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Is Arnica Good For Back Pain

Whats The Research Say

Use Arnica Gel For Your Everyday Aches & Pains!

Post-Surgical Bruising

As you would expect, theres not a ton of research on a substance that isnt going to make anyone a ton of money. If the pharmaceutical companies cant capitalize on it, then it wont get as much fanfare. However, theres a respectable number of studies and experiments studying the effects of arnica in different categories, and naturally, the results are mixed.

Patients recovering from elective hand surgery saw no benefit from taking arnica to reduce post-surgery side effects like pain, swelling and bruising. Meanwhile, carpal tunnel surgery patients who took arnica did report lower pain scores 2 weeks after surgery.

When it comes to plastic surgery, the results seem to be more clear. A 2006 randomized, double-blind study compared the effects of arnica versus a placebo in patients recovering from a face-lift. Using a novel computer model, they compared photographs of post-operative healing to observe changes in bruising. While there was no subjective differences noted in the visual assessments by either patient or doctors and no objective color changes according to the model, the arnica group did have a smaller area of bruising post-operatively than the control group.

Non-Surgical Pain and Injuries

Even the most conscientious trainer can do everything possible to prevent injury among clients, but getting hurt is simply a fact of life. Can arnica help heal bumps, bruises or other aches and pains like those associated with arthritis?

Mechanisms Of Action For Pain Management

There has been a wide variety of claims regarding the anti-microbial properties of Arnica components . In traditional medicine, Arnica was routinely used for infection, especially dental and oral infections . The mechanism is not understood, and there is little data on its clinical use in humans for anti-microbial activity however, in animal models, anti-microbial properties are observed .

A study of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Golden hamsters found that an Arnica tincture caused slightly better resolution and wound-healing than meglumine antimonate, a standard treatment drug for leishmaniasis . The synergistic anti-inflammatory properties of Arnica may also contribute to the improvement of lesion healing . Another study found improvements in pododermatitis infection and edema in captive penguins treated with oral Arnica and Calcarea, without notable adverse effects .

The ethanol/water extract of Arnica flowers, rich in flavonoids and phenolic acids, demonstrated high, Trolox-equivalent antioxidant capacity, oxygen radical absorbance capacity, and free radical-scavenging activity . This extract also prevented hydrogen peroxide-induced oxidative damage and morphological changes in fibroblast cells . The radical scavenging activity was also determined in crude methanol extracts of Arnica .

My Personal Experience With Arnica

I first learned about arnica when I was 19 and was undergoing surgery. My surgeon, who was most certainly a Western medicine doc and not one known for alternative approaches as far as I know, told me to invest in homeopathic arnica, both in oral pellet preparation and as a topical ointment. He informed me that this would speed healing and reduce bruising associated with my surgery. He mentioned nothing of pain reduction, however.

I immediately obliged the request and went out hunting for arnica. I recall purchasing the Boiron brand signature blue vial of the homeopathic preparation of arnica montana with a strength of 30c. I also found a topical cream, whose brand name I dont recall. What I do remember with some clarity was taking it as recommended on the directions and then watching the purple bruises fade into a sallow yellow practically overnight.

But most remarkable and unexpected in my memory of this recovery period was that I never took a single Percocet that was prescribed for the pain. In fact, I never felt even a minor twinge of pain and just thought I was lucky. I didnt even think to attribute this positive outcome to the arnica until years later when I learned that was part and parcel of its performance.

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The Takeaway: 8 Common Homeopathic Medicines For Sciatica

Homeopathic medicines, which are natural and safe, work on the root cause of sciatica for complete, effective healing and cure. There are thousands of treatments available in the homeopathic system. A practitioner will select the appropriate one based not only on a persons symptoms but also on the overall impact of the ailment on that individual.

