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Are Adjustable Beds Good For Lower Back Pain

How To Buy A Mattress And Bed For Back Pain

What is the Best Type of Bed for Lower back Pain? – Easy Rest Adjustable Beds

Buying a new mattress to help with your back pain first requires you to consult with your doctor to diagnose the source of your back pain and to find out if a new mattress is really going to make any difference.

If buying a new mattress is agreed upon, then you should consider the type of mattress, the firmness, and the specifics like zoned support that may be able to help specifically reduce back pain.

You may also wish to consider buying an adjustable frame because altering the angle of your sleep surface may have a significant impact on reducing your back pain due to the redistribution of your body weight relative to gravitational forces.

The 3 step mattress and bed buying guide for back pain below can help you to dial in the specifics in more detail.

Considerations Before Buying An Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds have moved beyond health care settings and become commonly used in the home. Prices have come down, there is more selection, a variety of features have been added, and new designs have been added so that they don’t look like hospital beds.

Adjustable bed designs vary, but typically they allow the individual to raise or lower the upper body and legs. This positioning can be helpful in reducing back pain by shifting much of the weight off the back.

Top 10 Mattresses For Upper And Lower Back Pain:

  • Trial Period for Returns: 100 nights
  • Warranty: 10 years

Who it’s best for: The Casper Wave Hybrid is an excellent match for all sleep positions as well as hot sleepers, according to the experts at Mattress Advisor. They gave this luxury mattress a 9 out of 10 score for both spine alignment and cooling. It performed nearly as well for pressure relief.

How it feels: The Casper Wave Hybrid feels a bit more plush than a true medium-firm bed. Testers said the memory foam layer hugs your body, while the latex foam and coil base prevents you from sinking into the bed.

Pros: This hybrid mattress uses a unique zoned support system that’s softer at the shoulders with gel pods supporting your waist and lower back. Back pain sufferers receive continuous support from their shoulders to the base of their spines, so they can get comfortable no matter which sleep position they choose.

Cons: The Casper Wave Hybrid is the most expensive mattress on this list, so it’s not the best choice for those on a budget.

Testers who frequently switch sleep positions during the night appreciated the Wave Hybrid’s exceptional bounce . This makes turning from side to side to stomach a frictionless experience. The Casper Wave Hybrid comes with a 100-night sleep trial and 10-year warranty.

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Consider An Adjustable Base

Whilst choosing the right mattress for your body type and sleeping style can potentially have the most significant impact on helping to prevent and combat back pain that stems from the previous use of an unsuitable/sagging mattress, you may find that the addition of an adjustable base could also provide some significant relief.

So if youd like to consider buying an adjustable bed to go with your mattress then youll likely find the following short buying guide useful.

3.1: How Can An Adjustable Bed Help With Back Pain?

An adjustable bed can potentially help to alleviate your back pain by allowing you to alter the angle of your sleeping surface to help redistribute your body weight and reduce pressure points on your body whilst also potentially leveraging massage functions to stimulate blood flow and relax your muscles.

The study referenced by Dr. Marinov at the start of this article also states that a 32% pain decrease and a 73% increase in sleep quality was achieved by the participants who switched from a regular innerspring mattress to an adjustable bed.

Heres an overview of the main functions that you should look for in an adjustable bed to help combat your back pain:

Upper Body Lift

Even the most basic adjustable beds allow you to raise the upper portion of the bed to help reduce the compression forces on your lower back.

Leg Lift

The Zero Gravity Position


3.2: Who Can Benefit From An Adjustable Bed?


Pregnant Women



How Back Pain Affects Sleep

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Back pain is a widespread problem that affects an estimated 80% of adults at one time or another. It can make all types of daily activities difficult including walking, working, sitting, and lifting even lightweight items. Unfortunately, back pain complicates sleep as well, making it hard to find a comfortable position to fall asleep and keep sleeping soundly through the night.

Research studies have found that over half of people with lower back pain report sleeping problems. These negative impacts on sleep arise in people who have both sudden and short-term back pain and those who have long-term, persistent back pain.

People with pain tend to have fragmented sleep that occurs from waking up during the night. Upon waking up, getting back to sleep can be difficult because of ongoing aches and discomfort. Pain can also contribute to stress, depression, and anxiety, all of which can be detrimental to quality sleep.

Back pain sufferers can take a number of steps to try to feel and sleep better. Getting medical help for serious back problems may help reduce pain. Treatments depend on the cause and nature of a persons symptoms and can range from surgery to physical therapy to pain-relieving medications.

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Things To Consider Before Purchasing An Adjustable Bed To Relieve Back Pains

Before you head to your favorite mattress store and get yourself an adjustable bed, there are some few things you should consider

1. Weight and the Frames

Adjustable beds come in varying weights. You should consider one that is suitable for your room or floor and one that is convenient for you to move around.

