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Is A Back Brace Good For Lower Back Pain

Who May Use A Back Support Belt

When should I brace for lower back pain and how long do we don a brace #backbrace#lowbackpain

A 2018 study suggests the long-term use of back braces can help reduce back pain. The study participants wore a back brace for 3 months, while the researchers found that the back brace stabilized the muscles along the spine, reducing back pain.

Back support belts may also help the following conditions:

  • post-operative healing

2019 study suggests back braces may be useful for older patients undergoing a colonoscopy. The researchers note using this device may aid in colonoscopy insertion as it compresses the abdomen. Therefore, endoscopists may find it easier to perform the procedure, which may reduce the procedures duration.

There are several advantages of back support belts, which include:

  • limiting movement, which may promote healing
  • improving posture
  • reducing pain symptoms
  • having an adjustable design, meaning a belt will fit most people

However, back support belts can cause skin lesions or irritation if a person does not wear them correctly. Additionally, wearing a belt that is too tight or does not fit properly may not provide the right amount of support.

Elastic Back Brace For Sleeping And Daily Use

Constructed of premium-quality soft neoprene and elastic that contour to the shape of your body, this comfortable back support for sleeping provides a great, customized fit for anyone. This nighttime back brace is well suited for alleviating moderate to severe low-back pain, as well as muscle weakness, strain, or instability of the lumbar spine.

Adding to the benefits of this night support includes a pocket that can hold a gel-pack insert for heat or cold therapy . This pocket can also hold a pressure pad for additional compression therapy . Heat and ice are great solutions to ease low back pain and reduce inflammation from injury or muscle strains.

The sleeping back support is closed via a contact closure, which means you will not need to excessively twist to secure the brace.

Back Brace For Post Surgery

When it comes to chronic degenerative back pain Aspen is the brand that most people know and trust. It is the most popular back brace on the market today among medical doctors, chiropractors, and other providers. Aspen is an inelastic back brace which is different from most lumbar support braces out there. This particular lumbar back brace is made of quality materials. It has velcro fastening straps and dual pulley tabs that help adjust the waist to get the exact compression you need to relieve pain and give you additional back support. It is made with breathable lightweight materials making it comfortable for all day use. It also has a removable lumbar pad which gives extra support when needed. And because it is not made entirely with elastic fabric it provides you with proper posture, unmatched support, and pain relief for your lower back all while still remaining comfortable.

Aspen brace comes in a wide range variety of sizes and is adjustable so you can choose the one that will fit you best. The back brace is a 100% satisfaction guaranteed product, so if for any reason you are not satisfied with it you can return or replace it within 30 days of purchase. It also comes with a 1 year warranty. This brace is far more expensive but is considered medical grade and the gold standard by medical providers when it comes to back braces.

Side Note: When purchasing the right size it is important to measure around your stomach at your navel to get the right fit for you.

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How Back Pain Can Be Diagnosed

When you consult with the doctor, the doctor will do some physical tests to diagnose back pain or lumbar disc herniation. While doing the physical test, the doctor will evaluate your:

  • Ability to walk and stand.
  • Motion rate of your spine.
  • Reflexes.
  • The strength of your leg.
  • Whether you can feel sensations in your leg or not.

If all the tests come out positive, the doctor may go for some other tests, such as:

  • Blood and urine tests to know about the underlying conditions.
  • X-rays of the spine to know the alignment of your bones and check for lumbar spinal stenosis.
  • Computed tomography scan or MRI to assess your disks, muscles, ligaments, nerves, etc. located in the lumbar area.
  • Scanning of bone to detect any abnormalities in the bone tissue.
  • EMG to examine the nerve conduction.

Types Of Back Braces Used For Lower Back Pain Relief

05 Top Best Back Brace for Lower Back Pain  Buying One in ...

See Pulled Back Muscle and Lower Back Strain

Generally, back braces are categorized as flexible, semi-rigid, and rigid. Rigid braces tend to be used for moderate to severe cases of pain and/or instability, such as to assist healing of spinal fractures or after back surgery. Semi-rigid and flexible braces are used for more mild or moderate pain.

Flexible braces are made of soft materials and include corsets , lumbar belts ,and sacroiliac belts .

Flexible orthoses are made of a soft material, such as cotton/elastic blends, canvas, and/or neoprene . These braces include corsets, lumbar belts, and sacroiliac belts.

Flexible lumbar belts or corsets typically come in a variety of sizes and designs. A corset brace looks similar to a woman’s corset, and allows for some limited bending. Corsets typically include vertical metal or plastic stays at the front, back, and/or sides of the brace that provide stability and some motion restriction.

Lumbar belts and sacroiliac belts provide somewhat more restriction in movement, and are typically made of a sturdier fabric without stays.

Flexible corsets and belts can help relieve lower back pain by:

It is recommended to consult with a doctor on the appropriate size and fit of a flexible brace to ensure the brace is safe to use and likely to provide effective pain relief.

