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What Is The Best Remedy For Back Pain

What Should I Know About Back Pain

Best Ayurvedic Treatment For Back Pain In Kerala | Permanent Cure For Back Pain

Back pain is a very common problem and will affect many of us at some point during our lives.

The good news is that in most cases it isnt a serious problem, and it might just be caused by a simple strain to a muscle or ligament.

As far as possible, its best to continue with your normal everyday activities as soon as you can and to keep moving.

Being active and exercising wont make your back pain worse, even if you have a bit of pain and discomfort at first. Staying active will help you get better. Taking painkillers can help you do this.

Low Back Pain Symptoms: Does Your Back Hurt

Low back pain symptoms range from sharp and stabbing to a dull ache. The pains can be constant or intermittent and positional. Acute low back pain can appear suddenly after injury. Chronic back pain is defined as pain lasting more than three months. Consult a doctor if you have prolonged back pain longer than 72 hours.

How To Get Relief From A Back Muscle Spasm

Muscle spasms, often the result of injury, can make for a very tense back. Spasms can occur in any of the body’s muscles, including, of course, the trunk, hips and/or corethose areas where good muscle control and flexibility really matter to the health of your spine.

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Relieving Your Back Pain

When you are suffering from an ache or struggling to get lower back pain relief, it may seem difficult to take a proactive approach to the matter. However, alleviating such aches may be largely within your control. If you make some simple changes in habit and lifestyle, you might be pleasantly surprised by the results. At North Texas Medical Center, we take great pride in helping our community achieve better health. If you are suffering from backache, call us at , or contact us online today.

The Best Pain Relief Creams For Instant Relief From Back Pain

Top 10 natural herbal remedies for back pain

Using a topical pain relief cream can bring relief to your aching muscles and joints, so find the right one for your back here.

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Anyone who suffers from persistent back pain will be all too familiar with the feeling of aching muscles and stiff joints.

But what can you do to stop it?

There are a few things you can do that will take lessen the pain in the long-term, such as staying active, working on your posture, or strengthening your core muscles.

But if you’re looking for instant relief, then a good option would be to use a topical pain relief cream.

As these get straight to the source of pain to either block it, numb it, or distract you away from it.

And in this article I’ll review and recommend the following creams:

But firstly I’ll explain how these creams work, which benefits you’ll get from using them, and the dangers and possible side-effects you need to be aware of.

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The Real Difference Maker For Chronic Pain: Active Physical Therapy

Many people with chronic back pain are under the impression that they have two options: live with pain and try to minimize it, or have surgery. But for most back pain sufferers, theres another option a better option for providing long-term relief: active physical therapy.

Active physical therapy or targeted therapy involves exercises aimed at building up the specific muscles that support your back.

Herbal Remedies For Lower Back Pain

16. Black Haw and Cramp Bark

Mix equal quantities of black haw and cramp bark tinctures. Take it every 3 to 4 hours consecutively for 3 days. It will reduce the pain considerably.

17. Chebulic myroblan

Eat a small piece of this fruit after having meals. Its one of the simplest home remedies for curing lower back pain.

18. Chamomile Tea

Stress stiffens the muscles of the back, thereby, causing pain. Chamomile is, said to be, a great stress-buster which soothes tense muscles. Take 1 cup of boiling water and add 1 tablespoon chamomile flowers to it. Steep it for 12-15 minutes. You can also prepare tea with prepackaged chamomile tea. Sip at least 1-3 cups daily.

19. Ginger Root

The anti-inflammatory compounds of ginger alleviate the pain. When your lower back aches, drink ginger tea. Slice fresh ginger root and put these slices in 1 quart boiling water. Steep them on low heat for half an hour. Let it cool and add honey to sweeten it. Sip it twice a day.

20. Basil Leaves Decoction

Since ages, holy basil leaves have been used as a healing balm for the soul, body and mind. Take a cup of water and boil it. Add 10 basil leaves to it. Boil till it converts to syrup. Add salt while boiling. Take it 2-3 times a day for quick respite from severe lower back pain.

21. Devils Claw

Research studies have revealed that a therapeutic dose of this South African herb for the short term reduces lower back pain.

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How Do Pain Relief Creams Work

There are a few varieties of pain relief creams on the market and they all help to give you relief from pain but in different ways.

  • Some work by numbing pain and reducing inflammation.
  • Others block pain signals from reaching the brain.
  • While others distract your mind away from the pain thus lowering it’s impact.

What is common though is that each cream is absorbed through the skin, which makes them very effective at targeting pain in muscles and joints that are close to the skin’s surface.

However, they can’t get into deep-lying muscle and joint problems that exist for some people with lower back pain.

This is because the medication that some creams carry dilutes as it penetrates, meaning it can only reach so far.