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Arnica Homeopathic Medicine: Overview Uses And Benefits

MaxRelief Arnica Pain Relief Spray

Bright yellow in color and similar in appearance to the daisy flower, arnica is a perennial herb that grows in Canada, the United States, Europe, and East Asia. Its also known as mountain tobacco, mountain arnica, leopards bane, and wolfs bane .

Homeopathic arnica a highly diluted form has been used for centuries as an alternative medicine to treat hair loss, arthritis, inflammation, bruises, infections, and muscle and joint pain .

However, the herb itself is highly poisonous and considered unsafe. Therefore, many medical professionals advise against the herb due to its unknown effectiveness and safety.

This article tells you all you need to know about arnica in homeopathic medicine, including its uses, benefits, and potential risks.

3 ):

  • Like cures like. If something causes side effects in a healthy person, it will treat an unhealthy person.
  • Minimum dose principle. The smallest dose yields the biggest benefits.
  • Water memory. The more diluted a substance is, the more potent it is.
  • In fact, the solutions can be so diluted that theres very little compound remaining, although its still believed to be effective. Typically, homeopathic remedies are provided in pill, capsule, or tincture form .

    Given the high prevalence of addiction to painkillers, many people turn to arnica as an alternative form of treatment.

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    How To Take It

    You should not take arnica by mouth without direct medical supervision, except in an extremely diluted form as a homeopathic remedy, because side effects may be severe .

    Use homeopathic products according to directions on the label or the advice of your homeopathic practitioner. Health care providers may give homeopathic preparations by injection.

    When using arnica topically, never apply it to an open wound without a doctor’s supervision.


    You may also use homeopathic preparations to treat bruising, swelling, and trauma to soft tissues. Follow the dosage instructions on the product label or consult a licensed homeopath. Use only in homeopathic formulations. DO NOT use the herb itself.


    Commercial preparations of creams, ointments, and lotions are available through some specialty stores and natural health providers. Homeopathic preparations are widely available at health food stores and many pharmacies.

    Precautions To Be Taken

    Although it is considered to be safe for regular topical use, its prolonged use may cause some allergic reactions like skin redness, itching, blisters, etc,. In some people, it can exacerbate eczema at the site where the cream is applied. Likewise, people having allergies to arnica or other members of the Asteraceae family, are also likely to suffer from adverse allergic reactions. Also, one should avoid applying it on an open would or broken skin, and should never ingest it due to its toxic nature. Hence, its use must be done with some caution.

    Applying a thin layer of arnica cream on the affected area 2 3 times a day is not only effective in relieving pain and inflammation, but is safe too. So next time, when you have muscle pains or any other similar complications, instead of pills and antibiotics, try this age-old natural way of healing. However, if no improvement is seen in the condition, consult your doctor to ensure you dont have a serious injury that needs immediate medical attention.

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    What Are The Causes Of Lower Back Pain

    Lumbago has many different causes that are often related to age.

    Muscle weakening is one common cause. Sometimes, making a strenuous effort to lift a heavy object can cause the muscles to stretch, and this can cause problems lifting things or even walking.

    Other conditions can, in turn, also cause lower back pain:

    • Sciatica, which manifests itself as a strong pain in the leg, can cause lower back pain.
    • Spondylolisthesis, which is where a vertebra becomes displaced in the lower part of the back. This can cause instability and compromise the nerves.
    • Osteoarthritis in the lower back, where the spinal discs wear. This causes inflammation as well as a lack of stability in the lower back. This condition causes pain, inflammation and discomfort in the lower back. It can even cause sciatica in many cases.
    • Other common causes are fractures in the spinal cord, osteoporosis, spinal cancer, a slipped disc, kidney infections, kidney stones, problems with a womans reproductive organs, or problems relating to pregnancy.

    Luckily, ointments can be very effective to treat lower back pain naturally.

    Dr Pranjali Homeopathy Back Pain Relief Combination

    Arnicare Gel is Essential in Pain-Free Aging

    Dr Pranjali recommends this 4 mother tincture combination for generalized back pain arising from body weakness, organ affection especially that of kidney & liver and muscle pain .

