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Can You Get Medical Weed For Back Pain

Is Vaping A Safe Way To Use Cannabis For Pain Relief

Get Help For Your Chronic Neck & Back Pain

No. Vaping, or e-cigarette use, grew in popularity as a more discrete alternative to smoking. However, the subsequent rise of lung-related disease directly connected to vaping sickened thousands and even led to the death of dozens of Americans. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has encouraged people to stop vaping entirely.

Best Strains Of Marijuana For Back Pain

Each marijuana strain works differently for each person. However, heavy THC strains seem to work best at relieving pain while CBD strains are better at decreasing inflammation. When you decrease inflammation, it decreases your back pain.

Its also essential to understand that strains with a higher percentage of THC also have more psychoactive effects. So, during the day, you may wish to use a strain thats lower in THC and save it for the evening before you go to bed.

Below are some good strains of medical cannabis when youre struggling with back pain:

  • Bubba Kush : Bubba Kush contains up to 22 percent THC and up to 0.1 percent CBD. Its good for lowering your stress and easing muscle tension.
  • Candyland : With around 24 percent of THC and one percent of CBD and CBN, Candyland is a great strain to reduce pain and relieve your muscle tension. It also has stimulating effects, so its good for fatigue.
  • Headband : Contains up to 27 percent THC, but lower CBD content of less than one percent. Headband eases pain and relaxes muscle strains. It lasts longer than other strains too.
  • OG Kush : Contains up to 23 percent THC and around one percent CBD. Works well for muscle spasms and relieving pain.
  • ACDC : ACDC is high in CBD but low in THC. It contains up to 24 percent CBD and around 1.2 percent THC, making it great for reducing your pain without the psychoactive effects.

Back Pain Relief And Medical Marijuana:

Have you been diagnosed with chronic back pain and are looking for a way to alleviate the symptoms? You may be eligible for an MMID, or Medical Marijuana Identification Card. This card will allow you to purchase marijuana strains that have medicinal pain reliever properties like reducing inflammation in your body and easing muscle tension.

If all of this sounds overwhelming, dont worry! Our team at Elite Alternative Medicine is here to help you navigate the process of obtaining your MMID from start to finish so we can get you on your way as soon as possible. We know how hard it is when your back aches constantly without any relief in sight let us do our part by helping ease some of those painful days away.Contact us today if interested in learning more during your free consultation.

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What Is Known About The Safety Of Cbd Products

The FDA admits research about the safety of CBD products is quite limited. To date, Epidiolex is the only FDA-approved prescription drug, and this medication is only indicated for treatment of 2 rare types of epilepsy. Bear in mind that just because a product is FDA-approved doesnt mean its completely safe without potential side effects that could be serious.

The FDA warns consumers about illegal CBD marketing strategies and product promises. They also suggest the potential for liver damage, serious side effects when combined with other medications, such as central nervous system depressants . While CBD products can cause side effects , these symptoms may go away when use is stopped. The FDA raises many unanswered questions about the effects on infants and children, not only adults.

So Exactly How Does Marijuana Fall Into The Medicine Category

Medical Marijuana in Treatment of Back Pain in New York  MDBerry

Lets answer that question with another question: Would you put marijuana in the same bucket as LSD? How about heroin? The federal government says yes to both. In fact, in 1970, the US Controlled Substances Act classified marijuana as a Schedule I drug, due to its addictiveness and propensity for abuse. Fifty years later, its still illegal on the federal level. But its legal for medicinal use in 33 US States and the District of Columbia. California was the first state to permit legal access to and use of botanical cannabis for medicinal purposes under physician supervision with the enactment of the Compassionate Use Act.²

That schism makes navigating marijuana potentially confusing for consumers, and the federal classification creates many obstacles in the scientific study of marijuana for medicinal use.

Luckily, researchers have found some ways to get the science done. Data demonstrates, and many states support, that for managing symptoms of:³

But understanding how marijuana works and how to use it for maximum benefit requires more information, and sometimes a bit of trial and error. Theres still a lot we dont know, but we do know that medical marijuana is a beneficial option for many.

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How Does Marijuana Help Chronic Pain

The THC in marijuana may help to temporarily relieve pain by interacting with the bodys natural cannabinoid receptors and reducing pain signaling and pain perception. Chronic pain stemming from systemic inflammation, such as with rheumatoid arthritis, may benefit from marijuanas anti-inflammatory effects as well. CBD may help to stimulate an immune response and attenuate pro-inflammatory cytokines those are small proteins involved in signaling pain.¹³¹

Medical Marijuana Back Pain

In addition to the effects on chronic pain itself, cannabinoids may reduce the requirement for patients to use conventional analgesics including opiates.66 CB1 receptors and mu-opioid receptors are colocalised in pain processing brain regions, functionally interact67 and are involved in placebo analgesia.68 A recent study of 97 patients with two-year stable opioid use for chronic pain found that a CBD-rich gel allowed 50% of patients reduce their opioid medications, with two eliminating their need for opioids entirely.69 Ways to Use Medical Marijuana for Back Pain So how does marijuana help pain exactly? The THC cannabinoid directly activates receptors in your immune cells, spinal cord, and brain to manage pain. CBD helps to increase the amount of natural cannabinoids that your body produces, which then act on your bodys pain receptors in the way that THC would. Because these two cannabinoids work differently, the best marijuana strains for pain contain a balance of both.

