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Should I See A Chiropractor For Back Pain

What Did The Study Researchers Find Out

What Can a Chiropractor Do for Low Back Pain? (What You Don’t Know)

Between 2012 and 2016, a research team evaluated chiropractic care on 750 active-duty U.S. military service members. The mean age of participants was 30.9 years old.

The patients were put into two groups. One group received traditional medical care for back pain along with chiropractic care the other group only received traditional care. While traditional care can include medication, the chiropractic care included spinal manipulation adjustments along with manual therapies such as ice, heat, cryotherapy, and rehabilitative exercises.

After six weeks, those who got both types of care reported moderately higher improvements in pain intensity and disability compared with those who only received traditional medical care.

The current study provides the strongest evidence to date that chiropractic care is safe, effective, and results in high levels of patient satisfaction and perceived treatment benefit, thus strengthening our knowledge regarding this conservative nondrug option for low back pain, Christine M. Goertz, DC, PhD, a chiropractor with the Spine Institute for Quality in Iowa, told Healthline.

In an accompanying editorial , Daniel C. Cherkin, PhD, a senior investigator at Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute, said the study will help medical experts better treat military personnel.

But, Cherkin said integrating chiropractic care into the military health system will require communication and referrals.

How Often Do I Need To See A Chiropractor

At first, I might see a patient once or twice a week. If the condition is acute, I might see the patient every day to begin. As they improve, I recommend fewer visits and start giving the patient more things to do on their own at home. I want my patients to be as independent as possible. There are patients who have chronic problems and need to come back and see me once in a while. But the great majority of patients have issues that are resolvable, and I may never need to see them again after their condition has improved.

What Are The Long

If you are taking painkillers to manage your back pain, chiropractic treatment can help you to reduce your dependence. As with the short-term benefits, you may notice greater freedom of movement following chiropractic treatment.Improved mobility allows you to return to doing the things you love most and simply completing important, everyday tasks.A critical long-term benefit of chiropractic treatment is being able to get back to exercising safely. Exercise has a range of health benefits and helps to maintain a healthy weight.

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Physiotherapy For Back Pain

There are plenty of scientific studies supporting the benefits of physio exercises for managing low back pain, especially for low back pain. Many doctors recommend physiotherapy and other conservative measures before considering surgery for back pain.

Physiotherapy is also useful before and after surgery, as it helps strengthen the musculoskeletal system and shorten the recovery process.

Active exercise help reduce the pain, improve function and reduce the risk and severity of new episodes of back pain. Physiotherapy includes passive and active therapy. Active therapies involve an exercise program and stretching, while passive therapies are applied by a physiotherapist, in the form of heat or cold applications, electrical stimulation, or ultrasound therapy. While some sessions with a physiotherapist are done in a medical clinic, the therapist can create a custom exercise program for the home.

Pain After An Accident

Should I See A Chiropractor For Lower Back Pain?

If youve recently been involved in a car accident or other injury-causing event and are now experiencing lower back pain, its a good idea to check in with a chiropractor. The injuries sustained from accidents are often very rough and abrupt and can lead to significant structural damage to the spine.

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What Is Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common conditions people experience in Australia and its the reason many workers take sick days. In fact, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, one in six people suffer from chronic back pain every year.

If you have back pain, youre likely to be feeling stiff, achy or tension in your back. It could be caused by simply bending down in the wrong direction, lifting something heavy, an accident or a sporting injury. Back pain can occur at any age but is most common among young and middle-aged adults.

Medina Chiropractor Or Medical Doctor For Back Pain

Most patients frequently ask if they should or can they visit a chiropractor to get treated of back pain. Several studies have shown chiropractors effectively treating back pain. But not every back pain case calls for treatment by chiropractors. Some conditions need may need an evaluation by an M.D.

When would I need to visit a medical doctor?

Many back pain cases can be treated effectively by chiropractors. It has been proven and shown that chiropractors make most effective doctors when it comes to treatment of acute back pain. But some conditions that are probably serious need consideration before treatment begins. Many conditions can be identified via thorough physical examination and history of the patients sickness.

Some of the symptoms which raise an alarm include:

  • Pain leading to sleepless nights
  • Pain accompanied by sweats, chills or fevers
  • Numb extremities
  • Problems which control functioning of bladder or bowel

Furthermore, some symptoms like the ones mentioned below are better if an orthopedist attends to them than a chiropractor.

  • Weakness of legs muscles
  • Legs tingling or becoming numb
  • Back pain alongside leg pain

The symptoms above are noted in patients having some other problem apart from strain of the lumbar muscle or the ligament.

If the problem underlying of ligament sprain or muscle strain, treatment by chiropractor becomes more effective.

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What Do They Aim To Achieve

Chiropractic cares primary aim is the removal and prevention of musculoskeletal-related problems. They focus on restoring normal functional movement to the spine and strengthening the surrounding structures.

