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What Causes Back Pain Just Below The Shoulder Blades

Treatment Options For Pain Between Shoulder Blades

Fix Rhomboid Pain (Mid-Back & Shoulder Blade Pain) 5 Self Treatments That Work

Treatment for the pain between shoulder blades depends on the severity and the outlying condition. Some of the treatment options involve activities or exercises you can do at home to help manage the pain. After first confirming with a doctor to diagnose the source of your pain you can move on to try some of these remedies.

Stretching A cat stretch to be more precise. It involves rounding your shoulders while pushing your spine back so you stretch the upper back area. The best time to do this is after a hot shower because the muscles will be most malleable.

Heat Heat is great for relieving the tension in the afflicted area of the back. A heated towel or heat bag should be appropriate.

Posture Better posture means less stress on the spine.

Sleep Put an asterisk beside this one. We dont only mean sleep, but sleep well on a good mattress. Sleeping on a poor mattress can actually contribute to back pain. If you find yourself not sleeping well on a regular basis and cant point to any other external factor, try changing your mattress.

What Is Upper Back And Shoulder Pain

Upper back pain is pain that occurs between the shoulders, often because of a lack of muscle strength surrounding the shoulder blade and rotator cuff, resulting in poor mechanics of the shoulder and spinal joints.

Rarely, the spinal nerves can become compressed, sending inadequate signals to the upper extremity muscles.

Could This Be A Symptom Of Cancer

NP isnt cancer. Although skin changes can sometimes be a symptom of cancer, the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute says that itchy skin is rarely a symptom.

Melanoma skin cancer may itch. But melanoma looks like a mole and can be on any part of your body, not necessarily on your back.

A blood cancer called polycythemia vera causes itchiness after a warm shower or bath, but itching is just one of its many symptoms. Other symptoms include dizziness, headache, fatigue, and trouble breathing.

In some cases, itchy skin can be a symptom of leukemia or lymphoma.

Contact a doctor if the itching:

  • doesnt go away after a few days
  • is intense
  • started after a back injury
  • happens with other symptoms, such as numbness, tingling, or pain in the area
  • spreads to other parts of your back

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It May Be Your Desk Job

Slouch much? Upper back pain is most commonly from poor posture, says Irene Tien, MD, emergency medicine physician with the Rowe Telemedicine Network. Sitting and staring at a computer shortens chest muscles and pulls on the muscles in the upper back. A lot of people get a muscle spasm between the shoulder blades as a result, she explains. Heres how to help your body recover from sitting all day long.

Too Much Of A Good Thing

Trigger Points  Nagging Pain Inside The Bottom of the Shoulder Blade ...

Agreeing to help your neighbor paint his ceiling, or taking care of tasks like rearranging furniture can come back to haunt you. You mean well, but youll pay for it later, and that usually means upper back pain near the shoulder blades.

If you are not used to using these muscles, you can strain them and sprain your ligaments, leaving you with upper back pain.

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Causes Of Pain Under Shoulder Blades

Posted on by Camille Clinton, MDin Shoulder, Shoulder Pain, Sports Medicine

Our shoulder blade is a triangular shaped bone in our upper back and its purpose is to help support pivotal movements of our shoulder. Its possible to experience pain near or under your shoulder blade that is quite severe or an ache that arrives in waves. The cause and the diagnosis can be determined on the kind of pain, its frequency, and if the pain occurs with movement. Here we will look at 10 causes of pain under the shoulder blade.

What Are The Symptoms

NP causes an itch just below your shoulder blade. The itching can be mild, or it can be so severe that it makes you want to rub your back against a post or wall. Scratching might feel good, but it wont always relieve the itch.

You may feel the itching on either one or both sides of your back. The itch can also spread to your shoulders and chest.

Along with itching, NP can sometimes cause these symptoms in the upper back:

NP usually has no visible symptoms. However, repeatedly scratching the itch can cause patches of darker-colored skin to appear in the affected area.

