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What Bed Is Good For Lower Back Pain

How Does Sleeping Position Affect Joint Pain

Best Mattresses For Sciatica & Lower Back Pain (Top 7 Beds!)

As with any condition that causes pain or discomfort, arthritis could make it harder to get restful, quality sleep. Aches and pains may make it harder to fall asleep or could lead to tossing and turning during the night. The position someone sleeps could either reduce or contribute to pain. Depending on an individuals pains, they may prefer any sleep position. However, most experts usually recommend back or side sleeping. If you continue to suffer from arthritis and/or joint pain that interrupts your sleep, we recommend talking to your doctor.

What Else Can I Do For Back Pain

Changing your mattress will most likely do wonders for your back pain, if that was the cause. You can also implement a short stretching routine into your day. Aim to do a few stretches before you go to bed and after you wake up to help with spine flexibility. Also, it is important to learn how to sleep in the best position possible. Many experts recommend sleeping on your side with a pillow between your legs to support the hips and lower back. Certain pillows can also help promote less neck and back pain while you sleep.

For sweeter dreams and less back pain in the morning, consider getting a new mattress. Your sleep is essential, so make sure you are getting a mattress that will improve your sleep, not make it worse. When mattress shopping, bring your own pillow and spend a good ten to fifteen minutes on each mattress. It may seem silly, but it is the best way to ensure you get the right mattress for you.

What Makes The Casper Stand Out

  • Memory foam mattresses can make it difficult to move around and change positions, but with the more responsive Casper, it should be a cinch.
  • Its available in an all-foam model and a hybrid model.
  • The Caspers AirScape technology should keep the mattress from trapping an extreme amount of heat.

Read our full Casper mattress review.

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Olee Sleep 18 Inch Tall Heavy Duty Steel Slat Bed Frame

If you have been looking for the best bed frames for back pain that gets assembled in a jiffy, involves no complex installation and makes adequate storage space under the bed, you will be happy with what Olee Sleep has to offer. Noise-free, anti-slip and sturdy, this 18-inch bed frame is tall indeed to fit all sorts of standard mattresses. Its round-edge legs are quite beneficial from letting you bump in the edges. With such a solid frame, the high-quality steel slats can even take care of a heavy foam mattress. Forget owning a box spring as the mattress will fit right into the frame with just a push.

Features and Specifications:

  • Unique, sturdy and modern, this 18-inch bed frame is simply outstanding with hardy slats made of pure quality steel
  • High on strength, Olee Sleep is very efficient in providing immense support to heavy mattresses
  • Designed with legs having round edges, it outclasses others in terms of safety and comfort
  • As it has a good height of 18 inches, it requires no box spring and easily keeps mattresses in a safe position
  • Keeps the user free from any sort of noise during sleep
  • Looks quite artistic and perfectly complements the modern décor
  • Does not make any squeaking sound once it is correctly assembled
  • Convenient to use and does not require a box spring
  • Looks quite good and suitable for any type of home décor
  • High on sturdiness and makes ample storage

Zinus Demetric 14 Inch Elite Smartbase Bed Frame

Best Mattress Topper for Lower Back Pain

Relaxing at home will now seem to be the best thing in the world when you bring this 14-inch bed frame from the house of Zinus. What makes it a great pick among modern homeowners is that it doesnt need a typical box spring. The bed frame is made of good quality steel that lends it durability and sturdiness for years to come.Its under bed storage space is huge as it measures 13 inches of clearance. Ideally fit for bigger and taller people, this bed frame doesnt need many tools for assembling, which can be done in quick time. What makes it convenient to carry and effortless to store is its folding design.

Features and Specifications:

  • Designed to assure relief to those suffering from back pain, this 14-inch Zinus bed frame is sturdy and stylish
  • No box spring is required here unlike what people used earlier
  • Storage space under the bed is sufficient as it makes a clearance of 13 inches
  • People who are tall and heavy will find this bed frame to be quite safe to lie down and relax
  • What makes it easy to store and move is its foldable design
  • Very sturdy construction that assures solid security for users
  • Frame is big enough and can hold up to 4000 lbs
  • Storage space is quite impressive
  • Can be moved around with no effort and makes no noise at all
  • After using a month, it starts making a squeaking sound
  • Screws come out often that need to be tightened when required

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Final Word From Sleepopolis

At the end of the day, a new mattress isnt going to solve your back pain woes any more than a strict diet will. More than anything, its about a lifestyle shift in which you combine these different factors to create a plan specific to your needs.

Maybe your ideal routine will involve a healthy amount of fatty fish, long morning walks, and a bed featuring Zoned Support at the hips. For another sleeper, it may entail vigorous spin classes, more greens, and a plush memory foam mattress for pressure relief at the upper back.

