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What Doctor Specializes In Back Pain

What Type Of Doctor Treats Back Injuries And Conditions

When to See a Doctor for Back Pain

The tricky thing about looking for a back doctor near me, is that many types of people have ideas about relieving back pain. Its important to seek a certified back doctor, like the Harvard-trained physicians at Pain Treatment Specialists. Our doctors hold multiple board certifications in fields like pain medicine, pain management, anesthesia, and hospice care. That means theyre experts at identifying the source of your pain, as well as relieving it as gently and quickly as possible.

When Is The Right Time To Seek Help For Your Pain

Dr. Dowdell says its rare that anyone comes to him after a week of back pain. Its more common that people have been living with pain for months or even years, and finally they decide theyve had enough.

As with many health conditions, though, the sooner you get seen by a doctor, the better. If you get help within the first few weeks or months of having ongoing pain, you might be able to prevent it from becoming a lifelong battle, he says.

Whats more, having spine pain for a long time can create pain pathways from your back to your brain, says Dr. Dowdell. As pain signals travel back and forth, the pathways get more and more well established, which can make pain harder to treat later on.

A final note from Dr. Dowdell: Whenever you decide to seek help, you should understand that treatment may be a bit of a journey.

Youre not going to walk into the doctors office and walk out with a quick diagnosis, he says. When youre in pain, that message can be hard to hear. But treating back pain is something that needs to be done one step at a time.

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What To Expect From Your Pain Management Specialist

A pain management specialist is a doctor who evaluates your pain and treats a wide range of pain problems. A pain management doctor treats sudden pain problems such as headaches and many types of long-lasting, chronic, pain such as low back pain. Patients are seen in a pain clinic and can go home the same day. Pain management doctors offer a mix of medication-based treatments and procedures, that can stop the pain at its source.

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What Doctor Treats Back And Neck Pain The Best In Nj & Nyc

In addition to our extensive training and acclaim, were also the Big Apples and the Garden States favorite back doctor because of our wealth of solutions. Whether you have sacroiliac joint pain, herniated discs, or osteoarthritis, were armed with quick solutions for your pain. We always take a comprehensive health assessment and identify your goals, preferences, and underlying conditions before recommending treatment plans. Were experts at providing swift comfort, not adding discomfort to your life.

When To See A Doctor

Chronic Pain

There is not always an obvious cause of lower back pain, and it often gets better on its own. Resting, trying hot or cold therapy, taking OTC pain relievers, and gently stretching may help speed up recovery.

However, a person should see a doctor for lower back pain that is severe, does not seem to be getting better, or occurs alongside other concerning symptoms, such as tingling or numbness down the legs.

People with lower back pain should seek immediate medical attention if they also have any of the following symptoms:

  • difficulty walking or moving the legs
  • loss of bowel or bladder function
  • loss of sensation in the legs
  • very severe pain

A doctor can help a person identify potential causes of lower back pain and recommend appropriate treatment.

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When Should I See A Doctor For Back Pain

When your back first starts to hurt, try taking an over-the-counter pain reliever and applying ice in the first 48 hours. You may apply heat after 48 hours. You may need to take it easy for a while, but its best to stay as active as tolerated, and to avoid absolute bed rest, said Dr. Guo.

If your back pain lasts more than two weeks and keeps you from participating in normal, daily activities, see your family doctor. If your pain is severe, you should see a doctor sooner. You should seek urgent medical care if you have:

  • Fever associated with back pain
  • Back pain after trauma
  • Loss of bladder or bowel control
  • Loss of strength in your arms and legs
  • Unexplained weight loss associated with back pain

Also, always be more cautious if you have special risk factors for cancer, infection, or fractures that may affect the spine.

Help Which Doctor That Specializes In Back Pain Is Right For Me

There are clearly many different types of doctor that specialize in back pain. All of them focus on different types of back pain, different causes of the pain, and different types of treatment options. These are important factors to consider when you are deciding where to seek medical help. We understand that it can be difficult to try and know where to start, and it may feel frustrating as you try different options, seeking to find one that helps you.

We recommend trying a pain treatment clinic.

A pain treatment clinic is a one-stop shop for understanding and treating back pain. The clinic houses a number of different medical specialists, who are all highly trained in different areas, but all function as pain doctors, to relieve your pain. They will help you to diagnose the cause of your back pain, and work with you to find a treatment option that is likely to help, and suits your preferences.

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Causes Of Sciatica Pain

The majority of sciatica pain is caused by the nerve becoming pinched due to compression of the lower back. This can occur by either a herniated disc, bone spur or even a tumor compressing on the nerve. Only a medical doctor or specialist can make a qualified diagnosis. If you suspect you have a damaged sciatic nerve, which type of specialist should you seek out to treat your sciatica pain?

Back Pain Treatment In Westlake And Avon Ohio

Doctors Debunk 11 Myths About Posture And Back Pain | Debunked

Orthopaedic Associates, Inc. has an excellent orthopedic team comprised of 13 board-certified, fellowship-trained surgeons who deeply care for our patients. We take your treatment seriously and will stop at nothing to ensure you find relief.

