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How To Treat Lower Back Pain Left Side

Low Back Pain Treatment

Back Pain Lower Left Side – Video 2 of 3

Taking medications may seem an easy way to get rid of pain in the lower left of the back, but it often lacks the provision of immediate pain relief, so you need to resort to simple home remedies that provide immediate long-term relief.

  • Ginger: Ginger is a powerful herbal anti-inflammatory and helps relieve pain in the lower left back. And the individual can benefit from this herb in the form of ginger tea or by eating ginger juice and combining ginger and other vegetables every day until the pain subsides.
  • Turmeric: Turmeric is a very useful spice in the treatment of arthritis pain and is one of the main causes of chronic back pain. Turmeric contains an anti-inflammatory substance. Anyone suffering from lower back pain can consume turmeric tea or cook with turmeric, along with herbs and other spices such as cinnamon, basil, and rosemary. To get the necessary relief from pain in the lower left of the back.
  • Potato juice: Potato juice is one of the most effective natural remedies for lower left back pain. It is a miracle cure because it has anti-inflammatory properties to get rid of pain in the lower left back. Consuming a cup of fresh potato juice will greatly reduce back and joint pain. Potato juice increases blood circulation in the body and improves speed of recovery from injury to the back muscles or even tissue damage.


How To Tell If Your Lower Back Pain Is Muscle

by Dr. Don DuffAug 20, 2019

The low back is a fairly complicated structure, so its no wonder the majority of peopleexperts estimate up to 80% of usexperience pain in this area of our bodies at some point in our lives. In fact, back pain is one of the most common reasons for visits to the doctors office.

The key to relieving back pain is understanding the cause. But diagnosing the of a patients pain isnt always a straightforward exercise. It could be muscle, joint, or disc-related in some cases, it may even arise from issues unrelated to the back. So how can you tell if your back pain is muscle- or disc-related, or attributable to something else entirely? Well cover all the possibilities in this post.

Stretch The Thoracic Spine

Have a foam roller underneath your shoulders and lay on it. Keep your ribs downward, but dont arch your back too much. Keep your hands behind your head in order to support it. Roll gently on the roller.

Stabbing pain under left shoulder blade can ruin your day. The first thing to do to treat, is to know what causes this pain.

Your shoulder blades are an intricate part of your daily life and should be treated with care and speed. Make sure to see a medical professional if your pain does not subside after the home treatments or before you try them.

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Dr. Mark Williams, MD

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Lower Left Back Pain From Internal Organs Causes And Treatments

Sometimes, dull aches or sharp pains in your lower left back can be caused by problems with organs in your abdominal area. The lower left part of your back includes the left kidney, which is located towards your back, just below the rib cage.

Part of your stomach, intestines, and colon are also located on the left side of your abdomen and, usually, if you have any digestive problems, the digestive-related pain may also to be felt on the lower left side of your back.

Women also have part of their reproductive system on the left side of their body. For example, ovarian cyst on the left ovary can also be a source of pain in women in the lower part of their back.

Sharp Lower Left Back Pain From A Herniated Disc

Left Back Pain

A herniated disc develops when a disc protrusion ruptures or herniates through the fragile intervertebral disc wall. As a result, the viscous material from the interior of the disc can spill into the spinal canal, generating mid to severe pain from impingement on sensitive nerves. Disc herniation usually originates from gradual, age-related wear and tear referred to as disc degeneration. Common symptoms of herniated discs depend on the location in the spine and if the disc is pressing on a nerve. The most common symptoms a patient will experience include pain in the buttocks, thigh, and calf, numbness or tingling from the affected nerves, and muscle weakness affecting stability and the ability to lift or hold items.

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What Are Some Common Lower Back Pain Causes

The causes of lower back pain are sometimes viewed as being mechanical, organic or idiopathic. Sometimes spinal conditions are congenital or acquired meaning the disorder develops later in life.

  • Mechanical lower back pain is often triggered by spinal movement and involves spinal structures, such as the facet joints, intervertebral discs, vertebral bodies , ligaments, muscles or soft tissues.
  • Organic lower back pain is attributed to disease, such as spinal cancer.
  • Idiopathic refers to an unknown cause.

These are some of the things your doctor might look for or rule out when you schedule a visit for back pain.

The common symptoms of lower back pain.

Sprains and strains. Ligament sprains and muscle or tendon strains are the most common causes of lower back pain. Theyre often related to overuse.

Degenerative disc disease. While the name sounds worrisome, it just means you have a damaged disc causing pain. Over time, discs become thinner and flatter due to wear and tear. That leaves them less able to cushion the vertebrae and more likely to tear .