As always, any major life decisions should be made in consultation with a medical professional. The information provided in this guide is just that: Information. Were not doctors, nor do we claim to be, so I highly encourage those with chronic pain to seek professional advice for any and all serious health issues.

Best Affordable Mattress For Back Pain: Nectar


Luckily for mattress shoppers on a budget, a supportive mattress doesnt have to cost a fortune. The Nectar mattress offers excellent pressure reliefan essential for back pain suffererswithout an outrageous price tag. A unique layer of gel memory foam dissipates tension on pressure points, while the top layer contours to your bodys curves, providing a comforting cushion effect.

Of course, its not the perfect mattress for every sleeper. Because the Nectar mattress is all-foam, it hugs the body in a way some find uncomfortable. If you prefer to sleep on your bed rather than in it, we recommend hybrid or innerspring options, like the Saatva Classic or Layla Hybrid. Also, note that while the Nectar scored high in the pressure relief category, our testers found that it lacked in spinal alignment, with a 7.5 of 10. Fortunately, you dont have to cross your fingers that your bed will work for your back pain Nectar includes a one-year trial so you can be sure its right for you.

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We Recommend: Sanctuary 1200 Orthopaedic Mattress

It has long been thought that orthopaedic mattresses are the best solution for a bad back as they are specifically designed to support the joints, back and overall body.

Orthopaedic mattresses are very much on the firmer side of the scale, these mattresses aim to ease the discomfort experienced by those who suffer from a bad back or aching joints by providing a firm, but comfortable mattress which provides targeted support. Based on this we believe the best mattress for those with a bad back is the Sanctuary 1200 Orthopaedic Mattress.

  • Price Range: 169 – 359
  • Mattress Type: Pocket Sprung Orthopaedic
  • Sizes: Single, Small Double, Double, King Size, Super King Size
  • Firmness: Medium

Why is an orthopaedic mattress best for back pain?

    • Very firm
    • Designed to spread your body weight
    • Firm base offers maximum support, alleviating pressure on the spine and relieving pressure points
    • Ideal for heavier individuals

We believe an orthopaedic mattress is the best mattress type for the majority of those who suffer from back pain.

Best Cooling Mattress For Back Pain: The Winkbed

Best Mattress For Lower Back Pain And Sciatica – Our Top Six Beds!


For those worried about waking up not just achy, but also overheated, consider a bed specially designed to cool. The WinkBed is our top pick for people with back pain who are also hot sleepers. It provides it all-pressure point relief, cushioning, spinal alignment and cooling properties. A layer of individually wrapped pocket coils increases airflow through the bottom of the mattress while the gel-infused foam retains less heat than typical memory foam. Finally, the Tencel cover dissipates heat while you sleep.

While this mattress checks boxes for back pain and hot sleepers, it might not work for couples who shift a lot throughout the night. Motion isolation helps keep your tossing and turning to your side of the bed, and the WinkBed did not impress in this test when movement easily transferred from one side of the bed to the other.

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Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress

There are two versions of the Casper Wave Hybrid mattress available. The standard version has minimal cooling features, but the Snow version incorporates cooling technologies to help people who sleep warmer. Both versions are Caspers best for those with back pain. This mattress includes multiple layers of zoned foam and supportive technology to help suffering sleepers.

The first few layers of the Casper Wave Hybrid consist of perforated foam. Its a proprietary blend that Casper calls AirScape, and it works to cradle your body while preventing the build-up of body heat. Hundreds of small holes vent heat away from your body. Under this is one of the most supportive layers of the mattress.

This layer still uses perforated foam. Thicker foam at the center of your body prevents sinkage and sagging. This Zoned Support Max layer helps support your hips while providing softer foam under your shoulders. The result is better spine alignment. Its great for sleepers suffering from back pain.

The layer below this one is also extremely beneficial. This is another layer of Caspers Zoned Support Max system. However, its made of a firmer, contoured foam. The foam is thicker in the middle of your body, perfect for easing pressure points and supporting your waist. There are four rows of supportive gel pods embedded in the foam, adding additional alignment support. These two layers keep you comfortable all night long.

Why are we impressed?

Best Hybrid Mattress For Back Pain: Layla Hybrid


Youll notice that many hybrid mattresses made our list because their combination of contouring memory foam and supportive coils is ideal for folks with back troubles. Of all the hybrid beds here, we rank the Layla Hybrid at the top. Why? It has it all: spinal alignment, pressure relief and affordability.

This hybrid doesnt just combine two materialsit also offers two firmness levels. The adaptable Layla can be flipped so sleepers are able to pick the firmness level they prefer: medium-soft or firm. The only population our testers recommend against the Layla Hybrid is heavyweight side sleepers, who may not get the same pressure relief as they would with a more supportive model, like the GhostBed Flex.