Cannabis and Chronic Pain

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Data Abstraction And Data Management

Two review authors extracted data from each study into a spreadsheet . Data included the authors last name, publication year, study design,country, sample size, population characteristics, conditions studied, length offollow-up, treatment characteristics , pain outcome scale , function/qualityof life , results and any adverse events reported.

Medical Marijuana And Spinal Stenosis

Marijuana and chronic pain

Spinal stenosis can be a frustrating condition to deal with because its often degenerative, which means the narrowing in your spinal canal continues to progress. Whether you have spinal stenosis in your neck or lower back, youre left with ongoing pain and discomfort, and sometimes tingling and numbness in your extremities, as the nerve compression worsens.

With medical marijuana, our goal is to influence your ECS in a way that reduces the pain signaling as well as any inflammation that may be interfering with your nerves.

As an added bonus, medical marijuana can also relieve your anxiety and help you sleep better, which can go a long way toward pain relief as your body relaxes.

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Is It Legal To Use Cannabis For Back Pain

Laws and legality concerning medical marijuana and marijuana use in the U.S. are ever-changing. Broadly speaking, any form of marijuana use, including medical marijuana, is illegal in the U.S., unless a specific state has decided to legalize it.

At the moment, 30 states plus Washington D.C. have chosen to pass laws that allow medical use of marijuana to be legal as long as the drug is prescribed by a licensed professional. There are also some states where the use of THC remains completely illegal, but CBD could be used in medicine. For a list of states that allow medical marijuana, .

This is generally because THC is responsible for the psychoactive reactions that users have to marijuana use, and is thus associated with non-medicinal uses.

Using marijuana for recreational purposes still remains illegal in much of the country there are just 9 states and Washington D.C. that allow it.

Of course, it should go without saying that you need to read up on your local laws to see whether it is legal to use medical marijuana for pain management and what kinds, if any, you may or may not be able to use.

Concerning the states where we practice, the laws are somewhat restrictive. In Georgia, House Bill 65, passed in May of 2018, permitting the medical use of cannabis oil for intractable pain, which may or may not qualify you depending on your diagnosis.

In Tennessee, unfortunately, medical uses of cannabis are restricted solely to seizure disorders, such as epilepsy.

Medical Cannabis For Chronic Pain

Recently, the State of Pennsylvania approved the use of medical cannabis as a therapy for many conditions including severe chronic pain.

SEPA Pain Management is among the practices in Pennsylvania that are authorized to help you understand the potential benefits of medical marijuana, which conditions qualify for its medicinal use and how to navigate the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program . You may access the PMMP website to find a certified provider, dispensary and other useful information.

Chronic pain is an often debilitating condition that can affect every facet of your life. Being in constant pain can prove detrimental to your emotional and psychological health, as well, making it difficult for you to enjoy normal activities including quality time spent with family and friends. It can also make it impossible for you to get the sleep you need due to your physical discomfort, which can adversely affect your ability to earn a living.

Research shows that medical cannabis can be an effective and safer method of treatment for chronic pain than other medicinal options. If you are suffering from chronic pain, medical marijuana could help to alleviate your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

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Why Your Mental Health Matters When Using Medical Marijuana

Many people use medical marijuana for psychological ailments, such as PTSD and anxiety. While cannabis can ease symptoms of these conditions, some people may experience additional feelings of anxiety and paranoia so youll need to track your response. If you end up spiraling out, call your doctor right away and be sure to note which strain/brand caused the effect so that you dont take it again.

People with psychoses may wish to avoid medical marijuana as it can increase the risk of or symptoms of these disorders.¹²

One collection of studies associated heavy use of marijuana during adolescence with increased rates of mental illness and cognitive impairment. This may be due to the endocannabinoid systems important role in brain development. This does not necessarily preclude young adults from medical marijuana use but it should be taken into consideration.

And remember, medicinal or not, marijuana can still get you high. If you dont do well feeling out of control, cannabis may not be the best choice for you.

Having Those Hard Conversations


Rolling a joint at work isnt exactly socially acceptable yet. It can be difficult to explain your medical marijuana use with family members, especially children . The historical propaganda and stigma surrounding marijuana can complicate life for the medical marijuana user. While there is still a dearth of research on medical marijuana, there is no record of anyone overdosing from marijuana. However, the jury is still out on whether one can develop a physical dependence or addiction to the substance.

At the end of the day, your pain is your own experience and how you choose to manage your condition is a personal choice. While the science of marijuana for pain relief is new and evolving, its historical use is more traditional than most people realize. Whatever your choice, it should be about what helps you live your happiest, healthiest, and most pain-free life.

