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What’s The Best Massage For Back Pain

Miko Handheld Back Massager

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A customizable massage tool youll love

If you really want to show back pain whos in charge, take a look at the Miko Handheld Back Massager.

Typically with handheld massage tools, like the Mighty Bliss device below, you get one arm or stick. You use this to maneuver the nodes to where you need them.

With Mikos Handheld Back Massager you get lengthy double arms to give you more control.

You can customize your massage further by switching between the changeable node tips Firm, Soft and Heated.

The heated tips were the ones most loved by owners of the product. They appreciated how the heat made the massage even more relaxing and helped to unwind their muscles.

Practically speaking, it folds away neatly and comes with a handy tote for storage!

You likely wont get the intensity that other tools, such as the Resteck device, offer.

But you can experience a satisfying massage for less dollars than many of the competitors.

Functions And Features Of Back Massagers

Both electric and non-electric back massagers offer a wide range of different functions and features.

To help you make sense of each one, and decide if it matters to you, weve provided a little explanation below:


The shape of the back massager is important as it determines exactly where youre able to treat. For example, you might opt for an S shaped stick, but do you have the range of motion to reach your mid back? If not, a chair pad could be more effective.


Take a look at the dimensions, will it provide the coverage that you need? Is it too large to be portable? Think about where and how youll use the device, so you can make the most informed choice.


Depending on the style of massager, weight might be a deciding factor. Remember with wand or gun massagers, youll need to hold them in place to treat your back. If the device is too heavy, you might struggle to do this for a longer period of time? Manufacturers will state the weight in the product description so be sure to take a look.

Electric / Non-Electric

Consider which option is right for you, whether you want to take your massager on the go, or just ensure you can use it in your favorite chair! Also think about if youll be able to apply the pressure needed with a non-electric device.


The number of massage nodes, and the sizes of those nodes, is important as it tells you about the back coverage you can expect.







Acupressure Points



Best For Neck And Back Pain: Trumedic Magichands Trushiatsu Neck And Back Massager

This Oprah-recommendedmagic massager uses four powerful nodes to mimic human hands, so you can quickly soothe sore and aching muscles without visiting the spa. The durable unit lets you choose between three different pain-relieving speeds and features adjustable arm straps so you can personalize the position of the massager to your body. Plus, one five-star reviewer says its a top pick for anyone seeking relief from chronic pain, while other shoppers said it works great on neck, back, and shoulder pain.

Available at , $150

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Ways To Know What The Best Price Is For A Back Pain Relieve Massage Tool Product

If youre looking to buy a back pain relieve massage tool product, its always good to know the best price for that item.

If you are interested in saving money on your purchase of a back pain relieve massage tool item, then you should read this blog post.

We provide you with quality back pain relieve massage tool products at the best price and recommend only reliable sellers.

You can find the best deals on our site. We offer a wide variety of back pain relieve massage tool products and will help you save money by comparing prices from different stores with us.

So were confident that whatever product or service it is your looking for theres an affordable option here.

Massage Techniques To Ease Back Pain

Pin on massage and trigger points

Back pain comprises about 40% of work absences. Since your back carries the most weight and physical stress, it can cause strain on the back muscles and ligaments supporting the spine. Back pain, tension, and stiffness can limit mobility and affect the quality of your life. Symptoms may last up to 6 weeks or less or as long as 3 months . In some cases, back pain can be described as insufferable, interfering with your daily social roles and activities as it can increase pain or cause further injury.

Although bed rest and application of heat or ice can help improve the symptoms, massage for back pain offers a better solution that helps relax your tired and sore muscles.

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What Is The Best Back Massager

Since there are many types of massage tools, choosing the right one for you is important. There are options that require the you to take an active role, ones that you can manipulate, others that you strap onto your body, and even some that you sit or lean against.

When choosing one, figure out what spot you are targeting, says Dr. Cole. Depending on where you feel pain and if you can physically reach the area, that could determine whether youre able to use a handheld versus a massager that you wear.

Figure out if you want one that is electric or battery operated, too, says Dr. Cole. If you plan on using it at home or at work, an electric will be OK, but if you plan to travel, investing in a battery operated option might be a better solution.

With this in mind, weve rounded up some of the best back massagers for low back pain. Overall they are extremely safe and user friendly for almost anyone, says Yuen.

Get Much Better Shoes

You might wonder whether one of the very best and most noticeable ways to minimize lower neck and back pain is by wearing the right footwear. Your shoes can certainly affect the health of your back.

Many individuals experience issues when wearing high heels. It is not always the instance that level shoes will certainly resolve the problem.

Supporting the arc of the foot and also cushioning the bottom greatly aids in discomfort management. You must also take note of the fit of your footwear.

Having also tight shoes may bring about foot discomfort, which can result in modifications in exactly how you stroll, which can result in pain in the back.