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Best Bed Frames For Back Pain Reviews 2022

  • Best Bed Frames for Back Pain Reviews 2022
  • Additional Resources
  • One of the best and smartest ways to bid goodbye to back pain is not to change your sleeping pattern but most importantly your sleeping platform. No, its not the mattress but the frame acts as the foundation of the bed. So, if you end up choosing a wrong bed frame, things will not look peaceful and thereafter the nights will be more like hell. Today, there are plenty of modernized bed frames that do not even require box springs, and these work wonders in eliminating backaches, thereby bringing you peaceful slumbers. So, if you are planning to invest in treating your back pain, make sure to bring home a strong and sturdy bed frame.

    Best Mattress For Side Sleepers In 2021

    Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow Wedge Sleep Bed Cushion Lower Back ...

    These mattresses for side sleepers will have you snoozing soundly and waking up pain-free.

    The best mattress for dedicated side sleepers should offer enough pressure relief for your hips and shoulders. Dedicated side sleepers should also consider factors like mattress firmness or whether motion transfer is reduced . And if youre a combination sleeper, you might want a firmer mattress that offers pressure relief and support so its adaptable regardless of your final sleep position.

    Even if you narrow the search to only look for the best mattress for side sleepers, your options are expansive, and finding your ideal match can be a challenge. New online mattress brands launch regularly and mattresses in boxes have flooded the market. But how does a dedicated side sleeper sort through all the available choices to find the best mattress? There are just so many different types, not to mention extras such as mattress toppers or adjustable bases for your bed. Seriously, who has time to sort through these or to test every memory foam mattress, gel memory foam mattress, natural latex foam mattress, hybrid mattress and innerspring mattress to determine which is the right one for a particular sleep position?

    · Type: Hybrid mattress

    · Firmness: 3 firmness levels | Plush Soft: Medium or 5 | Luxury Firm: Medium-firm or 7 | Firm: 9/10 or firm

    · Trial: 180 nights

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    What Mattress Firmness Is Best For Back And Neck Pain

    Research from 2015 suggests that a medium-firm, self-adjusted mattress is best for back pain. However, firmness is subjective. What feels firm to you might feel soft to someone else. Its best to try out a mattress in a store before buying it, or to choose a mattress that comes with an in-home trial period.

    Which Type Of Mattress Topper Is Best For Back Pain

    Any type of mattress topper may have potential pros and cons. Depending on their personal preferences, back pain sufferers may enjoy different toppers.

    As memory foam toppers conform closely to the sleepers body, many back pain sufferers find they give a good balance of pressure relief and support. These toppers also usually isolate motion well, so sleepers might not notice when their partner changes position. One potential drawback is that memory foam tends to retain heat, but some models are made with special features for added breathability and cooling. Memory foam is also usually slow to respond to changes in pressure, which can make it harder for sleepers to move around and change position.

    Polyfoam toppers conform to the sleepers body without the close hug of memory foam. Additionally, this material tends to be more breathable and regain its shape more quickly than memory foam. Polyfoam toppers are also frequently budget-friendly options. While many sleepers find polyfoam mattress toppers comfortable, theyre often less durable than other types of toppers on the market. This is particularly true of toppers that make use of low-density polyfoam.

    Pillow top mattress toppers often use feather and/or fiber fill. These toppers typically provide a plush sleep surface. However, since they do not usually provide much in the way of support or pressure relief, they may not be ideal for back pain sufferers.

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    Need More Help With Back Pain

    These free resources will help you get on the right track to ridding yourself of back pain!

    Can Your Mattress Cause Back Pain

    Best Bed For Back Pain and Lower Back Pain – The Key to Alleviating Back Pain

    If youve started waking up with back pain and you didnt have pain before, your mattress could be the culprit! If youve recently purchased a new bed, it could be a bit too soft for your needs, which can cause back pain, especially if its throwing your spine out of alignment. If this is the case, Id recommend sleeping on your new bed for 30 days to see if your body adjusts. If it doesnt, youll need to return your mattress or purchase a topper to help.

    Mattress sagging can also be a big culprit of back pain. If your mattress is 710 years old and sagging in certain places, it could be negatively affecting your sleep health. Plus, you could be unconsciously contorting your body to compensate for the sagging. If you notice your mattress is sagging, its time to replace it, or add a topper until youre ready to find a new bed.

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    Can Adjustable Beds Help With Back Pain

    Jill Zwarensteyn Disclaimer – Nothing on this website is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment… Read more here

    For people who experience back pain, the right bed can make all the difference. Back pain affects every part of your life, from simply trying to get through your day to the way you sleep at night. If youre experiencing back pain, you know that how you sleep at night plays a huge role in your pain levels the following day.

    Switching to an adjustable bed may be the solution that youre seeking. Below, well break down exactly how an adjustable bed can add to your comfort and help with your back pain. Lets also look at the most important things to know before you buy.


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