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What Doctor Do You See For Lower Back Pain

What Happens When I Visit A Back Doctor

Should you See a Doctor for Lower Back Pain??? | SHOULD YOU??? SERIES #2

We gather a full medical history of your back problems and perform detailed physical examinations, said Dr. Guo. That includes checking for tenderness, spine range of motion, strength, sensation, and reflexes. Depending on your symptoms, we may perform provocative tests to find out what triggers your pain. We may order imaging studies, such as X-rays, MRIs, or CT scans. We may order electromyography and a nerve conduction study, which assess whether you have muscle and/or nerve problems that may cause your symptoms. We use all the information to help identify the cause of your back pain and associated symptoms, and provide the most appropriate treatments for you.

How Usual Is Lower Pain In The Back What Type Of Doctor Is Best For Back Pain

Around 4 out of five individuals have lower neck and back pain at a long time in their lives. It is simply one of the most regular variables people check out doctor.

Some individuals are most likely to have lower neck and back pain than others. Risk variables for lower back suffering consist of:.

Age: Individuals over 30 have added back distress. Disks wear away with age. As the disks damage as well as also wear down, ache and rigidity can result.

Load: Individuals that are obese or lug extra load are more potential to have back distress. Excess weight taxes joints and likewise disks.

Overall wellness. Destroyed stomach muscles can not sustain the back, which can cause back pressures as well as additionally stress.

Individuals that smoke, eat alcohol excessively or live a less active way of living have a higher threat of pain in the back.

Profession as well as also way of living. Jobs and tasks that ask for hefty training or flexing can raise the risk of a back injury.

Anatomical troubles: Extreme back suffering can result from conditions, such as scoliosis, that alter spinal column placement.

Problem: People that have a family tree of osteo arthritis, certain sorts of cancer cells, in addition to numerous other conditions, have a greater danger of low neck and back pain. Psychological wellness: pain in the back can develop from depression as well as anxiety.

Pain In The Back Culprit: Your Workout

Overdoing it at the gym or fairway is just one of one of the most common reasons for overextended muscular tissue mass creating low pain in the back. If you have a tendency to be non-active throughout the work week and after that spend humans resources at the wellness club or softball field on the weekend, youre specifically at threat.

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Tips For Preserving Ones

Workout frequently to keep muscular tissues versatile and also solid. Connect with a physician for a listing of low-impact, age-appropriate exercises that are especially targeted to enhancing lower back as well as likewise abdominal muscle.

Protect a healthy and balanced and also balanced pressure as well as likewise eat a healthy and balanced diet with sufficient daily consumption of calcium, phosphorus, and also vitamin D to promote new bone growth.

Usage ergonomically created furniture and also devices in your house and at the office. Ensure job surfaces most likely to a comfy height.

Change relaxing positions commonly as well as periodically walk the office or very carefully stretch muscle mass to eliminate stress and anxiety.

A cushion or rolled-up towel placed behind the small of the back can provide some lumbar help. Place your feet on a minimized feces or a stack of publications when sitting for a very long time.

Sleeping on ones side with the knees developed in a fetal placement can help open up the joints in the back as well as additionally eliminate stress by decreasing the curvature of the spinal column. Frequently sleep on a company surface.

Do not attempt to raise points that are as well heavy. Raise from the knees, pull the stomach muscles in, as well as likewise keep the head down and also according to a straight back. When training, maintain objects close to the body. When lifting, do not transform.

Treatment For Acute Low Back Pain

When Should You See a Doctor for Back Pain?

Learn about the first aid steps you can take when you first get back pain, such as using heat or ice, taking medicine, and not resting too much.

Sometimes acute low back pain lasts longer than a few days, even after you try first aid steps. In such a case, you might add another treatment, such as acupuncture or manual therapy.

If your pain is very bad, your doctor may recommend short-term use of a muscle relaxant. Some people consider epidural steroid shots.

Answers From an Expert:

“Stay as active as you can. Doctors used to say to rest, but it turns out that this is not the case. The more active you are, the better you will be, and the faster you will heal.”âDr. Robert Keller

  • Low Back Pain: Should I Have Spinal Manipulation?

If over-the-counter medicines combined with these treatments have not helped, your doctor may recommend another medicine. In some cases an antidepressant such as duloxetine can help. If pain is very bad, your doctor may have you try a week or two of an opioid pain reliever such as tramadol. Be sure to discuss the risks and the possible benefits of all medicines with your doctor.

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Common Causes Of Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back painis usually age-related, but can also result from a prior injury. The mostcommon causes include:

In some cases, its difficult to pinpoint the cause of chronic back pain.If your doctor has exhausted all diagnostic options, its time to seek asecond opinion from a back pain specialist, recommends Nava. Itsimportant not to make rushed decisions or undergo extensive medicalprocedures until the origin of the pain is found. Not only may they nothelp they could make the pain worse, warns Nava.

