous coils comprise one big wire which is twisted into thousands of coils to form the support layer. While this arrangement makes a very durable bed, it also transfers motion because the entire support layer is very well connected.

Pocket Coil Mattress

Pocket coils mattresses contain innerspring coils individually wrapped in fabric. They are the latest version of coils and are technologically more advanced than the others, making them the most expensive in the spring mattress category. The individual wrappings reduce motion transfer significantly, making this bed one of the favored options.

Coil-on-Coil Mattress

A Mix Of Foam And Bounce: Leesa Sapira Hybrid

Twin Size Mattress 8 Inch Hybrid Coil Sprin Adult Bedroom Back Pain ...

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Who its for: The Leesa Sapira Hybrid is likely to appeal to back-pain sufferers, regardless of preferred sleep position, who want a foamy feel with a pinch of springiness. The foams density suggests it will hold up well for people who weigh more than 200 pounds.

How it feels: The bounce from the coils seems to mellow out the feel, making this hybrid just a touch softer than a typical medium-firm.

Why its great: The foam-innerspring feel of the Leesa Sapira Hybrid is more balanced than that of the Tempur-Adapt, our other hybrid pick in this guide, whose memory foam takes over the entire experience of the mattress. In the Leesa Sapira Hybrid, the 4-pounds-per-cubic-foot memory-foam layer and 1,000-plus individually pocketed coils support your spine and conform to your curves. Its sturdy but not rigid, said one of our back-and-side-sleeping testers. You can sit on the edges without sliding off, too. Unlike the Saatva Classic, Leesa mattresses are available at partner retailers, so you may be able to try the Leesa Sapira Hybrid in person before you buy it. Within the 100-night trial period, you can return it for a full refund if you dont like it, though youre required to sleep on it for at least 30 days first.

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What Is A Hybrid Mattress

A hybrid mattress is a combination of foam and spring coils. These mattresses usually have at least 3 inches of foam in the top layer of the bed and a base made of pocketed spring coils. There are many different hybrid mattresses on the market. Some feature memory foam layers, while others rely on latex foam. Many consider hybrids to be the best of both worlds since they offer the contouring of memory foam but also have the bounce that comes with an innerspring bed.

What Is The Best Number Of Coils In A Mattress

Full mattresses should have at least 300 coil, queen mattresses should have at least 400 coil, and king mattresses should have at least 480 coil. Its possible that a mattress with more than the minimum level of coils wont offer a better level of comfort or support.

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Which Is The Best Mattress For Back Pain

Did you know that back pain is more common than you think? Do most people who wake up with back pain due to a poor mattress? This back pain is easily avoidable, if only you know how to choose which Indian mattress for back pain works. Sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress will not only give you chronic back pain, but it will also interrupt your sleep, affecting your focus and sleep quality.

Best Budget: Linenspa Memory Foam And Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

Best Mattress For Back Pain – Our Best Picks!


  • Free returns within 30 days

  • Compatible with any base

  • Doesn’t require a box spring

  • Takes up to 48 hours to expand

  • May not be as breathable as some need

You don’t have to put up with your back pain just because you don’t have a huge budget for a new mattress. This eight-inch mattress is described as medium firm and combines memory foam with the traditional support of an innerspring mattress. The innersprings are topped with a 1.5-inch layer of memory foam to cradle your body as you sleep and minimize pressure points.

The Linenspa mattress comes compressed in a box for convenient delivery as well, but as is true of all boxed mattresses, it perks up to its intended size and firmness level once it’s unpacked.

Firmness: Medium-firm | Thickness: 8 inches | Type: Hybrid | Trial Length: None offered

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Is Spinal Alignment The Most Important Factor

Spinal alignment is certainly important, but its not the only factor when it comes to sleeping with back pain. Pressure relief is also important for helping you reduce pain and get to sleep. However, its important to find a material that relieves pressure while still allowing movement.

If you find youre waking up stiff and sore but feel better after you get moving, you could be dealing with swelling or inflammation in the joints or muscle tissue. While this can occur in almost any type of injury, its usually a sign that the injury isnt getting motion, especially while you sleep.

When it comes to spinal injuries or misalignments, most chiropractors and physical therapists will treat the issue by aligning the spine and increasing motion to reduce inflammation and swelling. If you can move around easily when you sleep, either to reposition or rollover, your body may be able to help aid in that process.

How To Ease Arthritis Discomfort At Night

Arthritis is a chronic condition that can cause back pain. It happens when the cartilage between bones breaks downs and joints grind against each other and become inflamed. Heres how to soothe arthritis at night, including finding the most comfortable sleep position and propping yourself up on pillows.

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The Drawbacks Of Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses have a lot to offer, but there are some drawbacks as well. These are something to consider if you think a hybrid mattress is better for you:

  • They have a higher price tag- While not all hybrid mattresses cost more than memory foam mattresses, this is usually the case. Because of this, a hybrid mattress might not be in everyones budget.
  • They arent the best with motion transfer- Even if a hybrid mattress features a very soft comfort layer, it probably wont cut down on motion transfer as well as an all-foam mattress. If your partner moves around on the other side of the mattress, you could feel it more on a hybrid mattress.
  • They are heavier and more cumbersome- In general, hybrid mattresses will weigh more than a pure memory foam mattress. Because of this, it might be more difficult to move the mattress. This might only be an issue when you are moving to a new house or apartment, but it is worth noting. Wondering how to move a mattress? Read our full written article.

Is A Soft Or Firm Mattress Better For Back Pain

King Size Mattress 8 Inch Luxury Adult Bedroom Coil Spring Back Pain ...

Research suggests that a medium-firm, adjustable mattress may work best for those with non-specific back pain. However, the best firmness level may depend on an individuals weight and preferred sleep position.