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Burning Under The Shoulder Blade

This is a signal of developed intercostal neuralgia, a prolonged deforming process in the spine. However, the most characteristic feeling of burning pain for an attack of angina and a more serious, life-threatening condition – myocardial infarction. The feeling of pressure, burning under the shoulder blade of the left, not stopped by heart medications is a reason to call emergency medical care, especially if the symptom is accompanied by pain in the lower jaw, neck, back, shortness of breath, cyanosis of the skin. In addition, a burning sensation under the scapula, on the left side, may be evidence of a psychogenic disease – vegetative-vascular dystonia, when in addition to a painful symptom a person feels a strong feeling of fear, a hand tremor appears, tachycardia, a lump in the throat.

Diagnosis Of Pain Under The Left Shoulder Blade

What Causes Rib / Under the Shoulder Blade Pain And How To Fix It | Simple Posture Fixes And Cues

Differentiation of symptoms in left-sided thoracalgia is extremely difficult, since pain is not specific and can be a sign of many diseases and conditions, including those requiring emergency medical care. Diagnosis of pain under the left shoulder blade requires complex measures, multiple examinations, but its main task is to eliminate threatening conditions such as gastric ulcer , angina, pre-infarction and heart attack, rupture of a dissected aorta. In order to accurately determine the cause of the symptom, the diagnosis of pain under the left shoulder blade should include the following actions:

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How To Relieve Pain Under The Shoulder Blade

  • Rest
  • Taking short breaks from postures that cause pain help in reducing the strain over the muscles of the upper back. Sometimes even taking a day off can ease the inflammation of muscles under the shoulder blade.

  • Correct your posture
  • Ergonomic changes allow the muscles of the body to work efficiently, without causing any strain. Small ergonomic changes to workplaces and household areas go a long way in reducing postural strain.

  • Support your back
  • Using back supports that help you prop yourself up and keep you in the correct posture will further reduce strain in the upper back. Back support not only aligns your spine but also send the right feedback to your brain to reinforce correct posture.

  • Apply a hot or cold pack
  • Using a hot or cold pack temporarily reduces any pain or inflammation that occurs due to muscle strain at the upper back. Use them for at least ten minutes two to three times a day.

  • Stretching exercises
  • You can perform basic upper back stretches to relieve any tension in the muscles. Performing basic stretches in your routine can also help in preventing muscle strain in the upper back.

  • Seek treatment
  • Pain in the shoulder blade requires a thorough assessment. Seeking treatment is the best way to alleviate pain effectively.

    Pain Treatment Under The Left Shoulder Blade

    Therapeutic appointments for left-sided thoracalgia, pains at the bottom of the scapula directly depend on the diagnostic results. The primary treatment of pain under the left shoulder blade can only be associated with the relief of an acute, life-threatening condition. If a person suffers from chronic coronary artery disease, taking heart drugs will help relieve the first painful sensations. If the pain does not subside within 5-10 minutes, you should call an ambulance. Acute pain caused by gastric ulcer, osteochondrosis or hernia is best removed with the help of a doctor rather than independently, therefore treatment of left-sided pain is the implementation of medical recommendations, and not the advice of relatives, neighbors or acquaintances. Self-medication often leads to sad consequences, especially when it comes to cardiac pathologies.

    Most often, a painful symptom in the back, the shoulder blades is reflective, projection pain, the source of which is located in another zone. Therefore, after the removal of acute pain, all diagnostic measures should be carried out in full. Thus, the treatment of pain at the bottom of the left shoulder blade is the treatment of the underlying disease, which provokes a painful symptom. Therapeutic appointments for back pain, in the area of the shoulder blades, can be done by the following doctors:

    • Traumatologist.
    • Therapist.
    • Psychotherapist, psychiatrist.

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    Stabbing Pain Under Left Shoulder Blade Other Causes

    The pain often associated with this pain type is easily known if you visit your local doctor or a hospital. The earlier you do so, the better your chances of recovering quickly.

