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Will Mattress Topper Help Back Pain

The Difference Between A Mattress Topper Mattress Pad And Mattress Protector

The 5 Best Mattress Topper for Back Pain – Which Is Right For You?

Yes, they sound similar, but theyre very different items. A mattress topper is typically one to four inches, rests on the surface of your bed, and is designed to make your mattress more comfortable. A mattress pad, which attaches like a fitted sheet, is usually a thin quilted layer that shields your mattress from sweat and stains. Mattress protectors, often made of thick plastic and high-performance fibers, encase the entire mattress to fend off contaminants like bed bugs, mold, bacteria, and other allergens.

Consider Your Partners Needs Too

If you’re sharing a king or a queen mattress, make sure you’re talking with your partner about the thickness they like, and the types of comfort preferences they have for their sleep surface. Maybe they’ll like the same memory foam mattress topper, or latex mattress topper you like…maybe they won’t! You may like a firm mattress, they may not like a firm mattress. To relieve back pain, you both need to agree on what you like.

A larger mattress, like a king size mattress, is a huge investment. A foam or latex mattress topper for a mattress that size isn’t going to be cheap either. Get the thickness level you want from your bed cover that works for both your body, and your partners body. If it’s just you that suffers from lower back pain, talk to your significant other about how a mattress topper is a great cost effective way to find relief.

If both you and your significant other are upset with the way your mattress feels when it comes to its ability to relieve back pain, consider the pros and cons of shopping for a new mattress altogether. It isn’t always needed, and sometimes the mattress topper has the materials you need for relief, but if you can agree on a budget, the pros of opting for a new mattress are hard to ignore.

Your Mattress Is Too Firm Or Too Soft

When your mattress is too firm or too soft, adding a mattress topper can be the perfect solution. You can add a soft mattress topper to a firm mattress and make it more comfortable to sleep on, or you can add a firm mattress topper to a mattress thats too soft. That way, your mattress can be customized to suit your needs and preferences.

Mattress Topper Firmness

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Maintains A Cooler Temperature

Memory foam mattresses are often associated with cooling gel technology that keeps our bed cooler allowing improved blood circulation across the body. Even latex toppers have air holes that maintain an optimal temperature of the bed, thereby giving a relaxed and strain less feel to the body. Overall, it allows the body to breathe and heal all the pains and discomfort while you are lying on it.

Select The Right Firmness And Density For Your Mattress Topper

Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Visco, Orthopaedic, Back ...

Selecting the firmness of a mattress topper is another essential step. To choose a mattress topper with the right firmness, simply consider whether your mattress is too firm or too soft. Then, think about how soft or firm you would like your mattress topper to be. If you have a mattress that is too firm, find a mattress topper that will make the surface a lot softer for you to sleep on. This is especially helpful for side sleepers.

On the other hand, you might want to choose a relatively firm mattress topper if your mattress is too soft to support your back. Adding firmness can benefit people who sleep on their stomachs and back.

Finally, if you do not really want to change the firmness of your mattress, just consider purchasing a mattress topper that is neither too firm nor too soft compared to the mattress. A mattress topper with medium firmness can be the best option to support your back if you prefer sleeping on your back or stomach.

Soft Mattress Toppers

While soft mattress toppers are super comfy, they do not provide much support for your back. Besides, they can’t be used for improving spinal alignment or for relieving pressure points. You might want to consider using a soft mattress topper if your mattress is too firm and just want to make it a little bit softer. You might also find soft mattress toppers useful if you are a side sleeper. However, if you face any health problems related to your back or spine, consider the other options below.

Medium Mattress Toppers

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How Do Mattress Toppers Help With Back Pain

Old mattresses can exacerbate back pain, but that doesnt mean you have to throw your current bed in the garbage. By adding a mattress topper, you can refresh your mattress and bring back its original comfort.

The best toppers create both comfort and support. Youll need some pressure relief, but you dont want your body to sink out of the proper alignment. Side and back sleepers will benefit from a thick and plush topper, while stomach sleepers will need something more supportive.

Of course, theres a lot to know about the world of mattress toppers. Lets take a close look at each element, one by one.

What Kinds Of Mattress Toppers Are There

The most important factor in mattress protectors and toppers is the material, and there’s a few common types to choose from.

Memory foam mattress toppers work in exactly the same way as memory foam mattresses, it’s just a thinner layer that rests on top of your existing mattress. Memory foam gently moulds to your body, providing additional comfort and support.

Egg crate mattress toppers go by many names, so ‘egg crate’ is a good catch-all for a lot of different brands. They are made of a bumpy nodular foam surface that looks sort of like an egg box, often in a padded cover. They can be easily rolled up or stacked, so while they’re not quite as luxurious as memory foam, they’re a lot more flexible, and usually cheaper too.

