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Is Epsom Salt Good For Lower Back Pain

Ask About Prescription Medications

How to Use Epsom Salt to Relieve Back Pain

If your back pain hasnt resolved itself within four to six weeks, make an appointment with your doctor, who will examine your back and ask you to sit, stand, bend, walk, and lift your legs to see how your pain is affecting your mobility. Youll likely be asked to rate your pain on a scale of one to 10, and they may do imaging tests, like an X-ray or MRI. Then, he or she may recommend one of the following prescribed therapies:

  • Muscle relaxants: Medications like cyclobenzaprine or baclofen can help relieve painful back spasms. If you go this route, just know that side effects can include fatigue and dizziness.
  • Topical pain medications: These creams and ointments, like Voltaren gel, are meant to be rubbed directly on to the area thats hurting you.
  • Cortisone shots: If other treatment measures fail, your doctor may recommend an injection of cortisone, a potent anti-inflammatory. There are risks, including thinning of nearby bone, and relief typically lasts just a few months, tops.

Epsom Salt For Arthritis

Epsom salt has been named after the bitter salt spring found at Epsom, England, where it was produced in the springs.

The name of the compound can be misleading at times as it is not an actual salt.

Instead, it is a type of mineral compound which is made up of magnesium and sulfate.

Epsom salt has been used for a long time for various health benefits and other purposes like beauty, gardening, etc.

It has also been used for treating various types of diseases and ailments.

The main components of Epsom salt are the magnesium and sulfate which play an important role in its unique healing properties.

The most common form in which Epsom salt is used is the Epsom salt bath in which the salt is mixed with the bath water.

The person should take this bath for some duration and the magnesium sulfate compounds get absorbed into the skin.

Magnesium is one of the major compounds required by the human body for everyday regulation of numerous pathways.

It is known to regulate more than 325 enzymes and pathways.

It is also required for other vital function like the proper functioning of muscles and nerves, preventing the arteries from hardening and reducing the amount of inflammation caused due to numerous health conditions including arthritis.

The sulfate found in the Epsom salt also plays a vital role in imparting medicinal properties to the compound.

Magnesium sulfate comes under the category of inorganic compounds.

Epsom salt can also be consumed as a part of the treatment .

How Epsom Salt Can Help In Arthritis

Arthritis has been one of the most common medical conditions in the elderly people.

However, this disease is not specifically related to age as there have been reports of young people suffering from this condition.

Arthritis occurs when the joints between the bones become inflamed due to some medical conditions.

There are many types of arthritis based on the causes the condition like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

The treatment offered usually includes drugs which reduce the inflammation and relieve the patient from the pain and stiffness.

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Rub On Medicated Creams

Skin creams, salves, ointments, or patches may help when your back feels stiff, sore, and tense. Many of these products contain ingredients such as menthol, camphor, or lidocaine that can cool, heat, or numb the affected area.

Put on creams right where you hurt. Ask someone to apply it if you have trouble reaching the spot.

âIt’s not going to be a mainstay at providing significant relief, but it can calm things down,â Ray says.

Is Epsom Salt Good For Lower Back Pain

5 Best Home Remedies To Treat Tailbone Pain

Back pain can be debilitating specifically when your day-to-day life includes activity. If you manage back pain, here are some incredible pointers that can aid eliminate your misery.Sleep with a pillow under your knees Is Epsom Salt Good For Lower Back Pain

When you have back pain, sleeping can be difficult. It can be a vicious circle due to the fact that when you dont obtain sufficient rest, your back pain may feel worse. A poor rest setting can likewise exacerbate back pain. Try lying on your side. Area a pillow between your knees to keep your back in a neutral setting and ease stress on your back. If you need to sleep on your back, slide a cushion under your knees. Make sure to sleep on a pleasantly firm mattress.

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Magnesium And Perioperative Pain

Opioids have long been used to control acute postoperative and postprocedural pain. However, in a recent report that reviewed the clinical and administrative data of 135,379 adult patients who were administered opioids after hospital-based surgeries or endoscopic procedures, 10.6% of patients experienced adverse opioid-related events. These adverse events were related to poor outcomes, including an increased mortality rate, prolonged hospital stay, and higher 30-day readmission rates . Dependence has grown on strong opioids to control acute and chronic pain over the past decade, influenced by the rising epidemic of prescription opioid abuse, misuse, and overdose-related deaths . This phenomenon, called the opioid crisis, is evident in multiple countries, including Canada, Australia, the United States of America, and Europe . Surgery and exposure to opioids are the identified factors contributing to persistent opioid dependence after operation and procedure . Therefore, the development of procedure-specific analgesic strategies and multimodal opioid sparing techniques is important to reduce postoperative opioid dependency .

Magnesium also potentiated the effects of intravenous regional anesthesia when combined with local anesthetics. Turan et al. showed the improvement effect of magnesium sulfate on the quality of anesthesia and analgesia after its addition to lidocaine for a Bier block. The block duration was prolonged when magnesium sulfated was added.

