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Is Gel Mattress Good For Back Pain

Amerisleep Memory Foam Mattresses

Best Gel Memory Foam Mattress — No More Back Pain or Fatigueness : DynastyMattress

All of our memory foam mattresses rely on plant-based memory foam, known as Bio-Pur® foam. The production process for our unique memory foam substitutes some of the traditional chemicals with plant oils. This creates a memory foam mattress that is more breathable and responsive than traditional memory foam.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Memory Foam Mattress

The soft memory foam mattresses cause back pain, neck pain, and bad for the side & back sleepers. And, the firm memory foam mattresses can cause joint pain and feel uncomfortable while sleeping on the side. Few memory foam mattresses are hot and cant pass airflow perfectly. You have to choose the get memory foam mattresses that are cool and comfortable.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Memory Foam Mattress

While heat retention is a negative to some, it may be a positive to others. Heat retention can actually help to soften the memory foam and makes it easy to mold to your body. When you get up and remove the body heat, the memory foams elasticity comes into play and puts the foam to its original position. Because the mattress molds to your body, it helps support your body in a way that works for you.Memory foam mattresses also offer the benefit of pain relief for many users. Certain pressure spots are damaged with the use of regular mattresses. This is worse for individuals who have arthritis, muscle and joint pains, and chronic back pain. Memory foam is typically more forgiving in these problem areas, providing necessary cushioning for a better night’s sleep.One of the often overlooked advantages of memory foam mattresses? It’s better than regular mattresses for individuals with allergies. Most memory foam mattresses not only act as a allergen barrier, but they are often made using hypoallergenic materials. This means less problems for your allergies and better sleep.

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Spinal Alignment And Back Support

When shopping for the best mattress for sciatica or any other type of back pain, finding a mattress that provides firm back support and spinal alignment is crucial. A bed that is too soft will cause improper spinal alignment, resulting in pain and soreness. The ideal mattress will have just the right level of firmness to support and conform to your back and spine to help alleviate sciatic pain.

How Do I Know I’m Buying The Right Memory Foam Mattress

Red Nomad Gel Memory Foam Mattress Pad 2 Inch

When you’re purchasing your memory foam mattress, it’s important to ensure you’re doing your research. This means considering plenty of factors before making the purchase so you can have the maximum comfort from your choice. Here are some of the things you should consider:

  • The size of your bed frame – Make sure that the size of your memory foam mattress will fit your bed frame. Any inconsistencies and the memory foam mattress may not serve its purpose. A perfect match is the best choice for comfort.
  • The type of foam you want – Not all memory foam mattresses are the same and they are often made out of different types of materials. This can include traditional, plant-based, and gel foam. You should research each to determine the best preference for you.
  • The position of your sleep – Some memory foam mattress types may be better for side sleepers while others are perfect for back sleepers. You should try out multiple types of memory foams to get a better understanding of which is best for you.

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Best Spring Mattress For Back Pain

  • Price: $$$$

This mattress comes recommended by the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations, so you just know its made for people with achy backs. But what makes it so good for finding relief??

To start, this is a medium-firm mattress, which was found to be the ideal firmness level for promoting sleep comfort in a 2015 systematic review. It has individually wrapped coils at its base to provide more targeted support to the heavier areas of your body. It also has reinforced support in the center of the bed to support healthy spinal alignment.

And reviewers cant get enough. Over 2,000 folks give this bad boy 4.9 out of 5 stars. Whats more, reviewers with chronic back, neck, and hip pain are happy to report theyve finally found relief. One happy sleeper even says, I have not had any back pain since that first night sleeping on this mattress.

How Does Back Pain Affect Sleep

Back pain affects your sleep quality due to various reasons. Here are some factors preventing quality sleep in those with a bad back:

  • The sensation of pain is more at night because your brain is not preoccupied with other things during sleep
  • Its difficult to find a comfortable sleep position, delaying the onset of sleep
  • Pain sensation often wakes you up from sleep
  • Prolonged use of pain medications may impair sleep quality
  • Back pain limits physical activities, and lack of physical activities during the day leads to insufficient sleep at night

As Dr. Nayantara Santhi says, Poor sleep can intensify the feeling of pain, and conversely, pain can worsen sleep. As we do during wake, we should pay equal attention to our posture when sleeping. A good sleeping posture can relieve back pain and in turn, help you sleep better.

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Can Your Mattress Cause Back Pain

If youve started waking up with back pain and you didnt have pain before, your mattress could be the culprit! If youve recently purchased a new bed, it could be a bit too soft for your needs, which can cause back pain, especially if its throwing your spine out of alignment. If this is the case, Id recommend sleeping on your new bed for 30 days to see if your body adjusts. If it doesnt, youll need to return your mattress or purchase a topper to help.

