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Can You Sue For Back Pain After Car Accident

How Can A Car Accident Lawyer Maximize My Settlement For A Neck And Back Injury

When Should I Sue After A Car Accident – Dwyer Williams Cherkoss Attorneys

Keep in mind that the settlement value you have in mind for your car accident case is probably a different amount than the settlement value the insurance company has in mind. Youre most interested in ensuring that you are fully and fairly compensated for the neck and back injuries that you suffered in your car accident.

On the other hand, the at-fault drivers insurance company is interested in limiting any settlement payout as much as possible. Insurance companieswhich are multi-billion-dollar businessesdo not make money by paying out car accident claims. Instead, they make their money by collecting premiums from their customers and keeping as much of their money as possible in-house. The insurance company will do everything it can to poke holes in your case, point out any preexisting medical conditions you may have, and limit the settlement value of your case as much as possible.

For questions about how much your settlement for neck and back pain after a car accident could be, contact Brauns Law Accident Injury Lawyers, PC today. Our founding partner, Attorney David Brauns began his legal career as an insurance defense attorney, where he learned how insurance companies think and evaluate claims. This allows us to fight back against the insurance companies and maximize your settlement for your neck and back injury in Georgia. Call or contact us online today for a free consultation.

Treatment For Your Lower Back Pain Will Depend On The Cause

When you see a doctor, they will likely order X-rays, magnetic resonance imaging studies, and other tests to determine the cause of the pain. These tests allow them to diagnose you, formulate a treatment plan, and begin your care.

The treatment for a lower back injury could include almost anything from emergency surgery to conservative treatment of rest, ice, and heat. Physical therapy, chiropractic therapy, and prescription pain management are other common, non-invasive ways of managing lower back injuries.

Pain And Suffering From A Car Accident

When another driver hits your car and is found to be at fault for the crash, you will be able to seek damages. A pain and suffering from a car accident judgment is separate from compensation for things like medical bills or the repair or replacement costs for your car damaged in the crash.

Understand that a pain and suffering award will involve a few different considerations.

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Signs Your Pain Is An Undiagnosedback Injury

After acar accident, adrenaline floods your brain. This hormone puts you on high alert and allows you to make decisions and react under traumatic circumstances.

However, adrenaline can also mask feelings of pain and discomfort, which means manyback injuriesgo undiagnosed after a traumaticcar accident. In fact, it may take several days before you realize that you have asevere injury.

If youre experiencing pain in your limbs, tingling, numbness, or discomfort that wont go away, see your doctor as soon as possible. Your doctor will examine your back and may order imaging studies likeX-rays,CT scans, or MRIs that can help identify the source of your pain.

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However, if youre having difficulty walking or have trouble using the bathroom after acar accident, go to the emergency room immediately. You may have a serious condition that requires immediatemedical care. And if youre worried about medical bills, remember: you can include all of your medical costs in an insurance claim or lawsuit.

Use Evidence To Prove Fault In Your Sacramento Car Accident

Can I Sue Even If the Accident Was My Fault?

Once youve seen a doctor, you must use evidence from your car accident in Sacramento to prove fault against the liable party who caused your wreck. You can use photographs, witness statements, video footage, or the police report to prove that another driver, a negligent manufacturer, or a government entity caused your accident.

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The Value Of A Back Injury Claim

Typical compensation for a back injury claim covers an injured person’s economic and non-economic losses . Damages can include:

  • past and future medical bills

The value of your back injury claim might also depend on who was at fault for the car accident and whether you took reasonable steps to minimize the financial impact of your back injury .

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Treatment Options For Back Injuries Caused By Auto Accidents

The recovery time for many back injuries is long, requiring multiple treatments. The emotional trauma and physical limitations from the car accident may cause you to feel angry, frustrated, anxious, or depressed. Keep yourself motivated as you work toward recovery by enlisting a good support system. Additionally, you may need help transporting yourself to appointments and providing daily care, depending on the severity of your injury.

Your doctor will provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan to guide you through the recovery process after back injuries. You may receive a variety of treatments to help you recover from a car accident.

This Sounds Too Good To Be True But Seriously They Really Did Help Me

Who do I Sue After an Auto Accident?