You can, too, make up for also big shoes by altering your gait when you use them. Soles that optimize convenience and also movement can help in the prevention and therapy of back pain.

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Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Roman chamomile oil has a sweet fragrance that is fresh, soft, and herbaceous with apple undertones, making it a favorite natural oil with many uses. It is analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and tonic. In aromatherapy, it is widely used as calming, antispasmodic, and anti-inflammatory oil. You can make a massage oil for relieving musculoskeletal tension, pain, and inflammation by blending Roman chamomile oil with bergamot, lemongrass, marjoram, ginger, and lavender oils. In addition, you can come up with a mixture for treating stress, tension, and headache by mixing Roman chamomile oil with peppermint, jasmine, geranium, clary sage, neroli, and lavender oils.

Ireliev Relaxable Pillow Massager

How We Treat Low Back Pain – Quickly | Chiropractor in Maryland

A discreet massager that will look great in your home

Place the iReliev pillow massager on your couch and no-one will ever know that the comfortable cushion is a powerful pain relief tool!

Available in four different colors, its one of the most attractive massage cushions on the market.

Its not style over substance though:

Tuck the pillow into your lower back and the circular kneading motion of the two-way massage nodes help to relieve back pain.

Enjoy the flexibility of three different speeds to reach the intensity you need.

Plus its cordless and rechargeable!

As if that wasnt enough, the Relaxable pillow contains infrared ceramic bulbs that deliver penetrating heat.

Though you can expect a great massage, you wont get the power of a percussion massager like the Theragun PRO.

On the flip side though it is really versatile.

You can position it wherever you need on your back, slip it under tired legs or even ease your neck pain.

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Got Back Pain Types Of Massages That Can Help

Back pain can arise for a number of reasons heavy lifting, bad posture, sitting down too much, etc. For some, it may be temporary, while many others are living with chronic back pain. If youre looking for an alternative to pain medication, then massage could be the solution. Here are some of the best types of massage to try for your back pain.

The best massage for lower back pain

Lower back pain is probably the most common type of back pain that the average person suffers. It can have a number of different causes, some activity and posture-related and others indicating more serious problems. While the typical Swedish and deep tissue massages are good for relief from back pain, a particularly effective technique for lower back pain is Shiatsu massage.

Shiatsu massage applies pressure to different parts of the body in a rhythmic sequence. It is extremely soothing and relaxing, providing you with long-lasting effects. It focuses on the bodys meridians to promote the flow of healing energy throughout the body. Studies have found shiatsu massage to be extremely effective at treating lower back pain.

The best massage for upper back pain

Alternatively, deep tissue massage can be another effective upper back treatment, as can acupuncture and acupressure.

What else you can do

If you suffer from back pain, then why not try a massage from Moonstone Massage in Winston Salem, NC. Get in touch to inquire or book a massage.

Find The True Cost Of The Back Pain Relieve Massage Tool Item

Many people dont know how to determine if they are getting a reasonable price for the back pain relieve massage tool product they want. The best way is to compare prices with similar back pain relieve massage tool products and see what the average price is.

If you can find many different stores that sell the same type of product, theres more likelihood that it will be in your range.

What should I do if the price of a back pain relieve massage tool product is too high?

The first thing you should do is to ask yourself whether or not this purchase will be worth it. If your answer is no, then thats ok! There are plenty of other back pain relieve massage tool products out there for you to buy. However, if you still want to purchase the product even though its expensive.

Here is another tip on how to know what the reasonable price range for that item would be: Check online reviews and comments from people who have purchased similar items before. This way youll know what other customers think about the quality and durability of this specific item.

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Best For Recovery: Theragun Prime

Theragun is a household name for creating high-quality sports recovery massagersand now its top-of-the-line tech is available in a more streamlined and affordable model. The new Theragun Prime is quieter than an electric toothbrush, according to the brand, but still powerfully penetrates muscles 60 times deeper than standard recovery tools. Instead of counting pulses, Theragun focuses on how many times the massage head actually lifts off the skin40 times per secondto ensure targeted relief. Pick from four attachment heads and five preset speeds.

Available at, $300

Quadratus Lumborum Muscle Massage

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The quadratus lumborum muscle extends throughout your lower back and consists of several layers. This muscle is an extensor of the spine, allowing you to bend backward. The muscle also helps you bend your torso sideways.1

The quadratus lumborum muscle can become fatigued, stiff, strained, and/or painful when you perform certain daily activities, such as:

  • Lifting that requires leaning over something, for example, getting groceries out of the trunk of your car
  • Leaning over a sink while doing dishes
  • Sitting slumped in a chair
  • Running on uneven pavement

A sharp, stabbing, urgent pain in your low back may indicate a hypertonic quadratus lumborum. Sometimes, you may feel a dull, constant ache with some degree of stiffness.