Mattress sagging can also be a big culprit of back pain. If your mattress is 710 years old and sagging in certain places, it could be negatively affecting your sleep health. Plus, you could be unconsciously contorting your body to compensate for the sagging. If you notice your mattress is sagging, its time to replace it, or add a topper until youre ready to find a new bed.

Pulled Back Muscle And Lower Back Strain

Top 4 Best Foam Mattress Toppers for Hip/Back Pain [Review 2022] – Full Size Gel Memory Foam Toppers

Lower back or lumbar pain could result from a range of different causes. However, these are causes that are associated with the lumbar disc directly or with muscle strains. This could actually result from sudden movements, lifting heavy objects, or any other twists.

In any case, the thing that you need to do here is to get a proper and professional consultation with your doctor.

This is based on the prediction that you might have fallen into a specific situation with particular medical requirements. These might determine the firmness as well as the material type of your bed. The only person who could provide you with thorough and actionable advice on the mattress that you should get is your doctor.

And, keep in mind that this should happen only after careful and thorough examination. The source of the pain needs to be isolated and targeted properly.

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How Do Gel Mattresses Work For Back Front And Side Sleepers

  • Back Sleepers

    Back sleeping is the method recommended by doctors, but it is also rather uncommon. Only 8% of people sleep on their backs, even though back sleeping maintains the best alignment of the head, neck, and spine. With a good pillow, back sleepers will have less trouble with insomnia. However, those with sleep apnea or who snore may find that this position exacerbates their problem.

    The best mattress for back sleepers will provide firm and consistent support all along the body without buckling under the weight of the sleeper. Gel mattresses from Intellibed fit the bill nicely, providing a soft surface for comfort and firm support underneath.

  • Side Sleepers

    Side sleepers include those who sleep with their legs outstretched as well as those who sleep in the fetal position, with legs curled. They represent over half of the population. They are both comfortable positions and good for people who snore. However, sleeping on your side does not always keep the body aligned properly. Side sleepers often awaken with hip pain or shoulder pain in the morning.

    The best mattress for a side sleeper is one that provides pressure relief. Side sleepers often toss and turn at night as their bodies relieve the pressure that builds up in the shoulders and hips. A gel mattress from Intellibed helps with this issue by distributing pressure to other parts of the body. Its so effective, gel mattresses are used in long-term care facilities to prevent bedsores!

  • Exactly How To Choose The Very Best Bedroom Set For Your Demands

    Selecting the very best bed room collection for your requirements can be a challenging job. Its not nearly picking the ideal furnishings but likewise locating the appropriate cushion as well as bed-frame. So lets simplify to aid you discover the perfect room set.

    Bed room sets can be found in all shapes and sizes, so it is essential to understand what kind of bed you desire prior to you start shopping. There are 3 major kinds: platform beds, bunk beds, and also waterbeds. System beds are popular since theyre very easy to make and also maintain. Still, they may not be ideal if you have a lot of storage area in your space or if you need added storage space for keeping items like publications or toys. Bunk beds are suitable for children that want their very own private room or sleepovers with pals,

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    Difference Between Memory Foam And Gel Foam

    The main difference between memory foam and gel memory foam is heat retention.

    Traditional memory foam can trap body heat as a side effect of the foams density. If too much heat accumulates in the mattress, it can disturb your sleep and cause you to wake in a sweat.

    Adding cooling gels to the foam mixture improves the mattresss heat dispersion. The gels absorb heat and wick it awayand the more evenly the gels are distributed throughout the bed, the better they are at carrying away body heat.

    As gel memory foam requires more materials, it comes with a higher price tag than regular memory foam.

    Infusing gels is not the only way to create a more cooling mattress. Many manufacturers incorporate other materials such as copper or graphite or they substitute select petrochemicals with plant-based oils.

    What Is The Best Mattress For Side Sleepers With Back Pain

    12" Medium Gel Memory Foam Mattress for Back Pain Relief/Motion ...

    Memory foam and latex foam are two of the best options for side sleepers. They can fill the space around the waist and lower back while relieving pressure at the hips and shoulders. A hybrid is a good option for couples because it balances support with responsiveness. Hybrids can also be a good choice if you prefer a more responsive mattress. In general, a medium-firm or firm mattress, no matter the type, will be the best firmness for those with back pain.

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    The Gel Mattress: How To Help Your Bad Back And Sore Muscles

    We all probably know from experience that if we dont get a good nights sleep, then we wont have a good day tomorrow. While an occasional night of tossing and turning may be inevitable, when aches and pains persistently disrupt your sleep and make you uncomfortable throughout the day, then something has to be done.

    Its an unfortunate fact that most people, at one point in their lives, will suffer from joint and muscle-related pain. In fact, 31 million Americans are experiencing back pain at any given time, making it the most common reason for missed work and the second most common reason for visits to the doctors office1.