If the source of the pain is not known or cant be treated, your bestoption may be to work with your doctor on reducing the flare-ups and makingthe pain manageable with nonsurgical treatments.

What Are The Symptoms

Depending on the cause, low back pain can cause a range of symptoms. The pain may be dull or sharp. It may be in one small area or over a broad area. You may have muscle spasms.

Low back pain can also cause leg symptoms, such as pain, numbness, or tingling, often extending below the knee.

A rare but serious problem called cauda equina syndrome can occur if the nerves at the end of the spinal cord are squeezed. Seek emergency treatment if you have weakness or numbness in both legs or you lose bladder or bowel control.

Most low back pain is short-term and will go away in a few weeks. It is more likely to become long-lasting if you are depressed or under stress.

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Who Should I See For Lower Back Pain

Your primary care physician knows you best and should be your first contact for lower back pain. If he or she is unable to diagnose or treat the issue, you may get referred to a specialist, such as a rehabilitation physician . These specialists practice a comprehensive approach to lower back pain, and can diagnose and treat a variety of conditions that have lower back pain as a symptom.

Later, you may get referred to a physical therapist, a chiropractor or another practitioner depending on the nature of your back pain. The good news is that surgery is rarely needed for lower back pain. Only about one in ten patients needs lower back surgery, Chhatre says.

One: Before You Visit A Surgeon See Your Family Doctor

See your doctor NOW! (BACK PAIN). Understand red flags for lower back pain

Every patient should visit their primary care physician before seeing an orthopedic spine surgeon. Your family doctor will perform a medical exam to identify the cause of your condition. He or she can prescribe medicines for non-chronic lower back pain . These treatments may include analgesics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, anticonvulsants, and counter-irritants.

Additionally, your doctor can order chiropractic care or physical therapy as a first-line treatment option. Chiropractors are specialists that use spinal manipulation and mobilization to provide pain relief. Physical therapists use techniques including traction, massage, muscle manipulation, and biofeedback to relieve aches and mobility issues. These therapies may not alleviate your pain. If this happens, your primary care doctor will refer you to an orthopedic surgeon. Contact an experienced orthopedic surgeon who can diagnose your lower back pain..

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Uncommon Causes Of Lower Back Pain

The NINDS has identified nine uncommon causes of lower back pain.

  • Infections Infections of the vertebrae can cause pain. These conditions include osteomyelitis, discitis, and sacroiliitis.
  • Tumors Cancerous masses can trigger lower back pain.
  • Cauda equina syndrome This rare complication results from ruptured disks. Their material pushes out into the spinal column, then compresses the lumbar and sacral nerve roots. Cauda equina syndrome causes patients to lose bladder and bowel control. It may result in permanent damage if not treated.
  • Abdominal aortic aneurysms -This dangerous health disorder causes the abdominal vessel supplying blood to the lower body to swell. Severe back pain can signal that the aneurysm is large enough to rupture. This condition requires immediate medical attention.
  • Kidney stones Patients with this issue suffer from sharp, lower back pains on one side.
  • Arthritis These disorders include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other inflammatory joint diseases.
  • Osteoporosis This progressive metabolic bone disorder causes vertebral fractures and decreases in bone density and strength.
  • Endometriosis Tissue can leave the uterus and migrate to other areas, causing lower back pain.
  • Fibromyalgia This disease causes chronic pain, soreness, and fatigue.

Pay Attention To Your Body Mechanics And Posture

Body mechanics are the way you use your body. Posture is the way you sit or stand.

  • To prevent a return of low back pain, you will need to take extra care when you lift. When you must lift, bend your knees and flex from your hips. Don’t let your spine slump.
  • Back Problems: Proper Lifting
  • Think about your posture, whether you are sitting or standing. Slumping or slouching alone may not cause low back pain. But after the back has been strained or injured, bad posture can make pain worse. “Good posture” generally means your ears, shoulders, and hips are in a straight line. If this posture causes pain, you may have another condition such as a problem with a disc or bones in your back.
  • How Is It Treated

    Most low back pain will improve with basic first aid, which includes continuing to do light activity such as walking, and taking over-the-counter pain medicine as needed.

    Walking is the simplest and maybe the best exercise for the lower back. It gets your blood moving and helps your muscles stay strong.

    Your doctor or physiotherapist can recommend more specific exercises to help your back muscles get stronger. These may include a series of simple exercises called core stabilization. Strengthening the muscles in your trunk can improve your posture, keep your body in better balance, and lower your chance of injury.

    If your symptoms are severe or you still have symptoms after 2 weeks of self-care, see your doctor. You may need stronger pain medicines, or you might benefit from manual therapy.

    Each of the various treatments for back pain work for some people but not for others. You may need to try different things to see which work best for you, such as:

    • Spinal manipulation.
    • Massage.
    • Acupuncture.

