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How To Use Yoga Wheel For Back Pain

Best Dharma Yoga Wheel Prop For Stretching And Back Pain

How to Use a Yoga Wheel For Upper Back Pain

A yoga wheel is a great tool for improving stretching, back pain relief, increasing flexibility, and taking your yoga practice to the next level. Although many people use the yoga wheel to release muscle tension in the body, they are also very helpful for perfecting challenging poses such as backbends and inversions.

However, with so many different yoga wheel props on the market to choose from, selecting the best one can feel like an overwhelming task. Some yoga wheels have really thin padding that are uncomfortable to use, while others dont come with any instructions at all.

Almost all yoga wheels claim to be the best product on the market, so how do you REALLY know which products are high quality and which ones are duds?

Dont worry, weve got you covered! Weve researched the best yoga wheels on the market to help you find the right product for your needs. We evaluated over 23 different dharma yoga wheels on a variety of factors including customer reviews, padding thickness, wheel strength, price, and brand reputation.

Here is our top choice for the best yoga wheel in 2020.

Who Should Buy A Foam Roller

Most people should be able to use a foam roller for fitness and massage. Like I said before, talking with your doctor first is a good idea in case he or she has a concern.

For example, people with chronic back injuries or who are more susceptible to trauma may not want to use a foam roller.

The first time you use a foam roller might feel awkward, but it definitely gets more comfortable as you practice.

Remember to move slowly and apply direct pressure to the knots in your muscles. Moving too quickly can cause severe pain or injury.

The Different Types Of Lower Back Pain

The condition is classified into these three types:

Non-specific Low Back Pain

It is the most common condition that affects the most significant majority of people. It is called non-specific because there isnt a specific or underlying cause of the pain.

It ranges from mild to severe, and in some cases, goes away on its own.


With sciatica, the pain can be felt along a nerve that comes out of the spine. This condition can be harrowing, and usually is the one that spreads to the buttocks, hips, and legs.

It happens when the nerve is pressed or irritated.

Cauda Equina Syndrome

Though rare, this condition has severe complications. It occurs when nerves located at the bottom of the spinal cord are irritated or pressed.

It calls for urgent and serious medical attention. It can be very painful and can affect other parts of the body like bowel, saddle area, and urinary system and can even cause general leg weakness.

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Petes Choice Cork Yoga Wheel Eco

Petes Choice cork yoga wheel has an ecofriendly and sustainable version of a spine roller wheel you may want to consider:

Best cork yoga wheel of 2021

The cork wheel material is both renewable and recyclable, yet durable and can support your back , palms, and feet while in motion over it. Its easy to clean, and will not accumulate moisture .

Backed with a lifetime guarantee , this cork yoga wheel is the best choice for environmentally aware people.

Price check todays price

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Plexus Wheel Best Overall

6 Best Yoga Wheels UK 2020

Plexus wheel view on Chirp

The Chirp Wheel is a new and improved take on the classic yoga wheel a tool used to stretch muscles and improve balance in yoga practice.

The Plexus wheel is the best-selling yoga wheel in 2021 , and is now FSA/HSA approved!

The Chirp wheel follows the natural curve of the spine to fit perfectly between the shoulder blades. When you roll your back over it it stretches your back muscles, massages them, and at the same time provides spine traction and takes the pressure off the discs.

This helps with:

  • Core strengthening
  • Expanding the chest area

It can also be used in the neck area for quick relief from neck pain and tension headaches.

The Plexus wheel comes in 3 sizes:

  • 12 inches for gentle pressure
  • 10 inches medium pressure
  • 6 inches deep tissue pressure, plus back support and massage while sitting in a chair

With the Black Friday sale, you can now get the ultimate bundle for $99 and free shipping.

You can get each one separately or all 3 in a set.

  • Weight limit 500 lbs
  • Material rigid core made of an injection-molded ABS plastic, wrapped in EVA foam.
  • Warranty the Chirp back roller comes with a lifetime warranty and 100 day trial with free returns. Also, youll get free shipping on orders over $75 on the official website.

We recommend using any massage wheel for at least 30 days before returning, to allow the body to go through some correction and to get properly aligned and past the initial mild soreness you may experience.

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My Chirp Wheel Review To Fix Lower Back Pain

Today I want to share my feedback and review the Chirp wheel.

When it comes to tools for back pain relief, I always recommend you keep it simple. But Ive gotten a few emails asking about what I think of yoga wheels. I decided to use the Chirp wheel for this post, try it for myself, and see how effective it is for back pain relief.

I got the medium 10 inch Chirp WheelI find this to be the perfect size.

I have the 10 inch Chirp Yoga wheel.

The Chirp Wheel Vs The Foam Roller

Foam rollers are wider than the yoga wheels. They are great for performing deep tissue release on big muscles such as the latissimus dorsi, the hip flexors, the TFL, and also the upper back.

But when it comes to working on the lower back, its very hard to do it with the foam roller. In fact, you should never foam roll your lower back.

