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Which Doctor Do You See For Back Pain

How Orthopedic Treatment Can Help

Back Pain? Sciatica? When Do You Need To See A Doctor Immediately!

Orthopedic spine specialists who don’t have a specialty in orthopedic surgery use non-surgical methods to treat patients who suffer from lower back pain. They specialize in musculoskeletal disorders that affect the lower back in people with sports injuries and other traumatic injuries, as well as disorders and diseases of the spine. They may work with other spine specialists mentioned above to manage the lower back pain and restore movement.

If Youre Still Not Better Youll Likely Get An Mri

If youve finished your PT but your pains not improved, your physiatrist will likely send you for an . This type of test looks at whats going on inside your body using a high-powered magnet. An MRI can help doctors see if a nerve is being pinched, if theres wear-and-tear on the cartilage or bones, or if theres another physical problem that might be at the root of your pain.

Find Relief From Back Pain At The International Spine Institute

At the International Spine Institute, Dr. Marco A. Rodriguez, MD, provides the least invasive treatment approach for patients with back pain. Hes a leader in Endoscopic Spine Surgery and Least Invasive Spine Surgery.

At the International Spine Institute, we realize patients are looking for compassionate and convenient care that provides them with symptom relief and enhanced life. If youre not sure when to see a doctor for back pain, call us with any questions or schedule an appointment with Dr. Rodriguez for a consultation.

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Conservative Pain Relief Solutions Arent Helping

Perhaps youve already visited your general family doctor but the conservative treatments prescribed, like medications or physical therapy, have not helped. At that point, you should visit an orthopedic specialist who can dig deeper into your unique case and recommend the best course of action moving forward.

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When Should I See an Orthopedic Doctor for Back Pain?

Dr. Vernon Rowe has a web-based informational website that provides in-depth information about each of the neurological conditions that we specialize in, including informational videos like this one, with transcripts, that are unlike anything else on the webthey are NOT SPONSORED by any pharmaceutical company or other commercial entity. Go to DOCTORROWE.COM. The information provided will help you navigate your care wherever you go, with knowledge about the questions you should ask your doctor, and the tests that may be recommended, as well as some tips on how to obtain cost effective care, wherever you live.

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Physiatry Offers A Holistic Approach To Improving Health

If you experience chronic pain from an injury or medical condition, a physiatrist may be able to help you find relief without surgery. Physiatrists are medical doctors who teach you how to safely strengthen muscles, stabilize joints, rehabilitate injuries, and increase your flexibility. According to Carolyn Keeler, DO, a physiatrist at Duke Spine Center in Durham, physiatry treatments aim to reduce inflammation and other causes of pain.

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Living With Back Pain

Living with back pain can be challenging however, most people find relief within 6 weeks. Remember to follow the recommendations of your health care providers. The following may make it easier for you to manage your pain and recover:

  • Add exercises gradually and talk to your doctor about the types of exercises that are best for you. There may be certain activities or exercises you should avoid.
  • When sitting for a prolonged period get up, move around, and switch positions frequently.
  • Wear comfortable shoes with a low heel.
  • When driving long distances, try adding some support behind your back, and stop frequently to stand up and walk around.
  • Sleep on your side, and place a small pillow between your knees. If you tend to sleep on your back, place a pillow under your knees. If possible, try to avoid sleeping on your stomach.
  • Limit the amount you carry. Instead of carrying more items at once, make a few extra trips to avoid carrying too much weight.

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Discusses Potential Therapies That Could Help

With their specialized training, pain management doctors have access to the latest research on therapies that work. Theyre also likely conducting their own trials and studies on patients whose pain hasnt responded to conventional therapies.

After diagnosing your pain, a pain management doctor will review available therapies for your condition and find the one that works best for you. Great pain doctors will use interventional or pharmaceutical treatments in conjunction with complementary therapies. For many patients, using complementary therapies can reduce the amount of medication you have to take or the procedures you have to undergo.

Your pain management plan may include a variety of complementary therapies, including:

  • Neuromodulation

Read more about each of these therapies in our post on interventional pain management.

Although no single remedy will cure your pain, combining multiple methods can help you find the best mix to maximize your quality of life. In severe cases, surgery may be warranted. This should only be used when other less invasive methods havent worked, or your condition is seriously affecting your quality of life.

A note on medications

If you do use prescription medications to manage your pain, its important to be smart about taking it. Additionally, your pain management plan shouldnt rely entirely on medications. If your pain management doctor suggests this, it may be time to see a new doctor.

Rheumatologists: For Knee Pain With Systemic Symptoms

Back Pain? When Do You Need to See a Doctor Immediately!

A rheumatologist is an internist or pediatrician with further training in joint pain. But, they often focus on treating systemic autoimmune diseases.

These are medical conditions where your immune system attacks your own body. These cause joint pain and swelling. But, they also affect other organs, like the skin, eyes, or liver.

Also, rheumatologists dont perform surgery. Their treatments focus on medications and other strategies.