Can Soaking In An Epsom Salt Bath Help With Muscle Pain

The idea behind Epsom salt baths is this: dissolve the crystals in warm water, soak your aching part in for a few minutes, and your body will absorb the magnesium through the skin, causing the muscles to relax and reducing inflammation. Since magnesium, an essential mineral in our diets, is known to play an important role in muscle contraction, immune system response, and even brain function, it sounds plausible that this treatment would work for muscle pain.

Most likely, any pain relief benefits of Epsom salt soaks come more from the warmth of the waterthe heat encourages blood flow to aching parts, helping the muscles relax.

However, there is very little reliable proof that Epsom salt baths offer any exclusive benefit. First of all, it takes a lot more than placing something on our skin or even dissolving it in water to help get it through the skins protective barriers . This article on the Pain Science blog explains the absorption issue in detailread it if your interested if not, suffice it to say that magnesium particles are not easily if at all absorbed through the skin, even if dissolved. Second, theres no reliable evidence that the Epsom salts offer any measurable pain relief, even if the magnesium is absorbed.

Most likely, the benefits of Epsom salt soaks come from the warmth of the waterthe heat encourages blood flow to aching parts, helping the muscles relax.

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Know Your Otc Medications

Nonprescription pain relievers can help with muscle aches and stiffness. The two main types of over-the-counter options are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and acetaminophen. NSAIDs include aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen.

True to their name, NSAIDs help lower inflammation that can lead to swelling and tenderness. But acetaminophen does not relieve inflammation. You can reach for either type of pain reliever for occasional back pain. NSAIDs may work a bit better, Hemani says, if you have arthritis of the spine or other inflammatory conditions.

Frequently Cited Evidence For Absorption: Rosemary Warings Little Unpublished 2006 Study

Home Remedies For Knee Pain – Stop Knee Pain With Epsom Salt

In 2006, Rosemary Waring, a British biochemist at the University of Birmingham, did a nice science experiment with Epsom salts.37 She did more or less exactly what any curious person would do if she wanted to know whether or not Epsom salts can get past skin: she measured magnesium and sulfate in the blood and urine both before and after people bathed in Epsom salts.

Dr. RosemaryWaring

She found them to be higher after the baths! 16 out of 19 people had more magnesium and sulfate in their blood after the baths than they did before the baths.38

Dr. Warings results are straightforward. No therapeutic effects of Epsom salt were studied or claimed she just studied absorption, and did not try to make any more of it, showing the restraint of a pro. What could be simpler?

I was so interested in these results that I contacted Dr. Waring by email. I agree that it is a bit surprising, she replied, but the results are certainly there and in fact there are hints in the past literature that this could happen.

And how would it work, I asked, this crossing of the skin? Dr. Waring:

I dont have any evidence as to how magnesium sulphate crosses the skin, though I have always assumed that it simply diffuses across the stratum corneum, helped by the fact that its in a hot bath.

Possibly not the best science ever done

And there are some problems.


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Bulging Disc Vs Herniated Disc: Whats The Difference

Disc problems go by many names: herniated discs, slipped discs, collapsed discs, ruptured discs, etc. This can become confusing for patients, especially since different health care professionals dont always agree on the different definitions and various causes of disc problems.

The good news is that despite the confusion about different terminologies, the underlying causes of most disc problems are usually very similar. Doctors might refer to your disc pain by different names depending on what they observe during a physical exam or when questioning you about your back pain, leg pain, medical history and lifestyle, but the same treatment options work for almost all types.

If youve been given several different diagnoses and are confused about what is causing your back pain, heres what you need to know:

A herniated disc is more like a disc opening and spilling its insides out, while a bulging disc is the disc stretching and protruding outward. Herniated discs are also called ruptured discs or slipped discs more often than bulging discs are. Compared to herniated discs, bulging discs are more common, and they might also go unnoticed more often since they can cause less pain. Then again, each persons symptoms are different.

Common symptoms of a bulging disc can include:

The type of pain caused by a bulging disc is a clue to where the abnormal disc is located:

Take Pleasure In An Anti

When you eat anti-inflammatory foods routinely, numerous antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, as well as also anti-cancer representatives can accumulate in your blood. Over an amount of time, these potent agents can play a significant function in lowering and/or removing inflammatory responses in the body.

Consuming these healthy beverages on a regular basis may help reduce your back pain. Is Epsom Salt Good For Lower Back Pain

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The Therapeutic Value Of Epsom Salt

If magnesium and sulfate ions can get from bath to blood, what exactly do they do when they get there?

If Epsom salts do get across the skin, so what? Is it any good to have some extra ions of magnesium and sulfate kicking around your bloodstream? Why did the ions cross the skin anyway? Whats the point?

Magnesium deficiency may be a real problem, and it may also be related to pain, supplementation might make sense, and soaking in the stuff could be a way of getting some magnesium but probably not as good as just eating it.

Sulphate deficiency could also be thing, but to a much lesser degree, and much less clearly. Its a much more obscure topic .

