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What Type Mattress Is Best For Back Pain

How Back Pain Affects Sleep

Best Mattress for Back Pain 2021 – What Type of Should You Buy?

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Back pain is a widespread problem that affects an estimated 80% of adults at one time or another. It can make all types of daily activities difficult including walking, working, sitting, and lifting even lightweight items. Unfortunately, we know that back pain complicates sleep as well, making it hard to find a comfortable position to fall asleep and keep sleeping soundly through the night.

Research studies have found that over half of people with lower back pain report sleeping problems. These negative impacts on sleep arise in people who have both sudden and short-term back pain and those who have long-term, persistent back pain.

People with pain tend to have fragmented sleep that occurs from waking up during the night. Upon waking up, getting back to sleep can be difficult because of ongoing aches and discomfort. Pain can also contribute to stress, depression, and anxiety, all of which can be detrimental to quality sleep.

People with back pain can take a number of steps to try to feel and sleep better. Getting medical help for serious back problems can help reduce pain. Treatments depend on the cause and nature of your symptoms, and can range from surgery to physical therapy to pain-relieving medications.

How We Chose The Best Mattresses For Back Pain

We researched tediously, compared features, combed through reviews and enlisted expert advice to compile this list of the best mattresses for back pain. Further, weve beds from several picks on this list. We also have a broad base of mattress knowledge from writingand continuing to improveour base of sleep, which includes over 15 mattress-specific round-ups.

To make the cut, each mattress had to be from a reputable brand and offer a generous sleep trial period. This list is regularly updated to reflect current information and pricing, including sale pricing it was last updated in October 2022.

What Is The Importance Of A Decent Mattress For Back Pain

A firm mattress will keep your spine straight all night long by preventing your hips or shoulders from sinking into the bed.

While some individuals would think that a firm mattress is better for relieving back pain, many people will find that a medium-firm mattress is the best option because it offers both support and comfort.

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Try The Basic Stretches Before Sleep

Bear hugs

Legs up the wall

Childs pose

These stretches before sleep will help you reduce back pain significantly if done everyday. Also, the exercises are easy and allows you to stick to the routine regularly. When you make them a habit, you will realise that your backache has reduced significantly.

Memory Foam Is The Best Mattress For Bad Backs

The 10 Best Mattresses for Back Pain 2021

Memory foam is a mattress material that responds to both pressure and temperature. This pressure-relief property allows it to conform to the bodys pressure points and let them sink in a little. At the same time, the lighter parts of the body stay on top of the mattress and dont sink as much.

The right memory foam mattress can significantly improve sleep for back pain sufferers due to its even body weight distribution. This gives your entire body ample cushioning, including lumbar support, creating correct spinal alignment and providing pain relief. The back support can even alleviate shoulder pain or neck pain! Isnt that a wonderful plus?

In contrast to spring mattresses, memory foam doesnt have a tendency to concentrate weight on just one side of the mattress. It also does not force the spine to curve or overextend while sleeping. Your back will maintain its natural curves from the memory foam layers spinal support. While, on the other hand, the spaces in-between an innerspring mattress easily lead to eventual sagging of the support layer.

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Best Latex: Birch Natural Mattress

How it’s made & how it arrives:

The Avocado Green Mattress is a combination of supportive coils, GOLS-certified organic latex, and GOTS-certified organic wool and cotton. While it’s technically suitable for all sleep styles, the Avocado Green is definitely on the firmer side. Back and stomach sleepers in particular will have better alignment on this mattress than side sleepers. Avocado does offer an additional plush pillowtop, which is recommended for anyone wanting a little more cushion.

Avocado manufactures all mattresses in its factory in Los Angeles and ships them compressed and rolled in a box. Because the bed is made with natural and organic materials, you don’t need to worry about any weird smells while it expands to its full size.

What customers say:

The only reason we didn’t rank this bed as “best rated” is because there are fewer firmness options compared to Saatva. Still, the Avocado Green Mattress has over 17,000 reviews with a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. One reviewer says, “After sleeping on it for a month, I’m happy to say my neck and shoulder issues improved tremendously. I wake up in the morning, pain-free.”

In all the reviews we read, the biggest complaints were about the delivery process or customer service during returns.

Nemo Mattress From 499

Best eco-friendly mattress

Nemo’s range of mattresses are 100% recyclable and have been created to give you a decent night’s rest whilst combatting the landfill crisis. Super affordable, each one is made using plastic bottles which are spun into a soft and breathable fibre.

With three carefully constructed layers, this hypo-allergenic and chemical free mattress offers a perfectly tensioned medium-firm support for back and side sleepers. It feels impressively pleasant to the touch – we was able to have a completely uninterrupted rest during our test. The structural base layer delivers a great amount of support without being too firm.

Now with 25% off, its easier than ever to invest in a comfortable and eco-friendly mattress.

