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How To Lose Lower Back And Hip Fat

Exercises That Help You Lose Belly Fat If You Have Lower Back Pain

How To Get Rid of Back Fat Exercises with Coach Kozak | Burn and Lose Hip Fat Workout | HASfit

If you’ve ever tried to do a core workout and realised midway through that your back is feeling things it shouldn’t be feeling, you’re not alone. For me, it’s any abs move that asks me to sit up on my tailbone and move my legs, like rolling up and out of boat pose in yoga. After a couple of reps, my back always hurts and I don’t even feel any of that burning goodness in my abs.

What gives? Am I doing it wrong? Is my lower back just too weak? Should I be modifying the movement, or should I just stop? A strong core is important for supporting your whole body. From sitting upright in a chair, to simply standing, to running and lifting weights, we need the muscles in our core to stabilise our bodies throughout everything we do. Yet for some people, doing basic bodyweight abs exercises can cause lower-back pain or discomfort.

For obvious reasons, it’s kind of tough to stick with any sort of ab-strengthening regimen if you just end up in pain. So I talked with some fitness experts to understand why this common problem happens, and what some of the potential solutions are.

To understand why this happens, you first have to remember that the abs and the lower back are both part of our core.

Lower-back pain during any core exercise is typically a sign that your core is too weak to do the exercise.

Pain can also be a sign that your form is off.

Muscle tightness and fatigue can also lead to poor form and lower-back strain.

Exercises that cause hyperextension of the spine

Wait What Causes Back Fat In The First Place

Body fat is actually essential for a bunch of things like regulating your body temp, storing energy, and aiding in digestion. So, having fat doesnt mean youre unhealthy right off the bat. You actually need it to ya know, survive.

Without enough fat, you might have to deal with issues like vitamin deficiencies, hormone probs, or nervous system damage.

Keep in mind that according to the American Council on Exercise, most healthy women should have about 21 to 35 percent body fat. Healthy men should have about 8 to 24 percent.

Excess upper, middle, and lower back fat builds up for the same reason any other fat does: due to genetics, a lack of exercise, a sedentary lifestyle, or certain health conditions.

With age, fat also tends to accumulate more around your belly area, which can also lead to so-called love handles on your lower back.

Losing fat typically requires a combo of eating healthy, working out regularly, and reducing calories. Doing exercises that build muscle in your upper and lower back can also tone up your back muscles.

Tactic #: Supplement With Yohimbine

Finally, there are certain supplements that have been shown to help reduce fat from your lower stomach and other stubborn areas.

One of the most effective of these is yohimbine, which studies have shown is particularly effective at targeting stubborn fat.

However, in order for it to be effective, you need to take yohimbine in a fasted state. This is because insulin actually inhibits yohimbine from working properly.

Also, I should note that yohimbine has been shown to increase blood pressure, so if you suffer from high blood pressure then you should probably avoid taking it.

In terms of specific brands, I would recommend Primaforce Yohimbine,

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The Final Word On Stubborn Fat

You cant get rid of the fat on your lower stomach, thighs, or butt by trying to target those areas with exercise.

Instead, to properly deal with any areas of stubborn fat, you are better off focusing on a combination of diet and fasted training and possibly adding in supplements like yohimbine to really maximize your results.

Calorie Burning Cardio Workouts

Pin on Exercises

Once youve got your nutrition under control and are managing to consistently consume 500 fewer calories per day, you will be ready to move on to the next strategy calorie burning exercise. This will allow you to burn around another 3500 calories per week. With a pound of fat containing 3500 calories, the combination of these two strategies should allow you to lose 2 pounds of fat every single week.

The best exercises to burn the most calories are those that get your body moving through a full range of motion consistently. You could do this with cardio exercises such as the treadmill, stationary cycle or rowing machine. Another option is to make use of compound exercises in the weights area of the gym that require a massive amount of energy to complete. Resistance training is also an option if it is preferred.

A great example of this is to do squats. While most people think of the squats as an exercise for your legs, it is also a tremendous calorie burner. By using a relatively light weight with high reps and low rest periods between sets, you can burn more calories than you ever would on a treadmill or rowing machine.

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The Reasons To Be Fat In Hips

There are some reasons which occur fat in hips. The main reason is The Women who lack physical activity, The women who do not follow a healthy diet. Thus, as time passes, these factors cause the fat in the hips. The foods which cause hip fat: The Main Foods Which Causes Hip Fat are Fast food, Junk food, Fried food, Oily food, and so on.

Train Multiple Exercise Groups

“It’s best to do moves that incorporate multiple muscle groups since you can’t really spot train one specific problem area,” says Physique 57 co-founder Tanya Becker. “Barre exercises are highly effective since your body becomes the machinery and your muscles have to work together to support your balance at the barre.” Becker also notes that it’s important to combine sprints that incorporate cardio, as well as strength training. “This combination yields quick results when you’re trying to trim and tone all of your muscles.”