But having said that, pain creams do provide a safer alternative to taking pain medication orally, which can be a cause of stomach irritations and cardiovascular problems.

And this is a big problem, with an average of 100,000 Americans per year spending time in hospital with stomach problems caused by taking NSAID medication.

So creams are safer because they carry a much smaller dosage than a pill so less gets into your bloodstream.

Also a pain relief cream directly targets the problem area only, unlike ingesting a pill into the stomach, so they are less harmful to your stomach lining.

So using a pain relief cream rather than pain medication to keep your pain at bay makes sense.

As different creams contain different ingredients and do different things.

Home Remedy Treatments For Back Pain

best treatment for lower back pain.neck and shoulder pain.lower back pain treatment

A massage, whether performed by a massage therapist or by a loved one,can help relieve back pain.

The following home remedies are appropriate for anyone who is suffering from back pain due to tight, aching muscles or a strain. However, if you are experiencing pain, weakness, or numbness in the legs, or a loss of bowel or bladder control, see a doctor without delay.

Don’t take it lying down. Conventional wisdom once held that several days or even weeks in bed were the best cure for a sore back. However, a growing number of doctors today encourage patients to get up and around as soon as possible and to avoid bed rest entirely if possible. That’s because mounting research shows that lying down for an extended period not only fails to speed up relief of low back pain but may make it even worse. If you feel you must rest your aching back, the best position is lying flat on your back with two pillows underneath your knees. Never lie facedown, since this position forces you to twist your head to breathe and may cause neck pain. Make an effort to get up and move around, slowly and gently, as soon as possible. Any more than three days of bed rest could weaken the muscles and make them more prone to strain.

Get some sleep. Getting sufficient rest at night is important when your back muscles are strained. It’s best to lie on your side, with the knees flexed and a pillow between them. If you lie on your back, place a pillow under your knees.

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Gently Stretch Your Joints And Soft Tissues Through Yoga

Yoga is an effective way to stretch your back, improve the health of muscles and joints, enhance distribution of healing nutrients through blood circulation, and increase the flexibility of the spine.12

See Healing Benefits of Yoga

When you start, perform the stretches slowly and advance only if you feel comfortable without pain. Gradually, you will be able to add more stretches to your routine. An ideal time for yoga is early morningto help loosen your spine and also reduce stiffness and aches in your back.

See 3 Beginner Yoga Poses for Lower Back Pain Relief

What To Try First For Your Back Pain

Cleveland Clinic spine experts support the following ACP recommendations, he says:

  • Physical therapyCleveland Clinic very much advocates active physical therapy, says Dr. Mayer. An exercise prescription can help to ease back stiffness and strengthen muscles that support the spine.
  • AcupunctureThis ancient Chinese technique involves inserting hair-thin needles at key points to ease pain. Acupuncture is better at relieving the radiating leg pain that can accompany low back pain. We often recommend acupuncture because relieving pain allows you to exercise and be active, says Dr. Mayer.
  • ExerciseIndividual, group or supervised exercise can make you sore at first. But it can help improve your core strength, spine flexibility, endurance and balance, he notes.
  • Yoga and tai chiPracticing these meditative forms of exercise from ancient India and China has shown good benefit for those with low back pain, improving their function, endurance and symptoms, says Dr. Mayer.
  • Placing electrodes at certain points allows you to control and release tension in your back muscles. This improves function, positional tolerance and muscle pain, says Dr. Mayer.
  • Stress management and mindfulnessRelieving stress and focusing on the present help to take your mind off pain.
  • Progressive relaxationGradually releasing tension in each part of the body can be helpful in easing pain, especially before bed.
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    Stretching And Foam Rollers May Improve Back Pain

    If the primary issue causing back pain was limited motion and stiffness, its likely that I would prescribe some stretching exercises, says Stephens. These could be done with a therapist or independently at home, he says.

    Foam rollers can sometimes be helpful in relaxing a tight muscle, but it can be difficult to access the right spot with lower back pain if youre trying to do it on your own, he says.

    What Causes Back Pain

    Daily Health Post: 17 Best Home Remedies for Back Pain Relief

    Most lower back pain is nonspecific lower back pain so called because it’s not clear what’s actually causing the pain. Sciatica is another type of lower back pain, caused by irritation or pressure on a spinal nerve, with pain being felt along the course of the nerve, perhaps as far as the legs and feet. Rarer forms of back problems are bone disorders, tumours and infections.There are myriad causes of back pain, from injury, postural issues and diseases such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, to lifestyle factors such as physical fitness, smoking, being overweight and occupation. Age and genetics also play a role.Lower back pain usually clears up within six weeks, whether treated or not. However, up to 30% of people suffer ongoing symptoms or repeat episodes of pain. Acute lower back pain lasts a few days to a few weeks, while pain that lasts for more than three months is considered chronic.