    Watch her You Tube video titled “Back pain homeopathic medicine | back pain medicine, treatment & relief | backache homeopathic” where she has explained symptoms, causes and very effective homeopathic medicines for back pain, backache.

    Homeopathic Medicines mentioned in the video and dosages

    • Berberis Vulgaris Q is an excellent remedy in treating lower back pain. It is also effective in healing the soreness in the lumbar region, thigh pain
    • Chelidonium Majus Q is a very effective remedy indicated for sharp pain at the right side of the back at the lower tip of the bone. It is also suitable for liver-related problems.
    • China Off Q isa homeopathic remedy that is prepared from the dried bark of the Cinchona Officinalis plant which is commonly called Peruvian bark. This homeopathic mother tincture is a multipurpose medication that is used to treat various problems.
    • Acid Phos Q is normally believed to be a severe or semi-severe remedy for the consequences of anguish, fatigue, and backache problems.

    Dosage: Mix equal quantity of all the above 4 mother tincture medicines together in an empty bottle. Take 20 drops with ¼ cup of warm water 3 times a day . In case of chronic pain, the dosage can be taken 4 to 5 times a day for 2-3 days.

    Know the complete list of top homeopathic medicines for back pain here

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    Best Homeopathic Remedies For Back Pain

    The homeopathy treatment world has currently brought unique solutions for reducing unbearable back pain. You can get the speedy recovery and on the other hand, your back muscles will also become much more flexible than ever. You can use these homeopathic medicines for back pain treatment.

  • Arnica: Injured back often leads to severe back pain and it can be well treated by this homeopathic medicine. Both recent and past back-injuries can be treated using this medicine. This homeopathic medicine is absolutely safe and thus you will not face any side-effects at all. Unwanted back stiffness and soreness within back muscles can also be minimized to a great extent with the consistent application of this medicine. Back motions can be made much more flexible by curtailing restlessness
  • Bryonia: There are some prominent symptoms of back pain and they can be easily and efficiently alleviated by this medicine. If you have become pretty tired of applying homemade therapies, then you can try out this solution. This homeopathic medicine can reduce your pain and inflammation within a few hours, and you can get back to your daily activities with great energy. Apart from taking this homeopathy medicine, you have to take enough rest so that your back can get relaxed. Your back motion can be smoothened and made flexible by taking the concerned medicine.
  • Dulc Arnica Gel Cream

    Made in Italy, Arnica Gel Cream can help relieve the symptoms of Sciatica if you know where is the pain coming from.

    Key Features:

    • 100% natural and uses essential oils
    • Great value for the price and affordable.
    • Uses 35% of Arnica Montana to help relieve the burning sensation
    • It also soothes neurological pain caused by sports injuries.

    The most notable highlight of this gel-cream is that it is backed by years of research and examination to use the most soothing materials that improve the circulation and allow alleviation of inflammatory symptoms.

    The gel is also equipped with peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils which both have anti-bacterial properties and provide soothing relief from inflammation, including burning and tingling sensation that comes with sciatica pain. Moreover, it doesnt have bad odors so it also feels aromatic and relaxing. Its extremely easy to use. Its recommended to use it 1 to 2 times a day, and rub the cream into the source of pain. It also works great for athletes who suffer from neurological muscular strain.


    We didnt like that there is only temporary relief and that those who experience stronger symptoms of this condition need to use stronger ointments. There is also a risk for allergic reaction to some of the ingredients such as essential oils.

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    Risks And Side Effects

    Arnica gel is generally safe to use if applied according to dosage guidelines, but it does carry potential side effects.

    The most common side effect associated with arnica gel is minor skin irritation . The sesquiterpene lactones helenalin proteins, acetate, and methacrylate acids are the primary causes of irritation . Arnica gel may cause contact dermatitis, an itchy, red, skin rash . Stop use if you notice skin discoloration or irritation .