    Having ongoing back pain can make you depressed. In turn, depression can have an effect on your level of pain and whether your back gets better. People with depression and chronic pain often benefit from both antidepressant medicines and counselling. Counselling can help you learn stress management and pain control skills.

    Exertions What Type Of Doctor Is Best For Back Pain

    Should you see a chiropractor for low back pain?

    The muscle mass, along with tendons in the back, can extend or tear as a result of excess task. Indicators contain pain in addition to tightness in the lower back, in addition to muscle spasms. Rest and additionally physical treatment are remedies for these signs.

    Sciatica can come with a herniated disc if the disc continues the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve links the spinal column to the legs. Sciatica can create soreness in the legs as well as feet. This distress typically appears like burning, or pins and additionally needles.

    What Options Does Your Doctor Have When Making A Diagnosis

    Following a brief examination and a much fuller discussion around how and when your back pain occurred , it is very possible you will get referred for any one of a number of scans these can broadly be broken in to X-Rays, CT Scans and MRI Scans.

    X-Ray. An x-ray is normally the first form of diagnostic test done, even if not the most sophisticated. The part of the body that is due to be scanned will be placed between the X-ray machine and a photographic film.

    It works by sending electromagnetic waves through your body, creating an image of the areas that were less penetrable on the other side of the photographic film.

    X-rays are typically used to diagnose clearly present problems such as bone disease, dislocations, fractures, tumors or spinal degeneration. X-rays can also be used to look at organs in association with a dye that you be asked to drink.

    MRI Unlike an X-Ray or a CT Scan, an MRI does not use radiation instead it uses radio waves and a very powerful magnet to create detailed cross-section images of organs/ bones.

    You would be laid down on a table and slid in to a tube-shaped scanner. The MRI scanner then creates a magnetic field around the you, projecting radio waves in to your body.

    These create vibrations that are translated in to images captured on a computer. Typically, MRI scans are used for diagnosing torn cartilage, herniated discs and bone issues.

    The Final Word

    Internists And Family Practice Physicians

    Internists and family physicians are the most typical entry into the world of medical treatment. The second most common reason for a visit to your primary care doctor is back pain. These individuals have one of the most difficult jobs. These doctors have to know about heart disease, circulation, lungs, liver, kidneys, diabetes, infectious disease, as well as spine. They have the hardest job in medicine.

    These docs might initially use medications and activity restrictions. If their treatment is not effective, they might refer to a physical therapist. Some may refer to chiropractors. Osteopaths may treat the problem themselves with manipulation and muscle techniques. No matter to which you go, if the problem is resolved, obviously there is no further need of treatment.

    What To Expect During Your First Orthopedic Services Visit

    Learn more about what orthopedic surgeons do, the treatments they implement, and what to expect when meeting with one for the first time.

    The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons estimates that musculoskeletal disease impacts 126.6 million U.S. adults ages 18 years or older every year. AAOS researchers found these illnesses are comparable to the total percentage of Americans living with chronic heart and lung conditions.

    If you suffer from an aching back, sore muscles, or painful joints, you should visit an orthopedic physician. These doctors can diagnose underlying health conditions causing your pain, and develop a comprehensive treatment plan to alleviate it. Here is what you can expect when during your first visit with an orthopedic specialist.

    Orthopedic Medicine Explained

    Orthopedic specialties treat musculoskeletal diseases, and orthopedists are physicians who diagnose these issues.

    Musculoskeletal disorders are diseases that affect the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, and nerves. Falls, accidents, blows, and diseases can cause these injuries. Repetitive movements can also trigger musculoskeletal pain.

    According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, orthopedic surgeons receive five more years of training to master this field. They learn operative and non-operative techniques to manage musculoskeletal disorders. These physicians may receive another two years of training if they want to enter sports medicine.

    Areas Orthopedic Surgeons Treat

    Which Lifestyle Factors Contribute To Lower Back Pain

    When Should You See A Doctor For Back Pain

    There are three major lifestyle factors that may affect your chances of developing lower back pain:

    • Multiple studies have established a link between smoking and lower back pain. Smoking raises inflammation inside the body and hinders the body from healing itself.
    • Obesity is also associated with several types of chronic pain, including lower back pain. In people with high body mass index , the stress on the spine increases, contributing to even more wear and tear.
    • Your level of physical activity can also play a role in your lower back health. While a sedentary lifestyle could increase your risk of developing lower back pain, so can excessive or strenuous physical activity. Check with your doctor if you are unsure about your ideal level of physical activity.

    Back Pain Treatment In Westlake And Avon Ohio

    Orthopaedic Associates, Inc. has an excellent orthopedic team comprised of 13 board-certified, fellowship-trained surgeons who deeply care for our patients. We take your treatment seriously and will stop at nothing to ensure you find relief.

    If you are ready to say goodbye to back pain, call us today at 892-1440 to make an appointment. You can also request an appointment online. We look forward to serving you in our Westlake and Avon clinics!


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