Herniated disc. The protective covering on intervertebral discs can tear over time. When this happens, the soft inner disc tissue may push through the outer layer. A disc that bulges or slips out of place is known as a herniated disc, bulging disc, or slipped disc. The herniation may press on nerve roots, leading to symptoms such as pain, tingling, numbness or weakness in the area that the nerve serves

Treatment For Sharp Stabbing Lower Left Side Back Pain

Treatment for sharp, stabbing pain in the lower left side of the back varies widely depending on the underlying cause. Getting an accurate diagnosis by a healthcare professional is crucial in order to receive proper treatment. If the lower left side back pain originates due to a problem with internal organs, identifying the cause and treating it can help alleviate the discomfort. The following examples describe potential treatments for internal organ issues:

  • Kidney stones Medication may be prescribed or shockwave therapy may be recommended to help break up the kidney stones.
  • Endometriosis Medication may also be prescribed to target the pain and surgery may be performed to remove excess tissue.
  • Pancreatitis If a bile duct obstruction is present, it may need to be surgically removed or fluid can be drained from the pancreas.

If pain on the lower left side of the back develops due to a musculoskeletal or spinal issue, the following strategies may be useful:

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Lower Back Pain: How To Tell If Its Muscle

When a patient visits my office with back pain, its my job to uncover the pain generator. We talk through the patients history, discuss their symptoms, and make a determination as to next steps. If need be, I prepare their case to be looked at by a surgeon, but generally, my goal is to help patients avoid surgery and find relief with more conservative measures.

Most cases of back pain are not caused by serious conditions. But its important to always rule out the possibility that a patient has another internal issue that mimics back pain . Colitis, kidney stones, gallbladder issues, vascular problems, or an aneurysm are examples of serious conditions that are capable of causing pain to radiate into the back, making it feel like youre experiencing back pain.

A thorough fact-finding investigation should help determine the cause. When did the pain start? How long did it last? What makes it better or worse? Key to determining the pain generator is the patients description of their condition and their medical history. For example, if a patient describes the pain as having come on suddenly and causing nausea, nearly prompting a trip to the emergency room, then disappearing just as suddenly, they may be suffering from a kidney stone rather than back pain from a spinal condition.

  • Muscle pain
  • Disc pain

Lets take a look at each type in more detail.

How Is Low Back Pain Diagnosed

Back Pain Lower Left Side – Video 3 of 3

A complete medical history and physical exam can usually identify any serious conditions that may be causing the pain. Neurologic tests can help determine the cause of pain and appropriate treatment. Imaging tests are not needed in most cases but may be ordered to rule out specific causes of pain, including tumors and spinal stenosis. Occasionally the cause of chronic lower back pain is difficult to determine even after a thorough examination.

Tests include:

Blood tests are not routinely used to diagnose the cause of back pain but might be ordered to look for signs of inflammation, infection, cancer, and/or arthritis.

Bone scans can detect and monitor an infection, fracture, or bone disorder. A small amount of radioactive material is injected into the bloodstream and collects in the bones, particularly in areas with some abnormality. Scanner-generated images can identify specific areas of irregular bone metabolism or abnormal blood flow, as well as to measure levels of joint disease.

Discography involves injecting a contrast dye into a spinal disc thought to be causing low back pain. The fluids pressure in the disc will reproduce the persons symptoms if the disc is the cause. The dye helps to show the damaged areas on CT scans taken following the injection.

Electrodiagnostics can identify problems related to the nerves in the back and legs. The procedures include:

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Avoid Prolonged Static Posture

It is important to pay attention to the joints and muscles of your spine and hip. Prevent fatigue and stresses on these joints by following simple tips, such as:

  • Avoid excessive sitting or consider using a standing desk while you work. When you sit for a long duration, the pressure on your spinal discs increase. Aim to get up every hour and walk a short distance to take the load off your discs.

When you have a flare-up of symptoms, consider less exertive activities, such as reading a book, listening to music, or crafting. These activities can help divert your mind from the pain and let your back rest at the same time.

Lower Back Pain Symptoms

There are many types of back pain and everyone can experience it differently. Common symptoms of lower back pain include:

  • Dull pain confined to the lower back
  • Stinging or burning lower back pain that starts radiating to the upper back or lower body
  • Back pain that happens bilaterally, or pain that only happens on one side of the body, such as lower left back pain
  • Pain that gets worse with standing, bending, walking, etc.
  • Pain that is alleviated by reclining
  • Muscle spasms in the pelvis or lower back
  • Lower back pain on the right side
  • Lower back pain on the left side

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Where Can I Get More Information

For more information on neurological disorders or research programs funded by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, contact the Institute’s Brain Resources and Information Network at:

Office of Communications and Public LiaisonNational Institute of Neurological Disorders and StrokeNational Institutes of HealthBethesda, MD 20892

NINDS health-related material is provided for information purposes only and does not necessarily represent endorsement by or an official position of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke or any other Federal agency. Advice on the treatment or care of an individual patient should be obtained through consultation with a physician who has examined that patient or is familiar with that patient’s medical history.