If you have any disc or nerve issues, its never a good idea to foam roll the lower back as you can cause further disc damage.

The lumbar spine isnt supported by the rib case like the upper back. So you dont want to place any direct pressure on it.

This is why the chirp wheel is so useful and effective.

The Chirp Wheel that I use has a gap in the middle so that youre able to foam roll the lower back muscles without putting any pressure on the spine.

I thought that was genius!

You just want to make sure, of course, the gap is right underneath your back and thats something you can feel by checking first with your hands after you lie on the wheel.

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Not Into Yoga Thats Okay Its For You Too

For those who arent yogis, you can use it to stretch your upper body and back by leaning back over it. We spend a LOT of time these days bent over our phones, devices and computers and this helps to stretch your back and neck the other way. It creates space in between the vertebrae which is really important for a healthy spine.

Deepen Your Yoga Practice Overall

Yoga Wheel For Back Pain | Yoga Wheel Stretches

Yoga wheels are a great support system as you work to deepen your yoga practice. From this article, we know yoga wheels can support us in backbends, cultivate more flexibility and balance, and also strengthen and tone full body. The yoga wheel combines strength and flexibility for a full mind-body challenge and workout. Get creative and explore the ways you can incorporate a yoga wheel into your favorite yoga poses, stretches, and exercises.

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Recommend Yoga Wheel The Chirp Wheel

While there are many high quality yoga wheels out there, the one we recommend highly is the Chirp Wheel.

The Chirp Wheel is built to relieve tension along the spine and shoulder blades.

Rolling out your back using a yoga wheel allows you to stretch out your back in ways other stretching devices are unable to.

So what makes the Chirp Wheel so great?

It features a patented spinal canal not found on other wheels that gives you the deepest stretch lengthwise and width wise. In addition, its the only yoga wheel on the market thats FDA-registered as a 510 medical device.

Using The Chirp Wheel To Relieve My Back Pain

As mentioned above, my favorite Chirp Wheel size is the largest Chirp Wheel, which is 12 inches in diameter and described by the company as gentle. This size gives the largest overall back stretch, which is apparently best for overall pain in the upper and lower back and can also be used to stretch hips and open up your chest.

I like to breathe out while rolling on the back wheel along my back from lower back up to shoulders. I find I get a better release of tension on the exhale, and its more relaxing, especially when I do this in conjunction with breathing and yoga exercises.

If you have similar back tension to what both Helen and I experience, due to time spent sitting at a computer without always holding the best posture, then you should experience a release of back tension, accompanied with some satisfying clicks in the back. It goes without saying, but Ill say anyway that anyone considering using such a massage tool should of course consider whether you need to consult a professional before using it

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How Do You Use A Yoga Wheel

The range of things you can do with a yoga wheel is practically endless. Though they get a strong reputation for helping make backbends and heart openers more accessible as well as deeper when needed.

They also play a major role in assisting with core work, handstands, forearm stands, and other inversions.

As a beginner, using the yoga wheel can provide a great deal of support along the spine. When placed underneath the back, the wheel can actually roll along your spine to gently massage it, allowing you to safely open through the entire front of the body.

This gives you a fantastic stretch while also keeping you supportedyou wont have to worry about going deeper than youd like.

For intermediate and advanced practitioners, the wheel is incredibly helpful in deepening your backbends while, again, keeping your body supported.

There are also plenty of fun ways to use the wheel while working on inversions. You might use it for support in a forearm stand, or roll it to the wall to use during your handstand practice.

There are also fantastic ways to use the wheel for core work in plank and other postures. The ideas are endless for utilizing your yoga wheel. Its easy to get creative, and even make up your own exercises depending on what works best for your body.

What Is The Best Yoga Wheel For Beginners

How To Use The Yoga Wheel For Back Pain Relief

Beginners might appreciate starting out with a smaller wheel, as these can be a little gentler as far as how deep it can take you into a posture.

If a newer yoga practitioner is incredibly tight through their front bodythe shoulders, chest, abdominals, hip flexors, and even into the quadricepsstarting off with a mini wheel might be a good idea.

Mini wheels have the same overall effect as full-size yoga wheels, but they have the ability to ease you into the posture in a gentler way.

Large yoga wheels do provide support where needed, but they can also take you much deeper into certain postures than mini wheels.

Sukha Mat makes a mini yoga wheel that is about 6.5 inches in diameter. This great for targeting certain muscles as well as starting to safely open up the body in tight areas. Note that we do recommend a different yoga wheel for those with ongoing lower back pain .

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What Is A Foam Roller

A foam roller is just what it sounds like: a cylindrical tool made of foam.

Self-myofascial release is the fancy term for a rollers function, which is a self-massage to relax tight muscles.

Applying pressure to points on your body allows you to assist your muscles in the recovery process.

Normal muscle function means you can do everyday activities at a reasonable speed and perform an action spontaneously without pain.

Professional athletes rely on this technique all the time, so we know theres something to it!

Foam rolling also works well as part of your warm-up and cooldown routines, even when you havent injured your muscles.

