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What Doctor To See For Back And Hip Pain

What Others Are Saying About Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Who Is The #1 Best Doctor To See FIRST For Back, Piriformis, Hip, or Sciatica Pain?

Stronger & Faster Than Ever

“Being an athlete all my life and having endured multiple knee surgeries due to blowing out ACL’s in both knees, I later started to develop a hip issue in my right hip due to the years of wear and tear. It actually got so bad it was hard for me to perform as an athlete as well as be a productive coach for my clients.

After getting an MRI to have it checked out, I realized I had a degenerative arthritic condition in the hip that is not reversible. Surgery was not an option I wanted to go through so I contacted Rick Kaselj to see if he had something for me. When I started to apply the strategies from Unlock Your Hip Flexors it helped me re-balance my pelvis and hip joint to where I couldn’t even tell I had an issue anymore.

These days I’m stronger and faster than ever and still competing in sports. Rick gave me the ability to perform at my highest level as a coach and regain the athletic ability I had lost over the years from wear and tear. I’ve been using Rick’s strategies for years to help myself manage and recover from injuries as well as countless members of the fitness community. I couldn’t recommend this product enough!”

Frank Daniels, CPT

Helped Me Deadlift 500 Pounds

If you do any kind of explosive lifting Unlock Your Hip Flexors can definitely help you add pounds to your max!”

Chris Wilson, SNC, RKC, CPT Head Strength Coach, Critical Bench

Answers To Common Back Pain Questions

More than eight in 10 people will experience upper, mid, or low back pain at some point in their lives. Low back pain is the most common back pain. In most cases, the pain goes away over time. If your back pain is severe or does not improve, you may need medical care. Here are answers to some common questions about back pain and tips on when to seek help.

What Do Symptoms Mean Can You Self

Helpful information about hip pain, the following symptoms may indicate a serious problem:

  • The pain causes you to limp
  • The legs feel as though they are different lengths
  • You have a limited range of motion in the hip and you hear creaking noises when move it
  • Rest relieves the pain and using it hurts
  • The hip feels stiff

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How A Doctor Diagnoses Hip Problems

When a patient visits a hip specialist to help diagnose a hip problem, there are three parts to the examination the medical history, the physical examination, and diagnostic imaging.

During the medical history, the hip surgeon will try to find out if you have developed your problem through heredity, through lifestyle habits or through a sudden sports injury. This will give the physician the best idea of how to find out exactly what is wrong, and then suggest proper treatment of the injury. You should indicate to your doctor if you have been using steroids since they can cause joint inflammation. Lyme Disease from the deer tick and rheumatoid arthritis can also trigger joint inflammation, for instance.

Following the medical history, your doctor will give a physical examination to hear or feel what is wrong. This portion of the exam is somewhat like a carpenter trying to find out why a hinge on a door is squeaking or is not properly aligned by opening and closing the door a few times to listen to what is going on. This will show the doctor which tests he or she should perform to find out the cause of your pain.

Next, the physician may have an MRI or x-ray image taken of your hip. An X-ray often times does not provide the clarity needed to see precisely what is wrong. In these instances, an MRI or CT-Scan is used. X-rays, for example, only show bones. MRI and CT-Scans show soft tissues.

Osteoarthritis Of The Hip

Lower back and hip pain: Causes, treatment, and when to ...

Age-related degeneration of the hip joint can cause pain in the lower back and stiffness in the hip.

Hip osteoarthritis causes stiffness and a significant decrease in the hips range of motion. This change can cause the hip to incline forward, disrupting the curvature of the lower spine. The inward curvature of the lower spine may become more pronounced, sometimes causing the lower spinal discs to bulge or herniate.12,13

This condition may over time cause degeneration of the spinal joints too, resulting in a more advanced problem called hip-spine syndrome.

Learn more about Hip Osteoarthritis on

This list is not exhaustive of all possible causes of lower back and hip pain. If you experience pain and/or stiffness in your lower back and hip that does not resolve with self-care and affects your daily activities, talk to your doctor. A doctor can accurately diagnose the cause of your lower back problem and formulate a treatment plan for the underlying condition.

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Hip Doctor In North Dakota

When hip pain is left untreated, it may result in permanent disability. If youre experiencing any of the symptoms above, visit our experts at The Bone & Joint Center today.

Our orthopedic team can diagnose and treat a wide range of hip-related problems using conservative and surgical methods. Our very own Dr. Brian Dahl and Dr. Timothy Bopp have restored the normal hip function of countless patients with arthritis, hip fracture, and hip impingement syndrome.