All NINDS-prepared information is in the public domain and may be freely copied. Credit to the NINDS or the NIH is appreciated.

Lower Back Pain On Left Side

Left Back Pain

Lower back pain is so common and unavoidable that almost 60% adults will experience it at some point in their life. Lower back pain on left side is more common compared to lower back pain on right side . Lower back pain on left side can cause dull aching which may increase in intensity and may affect the hip and the leg. Some people complain this pain as a cold sensation in their leg or in their foot but some describe the pain as a hot poker sensation.

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Let Njss Treat Your Sharp Lower Left Back Pain

NJSS proudly offers telehealth services for patients living in the surrounding area. Telemedicine is convenient, easy, and offers a thorough appointment with a medical provider without leaving home or the office. New Jersey Spine Specialists doctors have an extensive history in treating many patients from all over northern New Jersey for sharp lower left back pain. With locations at Summits Overlook Hospital and Montclairs Mountainside Hospital, New Jersey Spine Specialists leading team of spine surgeons provides patients living near Chatham, West Orange, and North Caldwell with advanced care tailored to each unique case. If you begin to experience sharp lower left back pain, dont suffer in silence a moment longer. Schedule a consultation at our state-of-the-art office to learn about which minimally invasive treatment options can work for you. To find out more about how our minimally invasive treatments can lower your sharp lower left back pain, give us a call by dialing .

I am pain free, walking and well on my way to recovery thanks to the help of New Jersey Spine Specialists Robert K

Symptoms Of Lower Left Back Pain

Conditions that result in back pain on your lower left side can also be associated with symptoms that can cause discomfort in other parts of your body.

Of course, if you have muscle problems or trapped nerves in your lower spine, it might be sore to stand in one place for a long time, bend over, or get up from a seating position. Dr. Arefa Cassoobhoy on WebMD says that this type of pain can range from a dull ache to shooting back pains.1

Along with lower back pain, you might have pain that is felt in your groin or lower abdominal area.

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, lower back pain that just affects one side of your back can be caused by infection or inflammation in your internal organs. This can cause the pain to be so severe that it is crippling.2 Along with the back pain, you might have a burning sensation when you urinate, lower abdominal cramping pain, and cloudy urine. You may also have signs of a fever and feel nauseous.

Many women experience more lower left back pain than men because of issues with their menstrual cycle. For example, pregnancy can put more strain on the lower back and cause pain on both the left side and right side of the back. Or conditions like endometriosis, ovarian cysts, or uterine fibroids can result in mild to severe aches in the lower left back along with irregularities in the menstrual cycle and irregular vaginal bleeding.

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Bony Encroachment Causes Lower Back Pain

Bony encroachment: Any condition that results in movement or growth of the vertebrae of the lumbar spine can limit the space for the adjacent spinal cord and nerves. Causes of bony encroachment of the spinal nerves include foraminal narrowing , spondylolisthesis , and spinal stenosis . Spinal-nerve compression in these conditions can lead to sciatica pain that radiates down the lower extremities. Spinal stenosis can cause lower-extremity pains that worsen with walking and are relieved by resting . Treatment of these afflictions varies, depending on their severity, and ranges from rest and exercises to epidural cortisone injections and surgical decompression by removing the bone that is compressing the nervous tissue.

How Is Lumbar Strain Diagnosed

Back Pain Lower Left Side – Video 1 of 3

In addition to a complete medical history and physical exam, diagnosing low back pain may include the following. However, specialized tests aren’t often required.

  • X-ray. A diagnostic test that produces images of internal tissues, bones, and organs onto film.
  • CT scan. This is an imaging test that uses X-rays and a computer to make detailed images of the body. It shows details of the bones, muscles, fat, and organs.
  • MRI. This test uses a combination of large magnets, radiofrequencies, and a computer to make detailed images of organs and structures in the body.
  • Radionuclide bone scan. A nuclear imaging technique that uses a very small amount of radioactive material, which is injected into your blood to be detected by a scanner. This test shows blood flow to the bone and cell activity in the bone.
  • Electromyogram . A test to evaluate nerve and muscle function.

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