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What Are The Best Back Braces For Lower Back Pain

If youve talked to your doctor and theyve cleared you to use a back pain brace, there are some great and inexpensive options to choose from. Weve listed some of the most popular below. Always make sure these fit you correctly, and return them if they dont fit right. Other websites to find back braces include Better Braces, PhysioRoom, and Braceabilitys section on braces for women.

Best Back Brace For Lower Back Pain

Bax Max is a brand I like and trust for those who are looking for a brace that is lightweight, durable, breathable, geared towards activity, and affordable all in one! This flexible brace is one of the best back braces on the market because of its ability to offer pain relief while supporting your low back and spine during lifting, all while not feeling too bulky when your wearing the belt. Back pain no longer has to be synonymous with lifting or any sports related activity. The pressure on your lower back and spine can now get the support and pressure relief it needs.

This company has been around since 2013 and their braces are one of a kind. Some features of this brace include an open celled Kevlar cable stitching which is what allows for its perfect combination of durability and breathability when relieving pressure off of your muscles and discs. The adjustable belt has a 5:1 pulley system that will give you the support you need during any activity. This brace is so lightweight and small that you can even hide it under your clothes. It is quick and easy to use and easily folded or stored away. If you hate bulky back braces then this brace you need!

In my opinion the Bax Max offers the best combination of lower back support while still not completely inhibiting range of motion. However, If you do need a bit more lumbar support, they offer a lumbar pad attachment for additional pain relief. I recommend purchasing the attachment. Your lower back will thank you.

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Recommended By A Chiropractor

Millions of Americans struggle with lower back pain due to past injury, constant strain, improper posture, or degenerative changes. When this pain has become debilitating, a back brace may be necessary if it is recommended by your doctor. But with so many types out there what is the best back brace?

A lumbar back brace can provide the proper support to help your constant back pain. It is important to note that back braces should only be used when necessary , as using a back brace throughout the day can cause atrophy in your core muscles and cause a further progression in your degenerative changes. With that being said there are many options. When choosing a lumbar back brace you want to search for the brace that gives you the best support while still allowing you to go about your normal daily activities. Keep in mind, these braces are not to correct posture, they are back support braces doctors typically recommend after healing from surgery or injury.

We have searched through dozens of lumbar back braces to find the best. We have come up with the 3 lumbar back braces that rank highest under these criteria: Support, Comfort, Rating, Price, and Warranty.

Here are the top 3 lower back braces recommended by a chiropractor.

Do Lumbar Supports Work

How to us a back brace for low back pain

Research into lumbar supports has mixed results.

A investigating the effects of flexible lumbar supports on lower back pain in assembly-line workers found that there was no significant difference in the amount of pain the participants reported compared to the control group.

However, other suggests wearing flexible lumbar support, such as an abdominal belt, may slightly decrease pain. The study authors found that participants who wore an abdominal belt reported less pain after 1 week than people who did not wear the belt.

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Factors For Bracing Success

Some known factors that contribute to bracing success include:

  • Wearing the brace as advised. Adherence to wearing a back brace is one of the most important factors for success, although there are many reasons braces may be difficult to wear, such as discomfort or interference in daily activities. If a back brace is too cumbersome or uncomfortable, a doctor can help adjust the brace. It is advised to consult with a doctor before giving up on the brace entirely.
  • Viewing a brace as a positive aid. One study found that back bracing provides more effective results when it is thought of as potentially beneficial and a positive attitude is maintained regarding its effects.4 Encouragement and support from family members, friends, or coworkers can help improve attitudes about a back brace and its ultimate outcomes.
  • Not depending on the brace for long-term relief. Back braces are typically recommended on a short-term basis. Wearing a brace longer than recommended is thought to contribute to muscle atrophy and dependence on the brace, which can ultimately weaken the back, increase the chance of injury, and worsen pain.

If a doctor does not think a back brace will be beneficial, it is not recommended to wear one anyway.

Is A Back Brace Good For My Low Back Pain

Back braces come in many shapes and sizes providing different levels of lumbar support. Some braces require prescriptions from your doctors. Others can be ordered online or bought at a local stores.

While back braces can be helpful for some injuries, there are pros and cons when using back braces. A back brace functions by providing additional support for the muscles, ligaments, disks and bones of the lower spine.

A supportive low back brace can be useful to use during activities that place a lot of stress on the lower back. People working in physically demanding jobs such as landscaping or warehouse workers may benefit from wearing a brace when having to lift heavy loads. However, using correct lifting techniques and avoiding putting excessive strain on your back is also very important during routine activity.

After spine surgery braces are commonly used to provide extra support in the post-operative period. This can take some of the strain off the muscles and soft tissues during the healing process. Immobilizing the spine with a brace can also assist in bone healing in patients undergoing spinal fusion surgery.