Wool or fleece mattress toppers use natural materials that reduce the risk of allergies, and they’re surprisingly soft less itchy than you might expect. However, they are very much on the expensive side.

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Can A Mattress Topper Help With Back Pain

If you have ever suffered from back pain then there’s a good chance you sympathise with those that deal with it on a daily basis.

Aside from the pain itself, dealing with lower back pain can be an absolute nightmare when it comes to sleeping.

The last thing you want after a long day is a sleeping environment that exacerbates your back pain rather than nurturing it.

So what can you do?

There’s health and occupational therapy of course, but when it comes to finding solace during beauty sleep, it fundamentally comes down to the bedding products that you’re using.

So, could a mattress topper be the answer to your quandary?

Let’s find out!

Molecule Triple Zone Mattress Topper

Best Mattress Toppers For Back Pain 2021 (Top 6 Picks!)

The Molecule Triple Zone Mattress Topper is a memory foam mattress designed to relieve pressure points. Features include:

  • targeted support for the head, lower back, and feet
  • support of pressure points
  • temperature regulation for a cooler sleep
  • gel beads for moisture control
  • improved airflow
  • long-lasting comfort

People can choose from six sizes, from twin through to California King. This product comes with a 30-day trial.

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How Does A Mattress Topper Relieve Back Pain

A proper mattress topper is a combination of gel memory, inner-spring, and latex. These mattresses aim at providing users with an instant body, especially back pain relief. Most of these mattresses are also equipped with a classic sturdy shape with less bounce transfer to maximize the comfort level. Those who are suffering from scoliosis or severe back pain are advised to buy the medium-firm mattress toppers while a soft one will go for the ones who are looking for pressure-point relief. If youre struggling to keep your hands on the best mattress toppers to soothe your back pain, check out this guide. The mattress topper listed here provides instant pressure point relief, adjusts seamlessly with body shape, aligns the spine perfectly, and maximizes the airflow. Hence, it is an ideal topper for most mattresses.

Types Of Mattress Toppers For Back Pain

Weve already mentioned most of these toppers, but heres a quick recap.

Memory foam toppers: Usually made from gel-infused foam to reduce heat retention. They are the best for back pain.

Latex foam toppers: Can be made from blended or 100% natural latex. These are good for those who need firmer support, a bouncy topper, and excellent cooling.

Pillow top toppers: Toppers with a plush pillow top typically filled with down-like fiber. Great for those who need extra pressure relief or anyone who wants to recreate a luxury hotel experience without buying an expensive mattress.

Egg crate toppers: These are foam toppers with an egg crate design on the surface. This design improves airflow to keep the topper cool. Great for those who sleep hot or live in a hot climate.

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Recci 2 Inch Mattress Topper Queen Pressure

as of December 24, 2021 9:34 am


  • Pure Memory Foam: RECCI 2-inch mattress topper queen uses 100% pure memory foam for better performance in softness and support, and you can enjoy a cloud-like sleep and get enough support at the same time.
  • Pressure-Reliving Comfort: The mattress topper shapes your body contouring naturally and helps lower your head, neck, shoulders, back, and hip pain. You will get a well-rest sleep at night and get an energetic morning since it!
  • Washable Cover: The memory foam mattress topper with a 3-sided zipper cover that you can remove and wash when needed, and it with four adjustable straps over corners which can help hold the topper tightly than others. The cover also helps enhance the life of the inner foam in daily use.
  • Washable Cover: The memory foam mattress topper with a 3-sided zipper cover that you can remove and wash when needed, and it with four adjustable straps over corners which can help hold the topper tightly than others. The cover also helps enhance the life of the inner foam in daily use.
  • InstructionsPlease be careful not to scratch the inner product during unpack process, and you can let the air out for about 20-40 minutes until it comes to full size. Then, please put the foam mattress topper in a ventilated area for 24~36 hours before first use!

Does A Mattress Topper Really Help

Best Mattress Topper For Back Pain

In short, yes. They can extend the life of your mattress, provide extra support and comfort and help you sleep better on a less comfortable mattress. However, they are most effective when paired with a good quality mattress to give you the best nights sleep.

Ensure that your mattress is the correct firmness for you and consider if you are due for a new one. Using your mattress for too long can lead to wear and sagging and deeply impact your sleep. Keep in mind that most mattresses should be changed every six to eight years as standard .

When youre hurting and cant sleep well, it can be difficult to get through the day. Make sure you have the best type of mattress topper for back pain to keep your mattress comfortable and get you back to a night of quality sleep. Check out our guide to finding the right pillow to get the best sleep possible, and if you have any questions about finding the perfect bed, feel free to get in touch with our dedicated team.