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Back Pain Patients In Louisiana

The Health Policy Institute reported that a large portion of adults suffering from any type of back pain takes prescription medications and that they fill more prescriptions on an annual basis than those without back pain.

In Louisiana, when chronic pain was added to the qualifying conditions for medical marijuana use, one of about 15 doctors who have already been licensed to recommend medical marijuana in the state, said that 75% of the calls he received were from chronic pain patients.

In a study that involved 200 patients, 89% of patients said medical marijuana reduced their pain moderately and 81% claimed that MMJ worked better than narcotic medications.

How Does Medical Marijuana Treat Back Pain Symptoms

A review of studies conducted in 2015 revealed that some trials involving cannabis and cannabinoids for treating different chronic pain problems yielded promising results. Researchers have found evidence that cannabis and cannabinoids may help with chronic pain, particularly chronic back pain.

Since there is a wide variety of symptoms associated with back pain, medical marijuana can be useful in relieving many of them. Some of the symptoms that medical marijuana has shown to improve are:

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How Do I Get A Prescription

You cannot get cannabis-based medicine from a GP it can only be prescribed by a specialist hospital doctor.

And it is only likely to be prescribed for a small number of patients.

A hospital specialist might consider prescribing medical cannabis:

  • for epilepsy if you have one of the rare forms of epilepsy that might be helped by medical cannabis
  • for MS if you have spasticity from MS and other treatments for this are not helping
  • for chemotherapy if you are vomiting or feeling sick from chemotherapy and other anti-sickness treatments are not helping

The specialist will discuss with you all the other treatment options first, before considering a cannabis-based product.

A prescription for medical cannabis would only be given when it was believed to be in your best interests, and when other treatments had not worked or were not suitable.

It’s expected this would only apply to a very small number of people in England.

If the above does not apply to you, do not ask a GP for a referral for medical cannabis.

Side Effects Of Using Cannabis For Back Pain

The Use of Cannabinoids to Treat Pain

Firstly, the way in which you ingest marijuana is going to have a bit of an impact on the side effects you could experience. An obvious example would be to compare smoking against consuming edible variations.

Smoking marijuana is likely to have many of the same potential side effects as regular smoking and could have negative impacts on breathing conditions.

The side effects are going to be slower when ingested orally versus inhaling it, which is something to keep in mind when taking marijuana for your pain. If you wish to inhale it but do not want to be exposed to the health risks of smoking, using a vaporizer might be a viable alternative.

The short-term side effects of medical marijuana include:

Another potential and serious side effect that has been observed is an increased heart rate shortly after taking cannabis, which may increase the risk of heart problems in those with heart conditions within the first hour of taking the drug.

There is some research to suggest that marijuana could be responsible for the onset of schizophrenia in individuals that are already susceptible to it in long term use.

As with any drug, it is always wise to inform your primary care physician before you start taking it.

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Complications Caused By Sciatica

In some cases, sciatica can be much more than nerve pain, tingling, and numbness down a leg. Complications from sciatica or other serious underlying conditions can develop over time if the pressure on the sciatic nerve is not released. These complications may include :

  • Loss of feeling or weakness of the affected leg
  • Loss of bowel or bladder function
  • Permanent nerve damage

Note: Veriheal does not intend to give this as professional medical advice. Do not attempt to self-diagnose, or prescribe treatment based on the information provided on this page. Always consult a physician before making any decision on the treatment of a medical condition.

Board Certified Physician Located In Red Bank Hoboken And Manalapan Nj

Medical marijuana can treat a wide range of conditions, but its commonly used for pain management. At Downtown Pain Management in Red Bank and Hoboken, New Jersey, physician Ron Ben-Meir, DO, FAAPMR, can authorize patients with qualifying conditions to obtain medical marijuana. To find out if you qualify for medical marijuana, call the office nearest you or schedule an appointment online today.

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The Challenge Of Effective Pain Management Can Medical Marijuana Help For Pain

For some patients with degenerative disc disease, spinal canal stenosis, other common problems associated with overuse and ageing, or whove had unsuccessful or only partly successful back surgery, the long-term management of their back and nerve pain can be a real challenge.

The major active ingredients of cannabis are called cannabinoids. THC and CBD oil are the best-known cannabinoids. They have been isolated or synthesised to make medicinal cannabis. CBD oil has an anti-inflammatory affect and thus may be useful in the treatment of nerve pain.

In some pain studies and for some patients, CBD oil seems to work best when combined with a small amount of THC. This kind of formula relieves pain without any of the cognitive side effectsdisorientation, confusionwhich are possible with THC alone.

The clinical application of medicinal cannabis is a relatively new space for research. There is still much that we dont know. While medicinal cannabis appears to have encouraging potential as a treatment modality, further studies are needed to better understand its efficacy, dosing and tolerability. A doctor with experience in prescribing medicinal cannabis can discuss whether this treatment could help manage your chronic pain, as well as the associated risks.


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