    Arnica supplements can cause digestive issues and amplify the effects of irritable bowel syndrome, Crohnâs disease, and stomach ulcers .

    You should never ingest the pure arnica flower as it is toxic . Serious side effects can occur if ingested, including adverse gastrointestinal events, anxiety, muscle weakness, and coma . The Federal Drug Administration considers arnica an unsafe herb .

    If ingested in high concentrations, overdose may occur . Overdose symptoms include severe vomiting and subsequent vision loss in both eyes . If not treated immediately, death may result .â

    Back Pain Whether In The Upper Or Lower Back Can Be Quite Bothersome And Make Even The Simplest Of Daily Tasks More Difficult

    Arnica Pain Relief Gel

    Lower back pain, also referred to as lumbago, is more common and affects millions of Americans every year. It can be triggered by overuse or injury, or it can be a chronic issue.

    While it may seem that back pain comes out of nowhere, it does have a cause. Its important to identify the source, so you can learn how to heal. In most cases, its the result of improper bending or heavy lifting. The lower back, which includes the lumbar muscles and the spine, is most susceptible to strain because it bears the weight of your upper body. At the same time, it also absorbs and distributes the forces of your every movement, so its easy to see why problems can develop.

    Another typical issue? A weak core. Growing up I played a lot of sports but would cry when I had to empty the dishwasher, says certified personal trainer and health expert Stephanie Mansour, who hosts the PBS show Step It Up with Steph. Despite being young and active, her core muscles were not strong enough to support her back while bending.

    Mansour also recommends relieving pain at the source by applying Boiron Arnicare. This topical pain medicine is made from the Arnica plant to relieve muscle pain, stiffness, and swelling from injuries.* Its available in unscented cream, gel, and ointment formulas, as well as a roll-on that helps with applying on hard-to-reach areas like your back.

    Lower back pain is no fun, but with these tips and a little help from Arnicare, you can outsmart it and keep your spine healthy.

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    What The Research Says About Benefits

    Although initial research suggests that arnica gel can be beneficial in relieving arthritis pain and muscle soreness, there isnât consensus on the efficacy of arnica gel.

    Studies show that homeopathic preparations of arnica gel in doses of less than ten percent carry no benefits for reducing muscle pain, swelling, and bruising beyond the placebo effect . FUrther research has also supported this .

    Homeopathic arnica tablets also donât outperform placebo treatments in relieving postoperative pain, bruising, or swelling in patients following hand surgery .

    Higher concentration preparations of arnica gels and creams may help reduce muscle pain and joint inflammation associated with osteoarthritis, but additional research is needed to validate this. Arnica does in fact have similar therapeutic effects as NSAIDs in treating osteoarthritis pain, but patients have reported more adverse effects with arnica gel than with ibuprofen .


    Topical arnica gels and supplements have shown efficacy in improving muscle pain and swelling, but also have demonstrable side effects. At this point, there is a lack of research confirming the benefits of arnica-based treatments and as such, arnica gel shouldnât be a cornerstone of treatment.

    Medicinal Uses And Indications

    • Arnica is used topically for a wide range of conditions, including bruises, sprains, muscle aches, wound healing, superficial phlebitis, joint pain, inflammation from insect bites, and swelling from broken bones. More recent studies suggest it may also be helpful in the treatment of burns.
    • Homeopathic preparations are also used to treat sore muscles, bruises, and other conditions caused by overexertion or injury. Homeopathic doses are extremely diluted. They have no detectable amount of the plant in them and are generally considered safe for internal use when taken according to the directions on the label.

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    How To Use Arnica Topically

    Most people rub this treatment into sore or painful areas of their body as a topical regimen. Side effects associated with topical use include blistering, irritation, peeling and eczema . Never use arnica on an open wound or broken skin. If youre allergic to other plants and herbs, be cautious about using arnica. Other flowers related to the same family include sunflowers, marigold and ragweed .

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