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Protect Your Bed And Body With The Top Mattress Toppers On The Market

Did you know that a study conducted by Arthritis Research UK found that approximately one in six adults in England has some form of back pain? If you suffer from back pain, you’ve probably tried simple exercises to strengthen your neck, back and spine, used hot and cold compresses or taken painkillers. But, you’ve probably not thought in to look into the best mattress topper for back pain.

While we often retreat to bed to relax, this could be doing more harm than good as the wrong mattress for your body could be causing you aches and pains in the first place.

According to, “The right mattress topper can help relieve pressure points and support natural spinal alignment, which could also help contribute to reduced back pain.

“Too firm of a topper may not allow their hips and shoulders to sink in enough, while too soft of a mattress topper may let their hips and shoulders sink in too much.”

Best Orthopedic Mattress Topper: Lucid 2 Inch Lavender Memory Foam Mattress Topper

The Lucid 2 orthopedic mattress topper is similar to any other memory foam topper except for two things.

The first is its zoned support design. The Lucid topper has five body zones with varying firmness levels. These zones provide targeted pressure relief and support to different parts of your body.

The second unusual feature is the lavender infusion. Lavender essential oil is infused into the foam. This masks the usual new foam smell and helps you relax when in bed.

Fair warning, the lavender smell is pretty strong when you first unbox the topper. Itll spread throughout the house and can be a tad overpowering.

But itll dissipate to a more comfortable level in a few hours. Open the windows to air the mattress.

Dont expect the Lavender smell to stick around forever, though. Some customers say it lasts a few weeks.

The memory foam itself is plush and airy. It has a medium feel, making the Lucid topper ideal for too-firm mattresses.

You can also use it on an innerspring mattress to enhance body contouring and reduce bounciness and motion transfer.

Dont worry about the memory foam topper making you hot and sweaty. Lucid uses an airy type of memory foam that traps less heat. Also, the topper has ridges on top that allow air to carry excess body heat away from the bed.

The topper is also thin enough that it cant trap a lot of heat.

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Many People Spend Thousands Of Dollars On New Mattress To Combat This Issue But Often An Egg

It is not uncommon for those with painful hips to also have painful shoulders. Pressure on the shoulders when lying on the side can also cause sleep disturbance. The egg-carton mattress topper can then provide pain relief in sleeping for both body areas.

Pain relief in sleeping can make a big difference to your wellbeing. Sleep is restorative for your brain and body time to rest and digest, time to heal and recover. Many people lie awake for hours each night, unable to sleep as a direct result of their hip or shoulder pain. Reduced sleep can have many negative impacts on your general health, your healing capacity, your ability to cope with day to day stresses and your capacity to function at your best at work and home. Reducing pain and improving your sleep can be very beneficial, not just for coping with your pain, but for your health, wellbeing and physical and mental performance.

No Matter What Your Sleep Style Or Preference These Comfy Mattress Toppers Will Have You Sleeping Soundly In No Time

Best Mattres Toppers For Back Pain Review 2021|Best Budget Mattres Topper For Back Pain Buying Guide

The best mattresses are a big investment, but even the most expensive ones will wear out over time. A removable topper can significantly extend the life of your mattress and is a more affordable solution to your nighttime woes than buying a new mattress right away. Mattress toppers are also a great option if you want to change the overall feel of your bed for example, with the right product, you can easily make your bed feel softer or firmer. Some types provide pressure relief and alleviate back pain, while others help to isolate motion, which is ideal for couples. There are also temperature-regulating versions for sleepers who run hot, and if that sounds like you, youll want to consider cooling mattress pads and cooling bed sheets, as well.

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What’s The Difference Between A Mattress Topper And A Mattress Protector

Put simply, mattress protectors protect your mattress from stains, dead skin cells and dust mites. Parents often use them to protect children’s beds from night-time accidents, too. Toppers, meanwhile, are all about comfort. They can make a mattress higher, softer, firmer, hotter or cooler, depending on the type you buy, but they won’t protect it from spills or allergens. If you’re using both, put on the topper on first.

The Best Mattress Toppers For Back Pain

If youre looking to make a good mattress even better, you cant go wrong by shopping for a new mattress topper. These products add extra comfort and support to a mattress that is either already great or just a bit too soft to help with chronic pain. Thats right mattress toppers can help alleviate back pain.

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Choose A Mattress Topper That Is At Least 2 Inches Thick

Mattress toppers are available in various thicknesses. Avoid mattress toppers that are too thick. Dont pick one that is extra thick, like 4 inches, but also dont choose the one as thin as 1 or 1.5 inches. Look for a mattress topper with a moderate thickness of 2 to 3 inches.

A thin mattress topper wont provide the desired comfort and spinal support. A mattress topper that is 2 to 3 inches thick, on the other hand, provides the pressure-relieving comfort and consistent support while controlling your movement and alleviating neck pain/stiffness.

Examples of Mattress Toppers of a Thickness That May Help Neck Pain

Mattress Topper Thickness


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