2. Pricing and Features

The cost of purchasing adjustable beds and the features is one of the most important considerations to be made before buying an adjustable bed.

3. Partner

If you happen to share your bed with someone, consultations should be made before purchasing because you know, you cant enjoy your new bed if youre in the dog house.

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Thats all we have for you today. If you are suffering from back pain we hope you are seeing a trained professional, but pain sucks and if there is anything we can do for the community to help alleviate it we are all for it. Thats one of the reasons we started stocking great adjustable beds in stock, and they are selling like wildfire. Its now very affordable to get a great bed and skip the old school box springs. A step up for any bedroom for sure.

Contact any of our mattress stores, and wed be happy to walk you through the features and select the best adjustable bed for you!

Other questions you may have about adjustable beds:

Saatva Solaire Adjustable Mattress

This adjustable mattress, when paired with the Saatva Lineal Adjustable Base, offers excellent support, firmness, and adjustability.

  • Sizes: Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, CA King, Split King, Split CA King
  • Mattress/Bed Base: Mattress only
  • Adjustability: Foot and head areas
  • Price Range: $$$
  • Warranty: 25-year warranty

Reinforced air chambers within the mattress are used to switch between 50 firmness settings, so youre bound to find one thats perfect for you.

Consumer Reports have compared this mattress to Sleep Number adjustable beds and found that for support, it is superior. This makes it a brilliant choice for those with back pain who need a slightly firmer mattress that can keep their spine aligned correctly.

But the Saatva Solaire isnt without drawbacks. First, its quite expensive. And second, as Consumer Reports point out, the remote is attached to the mattress. While that prevents you from losing the remote, it does give the overall mattress more of a hospital bed, outdated look.

If youve tried Saatva beds before and you know theyre comfortable for you, then this could be an excellent option.

Best Feature: Saatva provides a free white glove delivery service, so you dont need to make your back pain worse by setting up a new bed. Theyll even remove your old mattress on the way out.

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Best Luxury Adjustable Mattress For Back Pain

Personal Comfort A10 Bed

  • Type: Airbed with foam comfort layers
  • Height: 15 inches

At 15 inches thick, the Personal Comfort A10 Bed is the plushest mattress on this list.

The bed contains 9 inches of comfort layers including a cooling top layer, a gel-infused comfort layer, and an airflow comfort layer designed to keep you cool all night long.

At the base is the beds air chambers, which can be adjusted to increase or decrease the firmness. You can choose from 45 different settings, ranging from 5 to 50, to find your ideal comfort. Paired with their Power-Flex 4 base, you have even more options for customizing your comfort.

The queen size also comes in a flex head option, so you can lower and lift your head separately from your partner which isnt always an option unless you opt for a split king.

Why We Get Back Problems

Why You Need an Adjustable Bed for Back Pain, Chronic, and Low or Lower Back Pain Relief

About 80% of sleepers are likely to come across some type of lower back pain throughout their lifetime. Of course, it goes without saying that not everyone is actually affected in the same way by these issues.

However, this doesnt mean that you should stay uninformed about them. Some have the potential to get worse over time.

There are two types of back pain that are commonly observed: Acute pain that lasts for less than about six weeks and chronic pain which is less frequent but longer lasting. This is according to the reputable Mayo Clinic. The breakdown is followed by serious research and studies carried over periods of time and a lot of back pain sufferers.

With this in mind, there are also different causes for back pain . Here are a few common ones and some tips on how to prevent them.

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What Is The Best Adjustable Bed Sleeping Position For Me

Oct 25, 2019 | Health & Wellbeing

Everybody has a favourite sleeping position. Regardless of whether you sleep on your back, on your side or with your head raised, an adjustable bed can suit all preferences. The question is: which position is best for you?

Different adjustable bed sleeping positions can have a big impact on how well we sleep. Here is our guide on which position is best for you:

Adjustable Beds For Back Pain

Adjustable beds for back pain are one of many specialized sleep systems created to help people suffering from common back ache conditions. Adjustable beds are available in many styles, feature levels and prices. These beds are designed to create a comfortable sleeping surface by adjusting to fit the comfort preferences of the patient.

For some back pain patients, a traditional flat mattress just does not serve their individual needs, while a variable position bed is exactly what they need. Adjustable beds feature the ability to custom tailor the sleeping, reclining or sitting experience in bed to suit ones anatomical requirements. These beds are particularly useful for people who are or will be confined to bed for extended periods of time due to age, illness, injury or surgical recovery.

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Why You Should Consider An Adjustable Bed

An adjustable bed can be a great investment for people who live with back pain because sleeping upright may be more comfortable than using a flat surface. Chronic snorers can also benefit from using an adjustable bed, as elevating the head can help open the airway, while people with low blood pressure can increase their circulation by lifting the foot of their bed. Most adjustable beds allow sleepers on both sides of the mattress to program their own settings, so you and your partner can sleep at different angles depending on your individual needs.