When choosing the firmness of their mattress, consumers should also consider their type of back pain and their preferred sleep position.

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Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers With Neck And Back Pain Amerisleep As2

Then you will most likely advantage from a medium-firm foam mattress, if you are a stomach sleeper with back pain.

Ranked by Business Insider as the very best mattress for back pain, the AS2 Amerisleep mattress has actually been developed to allow the healthy alignment of your spine as you sleep.

It is a fantastic mattress for both stomach and back sleepers.

The Bio-Pur ® convenience layer changes itself to the shape of your body and minimizes pain across your pressure points.

Whats distinct about this feature is that it also has a quick bounce-back, which indicates you will not feel stuck in one position when you move around in the bed.

The Bio-Pur ® foam is likewise developed with open cells to enable more air to get away and keep you cool throughout the night.

While the AS2 provides terrific support for general back pain, if you are experiencing a herniated disc then our research shows that the AS3 might be a better choice for you.

How Do I Know If My Mattress Is Causing Back Pain

Back pain can be caused by many different factors, making it difficult to pinpoint whether or not your mattress is the culprit. However, if your back pain is worse in the morning, its a good sign that your mattress isnt providing proper support. You may also find yourself tossing and turning throughout the night. Additionally, if your mattress is more than seven years old, thats another clue it might be time to invest in a new one. Regardless of what is causing your back pain, though, a supportive and comfortable mattress can help ease aches, and at the very least, prevent additional discomfort.

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How Does Back Pain Impact Sleep

The spine is responsible for more movement in the body than you may realize. It connects up with all your major muscles, which means that chronic back pain is something that can easily impact your daily life and sleep quality.

Many scientific studies reveal that chronic back pain often results in very poor sleep, which can ultimately make you feel even worse during your waking hours.

Specifically, back pain acts as an uncomfortable distraction when youre trying to fall asleep. As painful pressure points press into the mattress, it can make it challenging to find a comfortable sleeping position . And, if youre currently on medication for back pain, the side effects can impact sleep as well.

Back pain may even make you wake up more throughout the night. This lack of sleep will make your back feel even more painfuland this is something that can, unfortunately, take a toll on your mental health.

What Makes A Mattress Good Or Bad For Your Back

Best Mattress for Back Pain – Our Top Picks To Help Relieve Your Back Pain!

In the simplest form, always look for a medium-firm mattress as its the best option for back pain. In addition, it provides the best support for your spine, in most sleeping positions.

Conversely, an extra firm or soft mattress is the worst for back pain. This is because a soft mattress has minimal support for the spine, while an extra firm mattress doesnt allow the spines natural curvature.

Now, lets take a look at some of the worst and best mattress types to sleep on if you have back pain issues. This list is in chronological order, starting from the worst to the best.

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What Is An Open Coil Mattress

An open coil mattress is also known as a traditional innerspring mattress. These beds have a network of bare coils, often each shaped like an hourglass. The firmness of open coil mattresses depends on two things: the gauge of the coils and the coil count.

The gauge refers to the coils wire thickness. The lower the gauge, the firmer the bed. The coil count refers to how many coils are inside the mattress. More coils mean more support, and a high coil count also means the mattress is likely to last longer than one with fewer coils. The simple coil design promotes a cooling mattress for hot sleepers.

For more information on firmness and advice on choosing the right feel for you, read our mattress firmness guide.

How To Sleep With Back Pain

Sometimes your back pain issues are not solved by just getting a new mattress, or even a mattress with a better firmness. Your sleep health is a combination of so many different factors. Here are some tactics you can try:

Side Sleeping Tips

  • Use a pillow between your knees. Side sleeping requires one leg to be higher than the other. What ends up happening is that the top leg may rock and pull at your pelvis due to the downward slope towards your feet. Adding a pillow between your knees not only takes the weight off your lower leg but it levels the top leg and helps it rest in a more neutral position.
  • Use a small thin pillow just above your pelvis. This area is notoriously unsupported, especially for the petite or people with wide hips and a thin waist. If you find this area unsupported then this is a great thing to try as it also helps position your pelvis and legs for good sleep.
  • Don’t forget about your pillow. Each area within your sleeping position can have an impact on your sleep. Even as a lower back pain sufferer, fixing problems with your pillow and neck position can actually help improve back pain as well. Side sleepers should seek a thicker pillow to fill the often large gap between the shoulder and neck.
  • Learn more specifics about side sleeping tips and mattress recommendations by reading my guide on Best Mattresses for Side Sleeping.

Back Sleeping Tips

Stomach Sleeping Tips

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Best For Side Sleepers Contour 2000 Memory Pocket Mattress

  • 5-Year Warranty

Firmness: Medium-Firm

The Contour 2000 is a relatively inexpensive option, about £399 or thereabouts although often they will have discount codes.

The main selling point of this mattress is that its perfect for side-sleepers. Generally, side sleepers will do fine on a memory foam mattress but the Hybrid technology really seals the deal. If youre a side-sleeper then make sure to consider a Hybrid like this the extra support from the springs will mean you dont sink down into the memory foam as much.

Although the springs are metal, they are pretty bouncy and only give a small boost to the firmness. The soft knitted fabric that forms the cover is jacquard based, and is a nice extra comfort layer and theres no need to turn or flip the mattress so you can get it on the bed and enjoy it for years to come.

In case you hadnt guessed, the 2000 refers to the spring count in the mattress. 2000 spring count is reasonable enough, and high enough that it makes for a luxury feel and while you dont get a trial period you do get a 5-year warranty. I would add that the the price point on this hybrid mattress is very reasonable, and a lot of free trials arent quite what theyre made out to be.


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