There is little doubt that magnesium sulfate probably has some effects on physiology in some contexts. Several of those effects are well known, including a few common medical applications mentioned earlier. There are also unpleasant effects, like diarrhea. But, judging from the established medical uses/effects of Epsom salt, there is definitely no particular reason so far to believe that having more magnesium or sulfate in your blood is going to be much use to you unless you have eclampsia, tetanus, or a confirmed magnesium deficiency.

So theres not really any particular reason to believe anything about the therapeutic effects of Epsom salts for aches and pain. We can really only speculate. And speculating about basic biology is really difficult. Its a great way to be wrong.

Improve Your Posture To Reduce Back Pain

Pin on Pain relief remedies

Most of us spend a good part of our day sitting down, which may be more harmful than you realize. You can minimize the impact by maintaining good posture. Correct posture in a chair means having all the bones in your spine lined up neatly, like a stack of perfectly aligned blocks. You should keep your feet flat on the floor and your computer keyboard within easy reach so youre not leaning forward or slumping. This is part of proper office ergonomics.

Many apps and devices exist that can help you enhance your posture. If you work at a computer all day, try the software and app Posture Man Pat. This free app interacts with the webcam on your screen, tracking where your face is relative to your screen. If your posture starts to droop and curve, the app will alert you.

If you are looking to get really tech-savvy, try the Lumo Lift Posture Coach. This wearable device has a sensor that will vibrate when you change your posture from what the posture coach is calibrated to.

The Ultimate Deskercise Stretch Routine »

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Best Epsom Salts Faqs

Bath salts should have magnesium sulfate as an active component, and if they exclusively contain this kind of magnesium, they may be termed Epsom salt. There are no additional components in true Epsom salts. Bath salts should not be termed Epsom salt if they contain additional components in their composition.

It’s quite unlikely. Many people report that Epsom salt moisturizes their skin.

Yes, it can be taken as a magnesium supplement or as a laxative. Most brands recommend taking 2 to 6 teaspoons per day by dissolving in water. This is the maximum amount for adults.

Some Evidence Against Absorption: Israeli Soldiers Smear Magnesium All Over Themselves In High Concentrations And It Doesnt Get Inside

This quote from a book by Dr. Kenneth B. Singleton34 was submitted to me by a reader as an allegedly authoritative opinion on absorption:

Regularly bathing in hot water to which Epsom salts have been added can help draw out toxins from the skin.

Actually, that is not an authoritative opinion: its a vague and silly one. That anyone would mistake it for authoritative is rather depressing.35 The only thing that can determine whether magnesium heptahydrate is absorbed from a bath is careful, thorough testing opinion is irrelevant, even from a real expert.

Fortunately, not all my mail is so depressingly gullible. Hat tip to reader Bryan B. who found an interesting Israeli military study and sent it to me. Its a safety study of a lotion developed to improve protection against chemical warfare agents.36 Like suntan lotion, but for chemical burns. Yikes.

This lotion had rather a lot of magnesium in it. And soldiers were not poisoned by the magnesium. Indeed, it didnt appear to cross the skin at all: there were no significant differences in magnesium levels between the placebo and the study groups in any of the applications. The delivery system lotion could be quite different than soaking in water with dissolved magnesium sulfate. But it is pretty noteworthy evidence that absorption is minimal or nil when putting high concentrations of Mg on the skin.


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Ginger And Garlic Oil Massage

The capsaicin, selenium and thiacremonone present in garlic makes it a great analgesic and cooling agent. It helps to soothe the pain and ease inflammation.

  • Fry about 10 garlic cloves on low flame till they are golden brown in a pan with little coconut oil.
  • Now strain the oil and add 12 drops of ginger oil into it.
  • Cool the oil down and massage your back pain with this.
  • Leave the oil on the back for about 30 minutes before wiping it clean with a towel.
  • Repeat this regularly.

Causes Of Bulging Discs

Epsom Salt Bath to Ease Foot Pain

While they can develop at any age, bulging disks are most common in people over the age of 30, and for reasons not totally understood theyre twice as common in men as in women.

Discs act like soft cushions that buffer the space between vertebrae, which are the small bones in the spinal column. Normally, discs serve as our natural absorbers of shock, allowing us to move around and remain flexible. In healthy adults, discs have a soft, gel-like center made up of flexible cartilage, surrounded by a tougher layer that keeps them held in place.

As someone becomes older, experiences more inflammation or becomes injured, the outer layer of the discs becomes more susceptible to being stretched, pulled or bulged out of the normal place they occupy. Once bulging, a disc becomes wider, stretched and also might become slightly squashed at the same time. Some experts say a bulging disc looks almost like a hamburger thats too big for its bun.

Growing pressure around a disc and poor posture are two common reasons why discs can start to bulge. When a normal disc experiences accumulating pressure, it starts to expand abnormally outward where it can come into contact with sensitive neural tissues. Eventually the bulging disc protrudes into the spinal canal, which is what triggers the sharp pain or tingling sensation thats associated with disc problems.

Bulging Disc Takeaways

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