If you are ready to say goodbye to back pain, call us today at 892-1440 to make an appointment. You can also request an appointment online. We look forward to serving you in our Westlake and Avon clinics!

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Specialists Who Treat Back Pain

There are many types of health practitioners that care for patients with spinal conditions, and each has a slightly different role. Selection of the most appropriate type of health professional – or team of health professionals – largely depends on the patient’s symptoms and the length of time the symptoms have been present.

The different types of health professionals who treat back pain tend to have varied training and interests. While it is common to start off with a primary care provider , if the patient’s back pain is resistant to initial treatment then the services of a spine specialist may be necessary.

Avoid Alternative Treatment For Back Pain Near Me Initially

Massage therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic care might be helpful to you, but they might also be detrimental or even dangerous. Back pain that stems from inflammation can be worsened by things like massage, and chiropractic techniques have no benefit for back pain caused by things like spinal stenosis, endometriosis, or cancer. Our Ivy League team provides accurate diagnoses and solutions for all types of back pain. Click the link below to book an appointment with our award-winning back doctors!

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Signs You Should See An Orthopedic Spine Specialist

At Comprehensive Spine Institute, we know that chances are youve experienced back pain at least once in your life.

According to the Global Burden of Disease, lower back pain is the worlds leading cause of disability. In a single year, half of working Americans will fall victim to the Back Pain Monster.

While it may seem like an everyday occurrence, there are times when this discomfort shouldnt be ignored.

But when does enough become enough? When is it time to visit an orthopedic spine specialist?

Read on to find out.

The Function Of The Sciatic Nerve

Noninvasive Spine Procedures Miramar

The sciatic nerve provides feeling and sensation throughout the leg and foot. This nerve is also responsible for most movement by stimulating the muscles in the leg to be able to feel and move. Due to the fact that it branches off into smaller nerves, it is able to accommodate a large area of the body.

What is Sciatica Pain?

Sciatica pain refers to pain that originates from the sciatic nerve. It causes pain that runs down your lower back through your gluteus maximus, and down your leg. You have a sciatic nerve that runs down each leg, however, in most cases, you only experience sciatica pain on one side of your body at a time. Due to the nerve’s massive size and length, sciatica can present in a variety of ways depending on the origination of the damage. Common symptoms include:

  • Numbness and/or tingling in the affected leg
  • Pain that ranges from mild to excruciating
  • Burning sensation in the affected leg
  • Muscle weakness

Everyone is different and may experience one or more of the above symptoms based on the severity and causes.

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Why Go To An Orthopedic Doctor For Back Pain

Most us will experience back pain at some point in life. While most back pains resolve on their own or with conservative treatments, some need serious medical attention. Back pain may be a sign of a serious condition, and it will progressively get worse if left untreated.

If your back pain is not getting better and is limiting the activities you can engage in, see an orthopedic doctor. Why go to an orthopedic doctor for back pain? Why cant your primary care physician just treat it? Orthopedic doctors have specialized knowledge, training, and experience in diagnosing, treating, and preventing musculoskeletal pain. While a primary care physician can treat a plethora of health issues, an orthopedic doctor can do it better.

Bowel And Bladder Issues

If you find yourself running to the restroom or sitting on the toilet for hours , it may be time to see a specialist.

Some of the issues that can affect the bowel, bladder, and back include Irritable Bowel Syndrome and nerve damage.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome can cause abdominal cramping and extreme stool , which can then lead to lower back issues.

Flipping it around, nerve damage in the back can create abdominal pain and disrupt digestion.

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In Most Cases A Primary Care Doctor Or Chiropractor Can Help You Resolve The Problem

Low back pain is one of the most common complaints on the planet. And you may wonder where to turn when you start experiencing some of those aches or twinges in the lower part of your back. Take heart. “In most cases, you won’t need a specialist,” says Dr. Robert Shmerling, a rheumatologist at Harvard-affiliated Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Avoid A Back Doctor In Nj Who Favors Spine Surgery

Chronic back pain: when to see a doctor

Avoid spine surgeons initially, since back surgery is no longer advised for a majority of back pain conditions. Spine surgeons are trained to use invasive procedures, but our award-winning team uses minimally invasive solutions that prevent the need for surgery and lengthy recovery. If surgery is required, well refer you to the proper physician, but if you start with a surgeon, youll miss the opportunity for better, safer, and faster relief.

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When To See An Orthopedic Doctor For Back Pain

Back pain is a fairly common occurrence, especially among active adults and the elderly. The pain can come and go, or it may persist. Sometimes it can be hard to determine whether it warrants medical attention.

Here are a few guidelines to help you decide when to see an orthopedic doctor. An orthopedic doctor specializes in the health of bones and joints and can diagnose and treat back pain that is caused by a variety of musculoskeletal ailments.

