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Is It Normal To Have Back Pain During Pregnancy

When Does Back Pain Start In Pregnancy

How to manage back pain during early pregnancy? – Dr. Teena S Thomas

Back pain can set in as early as the first trimester but is more common in the second and third trimesters between five and seven months of pregnancy.

While anyone can experience back pain in pregnancy at any time, some factors could make it more likely:

  • History of back pain. You may be twice as likely to experience back pain during pregnancy if you already have a condition that causes chronic back pain.
  • Back pain in a previous pregnancy. About 85% of people who experience back pain in one pregnancy may also have it in a later pregnancy.
  • Activity level. Both too much and too little physical activity are linked to higher chances of back pain in pregnancy. Specifically, having a sedentary or physically demanding lifestyle can raise your risk.
  • Anxiety. A 2012 study found higher levels of anxiety could make you more likely to develop low back pain during pregnancy.
  • Hypermobility. Joint hypermobility, or being “double jointed,” was found to be more common in people with pregnancy-related back pain in a 2006 study.
  • Body mass index . A higher BMI could contribute to back pain in pregnancy, but more research is needed to confirm this link.

Activities that put extra stress on your joints, such as lifting heavy objects or lifting in a way that places more strain on your back could also bring on the pain sooner.

Abdominal Pain And Miscarriage

Call your doctor if painful cramps in your lower pelvic region or lower back are accompanied by vomiting, nausea, or vaginal bleeding, these symptoms could indicate a miscarriage.

However, cramping can also occur during normal pregnancies. If you have no bleeding and you’re not experiencing any other symptoms associated with miscarriage but you still have cramps, it never hurts to mention it to your doctor at the next visit.

The specific symptoms of miscarriage vary depending on the individual. Here are some common symptoms of miscarriage:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Bleeding that becomes progressively heavier
  • Cramping
  • Fever
  • Weakness and fatigue

Note that many pregnant women occasionally experience some of these symptoms and don’t go on to have a miscarriage. Nevertheless, if you experience any of these symptoms, or are otherwise concerned, contact your OB-GYN immediately.

What Are The Best Options For Pregnancy Back Pain Relief

Once youve determined that a critical problem is not causing your cramping and lower back pain in early pregnancy, the fun part beginstrying to figure out how to find pregnancy back pain relief!

A sad reality of pregnancy is that cramping and lower back pain can continue throughout the entire pregnancy.

This means looking for ways to alleviate the problem since many medications are not recommended during pregnancy.

Talk to your doctor about relief methods that are safe for you. Here are some that the mothers in our community have found to be the most effective for pregnancy back pain relief.

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Prenatal Massage And Chiropractic Care: Are They Safe During Pregnancy

Prenatal massage therapy and chiropractic care are safe options for the first trimester of your pregnancy. Hire a professional, experienced massage therapist or chiropractor. This is because any mistake can be dangerous for both you and your baby.


Before selecting any therapist or chiropractor make sure you do some research on their certification. There are different certificates for different practitioners. Therefore, hire the one that has a specialization in your area of need. You can also hire a chiropractor for exercise and stretches.

What Can Cause Back Pain In Pregnancy

Cramps During Pregnancy: What

Pregnancy is full of surprises and not only for first-time moms-to-be. Women who have already given birth can have different signs and symptoms during their next pregnancy. Similarly, there are different reasons for back pain during pregnancy.

The following is a list of the reasons that can cause back pain during pregnancy:

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Think About Your Posture

When youre standing up, keep your head up and your shoulders back as much as you can.

When sitting on a chair, try to keep:

  • your hips level with or slightly higher than your knees
  • your bottom at the back of the chair
  • your back supported by the chair
  • your feet resting flat on the floor.

If you work in an office, the top of your computer screen should be set up just below eye level. Your keyboard should be at a comfortable height so your forearms are flat. Try to get up regularly so you dont get stiff.

Try not to slump when youre sitting on the sofa. Use cushions to support your back and have your feet resting on the floor. It may help to lie on your side if you are watching TV or relaxing.

What Causes Lower Ovulation Back Pain

First of all, most women will not have any form of back or abdominal pain while ovulating. So, if you feel pain in your left or right side of your back, it may or may not be due to ovulation.

Having said that, 1 in 5 women will feel ovulation back pain and its nothing serious. Ovulation back pain occurs because of changes in your ovaries around the time of ovulation.

Like most women with a 28-day menstrual cycle, ovulation period will occur about a week after the end of your menstrual period

Before this time, and just after the end of your period, follicle stimulating hormones and estrogen cause the growth of 16 to 20 ovarian follicles in your ovary.