To schedule an appointment, call 424-2663 or fill out our online appointment request form. We have several locations across North Dakota to serve you. Give us a call today and find out how we can help you find relief from hip pain.

What Is A Hip Injury

Our hip joint is a ball-and-socket joint that fits together in a manner that allows fluid movement. When the hips are engaged, such as when running for a Frisbee, the inner hips have a cushion of cartilage that helps prevent friction as the femur moves in the socket. Our hips are incredibly durable, but theyre not indestructible. Over time, the cartilage in our hips wears down and can become torn.

The muscles and tendons in the hip can become overused. Osteoporosis can break down the bone quality, leading to a hip fracture during a fall. There are lots of ways your hips can signal you that something is wrong by sending pain signals to your brain.

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What Are Common Hip Injuries That Require Surgery

Hip surgery is uncommon for reasons other than hip replacement or when a hip has been fractured. Hip replacement surgery is very successful and involves a far easier recovery than you may assume. It is done when the patient has extensive, irreversible hip joint damage that is causing chronic pain that is interfering with everyday life. At Bone & Joint Specialists, we may perform hip replacement surgery to treat these conditions:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Bone tumors

What Price Would You Pay To Be The Strongest That You Can Be

Examination for Low Back and Hip Pain – Doctor Exam

Now you’ve seen the benefits of taking action and the hidden dangers of carrying on as normal, and you can see the power of The Unlock Your Hip Flexors System.

It still stuns me to see many guys working hard in the gym and carrying on as usual. They struggle to understand why they still feel pain, why they’re low on energy and why their body isn’t responding.

It ALWAYS comes back to their hips.

Thousands have already experienced the life-changing results from unlocking their hip flexors, and we’re slashing the price of this system for a very limited time.

If you take action right now and buy The Unlock Your Hip Flexors System, pay just $69.99 instead of the regular price of $100.

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Plus, take the two fast-action bonuses for free when you invest in the system today.

That’s less than you’ll pay for a single treatment from a qualified physical therapist

And that’s less than youll pay for a book on the subject. A book that doesn’t have the walk-throughs or demonstrations to ensure you complete the sequential flow properly.

Remember, if you wanted a consultation with Rick, it would cost you more than $300 an hour to learn from him the level of expertise he shares in The Unlock Your Hip Flexors System.

Take this today and take back control of your health, wellbeing and energy.

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Signs That Your Hip Is The Source Of Your Pain

One of the biggest signs that your pain is caused by a problem in your hip is the presence of groin pain. Your hip joint is located behind the groin, thats why groin pain usually means the hip is the root cause of pain. In some cases, this groin pain will radiate downward toward your knee.

Another obvious sign that your hip is the source of your pain is pain around or over the hip joint. However, hip problems can also refer pain to your low back, contributing to the confusion over where the true source of the pain is located.

Hip-related pain is most often caused by osteoarthritis in the hip. In addition to groin pain, people who have osteoarthritis in their hip joint often report pain in their buttock, front of thighs, and knees. They may also limp when they walk and report reduced range of motion in their hips, pain that worsens with activity and improves with rest, and discomfort that begins as occasional but becomes more regular.

While osteoarthritis is the most common cause, hip pain may also derive from piriformis syndrome, avascular necrosis in the hip, and/or sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

  • Piriformis syndrome causes dull, mild pain in the low back and buttocks and can cause pain radiating down the legor sciatica.
  • On the other hand, the hip pain associated with avascular necrosis is severe and constant.
  • Sacroiliac joint pain might be attributed to both the hip and the low back, as the sacroiliac joints connect the sacrum in spine to the hip bones.

Heres A Simple Test: Stand And Look Down At Your Feet If Your Toes Point Outward Rather Than Straight Ahead Your Hip Muscles Are Probably Overworked And Need To Be Stretchedwhat Kind Of Doctor Should I See For Back And Hip Pain

If youre lucky, you wont notice your hips are tight until youre trying to do the Half Pigeon pose in your yoga class. But if youre not so fortunate, your tight hips are making themselves known every time you so much as walk to the bathroom or sit on the couch-expressing themselves in the form of lower back pain and muscle stiffness. Tight hips can even shorten your stride, slowing your 5K goal time!

Its a common issue, says Prevention advisor Rob Danoff, director of family and emergency medicine residency programs at Aria Health in Philadelphia. For people who sit a long time at work, the hip flexors and rotators become tight, and the gluteal muscles become weak, he says. This combination negatively affects our ability to walk, maintain proper posture, and the stability of our spine.What Kind Of Doctor Should I See For Back And Hip Pain

New York City-based yoga teacher Amanda McDonald agrees that tight hips are a widespread issue: Hip openers are actually the most-requested moves in my yoga classes. If you never move in certain directions, she says, youll reduce your range of motion over time.