Some braces can help people with their posture as well. Most people suffering from acute low back pain have pain due to muscle and ligament injury. Using a back brace for a few days after this type of injury may help with the pain and allow these structures to heal.

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How Important Is Your Sleeping Pillow

A pillow, similar to a mattress, supports good sleep posture, says Dr. Breus, calls it a bed for your head. It needs to provide support so your head is aligned with the center of the chest without the neck bending forward or backward, and also comfortable enough that you can stay in that position for an extended period of time.

How you sleep during the night can affect your posture in the long run as well. The cervical, thoracic and lumbar spines each have a natural curve in opposite directions when looking from the side. These curves balance each other nicely, to keep the head above buttocks, allowing the eyes to gaze out horizontally, says Dr. Thomas C. Schuler, spine surgeon and Chairman of the National Spine Health Foundation‘s Medical & Scientific Board. Chronic poor posture, the normal aging process, or some kind of traumatic event can all result in malalignment of the curves, which can be painful and cause muscle fatigue. Therefore, he says, its not only important to maintain good posture during the day, but also to do so while you sleep.

An ill-fitting pillow can also be a significant contributor to neck and upper back pain, says Dr. Wilson Wang, a chiropractor in Seattle. Depending on the position you sleep in, a pillow should properly support the neck and keep the neck position as neutral as possible, as any strain on the neck or upper back can worsen pain, he says. This kind of pain, adds Dr. Breus, can make it very hard to get restorative sleep.

Best Back Brace For Lower Back Pain Comparison Table

Back Brace Posture Corrector

Vive Lower Back Brace is an innovative solution for lower back support. The brace is adjustable, which makes it a better option than other posture aids. You can customize the back posture aid to fit your body shape.

The braces belt is made of compression material that helps prevent future muscle injuries while supporting the already injured ones. The adjustable lower back pain brace is comfortable to wear.

Why We Love the Vive Lower Back Brace

  • Designed to protect your lower back muscles and prevent them from getting injured. The brace has reinforced support and fastening.
  • Can be worn by both men and women. Its adjustable straps makes it fit any body size.
  • Has a removable lumbar support, allowing you to customize lower back support.
  • There is added support to the lower back to encourage proper posture.

The Vive Lower Back Brace can accommodate all body sizes . See Product.

Recommended for Multiple Use

When your lower back is damaged, you will not only be uncomfortable, but also suffer from poor posture. You can also develop severe pain. To avoid lower back pain, wear Vive brace to:

  • Reinforcing supporting when carrying out daily activities
  • Improving posture
  • Recovering from an operation of a pre-existing injury
  • Moving or lifting heavy objects at work
  • Ensuring the lower back is safe during recreational activities

How to Wear the Vive Lower Back Brace

The Vive back brace is adjustable, ensuring you get a great fit and protecting your back from further pain.



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Holds A Cold / Hot Therapy Gel Pack Or Foam Pressure Pad For Added Relief

Back panel has a pocket to hold either a hot or cold therapy gel pack or a pressure pad for added compression . The cooling or heating gel pack helps alleviate symptoms of chronic lower back pain, pulled muscle soreness, post-surgical recovery, arthritis of the spine, swelling, tears, stiffness, spasms, strains, bulging discs, herniated discs, hip pain and more.

Wearing a foam pad with your back brace helps to better stabilize and bring more pressure to the painful area. Providing additional compression and pressure improves blood flow and stimulates tissue repair for comfortable and speedy back-pain relief.

When should you use hot vs. cold therapy?

Cold treatment reduces inflammation by decreasing blood flow. Ice eases discomfort from acute injuries, sprains or strains, muscle soreness, spasms, and swelling. Apply within 48 hours after an injury. Hot therapy promotes blood flow and helps muscles relax. Use for chronic pain, cramping, stiffness, backaches, and arthritis.

Braceup Stabilizing Lower Back Brace & Support Belt

This is compression back brace is popular among athletes and people with physically demanding jobs because it offers great support while also allowing a wide range of motion. Durable, breathable, and lightweight, this brace is ideal for people with minor injuries or people who just want a little extra support while working out. Its mesh construction and adjustable straps allow for excellent breathability.

This back brace has dual straps which are easy to adjust on the fly. If your workday or workout requires various levels of support, this dynamic back brace will suit you perfectly.

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I Think I Need A Back Brace How Do I Choose One

Start by talking to a health care provider about which category of brace is right for you. Your condition may require a prescription for a custom-fit brace that follows your spineâs curvature. If instead your doctor assesses that an over-the-counter brace will work for you, they may have suggestions about style, brand, and features to include or avoid. You can find many over-the-counter braces online or in drug stores.

When searching for the best back brace for you, remember that comfort is important. Discomfort will likely deter you from wearing your brace, which will reduce any benefits from bracing.â


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