    You should take special care if you have shoulder blade pain as it could be severe to your health. Yes, it could be just a tired shoulder blade, but you wont know for sure until you check it out.


    Some shoulder blade pain can be related to osteoarthritis. It isnt uncommon for this to happen because aging, wear and tear of joints contribute to the inflammation buildup.

    This inflammation causes the pain many of us feel, primarily when it rains or the temperature changes.

    This disease could be a problem if you notice shoulder stiffness with the pain or limited joint movement. These are the main symptoms of osteoarthritis, though it could run to the neck or spine in severe cases.

    Since the primary cause of this condition is arthritis-related, using anti-inflammatory drugs should help. You can use foods high in the same component to increase the natural amounts.

    Simple exercises to keep the joints from getting stiff are vital. If your situation is awful, surgery may be necessary.

    Heart Problems

    Heart problems are also associated with shoulder blade pain, so be mindful of this. This condition, known as angina, causes chest and back pain if the heart lacks oxygen.

    Laparoscopic Surgery

    Blood Clots In Lungs

    Medical Disclaimer

    Rest On A Supportive Mattress

    Pin on Health

    As we mentioned above, resting on an unsupportive mattress can cause the muscles between the shoulder blades to strain. If body weight is not evenly distributed throughout the night, you may end up in uncomfortable sleep positions that tense up the back muscles. Over time, this can lead to chronic upper back pain.

    The best mattress for back pain is one that keeps the spine resting in a safe, neutral position so back muscles can fully relax and recover. When the spine is kept in alignment with the hips and shoulders and the joints are cushioned, you will experience deeper, more restorative sleep and wake with less pain.

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    Does Notalgia Paresthetica Go Away

    NP can last for months or years. While it may completely subside in some cases, this doesnt happen for everyone. It may also appear to go away before coming back again later.

    No single treatment works for all cases of NP. Still, a doctor can likely find a treatment option or combination of treatments thats effective for your symptoms.

    What Are Possible Complications Of Neck And Back Pain

    Complications of back and neck pain may include:

    • Loss of productivity. Back pain is the most common reason for disability in working adults.
    • Nerve damage. If your back pain is from a herniated disk, pressure on the spinal nerves may cause a variety of problems, such as weakness, numbness, or severe shooting pain that travels from the back to the leg.
    • Depression. Back or neck pain can disrupt all aspects of life. This includes work, physical exercise, social activities, and sleep. The anxiety and stress caused by the change in movement and pain can lead to depression.
    • Weight gain. Loss of movement and inability to exercise can lead to weight gain and the loss of muscle strength.

    It is a good idea to see a healthcare provider if you have numbness or tingling, or if your pain is severe and does not get better with medicine and rest. If you have trouble urinating, weakness, pain, or numbness in your legs, fever, or unintentional weight loss, call your healthcare provider right away.

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    Can I Prevent Neck And Back Pain

    The following may help to prevent back and neck pain:

    • Practice correct lifting techniques. Don’t lift heavy items. When you do lift something, bend your legs, keep your back straight, and then slowly lift your body and the object.
    • Wear a seat belt in motor vehicles in case of a collision.
    • Use telephones, computers, and other equipment correctly.
    • Maintain correct posture while sitting, standing, and sleeping.
    • Exercise regularly. Learn back-strengthening exercises to keep your back and belly muscles strong. Warm up with stretching exercises before doing exercises.
    • Do exercises that improve your balance.
    • Don’t smoke.
    • Stay at a healthy weight.
    • Reduce emotional stress that may cause muscle tension.
    • Get enough vitamin D and calcium in your diet.

    Try Out Cold Or Heat Therapy

    Under The Shoulder Blade Pain & How To Fix It Rib Pain Relief

    Ice is a quick way to relieve pain. Wrap the ice or cooling device in a wet cloth before applying it to your skin. Apply the cold device for 15-20 minutes. Leave about 45 minutes between applications. Ice or cold reduces blood flow to the affected area. By doing so, inflammation and swelling may be reduced. As a result, you feel less pain.