Physiotherapy primarily aim is to improve the movement and function of your joints and muscles to get you back to normal mobility. They focus on exercises to improve flexibility, mobility and strength.

As you can see their goals are essentially the same.

When You Might Need Pt

Lower back pain – A Chiropractors view

So when is a good time to visit a physical therapist and engage in a course of rehab? If you are feeling pain that limits your ability to walk, sit, or engage in your normal work or recreational activities, then you may benefit from working with a physical therapist. A home therapist may visit you in your house if you are unable to leave it due to your injury.

Likewise, if you have had surgery and are not moving well, working with a physical therapist may be a good idea. Your therapist can help you regain full mobility and help you return to your previous level of activity.

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Osteopathy For Back Pain

In the US, doctors of osteopathic medicine are fully licensed physicians who practice in all areas of medicine, just like medical doctors . Osteopathy focuses on prevention and has a holistic approach to health looking at improving lifestyle and environment for optimal health. DOs receive special training in treating the musculoskeletal system and have a great understanding of the connection between muscles, nerves, and bones. They use gentle hands-on techniques to relieve pain and also recommend specific exercises and lifestyle changes. A 2005 review of multiple studies published in the journal BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders supports the benefits of osteopathy for back pain management. This form of medicine was found to significantly decrease low back pain and the effects persisted for at least three months. Osteopathy can help with both acute and chronic low back pain, including sciatica.

How Can Chiropractic Help Me

The manual techniques used in chiropractic may help to relieve pain and improve how your back works. The aim is for you to get moving again and start getting back to your normal activities. Keeping active, rather than resting is the best thing for back pain.

If youre offered manual therapies, doctors recommend that you have them as part of a treatment package. This should include a general exercise programme and, if needed, other treatments such as psychological therapy.

Studies on manipulation have found that it works as well as other treatments for back pain.

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Massage Therapy Relieving Tension

A massage, on the other hand, is performed by a licensed massage therapist who applies direct pressure to soft tissue or muscle groups to relieve pain and promote healing and wellness. Unlike chiropractic treatment, massage treatment focuses solely on the stimulation of muscles and is not used to treat pain associated with the spine, joints or tendons.

There are multiple benefits to massage therapy including relaxation, increased energy and mood enhancement. Many find that receiving a massage following chiropractic treatment can promote additional healing and decrease discomfort and inflammation after treatment.

Both of these options can be used to treat temporary, situational or chronic pain. Not sure which treatment is right for you? Listen to your bodys pain points. In either scenario, talk with your doctor to determine if these options are right for you. If you cant afford a chiropractor or a massage specialist due to health insurance, check out our plans to see how Priority Health can help you ease your back pains!

What Does Chiropractic Treatment For Back Pain Involve

Should You See a Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain?

A chiropractor first takes a medical history, performs a physical examination, and may use lab tests or diagnostic imaging to determine if treatment is appropriate for your back pain.

The treatment plan may involve one or more manual adjustments in which the doctor manipulates the joints, using a controlled, sudden force to improve range and quality of motion. Many chiropractors also incorporate nutritional counseling and exercise/rehabilitation into the treatment plan. The goals of chiropractic care include the restoration of function and prevention of injury in addition to back pain relief.

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When Should You Seek Help From A Chiropractor

Sometimes, you might see a physical therapist if you have back pain. However, many people with lower back pain get massage therapy or see a chiropractor. You might have questions about what role a chiropractor plays in your treatment plan. For example, you might wonder if you should immediately get care or if you should wait to see if other treatments are helping.

However, if you dont get any care, you might end up missing work, especially if you have a physically demanding job. You might end up debilitated by the condition, and you might even end up becoming disabled. And because of the opioid crisis, you should avoid taking potentially addicting medications whenever you can. That is where chiropractic treatment comes in.

Should You See A Chiropractor For Low Back Pain

If youve ever seen a doctor for back pain, youre not alone. An estimated 85% of people experience back pain severe enough to see a doctor for at some point in their life. Yet despite how common it is, the precise cause of pain is often unclear. And a single, best treatment for most low back pain is unknown. For these reasons, doctors recommendations tend to vary. “Standard care” includes a balance of rest, stretching and exercise, heat, pain relievers, and time. Some doctors also suggest trying chiropractic care. The good news is that no matter what treatment is recommended, most people with a recent onset of back pain are better within a few weeks often within a few days.

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What Do Chiropractors Do To Treat Back Pain

Chiropractors can provide a variety of treatments to help with back pain. These include:

  • Mobilization, which involves moving joints and muscles to increase range of motion
  • Spinal manipulation, which involves movement to the vertebra to help reduce issues related to pinched nerves, bulging discs or other dysfunction
  • Massage, which may support reduced pain in soft tissues
  • Patient education to help you manage diet, exercise and home treatment like heat and cold therapy

Chronic Neck And Back Pain


If you are experiencing persistent back pain or have a slipped or herniated disc, it would be good to consult a chiropractor.