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Causes Of Severe Back Pain

Though muscular strain is the most common cause of back pain, there are many possible causes, Dr. Gordon says, including:

  • Compression Fractures due to osteoporosis
  • Fractured vertebrae
  • Herniated disc or degenerative disc disease
  • Osteomyelitis
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Spinal cord tumor

Watch for these symptoms that warrant medical attention: pain accompanied by numbness or tingling in the arms or legs back swelling and redness , bowel or bladder problems or unintended weight loss, Dr. Gordon says.

Also, seek medical care if pain radiates down one or both legs, he says.

To determine the cause of chronic back pain, your doctor may order tests such as X-ray, magnetic resonance imaging , computed tomography scan, bone scan or electromyography, which is a test to diagnose neuromuscular abnormalities.

Imaging And Blood Tests

Most people do not need additional testing however, sometimes doctors order tests to rule out a specific cause for your pain or to confirm a cause for your back pain. Your doctor may order the following.

  • X-rays only show bones and can help diagnose:
  • Broken bones or fractures.
  • Changes due to aging.
  • Changes in the alignment of the spine.
  • MRI uses energy from a powerful magnet to produce signals that create a series of cross-sectional images. These images or slices are analyzed by a computer to produce an image of the back. MRI can help diagnose damage or disease of the soft tissues, such as the discs, ligaments, and nerve roots in and around the spine.
  • Computerized axial tomography uses a scanner to take images of the back at different angles. The images are analyzed by a computer to create three-dimensional views of the back. As with MRI, CAT scans help diagnose problems with the spinal canal and the surrounding tissues.
  • Electrophysiological tests, such as an electromyography or EMG, which helps measure the electrical activity in muscle. This test helps doctors check for problems with the muscles and nerves.
  • Bone scans use small amounts of radioactive materials to help doctors see more details in the spine, such as fractures and infections.
  • Blood tests help identify a possible cause for the back pain, such as inflammatory or medical disorders.
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    Differences Between Primary Care Physicians And Orthopedic Specialists

    Primary care physicians are usually a patients first point of contact when theyre experiencing medical symptoms. Since primary care physicians are trained in internal medicine, they can typically diagnose and treat common ailments, and play an integral role in preventative treatment and maintenance of general health and wellness.

    While your primary care doctor is familiar with your overall state of health, they may not have the expertise to treat certain medical conditions. In the case of back pain, orthopedic physicians specialize in the musculoskeletal system and are best suited for guiding you through both non-invasive and surgical courses of treatment.

    Although primary care physicians may be able to offer conservative treatment methods to help alleviate back pain symptoms, like anti-inflammatories or pain killers, there may be other conservative treatment methods that an orthopedic specialist can recommend to you.

    Pain In The Back Culprit: Your Workout

    What Doctor Do You See For Children

    Overdoing it at the gym or fairway is just one of one of the most common reasons for overextended muscular tissue mass creating low pain in the back. If you have a tendency to be non-active throughout the work week and after that spend humans resources at the wellness club or softball field on the weekend, youre specifically at threat.

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    In Most Cases A Primary Care Doctor Or Chiropractor Can Help You Resolve The Problem

    Low back pain is one of the most common complaints on the planet. And you may wonder where to turn when you start experiencing some of those aches or twinges in the lower part of your back. Take heart. âIn most cases, you wonât need a specialist,â says Dr. Robert Shmerling, a rheumatologist at Harvard-affiliated Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

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    How Often Do I Need To See A Chiropractor

    At first, I might see a patient once or twice a week. If the condition is acute, I might see the patient every day to begin. As they improve, I recommend fewer visits and start giving the patient more things to do on their own at home. I want my patients to be as independent as possible. There are patients who have chronic problems and need to come back and see me once in a while. But the great majority of patients have issues that are resolvable, and I may never need to see them again after their condition has improved.

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    College And Medical School

    All licensed physicians â whether theyâre MDs or DOs â have both bachelorâs degrees and advanced degrees from medical school.

    After four years of undergraduate studies, aspiring doctors must pass the Medical College Admission Test . Itâs a rigorous exam â only about 50% of test-takers pass on the first try .

    Once theyâve passed the MCAT, future doctors go through another four years of schooling. The first two years of medical school are primarily classroom and laboratory work the second two years mostly consist of hands-on work under the supervision of experienced doctors.

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    When Is Surgery A Good Idea For Back Pain

    When to See a Doctor for Back Pain

    These red flags can be indicators for surgery, if theyre found to berelated to your spine condition:

    • New or progressing bowel/bladder issues
    • Weakness in limbs
    • Gait and balance problems
    • Evidence of increased reflexes

    Surgery can also be an option for chronic back pain if there is a knowncause confirmed by imaging and if other treatments didnt help. Getopinions from at least two surgeons, suggests Nava, as pain can stillcome back after the surgery.