  • Type: Pocket spring
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    Additional Sleeping Accessories For Sleepers With Back Pain

    Besides a mattress, our product research has turned up other accessories that can play a part in making your bed conducive to quality, pain-free sleep. Upgrading your pillows and your bed base can be done as a lower-cost way of improving your sleeping surface, or you can purchase these along with a new mattress as part of a complete overhaul.


    Pillows play an important role in preventing and reducing back and neck pain. Weve evaluated hundreds of pillows and found that models that provide proper support to the neck can improve spinal alignment because the spine extends into the neck . In addition to supporting the head, pillows can be strategically placed to provide cushioning and comfort to other parts of the body.

    Numerous factors affect which is the best pillow to best help an individual fight neck and back pain. The amount of loft of your pillow should fit your personal preference and body shape. The right loft level is also largely determined by the firmness of your mattress and your sleeping position, as outlined in the following tables.

    Sleeping Position
    Medium Firm Firm High

    To reduce back pain, pillows can be used to support other parts of the body besides just the head and neck.

    Bed Platforms and Bases

    The base of the bed can contribute to a supportive overall sleeping surface for people with back pain.

    What Is A Memory Foam Mattress

    Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain and Sciatica – Our Top 6 Picks!

    Memory foam mattresses are made of polyurethane foam that conforms to your body’s contours. This distributes your weight evenly, which reduces the pressure on your spine. Memory foam mattresses also provide more support and reduce pressure on your back. So, a memory foam mattress can be a good choice if you have back pain.

    Memory foam is also hypoallergenic, meaning it is ideal if you have allergies or asthma that dust mites can exacerbate. Another advantage is that some memory foam designs allows airflow through the mattress. This prevents heat buildup during sleep which helps regulate the temperature throughout the night.

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    What Is A Negative Space Mattress

    The negative space mattress offered by SONU Sleep was specifically designed to relieve pressure points and improve spinal alignment for side sleepers.

    The mattress features a unique design with its patented Comfort Channel, allowing you to immerse your arm into the actual mattress, which helps to reduce strain on the pressure points that are usually irritated by side sleeping. With your arms and upper torso fully supported, cooling layers, sink-in support, be prepared for your most unforgettable sleeping experience.

    Additionally, the negative space mattress is also breathable and cooling thanks to its list of premium materials within each SONU, including latex, memory foam and high resilience foams, all wrapped in a layer of plush cooling serene that keeps the sleeper comfortable throughout the night.

    Back Pain During Pregnancy

    One of the common complaints during pregnancy is back pain and it is not a surprise. lower back pain during early pregnancy or even before delivery is because you will be gaining weight due to which the centre of gravity changes and your hormones are haywire and which results in aches and pains in the pelvis. But all is not last as there are various ways to ease this pain during pregnancy. Here are some of the ways to prevent it.

    Follow good posture

    Once the baby starts growing big in the stomach, there are changes in your centre of gravity and shifts forward. To compensate for that you tend to lean back and that strains the lower back muscles contributing to pain. To prevent this compensation you should follow a good posture by standing straight, holding the chest high, keeping the shoulders relaxed and straight, and not locking the knees. While standing used a wide stance and if you must stand for long periods, rest a foot on a step stool and take frequent breaks. While sitting, choose a chair that is ergonomic and place a small pillow for your lower back.

    Use the right shoes

    Wear shoes that offer proper arch support. Avoid high and flat heels and instead wear low-heeled ones.

    Lift right

    While it is recommended that you do not lift heavy objects, even when you are lifting a small item, squat and lift with your legs and not your back.

    Sleep on the side

    Include exercise

    Consider back pain therapies

    Lets make good health a priority. Get a Wakefit mattress today!

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    Final Word From Sleepopolis

    At the end of the day, a new mattress isnt going to solve your back pain woes any more than a strict diet will. More than anything, its about a lifestyle shift in which you combine these different factors to create a plan specific to your needs.

    Maybe your ideal routine will involve a healthy amount of fatty fish, long morning walks, and a bed featuring Zoned Support at the hips. For another sleeper, it may entail vigorous spin classes, more greens, and a plush memory foam mattress for pressure relief at the upper back.

    As always, any major life decisions should be made in consultation with a medical professional. The information provided in this guide is just that: Information. Were not doctors, nor do we claim to be, so I highly encourage those with chronic pain to seek professional advice for any and all serious health issues.

    Five Types Of Mattresses For Back Pain

    The Best Mattresses for Back Pain to Help You Sleep Easy

    There are specific types of mattresses for back pain that you should know about before making a purchase. Not every mattress is good for you. Some are soft while some are too firm. But its difficult to know the type of mattress. So, here are the five different types of mattress to reduce back pain.


    It was first a patent designed by NASA. It is soft and flexible.

    Hybrid Mattress

    One of the types of mattresses for back pain is the Hybrid one. Its a mix of all. It provides softness and support.

    Air Mattress

    For a mattress like this, you need to pump it according to your desired level of firmness.

    The cover material used in mattress construction is the mattress ticking, a term to describe mattress covering fabric. They also complement the aesthetic of modern room designs thanks to its looks and comfort.