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How To Slim Your Side Fat

First and foremost youre going to have to lower your body fat throughout your entire body. Your body fat is how much fat youre carrying compared to muscle. Most people have high body fat even though they might look skinny. This can bring about the skinny fat look. And being skinny fat isnt good for you . The trick isnt just to lose weight but to replace your flab with some lean toned muscle.

To do this youre going to have to hammer down on your dieting even more. Plus adding in these specific exercises for your side fat combined with intense cardio. This is going to be the secret recipe for getting real results in the shortest amount of time possible.

Now its true you cant spot reduce fat in certain areas of your body . But that doesnt mean you cant lose body fat throughout your entire body and tone up your side flab with targeted exercises. Plus when you add in these side fat exercises with intense exercise youre going to get the best results possible .

But like with anything the majority of your results are going to come with how consistent and committed you are. When you see a super fit person walking down the street with a body to be proud of its taken a lot more work then most people think. Throughout my years as a personal trainer and nutrition coach, Ive noticed those who get the best long term results were also the ones who were the most committed and consistent.

Spot Training Is A Myth

The Lower Back Fat / Love Handle Myth (BUSTED!!)

Exercise is part of the strategy to eliminate lower back fat, but it’s not the only strategy. All the side bends, torso rotations and bird dogs in the world can’t whittle away your lumbar load. Spot training just isn’t possible fat loss doesn’t work like that.

Instead, lower back exercises should include total-body strength-training, along with regular cardio, is your best bet. Strength-training builds more lean mass on your frame, increasing your overall calorie burn. Cardio burns calories, helping you to create the caloric deficit necessary for fat loss. Pair your exercise routine with a healthy, whole foods diet to lose the pounds and slim your whole physique.

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Exercises That Target The Back Abs And Hips

A quick search on the internet reveals targeted exercises for specific areas of the body, including love handles. But fat reduction cant be achieved with spot exercises alone. While strengthening and resistance activities can help with muscle tone and flexibility, they dont shrink fat cells.

Try combining cardiovascular exercises with weight lifting and targeted movements for optimal results. If youre trying to lose weight and overall body fat, you may need up to five hours of moderate exercise per week.

Its also important to maintain a healthy diet and avoid taking in more calories than youre burning. For gradual fat loss and weight maintenance, incorporate aerobic activities, such as walking, bike riding, and swimming.

Even if you cant fit in a full-length workout every single day, youll reap the benefits of simply being more active.

Here are just some of the exercises that target the back, abs, and hip regions.

An Unhealthy Diet Can Result In Extra Fat

When you eat a diet filled with processed foods, refined carbohydrates, and sugary drinks, it results in stubborn fat on your abdomen, hips, and buttocks. These types of foods lead to insulin resistance, which leads to increased fat storage, ending in fat thats hard to lose.

Refined carbohydrates, especially sugar and high-fructose corn syrup, can lead to stubborn fat, and theres a direct link between eating these sweets and developing belly fat. Be aware of drinking sweet beverages — including sodas, bottled iced tea, and flavored coffees that are high in sugar and high-fructose corn syrup — lowers your bodys ability to burn fat and decreases your metabolic rate.

Eating trans fats may also lead to an increase in abdominal fat deposits. Sometimes called partially hydrogenated oils, trans fats are artificial fats that food companies use to enhance flavor and longevity of prepackaged foods.

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How To Lose Belly Fat After Back Surgery

Losing weight is about putting in the work and commitment to diet and exercise. But, what if you had back surgery?

After having back surgery, youll be sore and tender for the first few weeks. Your focus should be to avoid straining your back. To do this, you shouldnt bend, lift, and twist.

In saying that, its essential to move, you dont want your muscles to tighten up and stiffen.

Observe the following rules when moving:

  • Do not lift anything weighing more than 5 lbs.
  • Do not bend.
  • When you lift, use your knees, not your back.
  • Dont twist, instead turn your whole body by using your feet.

You should know when you are ok to start strengthening your back.

However, the first thing you need to do is ask the doctor and your physiotherapist for the ok to start working out.

Trust me you dont want to add pressure and stress to your back while on the mend.

Once you get the green light, you can start exercising. Your physiotherapist will tell you what you can and cant do at your current state.

The crucial part of losing your belly fat after back surgery is your diet. The exercises that you can do after a back surgery are mild and will not reduce significant calories, but it helps.

Reducing your calories by not consuming as much is the best strategy for losing belly fat after back surgery.

When you have fully recovered, then you can step up your exercises a notch. Again, your physiotherapist can let you know when you are ready for harder routines.