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    Who Will Likely Refer You To A Physical Therapist

    Generally, the first course of action for ongoing back pain is six weeks of physical therapy, plus at-home treatments like those mentioned earlier in the article.

    can also do assessments of how youre sitting, standing and movingand show you how to improve your workspace and posture, for instance. And theyll create an exercise or movement program thats designed to help your back feel better.

    Placental Tissue Matrix Injections

    Placental tissue matrices are derived from the placenta, an organ that develops during pregnancy to provide oxygen and nutrients to a developing fetus. The placenta sends nutrients to the growing baby via the umbilical cord and it is delivered from the body during childbirth, along with the baby.

    • The placental tissue is obtained from a healthy mother who had a normal labor and delivery without complications.
    • Once harvested, the placental tissue is cleansed and preserved.
    • The placental cells contain a large amount of growth factors that promote healing.

    Similar to PRP injections, injections of placental tissue matrix have been shown to help heal damaged cartilage cells and delay changes to the cartilage in osteoarthritis.

    You may experience decreased pain and improved use of your knee within two to six weeks after receiving prolotherapy injections, with effects lasting up to one year.

    Neither injections of PRP or PTM are recommended for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis by the American College of Rheumatology and Arthritis Foundation guidelines because there is limited evidence demonstrating overall effectiveness and there is a lack of standardization of treatment protocols.

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    What Should I Expect At My First Visit To A Chiropractor

    It wont be a lot different from what youre used to with other medical providers. I first gather a lot of information about you by asking questions: How your pain began, what is the effect on your pain when you do this or that, what your level of pain is, and any other symptoms you may have. If your information is in Duke MyChart, Im going to read it beforehand. This includes if you have images — MRIs, X-rays — or blood work.

    Then Im going to perform an exam that assesses both the medical and mechanical aspects of your pain. For example, Ill look at alignment, muscle tone, nerve function, how your body is moving, how well you can bend, turn, twist, and what kind of movements reproduce the symptoms youre having. If you havent had X-rays or other imaging and we need to order it, we can do that. However, most patients do not need imaging at their first visit.

    After the exam, we have a discussion: This is what I think is happening with your spine, these are the treatments I would recommend, and this is how I think it will help you. Since Im part of a team, if I think a patient will get additional benefit or more benefit from seeing a physical therapist, physiatrist, spine surgeon, or other provider, I will also suggest that referral.

    Top Orthopedic Doctors For Back Pain In Northeast Tennessee

    Benefits of Physical Therapy for Back Pain

    If you are experiencing back pain, its best to see an orthopedic physician for diagnosis and treatment. In most cases, back pain doesnt just go away on its own. There is often an underlying issue that needs to be addressed.

    At Watauga Orthopaedics, we have the best orthopedic doctors in the tri-cities area. Find out what makes us the best in the field in Johnson City, Kingsport, and Bristol. Call 282-9011 today to make an appointment or request one now. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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    Bowel And Bladder Issues

    If you find yourself running to the restroom or sitting on the toilet for hours , it may be time to see a specialist.

    Some of the issues that can affect the bowel, bladder, and back include Irritable Bowel Syndrome and nerve damage.

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome can cause abdominal cramping and extreme stool , which can then lead to lower back issues.

    Flipping it around, nerve damage in the back can create abdominal pain and disrupt digestion.

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    Your Pain Extends To Other Body Parts

    If you’re experiencing severe back pain that is coupled with pain in other areas such as shooting pain down your leg then you should see a doctor. This could be a sign that you have sciatica, a form of pain that affects the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back and through the buttocks before branching down each leg. This condition usually results from a herniated disk. A doctor will be able to offer a variety of ways that you can relieve this pain.

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    What Treatments Does A Knee Specialist Recommend

    Most causes of anterior knee pain are due to biomechanical factors that require a comprehensive rehab program incorporating other disciplines including physiotherapy, podiatry, and strength and conditioning.

    Sometimes, anterior knee pain may be due to kneecap arthritis or fat pad impingement. Generally, both of these conditions need specialised treatment.

    In addition, Dr Masci is a specialist in the management of a common knee complaint called patellar tendinopathy or jumpers knee. Patellar tendinopathy occurs in younger individuals who participate in jumping or change of direction sports including football, rugby, and athletics. Managing patellar tendinopathy or jumpers knee is challenging and requires a comprehensive rehab program such as heavy loading at the gym and extras to exercise including shockwave therapy, GTN patches or an ultrasound-guided injection. Dr Masci has published a paper on stem cell and PRP injections in patellar tendinopathy. Often, an MSK ultrasound is useful to confirm the diagnosis of patellar tendinopathy or jumpers knee.

    Another common knee complaint is arthritis of the knee joint most cases of knee arthritis do not need surgery and improve with exercise therapy combined with other treatments including medication and/or injections. Dr Masci has expertise in the non-surgical treatment of arthritis of the knee such as PRP injections. This recent blog discusses evidence for PRP injections in knee osteoarthritis.


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