    Some individuals prefer heat over cold. Go with what feels best for you, or alternate between them. Heat, in particular, may offer relief, if your muscles feel tense. Heat promotes blood flow in the applied area and also causes the local muscles to relax.

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    You Were In A Car Accident

    If youre able to walk away from a rear end crash and feel OK, you may decide not to get checked out by a doctor. However, whiplasha violent backward-and-forward jerk of the headcan create tears and inflammation of the muscles and ligaments in the neck and upper back, explains Dr. Chang. See your doctor if you suspect whiplash, especially if you have other symptoms like fatigue, dizziness, and pain in your neck.

    How Do Doctors Diagnose The Cause Of Upper Back Pain

    To diagnose the cause of your upper , your doctor will ask you several questions about your pain including:

    • When did your upper back pain start?

    • Can you describe your pain? Is it sharp, dull, achy or burning?

    • On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst pain ever, how would you rate your pain?

    • Is your upper back pain on the left side, right side, or both sides?

    • Is your upper back pain constant or does it come and go?

    • What, if anything, makes your upper back pain better or worse?

    • Are you experiencing any other symptoms, such as weakness or ?

    • Does your upper back pain wake you at night or limit your activities during the day?

    • Have you ever injured your back?

    • What do you do for work?

    • Do you exercise?

    Your doctor will also perform a physical exam, feeling your back for areas of tenderness or abnormalities. You may need to move your arms, reach in different directions, bend and change positions. Your doctor will want to know if movement affects your pain or if limits your movements. Your doctor may also test your muscle strength and reflexes.

    In some cases, testing may be necessary including:

    • Blood tests to check your blood cell counts and electrolytes

    • Bone scans if osteoporosis or a bone tumor is a possibility

    • Imaging exams, including X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs

    • Nerve studies to evaluate how well your nerves and muscles are working

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    Severe Pain Under The Left Shoulder Blade

    This is a reason to immediately consult a doctor, because an intense pain signal is not characteristic of the scapular zone, therefore, is associated with a serious, possibly threatening condition. At best, severe pain under the left shoulder blade may signal intercostal neuralgia, however, a peptic ulcer or a pre-infarction condition or a heart attack can be a more disturbing cause. In a situation where the symptom is associated with gastric ulcer , the person experiences so much pain that he cannot move, pressing his arm or leg to the diseased area. Irradiating to the left, penetrating a painful symptom can serve as a direction in the diagnostic sense, since such manifestations are characteristic of an ulcer in the cardiac zone of the stomach. Severe pain under the left shoulder blade may also indicate that an angina attack goes into the pre-infarction stage, especially when it is not stopped by heart medications. In addition to a strong painful sensation, a person feels a spreading, burning sensation, perhaps pressure with a reflection in the left side – in the arm, in the neck, under the scapula.

    Pain Caused By Bile Problems

    Organ Under The Rib Back On The Right Side : Pain Between Shoulder ...

    The human body moves in mysterious ways, especially to non-experts. Since you’re experiencing pain in your back, it’s only logical to assume the problem is within the area. There are instances, however, when the issue is rooted deeper within the body.

    Biliary colic is another medical issue that might cause back pain and shouldn’t be taken lightly. This is a type of pain that occurs when a gallstone blocks a bile duct and causes a sharp upper back or rib pain that may radiate to the right shoulder. It may manifest after ingesting a fatty meal in an episode of sharp, intense soreness that starts near the abdomen and branches out to the upper-back region and may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

    Bile is made in the liver and then stored in the gallbladder. Its primary purpose is to digest and break down fats entering the body. Therefore, when food enters the body, bile will automatically travel from the gallbladder via the cystic duct to the small intestine to continue the food’s digestion.

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