If youre looking for a mattress to go with your adjustable bed, check out our recommendations for the best adjustable bed mattresses.

The Most Common Causes Of Back Pain Include:

Pain Awareness Month: Adjustable Beds &  Back Pain

Muscle strain Muscle strain can occur in the lower back when lifting heavy objects with improper form or in sudden movements that cause tears or stretching of your lower back.

Sciatica Sciatica pain occurs with compression of the nerves in the lower spine, which leads to pains and numbness in the back. This can then extend down the sciatic nerves down along the legs, all the way to your feet.

Osteoarthritis Osteoarthritis occurs gradually and usually more common in older adults. This is when pain occurs by the cartilage between facet joints and spine breaks down. At first, when suffering with this back problem you may only feel occasional pain. However, as the condition progresses you may develop steady pain or sciatica.

All of these health problems can be serious if not treated, this can be prevented and eased if the issue is addressed in the early stages.

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Features Of Adjustable Beds

At minimum, most adjustable bases can be adjusted for the upper and/or lower body. They should also include a retaining bar, micro-hooks, or some other mechanism for keeping the mattress in place without shifting around too much. Remotes are also standard. More advanced models may be equipped with extra features and presets, as well as a wider range of adjustment options.

Best Mattresses And Beds For Back Pain Reviewed

The best mattress and bed for back pain is the Puffy Lux Hybrid paired with the Puffy Adjustable Base because it can help to combat the widest range of back pain related conditions whilst also being suitable for just about every sleeping position and sleeping requirement.

However, Ive also included some other mattresses for more specific requirements like sleeping cool with back pain, or if youre shopping on a budget.

If you buy through the buttons on this page under each mattress and bed review, youll be able to take advantage of some limited-time discounts that could save you $100s.

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Does Your Pain Go Away In A Reclined Position

Every case of back pain is unique. However, most people who find pain relief from reclined positions will benefit from sleeping on an adjustable bed. In general, its best to consult your doctor about whether an adjustable bed is a good solution for your pain. Some of the spine conditions that tend to benefit from adjustable beds include:

  • Osteoarthritis. Sleeping in a reclined position can help to minimize joint compression caused by osteoarthritis.
  • Spinal stenosis. Having a slight lean forward can help to alleviate back pain caused by spinal stenosis.
  • Spondylolisthesis. An adjustable bed allows you to sleep with your back and knees elevated with can help with relieving lower back pain caused by spondylolisthesis
  • Post-surgery. Individuals who have an upcoming back surgery can benefit from sleeping in a reclined position during their recovery.

These are just a couple of conditions that can benefit from an adjustable bed. As always, its best to talk with your doctor, as in some cases, an adjustable bed can worsen back pain symptoms.

Benefits Of Adjustable Mattresses

How to Get the Best Out of a Bed for Back Pain | Adjustable Beds by Easy Rest

People with adjustable mattresses can adjust the firmness of their bed by inflating or deflating the air chambers inside. Some models enable couples to do this independently, changing the settings separately for each side of the bed.

According to a 2015 review of research on mattress design, people who sleep on a medium-firm adjustable mattress are more likely to say that they got a good nights sleep. Being able to change mattress firmness may also help with back pain, providing more support when a person needs it.

People can also combine their mattress with an adjustable bed frame to allow them to change their sleeping position. Changing the angle of the head, neck, or back may help with back pain, as well as other conditions, such as a

Many different adjustable mattresses are available on the market. We look at six of the best options below.

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Can The Right Adjustable Bed Position Help Sciatica

Those who suffer from sciatica may find the resting positions offered by an adjustable help relieve their discomfort. Sleeping with your knees elevated raised is one position recommended to reduce the pain caused by sciatica. This position can easily be achieved with an adjustable bed.

My wife and I love our adjustable bed, she feels much better in the morning, puts her in a better and positive mood. I can set up the bed in the right position and it helps us both so much, it helps the circulation in my legs and I can see improvement in myself.

The bed helps her condition, elevates her health and de-stresses her its a real good thing to see.

Our Adjustamatic bed is brilliant, best thing Ive bought in a long time!

Mr Steele from Fort William

Saatva Solaire Smart Adjustable Bed

The Solaire by Saatva offers precision, with 50 different air pressure settings that enable people to get the firmness of their mattress just right.

The upper side of the mattress has an organic cotton pillow top, with latex and gel-infused memory foam underneath. An adjustable base also allows for position adjustments.

People with back pain may find that the process of moving a new bed into position exacerbates their symptoms. Saatva aim to solve this problem by delivering and setting up the new bed themselves. The Solaire also has a 25-year warranty and is available to trial for 180 nights.

A 2020 review by Consumer Reports noted that the popular brand Sleep Numbers i8 mattress and the Solaire were close competitors in terms of comfort but that the Solaires lower price point and more generous trial period made it more appealing.

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