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    If You Cant Shop In Person

    Its really hard to tell whether a specific mattress is right for you without lying on it first. Firmness, pressure relief, and support are all highly subjective factors, which is why weve always advised trying out a mattress in person prior to purchasing. But we also know that can be easier said than done. So in lieu of our usual try-before-you-buy advice, we recommend that you look for a generous return policy on any mattress youre thinking of buying sight unseen.

    With respect to trial periods and return policies, here are your best options of all the mattresses in this guide:

    More mattress coverage

    $200 off

    Who its for: The Saatva Classic in Luxury Firm caters to back-pain sufferers who prefer a traditional innerspring mattress with a just-cushy-enough top. Its likely to feel comfortable regardless of your preferred sleep position.

    How it feels: Weve been long-term testing our Saatva Classic for more than a year, and it has softened slightly from a stiff medium-firm to a plusher medium-firm.

    Flaws but not dealbreakers: The 416 support coils in the bottom half of the Saatva Classic are sturdy, but they number only about half those in the pricier WinkBed , another innerspring weve liked in the past. Theyre not individually wrapped, either, which can lead to motion transfer. For that reason, we think the Saatva works best if you sleep alone or dont wake easily when your partner rolls over.

    Plushbeds Luxury Bliss Hybrid Latex Mattress

    An ideal choice for a safe and comfortable nights sleep

    PlushBeds offer one of the most comfortable mattresses that bring maximum safety and comfort. Their luxury bliss mattress is an organic hybrid that uses all sustainable and organic materials.

    PlushBed mattress has 12 inches of mattress thickness with four layers to offer different features. The cover protects against hazardous chemicals or pesticides entering your body while sleeping. In addition, they have put 100% organic British wool below the cover for hot sleepers so they can sleep dry and cool all night.

    The third layer is 100% natural and pure Talalay Latex foam. It helps to provide improved support and pressure relief to your shoulders, hips, joints, and whole body muscles to avoid causing any pain . Finally, at last, they have put the crafted coils. These premium coils encased in a solid fabric offer excellent support.

    You can easily choose between the firmness levels as the mattress has two options. The medium level is best suitable for side sleepers full shoulders and hips pressure relief support. In comparison, the medium-firm class is designed keeping in mind the specific needs of stomach and back sleepers for their spine and neck support.

    You can pair this mattress easily with PlushBeds Quite Balance Bed Frame to attain more comfort and support. These bed frames use 100% recycled steel and can easily support a whopping 250lbs per person weight.

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    Tips To Alleviate Back Pain While Sleeping

    Choosing the right mattress for your needs and body type will go a long way in reducing or eliminating back pain. However, there are other measures you can take to ensure restful nights and pain-free mornings.

    Dr. Grant Radermacher , owner of Ascent Chiropractic in Brookfield, WI, offers these helpful tips:

    John Lewis And Partners Classic Collection Ortho Support 1000

    Best Mattress Type For Back Pain – Research Shows GIVEAWAY!

    If youre looking for a quality mattress that has been made in the UK, then look no further than the John Lewis and partners Classic collection. The Ortho Support 1000 is a great extra firm mattress with 1,000 springs which will offer a good level of support as long as you are not too large or too heavy. If this is the case then you may consider purchasing the uprated version of the same mattress, which has a spring count of 1,600 so is sure to offer more support. If you weight over 18 stone though then it is likely that a mattress with a spring count of around 2,000 would be more beneficial to you.

    Considering the price of this mattress, it features a number of signs of good quality. As is the norm with a quality mattress, the Ortho Support 1000 has hand side stitching. This is a much more labour-intensive way of making a mattress, and also gives you more support on the edge of the mattress e.g. when you are sitting on the bed. The mattress can also be flipped or turned, which means that it wont sag and dip as much. All of this is in addition to the tufted top, which is a much more traditional way of holding a pocket sprung mattress together and is a sure sign of quality.

    Although there is no free trial period, there is a 7 year guarantee for this mattress, which is considered as pretty good in the world of mattresses.

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    Eight Sleep The Pod Pro

    • Height: 12 inches

    This mattress boasts four layers of high-density foam to provide cushioning and support. While it can be comfortable for back sleepers with back pain, some side or stomach sleepers may find it too soft. Since its not as firm as other options, it may be too soft for some.

    A high-tech option, this smart mattress offers temperature regulation and sleep tracking. Small tubes filled with water are concealed in the removable knit mattress cover.

    Dual controls allow you to heat or cool the water, setting the temperature on each side of the bed. Sensors can adjust the temperature levels as your body temperature changes during the night.

    The mattress also tracks your sleep phases, heart rate, and pulse. You can also get a regular analysis of your sleep data and trends. It requires a Wi-Fi connection.

    Eight Sleep offers a 100-night trial period, free shipping, and free returns. Theres a 10-year warranty on the mattress and a 1-year warranty on the technology and temperature mechanism.


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