    Whether a sports injury, accident, or physical health condition is the source of your soreness and strain, the quality of your mattress can make the difference between pain aggravation and pain relief. So, you may be wondering, what is the best mattress for a bad back?

    When considering a solution for your back pain while sleeping, make sure your mattress adapts to your body, promotes healthy posture, and is comfortable for you!

    How Gel Beds Can Eliminate Pain

    When it comes to a supportive mattress, firmer isnt always better: strained vertebrae, like your lumbar, need some pushback, but high-impact areas of your body, like your shoulders and hips, need more cushioning. Pressure on joints while sleeping is a common cause of waking with numb arms and legs, leads to disruptive movement, and can cause pain and discomfort the following day.

    Simple Ways To Reduce Back Pain

    A new mattress is a big investment, and sometimes its too expensive to fit into your budget. If you want to reduce back pain in a cost-effective way, there are a few other options you can test out.

    • Pillow: A new pillow that works with your sleeping position and provides good neck support can be a great way to quickly improve your sleep posture and reduce some back pain. Our best pillows for back pain roundup includes a few options, and explains how pillows can help fight back pain in more detail.
    • Mattress Topper: Adding a firm mattress topper to a sagging or unsupportive mattress can be a nice quick fix for back pain. It also gives some much-needed support and can extend the life of your mattress by a few months. Check out some of our best mattress toppers to see some options.
    • Change your sleeping position: Your sleeping position could be creating some back pain. Back sleepers have the easiest time achieving a neutral spinal alignment, which can really reduce pain. Stomach sleepers, on the other hand, are particularly prone to waking up with back pain. Side sleepers can also have some issues with pain if they arent careful about not twisting their back into odd positions as they sleep. If youre struggling with back pain, training yourself to sleep on your back could be a big help. Check out our How to Train to Sleep on Your Back article for some tips.

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    How I Picked These Mattresses

    I like to start all my best of roundups off by acknowledging that these selections are based on my personal preferences. While Im bringing my expert knowledge of materials and bed construction to the table, Im naturally swayed by my own experiences with pain relief on these beds. But, I also use quite a few objective tests to determine how each bed I test will perform, and those play a big role in my selection process as well!

    And Im not just relying on my own opinions. I also chatted with physical therapist and Sleepopolis Expert Network member Dr. Keith Poorbaugh to get his tips for catching quality Zzzs while dealing with chronic back pain and to learn what kinds of mattresses can aid in this process the most.

    You can find my conversation with Dr. Poorbaugh at the end of this guide.

    A Mattress With A Blend Of Sink

    Best Memory Foam Mattresses For Back Pain (Top 7 Beds!)

    Materials: Memory foam, support foam, wrapped coils

    Firmness level: Medium-firm

    Trial period: 365 nights

    Torn between a cozy, plush feel and spine-aligning firmness? The DreamCloud Premier iswellyour dream come true. This hybrid mattress is designed with six layers of foams and coils for a harmonious blend of sink-in comfort and structured support. Beginning with its soft cashmere-blend cover, the next layer is high-loft memory foam, followed by more foams designed to contour, cradle and alleviate pressure points. The bottom of the mattress consists of individually wrapped coils to provide a solid base, promote airflow and eliminate motion transfer.

    Memorial Day sale: In honor of the holiday, DreamCloud is offering $200 your mattress purchase and $499 worth of free accessories.

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    A Luxury Model Thats Worth Every Penny

    • Firmness level: Available in soft, medium, medium hybrid, firm
    • Trial period: 90 nights

    Constructed of special Tempur-Material that was originally developed by NASA, this luxury mattress provides advanced pressure-relieving power thats ideal for those with back pain. Responding to your weight, shape and temperature, this adaptive mattress conforms to your body even if you shift positions throughout the night. The proprietary material also absorbs motion better than other memory foam mattresses so if you sleep with a partner, you wont get jostled awake if they toss and turn in the middle of the night. As far as choosing a firmness: The foam is known for its supportive properties all around, but the overall consensus is that back sleepers usually opt for a firmer mattress while side sleepers tend to go for a medium to soft feel.

    Memorial Day sale: Save $200 on this mattress during Tempur-Pedics Memorial Day event.

    Mattress Faqs Frequently Asked Questions

    A bed mattress pad is a wonderful method to protect your cushion. It will keep it tidy as well as make it last longer.

    A bed mattress cover is utilized to shield the mattress from spills, stains, as well as other accidents. To be extra certain, they are designed to fit over the whole bed, so they are not as thick as a cushion pad.

    There are two usual kinds of bed routine bed as well as pillowtop bed. A typical bed has a level surface area on top of the springs with simply a slim layer of padding in between you and the springtimes, while a pillowtop bed has added cushioning on top for convenience. Gel Mattress Back Pain

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