The quadratus lumborum muscle may also develop painful trigger point nodules, cause entrapment of nerves within its fibers, or be subject to direct trauma, causing lower back pain.1

The muscle must be stretched and massaged simultaneously by your therapist in order to reduce lower back pain.

See Non-Surgical Treatments for Lower Back Pain

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Obtain Top Quality Sleep

Study shows that sleep disruptions might make the agony even worse. Absence of sleep can also impact exactly how much hurting an individual can tolerate, according to one more research study.

An awkward cushion, cushions that are the incorrect dimension, or just not getting sufficient sleep can activate back tenderness. WhatS The Best Massage For Back Pain Caused By Breasts

Most grownups must be obtaining 7-9 hours of rest a night, according to the National Rest Foundation.

Suitable convenience as well as alignment of the back is necessary for sleep quality and also preventing neck and back pain in the morning.

Ensures the cushion is helpful sufficient to keep the back as well as neck in a straight line. People who sleep on their side should put an additional cushion between their knees.

A person ought to talk to a physician if shortage of sleep continues to be a trouble. Rest disorders are usually treatable. Obtaining sufficient sleep may aid ease pain and also can enhance a persons overall health and wellness.

How Much Does A Massage Cost

Prices vary greatly for massages in the United States. An hourlong massage is usually $50$150. Most therapists will expect a 1520 percent tip on top of this. However, some places dont accept gratuity.

Aromatherapy, hot stone, and prenatal massages tend to be more expensive than standard massages. Depending on the place, some specialty massages such as deep tissue, Thai, or sports massages may run a bit higher, too.

You can check out a massage school in your area or find a massage therapist who works at home if you want to find massages at a more reasonable cost.

Insurance sometimes covers massage therapy if you can show its being used to treat a medical condition. Sometimes insurance companies will cover massage therapy if its part of chiropractic care.

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Whats The Best Massage For Lower Back Pain

Question: Ive been having a dull ache in my lower back for the past couple of weeks. I went to a chiropractor, but he said theres no problems with my spine. I thought maybe it was related to the fact that I sit at a desk all day. Ive been reading a lot lately about standing desks, so I thought I would try one out, but that didnt really help the problem. If anything, it got worse. Is there a specific massage out there that could help me?

Answer:In recent years, the medical establishment has warmed to the use of massage therapy as effective treatment for chronic back pain. The treatment is non-invasive, and you can get a massage in the comfort of your own home, at a time that is convenient for you. While getting a massage may not necessarily eliminate or cure your back pain, in most cases it wont make the problem worse and may even offer you significant relief.

Chronic low-back pain affects nearly 80 percent of all adults at some point in their lives. Most low-back pain is triggered by a specific injury or issue, and goes away in a few weeks without medical or therapeutic intervention. But if your pain persists, or gets worse, you may need further treatment to alleviate the problem.

Spine Health: Can Massage Help Your Back Problem?

Ready to book your massage?

We Help You Buy The Premium Back Pain Relieve Massage Tool Product And Enjoy The Best After

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If youre looking for the best customer service and after-sale support. We are here for you. We want to make sure that when you purchase back pain relieve massage tool products, you will be satisfied with your experience.

When you buy a back pain relieve massage tool product, its the after-sale service that will make or break your experience. You want to know that if something goes wrong with the product, someone is there to help you out and fix it for good. There are many companies that offer this type of support.

With tips and tricks on how to find a company with great customer service, as well as what you should expect from them, we hope that this article will help you navigate your way through the world of after-sale services!

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Hand And Foot Massage At Home

If youre on your feet all day or work with your hands, you can benefit from a routine massage at home for these important appendages.

Try these foot and hand self-massage techniques to relieve tension:

  • Feet: Use these self foot massage techniques to relax your feet: Grasp your foot and curl your toes. Place your thumb in the pit that forms between the heel and ball of your foot. With small circular motions, use your thumb to massage the mid part of your foot, adjusting for pressure until you feel the tension release. Repeat on the other foot.
  • Hands: Use this self hand massage after a long day of work — even if you only used them to type. Place one hand, palm facing up, in the palm of your other hand. Relax the top hand and wrap the thumb of the bottom hand around until you reach the palm of the top hand. Using small, circular motions, massage your palm in sections, taking it up to each finger joint. Flip your hand over and massage the back of the hand the same way. Switch hands.
  • Wrists: Try this self massage for wrist pain: Grasp your wrist with your thumb on the inside and your index and middle fingers on the outside. Steady your wrist with your fingers while your thumb makes small circular massaging motions across your inner wrist. Flip your hand over and use your thumb to massage the outer wrist in the same way. Switch wrists.

Try using lotion on your hands and feet to help reduce friction as you massage.


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