Your current lifestyle or occupation may be keeping you hunched over your desk for the entire day. This leads to bad posture, which strains your neck muscles and upper spine. A chiropractor can realign your upper spine to relieve the tension, and consequently, the pain.

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What Is Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic treatment operates on the fundamental recognition that the body can heal itself with the help of specific manipulations. These hands-on manipulations help to realign the bodys joints and may result in pain relief.While chiropractic treatment focuses on the spine, the main highway from the brain to the body, it also caters to other body parts, depending on your symptoms. These include:

The Symptoms Are Consistent With A Potential Pinched Nerve

The spinal structure provides tight quarters for the nerves, spinal discs, cartilage, and other structural components. When a disc bulges out of place or another structure intrudes on the space naturally filled by a nerve, that nerve is pinched. It isnt able to effectively send and receive messages to maintain communication with the brain. A pinched nerve is one of the leading causes of lower back pain.

Nerve pain is typically sharp and may get worse with certain types of movement. Many patients also report numbness, and others experience the sensation of needles prickling their skin from within. Since nerves run from the lower spine into the legs, its possible to feel pain in the legs or numbness in the feet.

Since the nerve is often pinched by bone or other hard tissue, chiropractic treatment is often effective. A chiropractor will identify the cause of the pinched nerve and work to reposition the interfering bone, ease tension from tight muscles, and otherwise manipulate the body so that the nerve has more room to function properly.

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Are They Trained Differently

Both Physiotherapy and chiropractic are university based full time degrees. Chiropractic is a five-year full time degree while Physiotherapy is a four-year full time degree. Chiropractors and Physiotherapists are both trained in the orthopaedic, neurological and functional assessment of the spine.

Chiropractic training focuses specifically on spinal structure, function and control. They learn a wide range of specific spinal techniques, ranging from those that involve manipulation to localisation and soft tissue techniques. They are also taught how to exercises to improve movement and increase strength.

Physiotherapists are trained in spinal assessment and treatment. They tend to focus on stretching, exercises and soft tissue techniques to improve mobility and strength.

Physiotherapists do not receive the same degree of training in spinal manipulation as Chiropractors. Physiotherapists training has a much wider scope of training than the chiropractic degree. While they are mostly known for their treatment of sporting injuries, such as joint sprains and muscle tears, physios also work extensively with people recovering from stroke, womens health issues, post-surgical rehabilitation and diseases such as osteoporosis, cystic fibrosis or multiple sclerosis.

Other Treatment Hasnt Worked

When You Should See a Chiropractor

You may need to visit a chiropractor if no other treatment has worked for your lower back pain. Whether it be massage therapy, heat therapy, or any other type of treatment, you have found no relief. A chiropractor will develop a specific treatment plan on a case-by-case basis and include a comprehensive and holistic approach to treating your back pain.

Pain is usually an indication of inflammation thats going on inside the body which can be caused by joint, muscular, nerve dysfunction or misalignment. Lower back pain, specifically, can be caused by a variety of factors including improper lifting, poor posture, and poor fitness levels. While lower back pain rarely indicates something is serious, people should seek out treatment well before the lower back pain gets worse.

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Signs You Should See A Chiropractor

Office Manager, Sharon Health Center

Seeing a chiropractor can yield many benefits that dramatically improve ones physical and emotional well-being. Yet many people think to see a chiropractor only when something has gone wrong, or when they can no longer tolerate their pain symptoms. A chiropractor can help prevent something from going wrong in the first place.

While most people know it is time to see a chiropractor if they are experiencing back pain, there are other clues to keep in mind. Here are 10 signs you should see a chiropractor:

Headaches can be caused by a number of factors, including dehydration, malnutrition, oxygen deprivation, or a misalignment in the neck or spine. A chiropractor can help to relieve headaches and improve blood flow, which will increase the amount of oxygen that is supplied to the brain.

Your chiropractor also may recommend a change to your diet to help you improve your overall health.

  • Joint or Muscle Pain
  • If you are experiencing pain in your muscles and joints, your first reaction should not be to get the aspirin out of your medicine cabinet. Your pain could be due to problems with musculoskeletal alignment.

    A chiropractor is trained to make sure your body is functioning as optimally as possible by using spinal manipulations to relieve pain in your joints and muscles. These spinal adjustments will increase blood flow and nerve conductivity to the joints and muscles that are experiencing pain.

  • Chronic Back Pain
  • Limited Range of Motion
  • Cracked Worn And Broken Teeth

    If the muscles, teeth, and jaw joints do not work properly, there is an imbalance in the bite. When your bottom and top teeth come together, there will be excess pressure on some teeth because of misalignment. It causes cracked, worn, and broken teeth in general. Additionally, patients with jaw misalignment disorder try to grind or clench their teeth and cause broken teeth as well. If you have a regular checkup with your dentist, they will tell you if they noticed the symptoms of crack from grinding and clenching.

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