A small study followed eight physically active men who performed 20 minutes of foam rolling after their normal exercise routine.

This study shows evidence that rolling can reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness.

Natures Integrity The Best Yoga Wheel On The Market

Featuring extra thick foam padding and a whopping 650 lb weight capacity, the Natures Integrity Yoga Wheel gets our top choice for the best yoga wheel in 2020. Whether youre looking to improve your yoga practice, stretch tight muscles, or reduce back pain, the yoga wheel from Natures Integrity can do it all.

Here are some of the ways that customers use this product:

  • Master new and challenging yoga poses, including backbends and inversions
  • Reduce back pain and muscle tension
  • Improve flexibility and stretching

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Propping Up Your Legs

  • 1Get in a push-up position with your feet resting on the wheel. Engage your core by keeping your arms straight as you push your torso upwards. Instead of resting your feet on the ground behind you, keep your legs together and rest your feet on the surface of the yoga wheel. Roll the ball forward and tuck your knees into your chest, then return to the push-up position. Complete as many reps as youd like for your daily workout.XResearch source
  • If youre an experienced yogi, try using this formation to transition to a handstand.
  • 2Rest 1 leg on top of the wheel to perform the monkey pose. Extend 1 leg behind you while pulling another leg forward. Rest your forward leg along the top of the yoga wheel, then bring both of your hands together at your chest. Lift your hands in this prayer position, extending your arms and arching your back to form a curved position.XResearch source Try to hold this pose for around 5 breaths.XResearch source
  • Focus on stretching your legs throughout this exercise.
  • This is a great way to improve your leg splits at home.
  • Do an equal amount of reps for both legs. If youre just starting out, try doing 10-15 reps with both legs. If youre a more experienced yogi, aim for 20 or more reps.XResearch source
  • Do as many reps of this exercise as youd like. As you go, focus on straightening and lifting up your body as you inhale, and bending your knee as you exhale.XResearch source
  • Continue Reading To Find Out More :

    Yoga Wheel for Back Pain – Stretches, Strengthening & Back Massage with a Yoga Wheel

    Is the yoga wheel safe? Well, it is generally really safe, but just remember that engaging in any exercise regimen always involves the risk of injury. If you experience any pain, dizziness, discomfort or difficulty with any of the exercises shown on this website please stop and consult your physician.

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    Yoga Wheel A Great Way To Stretch Your Back

    One of these elements is the yoga wheel, a very useful tool to help perfect our technique in a short time, whatever the level. The creator of it was the teacher Sri Dharma Mittra who, in 1977, began to introduce it in his classes to help people gain greater mobility and elasticity to achieve postures that they never thought they could do. The wheel opened my back and my heart, so I feel much younger in every way. It is an incredible way to stretch every day, says the expert yogi about it.

    Its use spread rapidly throughout the world and today there are many centers that offer this variant among their services. Using the wheel is not too difficult. Even the easiest way to use it is to simply lie on your back on top of it and gently move up and down to stretch each vertebra.

    Spinal Massage And Mobility

    Give your spine some love with a yoga wheel! Have you ever used a block or a bolster beneath your spine for a supported heart opener? Take that great feeling, and then multiply it with a yoga wheel thats round and can move with the contours of your spine. With that added benefit of movement, you can massage the spine by rolling the wheel up and down the length of your spinal column. Or, if youre looking more for a backbend, find a static hold with the center/upper part of your spine on the wheel. This stretch is a great way to counteract the negative effects of our sedentary lifestyle. From a seated position, bring the yoga wheel to the base of your spine and keep your feet planted as you gently begin to roll your spine up and onto the wheel. From here, you can play around with slowly rolling forward and back to get the full effects of a spinal massage.

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    Start By Placing The Wheel Right Underneath Your Mid

    How to use yoga wheel for lower back pain. Support your lower back by supporting your head decrease the weight on your lower back while bending forward. Lie on your back lift your legs up to 90 degrees. Place the Chirp Wheel on the ground and lie on it with your feet planted on the ground and the back roller wheel sitting between your shoulder blades.

    Reclining Hero Pose is a deeper way to open the front body find a backbend and stretch into the quads knees and ankles. The back roller stretches your muscles and improves blood flow throughout your body. You guys know Im a sucker for cool wellness products and this Plexus Wheel did not disappoint.

    It was created to help yoga students move more easily and safely through inversions like backbends and also through stretches like splits. HttpsmbsycoLCGmfThis yoga wheel for back pain relief routine offers some of the best yoga wheel stretches and poses for tension and ac. Pull your navel into the spine press your low back down into the mat.

    From Plank Pose lower onto the forearms. Lower your legs to your lowest point where you can keep the low back on the mat. Bring the yoga wheel to your low back and gently recline onto the wheel.

    Use your thumbs to gently place the yoga wheel directly behind your back aligned and parallel with your spine. There are 2 main ways to use the chirp wheel for back pain relief. While yoga wheels can be a bit pricey using yoga wheels has many benefits.

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