These follicles will increase in size until only one follicle gets bigger than others and contains the egg that will be expelled during ovulation.

Abdominal and back pain before ovulation occurs because of expansion and stretching of your ovaries and follicles.

During and after ovulation, you may also feel a sudden sharp pain in the back. This pain occurs because of fluid and blood that irritates the lower abdomen and your back.

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How Common Is Lower Back Pain In Pregnancy

Back pain is reported by 50-80% of women during pregnancy .

So as much as you dont want to experience it, the good news for you is that youre not alone and there isnt necessarily anything wrong.

The time of onset of this pain varies, with some women experiencing pain from the very early weeks.

Is The Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy Dangerous

Is it normal to have pain in my kidneys and back at 7 weeks pregnant?

If a future mother feels pain in the lower back in the first trimester she should consult her doctor as soon as possible in order to eliminate complications. Severe pain can signalize some pathological processes threatening the health of the pregnant woman and her unborn baby.

Nagging pain in the lower back raised body temperature, and vaginal spotting should also be immediately diagnosed.

Light lower back pain during pregnancy is normal if you dont need medications to alleviate it. All the other cases require medical consultation.

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Is Lower Back Pain Early Pregnancy Sign Of Miscarriage

Because there are many causes of low back pain when pregnant, its important you understand whats normal and whats not.

Firstly, having lower back pain in the lower back is common after your third month of pregnancy and may continue till you are term

Secondly, having low back pain is possible in the first trimester and may not mean a miscarriage if youve experienced a severe pain before your pregnancy.

Thirdly, a mild or severe lower back pain with vaginal bleeding and stomach cramps is not normal in pregnancy.

The truth is back pain in early pregnancy with vaginal bleeding is a sign of miscarriage. If you are bleeding with back pain in early pregnancy between 4 and 8 weeks of pregnancy, you must inform your doctor.

Miscarriage is very common especially if you are in your 4th week of pregnancy. At four weeks, the likelihood you may end up with a miscarriage is as high as 22 to 75 percent. The rate at 5 and six weeks is lower, about 10 and 5 percent respectively.

Subsequently, as you get towards your second trimester, it becomes less likely you will get a miscarriage.

Other symptoms you experience if back pain is due to a miscarriage are

Risk Factors For Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain is incredibly common, but some risk factors do increase your chance of experiencing it .

Some of these risk factors are:

  • Previous experience with back pain before pregnancy.
  • Back pain during a previous pregnancy.
  • Weak abdominal muscles.
  • Pain in the center of the lower back.
  • A deep ache in the buttocks.
  • Pain that extends through the thighs and legs.

While sharp pains can certainly happen during pregnancy, this type of pain is much less common. Sharp back pain that shoots down the legs can also be related to nerve pain or a more serious condition. It is best to consult your doctor or healthcare provider immediately if you are experiencing sharp pains.

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How Common Is Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain is incredibly common during pregnancy, in fact, it affects more than two-thirds of pregnant women and is experienced in varying degrees of severity by most expectant women.

Though most women experience some level of general discomfort during pregnancy, 50 to 70 percent of women specifically report struggling with back pain during pregnancy.

Bleeding And Swollen Gums

Is It Normal to Have Back Pain During Early Pregnancy


The increase in your volume of circulation and supply of certain hormones might cause tenderness, swelling and bleeding of your gums.


  • Take proper care of your teeth and gums. Brush and floss regularly.
  • Get a dental checkup early in your pregnancy to make sure your teeth and mouth are healthy. See your dentist if you have a problem.

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How To Treat Cramping And Lower Back Pain During Early Pregnancy

If youre looking for some relief for your lower back pain during pregnancy, Dr. Ward explains that staying active before, during and after pregnancy is actually key to minimizing pregnancy discomfort.

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Your usual routine may be uncomfortable during pregnancy, so dont hesitate to modify your activities or try new ones, such as swimming or riding a stationary bike, she suggests. Swimming is great because the water is buoyant and creates a feeling of weightlessness, and biking will make your growing belly feel more stable as there isnt as much unsupported stress on the ligaments holding up the uterus.

She also recommends other remedies such as ice packs, heating pads, stretching and relaxation. Massage, topical muscle ointments or occasional Tylenol can also be helpful.

You may also find that using a supportive measure, like belly bands or another pregnancy garment, can help take some of the additional pressure off of your back, and extra pillows at night can offer support to the abdomen, which can take strain off of the back.

And dont overlook the basics, like supportive footwear and proper lifting techniques to minimize back pain. If your back pain is severe, she also notes that physical therapy can be helpful if pain doesnt improve, along with alternative measures like acupuncture and chiropractic techniques, as long as you get a recommendation from your doctor first.