Best Exercises For Side Fat

Fat Burning Hip Workout for Tight, Toned Hips &  Outer ...

Here youll find the 10 best side fat exercises so you can get rid of those love handles. Side fat is one of the most stubborn and difficult places on the body to lose but here Ill show you how to get rid of love handles as fast as possible.

You probably know what its like to lose weight everywhere else on your body except your love handles. Getting rid of this troublesome side fat is a lot harder than youd think. Its frustrating you might not have fat anywhere else on your body except the sides of your lower waist.

Yes, its true your genetics are going to play a big part in losing stubborn love handles. But its definitely not everything! Following some simple dieting tips as well as these side fat exercises can do a lot when they dont seem to want to budge.

Weve all heard maybe to eat less sugar will drop that muffin top or maybe even to eat more protein. But the truth is a lot simpler than youd think And with the following exercise list for getting rid of side fat, youll lose them once and for all.

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How Does Fat Loss Work

Weight loss is as simple as calorie intake being less than calorie burn — but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Now that we’ve determined why people carry fat in different places, you may be wondering how exactly fat loss works.

When you lose weight, it means that your body is taking in fewer calories than it’s burning. So, the body turns to fat reserves to make up the extra energy. When your body burns fat, it leaves your body pretty much how you’d think — through sweat, urination and carbon dioxide when you breathe out. However, you don’t get to control exactly what fat is burned on your body. You might notice you’re losing inches in your stomach, when you really want to get rid of fat on your thighs.

Reverse Lunge And A Twist

What you stand to get from this workout goes beyond slimming your lower back.

You will also be working your thigh muscles.

The lunge and twist will activate the muscles in your abs and stretch it as well.

Here is how to do it:

  • Stand with your spine stretched and your legs are hip-width apart. Then place your hands on your waist
  • Step backward with your right foot and lower your knee into a lunge.
  • While in that position, twist your upper torso without moving your legs.
  • Rise to the starting position and switch to the other leg and do the same set of movements. This completes one rep.
  • You will do 3 sets of 10 to 15 reps per set.
  • Get into a high plank position with your arms locked at the elbow.
  • Keep your back straight and your core tight.
  • Your feet should be hip-distance wide.
  • Now, jump your legs apart from each other.
  • Jump them back together and continue alternating this.
  • If you feel pain on your hips, you can lower yourself onto your forearms.
  • Continue this for 60 seconds before taking a good rest.

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Coolsculpting Eliminates Pockets Of Stubborn Fat For Good

While losing stubborn fat feels impossible, we offer an easy solution at Tahoe Womens Care. At our office, you can get CoolSculpting treatments to get rid of your stubborn fat permanently.

With cutting-edge fat-freezing technology, we use cold temperature to target unwanted fat on your belly, thighs, and buttocks — and other areas — destroying it. As the fat cells die, your body removes them via your lymphatic system over time, leaving you with smoother curves, a slimmer profile, and less fat.

Since CoolSculpting permanently destroys fat cells, and then your body removes them, the cells dont regenerate and youre left with less fat. As long as your weight doesnt fluctuate, your results remain permanent. If you do gain weight, however, the remaining fat cells can become larger.

When youre tired of the constant struggle to lose stubborn fat that just wont go away, consider CoolSculpting. Weve seen amazing results and happy patients who love the way their bodies look. Give our office a call or use the convenient online booking tool.

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Coffee Grounds Work Wonders

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In case you didnt know, coffee contains antioxidants and caffeine, which help to tighten, tone and smoothens the skin.

It also does a great job of reducing accumulated fat and helps to improve circulation throughout the body.

The coarse coffee ground will work as an amazing exfoliating scrub that helps to tone muscles around your thighs and hips.

How to use it

  • Get 1 tablespoon of leftover coffee grounds after brewing it.
  • Then youre going to add some honey to get a thick paste-like mixture.
  • Before you take a bath make sure to apply it on your hips and thighs and allow to dry for 15 minutes
  • Then youre going to wet your hands and scrub it off while rinsing it with water.
  • Do this three times a week for best results.

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How To Get A Flat Stomach With A Bad Back

The obvious answer is diet and exercise if you want to have a flat stomach. However, when you have a bad back, exercising can be a problem.

Diet is easy, well, not really. But, when it comes to having a bad back, its easier to diet than participate in strenuous exercises.

You can never move like you once did after breaking your back.

With a back injury, it will be painful and scary to do squats. Even pushups, arm curls, or crunches can be hard.

Your back is the foundation of every movement you do. Hence, it affects your every action.

The solution is modifying the way you do these physical activities and skip some exercises which can aggravate your back injury.

Read on to learn more on how to get a flat stomach with a bad back.


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