“Great people, very professional, very understanding and they solved my case in a record breaking time only 8 months, Now I know this sounds too good to be true but seriously they really did help me and my the pay out was fantastic!!! not only that they fixed my body from the car accident! Thank you guys soooooooo much “

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Suing For Back Pain After A Car Accident

Car accidents are terrifying experiences that every driver attempts to avoid. However, what happens when an irresponsible driver slams into your vehicle and causes a car accident? The consequences of a careless driver can not only leave you with a totaled car, but also severe and long-lasting physical and emotional effects, such as neck and back pain from whiplash.

The aftermath of your auto accident can leave you in a stressful position as you attempt to regain control of your life. When youre in this position, youll want to do everything in your power to recover from your car accident. One way you can accomplish this is by reaching out to an auto accident lawyer who can help you obtain compensation through a civil lawsuit.

But what are the damages that can result from your car accident? The following are a few examples of how you can gather evidence from your auto accident, along with how back pain can cause significant damages.

Can You Sue For Pain And Suffering After A Car Accident

Those who suffer injuries in car crashes may be wondering, can you sue for pain and suffering after a car accident? Victims do have the ability to seek damages for pain and suffering related to the accident and their injuries, as well as for medical bills and lost wages.

Some of the items that can be part of a pain and suffering judgment include:

  • Current physical pain related to the injury
  • Ongoing pain from the injuries
  • Mental anguish related to the accident
  • Psychological trauma related to disfiguring or debilitating injuries
  • A reduction in quality of life or expected lifespan
  • Emotional setbacks related to the injury.

As long as the other driver caused the accident, your injuries relate directly to the car accident, and you are within Washington state laws two-year statute of limitations for starting a claim, a pain and suffering judgment is possible.

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You Can Sue For Pain And Suffering After A Car Accident In New York Under Many Circumstances

New York is a no-fault insurance state, so people injured in car crashes are covered for medical bills and expenses up to the amount of their policies, without having to bring a lawsuit or prove who was at fault. However, you can still pursue a legal settlement for your losses that includes compensation for pain and suffering, as long as you meet certain legal criteria determined by state insurance law. To recover money for pain and suffering after a car crash, you must prove that your injuries are serious. The car accident attorneys that for letter law can help you.

According to New York law, a serious injury means a personal injury which results in:

  • permanent loss of use of a body organ, member, function or system
  • permanent consequential limitation of use of a body organ or member
  • significant limitation of use of a body function or system or
  • a medically determined injury or impairment of a non-permanent nature which prevents the injured person from performing substantially all of the material acts which constitute such persons usual and customary daily activities for not less than ninety days during the one hundred eighty days immediately following the occurrence of the injury or impairment.
  • We offer a free consultation, and there are no fees to you unless and until we win or settle your case. Call Feroleto Law at 854-0700 today for a free evaluation of your Buffalo car accident claim.

    Statute Of Limitations On Claiming A Car Accident Injury In Wisconsin: How Long You Have To Make A Claim

    Why Are Neck and Back Injuries So Common After an Accident?

    Every state is different. In some states its only 1 year, in others its up to 6. Youll need to contact an attorney near you to verify and ensure youve got a solid case and good reason to sue.

    Wisconsin statute of limitations for claiming a car accident injury

    In the state of Wisconsin, the statute of limitations to report an injury in a car accident is 3years . There are several other important car accident laws affecting injury claims in Wisconsin.

    ready to make them pay?

    Your approach to filing a claim is paramount to maximizing the settlement.

    Dont do this on your own. Get an experienced, successful personal injury lawyer on your side to begin fighting and get every last penny youre owed for your pain and suffering. It matters.

    Take action. Contact personal injury attorney Steve Caya in southeastern Wisconsin for a free consultation. His office is in Janesville, but we can arrange a place to meet anywhere in the state to discuss your case.

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    How Can Permanent Lower Back Sprains Increase My Settlement

    In some cases, injuries to soft tissue in the back may be catastrophic, with permanent consequences such as chronic numbness, chronic pain, limited mobility, loss of function and limited muscle strength.

    These symptoms help increase payouts, assuming they can be corroborated. If you have permanently restricted mobility, or range of motion, you should be entitled to a larger payout for the negative impact that will have on your life. Proving those losses in a recoverable fashion goes well beyond simply telling the insurance company that these are your symptoms.

    The Difference Between An Insurance Claim And A Lawsuit

    Those who are harmed in car accidents due to anothers wrongdoing have a right to seek compensation for their losses. The victim may pursue compensation by bringing an insurance claim or a lawsuit. Oftentimes, victims first file a claim with insurance to try to come to a settlement.