Causes Of Cramping And Lower Back Pain In Early Pregnancy

15 July, 2019

Pregnancy, even from the very beginning, can cause a lot of new changes in your body. From overnight sore breasts to that sudden craving for food you havent touched in years, it can be difficult to know what to expect from your pregnant body.

One symptom that might worry you is cramping and lower back pain in early pregnancy.

While these are common and usually not cause for concern, they can also be signs of a more serious problem. So, how can you tell the difference?

Read on to learn what can cause lower back pain and cramping in early pregnancy, what other symptoms you should look for and when to call your doctor.

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Is It Normal To Have Back Pain In Early Pregnancy Topic Guide

Im Bleeding And Cramping With Back Pain What To Do

Relieving Back Pain During Pregnancy

If you have vaginal bleeding, low back pain, abdominal cramps with fading pregnancy symptoms, you should see your doctor immediately

If its due to a miscarriage, bleeding may be heavy and may sometimes cause you to feel dizzy and exhausted.

Also, some women will need evacuation of fetal tissue through vacuum aspiration or D & C to stop vaginal bleeding and pain. This is usually carried out after an ultrasound diagnosis of a miscarriage.

On the other hand, if your back pain and spotting are not severe enough to have affected your baby, you doctor will request you have enough rest.

At this point, smoking, alcohol, severe exercise, should be completely avoided.

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What Is Lumbar Back Pain In Early Pregnancy

Lumbar pain is felt at the waist level, over and around the spinal cord. Sometimes, you can feel the pain radiating towards your legs. Lumbar pain occurs in the lumbar vertebrae, which is at your lower back. Activities, like sitting and standing for long hours or lifting heavy objects, can worsen the pain.

Why Do I Have A Backache While I Am Pregnant

Pregnancy brings about a number of changes in your body posture and lifestyle. The risk of having back pain is higher if you have a weak back and weak abdominal muscles, coupled with inflexibility and a sedentary lifestyle. Carrying more than one baby also increases the backache. The way you carry yourself while performing simple tasks also has an impact on the joints and muscles. In addition to the bodily changes such as growing uterus, a shift in the centre of gravity, excess weight and hormonal changes, some of the other reasons that are responsible for giving you backache while pregnant are as follows:

  • As your baby grows, you find yourself leaning back to avoid falling forward. This little change in your posture can strain the back muscles in your lower back, leading to backache.
  • Wearing high-heeled footwear shifts the balance and also gives more pressure to the back. This increases the chances of having back pain and also having a fall.
  • When lifting objects, if you stand and bend, it increases the pressure on the back region.
  • Fatigue caused by pulling the spine to do more physical work also leads to backaches.
  • Emotional stress can also cause muscular tension in the back, leading to back pain or back spasms.

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Is It Normal To Have Back Pain During Pregnancy

Yes, it is normal to expect various changes in your body during pregnancy, including back pain. While many bodily changes occur naturally as a part of pregnancy, they also induce various related repercussions. Some of these affect you emotionally, and some can affect you physically. Back pain during pregnancy is not surprising. It is a symptom which occurs in a majority of pregnant women because natural changes like the shifting of the centre of gravity, weight gain, muscular imbalances and muscular fatigue stress the back and gives rise to a backache. A surge in pregnancy-related hormones creates joint laxity and decreases the required support from the joints, thereby leading to back problems. Also, activities that load the spine make back pain inevitable in pregnant women.

Pregnancy And Back Pain

How To Deal With Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain is one of the most common symptoms that pregnant women complain of. In some women, it starts early in pregnancy and remains as they progress through the nine months. In other women, it worsens and continues to hinder them even after the baby is born. Some women experience upper back pain during pregnancy, while some experience lower back pain.

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Back Pain During The Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

As you advance into the third trimester, you gain more weight. Carrying extra weight increases the stress on your joints and the work for your muscles. Muscular imbalance and stress leads to increased pain in the back when you walk, stand for long hours, get out of a low-level chair, or bend and lift things.

If you do not experience back pain initially, but suddenly start experiencing severe pain during the late half of the second or third trimester, it can be a sign of preterm labour. Do ensure that you consult your doctor at once.

First Trimester Back Pain

Early in your pregnancy, your uterus is just gearing up. Changing levels of hormones, specifically increasing levels of the hormone progesterone which is the hormone that maintains the pregnancy cause ligaments in the pelvic region to loosen a bit which results in your muscles adjusting leading to instability of your joints and this can result in back pain as your body shifts.

Its also common to experience cramping during early pregnancy, which can often be lower back pain. Although pregnancy is known as a happy event, stress levels can increase during this time and present as physical symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, and muscle pain commonly presenting as back pain.

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