Role Of Pain Management For Chronic Back Pain:

When it comes to chronic back pain, there are a variety of ways in which pain clinic can help. Most pain clinic interventions have the advantage of being low risk, minimally invasive, non-surgical options without any need for prolonged hospitalisation. The treatment plan is individualised and may include a combination of the following

  • Patient Education
  • Psychology input including relaxation therapy, coping and self-management skills, cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Complementary and alternative therapies including Acupuncture, TENS, acupressure, meditation
  • Interventions such as injections. These can be especially useful for people where the source of pain is not known despite extensive investigations. Diagnostic injections can help in reliably identifying sources of pain when investigations have been inconclusive. Some of the treatment options are not commonly available elsewhere and these include
  • X-ray/ ultrasound guided injections like nerve blocks, epidurals, facet joint injections
  • CT guided interventions in areas which require precision for accuracy and minimising risks
  • Advanced techniques such as Radiofrequency treatment which can provide prolonged pain relief for common conditions arthritis of the joints in the spine

Research and technological developments have opened new avenues in pain management such as

  • Newer technologies cooled radiofrequency and spinal cord stimulators
  • Regenerative medicine options including stem cells and platelet rich plasma

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Spine Specialists For Back Pain


Neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons perform spinal surgeries. They typically extend their training through spine fellowships. A spine fellowship is a group of selected surgeons who have completed their surgical residencies. This typically takes between four and seven years. These board-certified back pain specialists also provide training in spinal surgeries.


These are medical doctors that specialize in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. However, these back pain specialists do not perform surgery. Rather, they provide conservative treatment options for musculoskeletal problems.


Neurologists specialize in treating conditions of the nervous system. These diseases affect the spinal cord, nerves, and brain. Such as epilepsy, strokes, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimers. These are all under the specialty practices of neurologists. A neurologist consults with other physicians to provide a long-term plan . Typically, this program is for individuals that experience chronic nervous system disorders.


Anesthesiologists are dedicated to pain relief and care of the patient. Including before and after a surgical procedure.


Physicians in this field specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. Specifically, those affecting bones, muscles, and joints. Plus, all forms of arthritis.

What Can I Expect From A Pain Management Doctor

Pain doctor Houston,Back Pain Specialist, Back Pain Relief, Pain ...

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Chronic pain affects millions of Americans, negatively impacting their energy levels and overall quality of life. But they dont have to suffer alone. Pain management clinics are designed to address the unique needs of chronic pain sufferers, providing diagnosis of and treatment for chronic pain with either a targeted or comprehensive full-body approach. If you or a loved one suffer from chronic pain, heres what you need to know about pain management doctors and how they can help:

What does a pain management doctor do?

Pain management doctors specialize in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of pain, especially for patients with chronic pain that is difficult to diagnose. Once the doctor identifies the source of your pain, they can develop a treatment plan that works best for you. Treatment may involve physical therapy, medication, or chiropractic care, as well as nonmedical interventions such as yoga, meditation or dietary changes.

Types of pain treated by a pain management doctor

The list of medical conditions that can lead to chronic pain is long, but the types of pain treated by pain management doctors typically fall into three main categories: direct tissue injury, nerve injury, or a combination of both.

Examples of conditions that cause direct tissue injury pain:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

Examples of conditions that cause nerve injury pain:

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Family Doctor Or General Practitioner

Most back pain problems are first addressed in the office of an individuals general practitioner or primary care doctor. This is because it is often a pain problem that goes on for a length of time prior to the individual asking for help with it.

The most likely course of treatment if your family doctor is prescribing it will be medication therapy and/or physical therapy regimens. Your general practitioner will likely not be as well appraised of treatments for specific back pain problems as their specialist counterparts, so they might opt to order some tests to confirm their suspicions and then use those findings to refer you to one of the specialists listed below.

Where To Start With Back Pain

Low back pain is one of the most common complaints on the planet.

And when someone starts experiencing back pain it can be so frightening that we immediately want an expert that will somehow magically get rid of it.

Unfortunately, there’s just no unicorns and rainbows when it comes to solving back pain.

Realize that most back pain will resolve on its own. What I’m saying here is that your major ache or tweaked out back doesn’t require a specialist in most cases.

Some of the most common causes of acute or sudden back pain include an injury:

  • to a muscle or tendon
  • to a back ligament
  • to a bulging disc .

And the reality is, many of these issues will eventually resolve on their own.

In my personal opinion, the first time someone starts to experience back pain, they should immediately start doing back extension exercises.

I would continue to do back extensions every 3-4 hours throughout the day for at least 3 days.

And if you notice that you’re feeling better, continue for another 1-2 weeks.

But if your low back pain doesn’t improve, then maybe there is something more serious happening.

More serious causes of back pain include:

  • a narrowing of the spinal canal
  • disc tears or herniations
  • severe degenerative disc disease
  • spinal infections

So if your back pain doesn’t improve with back extensions and modified activities, then you’d want to consider someone who is qualified to properly assess the situation.

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