    A victim might need to proceed with a lawsuit if or when:

    • An insurance company denies a claim
    • The insurance company offers an unfairly low settlement
    • The insurance company refuses to negotiate at all

    In these cases, an accident victim might need to bring a lawsuit. Once the case is brought into a courtroom, the plaintiffs fate might rest in the hands of a judge and jury. Luckily, many parties settle out of court before the case proceeds to trial.

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    Receive A Medical Examination

    A surprisingly high number of people do not receive medical examinations after their auto accidents. In some cases, the victims of car accidents may have no noticeable injuries immediately after their accident. However, some injuries may not display themselves until long after an auto accident.

    When a victim of an auto accident experiences back pain but neglects to receive a medical examination, theyre at risk of experiencing a spinal cord injury or other serious back injury they might have avoided since some injuries worsen over time. Victims who dont receive a medical examination will also have a hard time filing an auto accident claim against the party responsible for their damages.

    Because the other party can deny responsibility for their back injuries, victims of auto accidents must seek out a medical examination immediately after their car accident. If you find yourself the victim of a car accident in Lakeland, one of your first actions should be receiving a medical examination.

    What Are Pain And Suffering Damages

    Learn ALL About Back Injuries After A Car Accident or Personal Injury Lawsuit

    Pain and suffering damages include physical, psychological, and emotional pain and suffering caused by an accident. They cover physical pain due to broken bones, internal injuries, burns, back and neck injuries, headaches, or other physical harm. Also covered is the pain you endure due to medical treatments and rehabilitation. Chronic pain can be a part of an accident victims life for years or decades. Physical and emotional pain due to scarring or disfigurement are also covered.

    Damages include psychological pain and suffering. You may be traumatized and relive the accident over and over. You may second-guess yourself, thinking about what might have been done to avoid the accident and its aftermath. The more severe the accident and effects, the more likely youll be psychologically and emotionally impacted:

    Your compensation would cover the pain and suffering youve had since the accident and whats expected to continue.

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    How Long Should My Back Hurt After A Car Accident

    The fact that you feel fine after a car accident does not mean that everything is fine. It could take hours or even days for you to feel uncomfortable after the accident. It is common to experience delayed onset back pain following a car accident. An injury to the spine, bulging discs, or soft tissue could cause pain.

    It is not uncommon for accident victims to feel fine after a collision. The adrenaline wears off, however, leading to delayed back pain that often appears days or even weeks later. This is why getting medical attention is so important, even if you do not feel injured.

    When you seek medical help as soon as possible after a car accident, you safeguard against your pain escalating if you discover your injuries were more severe than you realized. If you wait days after the accident before seeking medical attention, insurance companies may assert that the symptoms resulted from previously occurring activities.

    What Should I Do If I Am Sore After An Accident

    Soreness is normal after the trauma of a car accident. However, muscle aches and fatigue should never just be chalked up to the average stress of a crash. If youre experiencing sore muscles after an accident, the key to alleviating pain is the peace of mind from a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

    Read below to learn how muscle aches and pain from car accidents should be treated and how to help your body after a car accident.

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    What Factors Affect How Long My Lower Back Will Hurt After A Car Accident

    Your lower back hurts after a car accident because the violent jolt or jerking upon impact can strain muscles and whip your spine unnaturally. It often results in severe bruising, bulging discs and damaged nerves all of which are painful. People with nerve pain can feel it in different ways, whether its stabbing pain in the middle of the night, chronic prickling and tingling, or an unexplained burning sensation. Uncontrolled nerve pain is hard for a person to bear. How long your lower back will hurt after a car accident usually depends on

    • the severity of the initial injury,
    • the effectiveness of treatment, and
    • whether there are complicating factors.

    Is Nerve Damage A Common Effect Of A Back Injury

    What You Need to Know About Delayed Pain After a Car Accident ⢠Hills ...

    Many lawyers get this answer wrong, because there is a major difference between nerve damage and nerve irritation. No, nerve damage is not a common effect of a back injury. Nerve irritation, however, is a common symptom of a back injury. Nerve irritation can result from a variety of structural changes caused by a back injury in a car accident. Those changes can impinge or irritate the nerve, without actually damaging it.

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