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Is It Back Pain Or Hip Pain Getting To The Root Of The Problem

If you have pain in your low back, hips, and other areas in your lower body, the source isnt always easy to pinpoint. Your pain may originate in your lumbar spine or your hipor bothand its important that your doctor identifies the source of the problem, so you receive the right treatment.

Because the hips and lower spine are located so closely together, its easy to mistake back pain for hip pain . Regardless of the origin, most low back pain and hip pain share a common cause: normal wear and tear on the body due to aging or triggered by overuse injuries . Lumbar sprains and strains, osteoarthritis, and herniated discs are common degenerative culprits behind low back and hip pain.Determining if pain is back or hip related can be difficult to distinguish because the lower back and hips are close to each other. Photo Source:

Sequential Flow + Self Massage = Loose Hips Fast

Lower Back Pain Can Improve After Total Hip Replacement

Rick’s Sequential Flow gives you everything you need to release your hips.

From the first time using his Sequential Flow, you feel the benefits of looser, freer hips for more energy and vitality. Experience shows us that people who use this system avoid tightness and stay injury-free.

We’ve proven the sequential flow transforms even the tightest hips. It helps you melt away the pain and tension that keeps you down.

But what if we could give you those results instantly?

You see, the only way to release your hips in the right way quicker is with the help of a physical therapist. The problem is you don’t have access to a therapist when and where you need it.

Here’s the dirty little secret that physical therapists are desperate to keep from you

There’s a type of muscle release tool that therapists dont want you to see. Because when you get your hands on this, youll never need your physical therapist again .

This weird little tool releases and decompresses tension in your hips in a matter of seconds, giving you instant relief.

You can finally get deep tissue massage when and where you need it without the expense of a visit to the therapist every time you need to loosen up.

And that’s why we’ve combined Rick’s power Sequential Flow method with this groundbreaking self-massage tool…

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Wait You Qualify For The One Day Discount

More strength, faster gains – having looser hips increases speed and strength, which combine to give you power. When you increase power, you increase performance in sports and competition. In sports, all of your power comes from the hips.

Sleep like a baby – one of the most powerful effects of the program is giving you back a good night’s sleep. When your body is better aligned, less discomfort means better sleep for your body to rejuvenate so you feel fresher, stronger and full of energy.

Fire your therapist say goodbye to expensive trips to your physical therapist to treat the same old injury over and over again. Treat the root cause and you’ll save a small fortune in treatment bills.

Get back in the gym- no more laying off in the vain hope your condition will get better by itself. After just a few days of using the sequential flow of Unlock Your Hip Flexors, you’ll feel much better, stronger and ready to return to the gym.

Throw out those pain killers – no longer will you need to down pill after pill to stave off the pain in your back, legs and hips. Unlock Your Hip Flexors shows you how to deal with the CAUSE of your strength and flexibility problems, not the EFFECTS.

If you’ve been struggling with nagging aches and pains stopping you from working out like a boss, fixing your hip flexor problem will bring life back to your body.

Faqs About Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Q: How is this different from other hip flexibility programs?

A: What makes Rick’s program unique is knowing how to unravel the tricky layers of tension with the very difficult psoas muscle in order to effectively loosen and train it.

Rick’s one-of-a-kind sequential flow is your surest path to looser, stronger and healthier hips.

Q: Why are you selling this so cheap? What’s the catch?

A: There is none. We’re so pleased with the number of our customers who have made the investment in this program and have enjoyed life-changing results.

Our aim is to make this available to as many guys as possible, firstly to welcome more people to our audience and secondly because we’re celebrating hitting a quarter million fans on Facebook.

Q: How long will it take me to do the program?

A: The program is designed to take between 10-15 minutes in total to complete.

We recommended adding the program as a daily practice to get the best results over a longer period of time. You may wish to add this program before or after your regular gym session or use it independently.

Q: How long until I see results?

A: Although everyone is different and results may vary, we know from experience how quickly it’s possible to feel and see a difference.

For some it may be as soon as their first session for others it may take a few sessions to really start seeing the benefits. Again, it depends on the body in question.

Q: Who is this program suitable for?

Q: Are the exercises hard to perform?

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At What Age Do Most Hip Injuries Occur

Most hip injuries occur with older people. This is because their hips have had decades of use and impact. Osteoarthritis is the most common cause of various hip injuries. This is otherwise known as wear and tear arthritis. Older patients, particularly females, are also prone to having osteoporosis, the deterioration of their bones. In the hips, this leads to fractures during falls.


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