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    Overlooked Remedies For Lower Back Pain Relief

    When lower back pain persists and continues to interfere with your quality of life, multiple treatment options may be needed for adequate relief. Below are some back pain treatments that are commonly overlooked or underused. Try one or more of these remedies to see which one, or combination, works best for you.

    Find Relief Through Ice And Heat

    Break out that bag of frozen peas for the first 48 hours after the pain sets in, and put it to use for 20 minutes a session, several sessions per day. After those two days are behind you, switch to 20-minute intervals with a heating pad.

    Localized cooling shuts down capillaries and reduces blood flow to the area, which helps ease the swelling, says Lisa DeStefano, DO, an associate professor at Michigan State Universitys College of Osteopathic Medicine in East Lansing. Cold also thwarts your nerves ability to conduct pain signals. Heat, on the other hand, loosens tight muscles and increases circulation, bringing extra oxygen to the rescue.

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    Home Remedies For Back Pain

    Maybe you lifted something heavy or swung a golf club a little too enthusiastically. Or maybe you’ve been hunched over a desk or computer for two weeks, battling a deadline. Whatever the reason, now your back is “out,” and you’re wishing for something, anything, that will put an end to the agony.

    Take heart you’re not alone. Almost everyone suffers from back pain at some point in his or her life. The bad news is that unless you have a major injury or disc problem, your doctor may not be able to do much for you other than prescribe some pain medication and advise you to rest. The good news is that some simple home remedies can have you back in the swing of things in just a few days. Even better, you can help ensure that you won’t have to endure similar discomfort in the future.

    In this article, you will find ways to relieve your aching back and prevent back strain altogether. We will begin in the next section with some home remedies for alleviating back pain.

    Rhus Tox Best Remedy For Back Pain

    Back Pain Home Remedies Drink – Best Juice for Back Pain Relief

    Rhus Tox is a top grade medicine for treating back pain. Some characteristic symptoms indicating its use are the back pain arises from muscle strain due to overstraining or overstretching or from lifting heavy weight, it worsens with rest while the person feels relief from walking or motion. Also, in cases where the back pain gets better with hard pressure, Rhus Tox is the appropriate choice of medicine.

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    Can Sleeping Position Affect Back Pain

    Sleeping position can have a direct effect on back pain. Each sleeping position creates a unique set of pressure points and areas that need cushioning, and this is why having the right mattress to suit your sleeping position is an important part of preventing and reducing back pain.

    Back sleepers tend to have their most serious pressure points around the lumbar area. If a mattress is too soft, the weight of the abdomen will cause this region to sink out of alignment with the rest of the back and hips. If the mattress is too hard, it wont accommodate the natural curvature of the spine in the lumbar area. For this reason, a Medium-Firm to Firm mattress usually works best for back sleepers.

    Side sleepers have high-impact areas where the body is the widest, notably at the shoulders and hips. A mattress needs to be contouring enough to cushion those pressure points but not so soft as to let them sink too deeply into the bed and out of line with the rest of the body. Most side sleepers get the best results from a Medium to Medium-Firm mattress.

    Body weight is an important factor to consider along with sleeping position. People who weigh more will sink further into a mattress, exacerbating the risks in all sleeping positions of the heavier parts of the body becoming misaligned. Sleepers of above-average body weight typically need a firmer mattress than someone of average weight who sleeps in the same position.

    Treating Back Pain At Home

    Aside from such severe injuries or arthritis, most lumbar pain is short term and may respond well to home care, especially if its a recent occurrence and you suspect you know how you may have caused it. If the level of pain is mild, here are five things you can try at homebut if pain lingers or gets worse, discontinue your efforts and consult your doctor:

  • Use heat or cold applications, depending on what makes you feel better. Its not a quick fix, but easing off pain helps relax, which in turn facilitates healing. Heat can soothe and relax tense muscles, and increase blood flow bringing the bodys healing factors into the area. Cold reduces inflammation, and can help reduce or deaden the sensation of pain.
  • Strengthen your core muscles. You may think, what does that have to do with my back? Its an interactive architectural system. Your core is made of up several muscle groups in the abdomen, sides and back. All together, they support your posture and spine. If you dont regularly do core exercises, we recommend having at least one training session with a coach or physical therapist so you learn simple ways to begin that wont complicate your back pain. Begin gently, and gradually work up to longer time or more reps, depending on the exercise.
  • Massage can do wonders, both physically and psychologically. Ask your partner or close friend for 10-15 minutes of massage. Start gently, but provide feedback regarding location and pressure.
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