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How To Describe Back Pain After Car Accident

Tips To Maximize Your Accident Settlement

Lower Back Injury: Doctor Explains Injuries from Car Accident

Maximize the payout for your auto accident injuries with these helpful tips. With a little work, you can build a strong insurance claim without hiring an attorney.

  • Seek prompt medical treatment: You need to get medical care after an accident. Follow the doctors orders and keep all follow-up appointments. Disclose all your physical injuries, not just the big ones. Mention symptoms, limitations, and concerns with all your doctors. Let them know if you cant sleep, feel anxious, or cant play with your kids. You want the medical records to show how the injuries affect your daily activities and mental health.
  • Collect injury evidence: Gather all your medical bills, receipts for every injury-related expense, and track mileage to medical appointments. Every proven dollar of expenses translates to a higher payout for your pain and suffering damages.
  • Watch what you say: Try to avoid giving a recorded statement to the insurance company. Adjusters are trained to get you to say things they can use to limit your compensation. Dont discuss settlement until youve fully recovered from your injuries.
  • Gather proof of liability: You bear the burden of proving the other driver is at fault for the accident. In many states, the adjuster will reduce your compensation in proportion to your share of liability if they believe you are partly to blame for the crash.
  • Back Injury Warning Signs

    Its important to seek medical attention following a car crash. With such a traumatic event, the body releases chemicals to help you deal with it. While this helps you get through the time immediately after the car crash, it can also delay symptoms of injury.

    If you injure your back in a car accident, you may experience pain and/or abnormal sensations, such as tingling and numbness.

    Dont ignore the warning signs of a back injury. A minor back injury left untreated can progress into a chronic or degenerative spinal condition. Have an auto accident specialist evaluate your spine and provide appropriate treatment.

    Back Pain After A Car Accident: What To Do

    After a car accident, its important to get checked out by a doctor. Even if you dont head to the emergency room after an accident, you should make an appointment with an orthopedic specialist as soon as possible. Doing so helps you rule out potential problems and get the all-clear before attempting activities that could make it worse.

    For example, carrying laundry up the stairs or holding a young child could all worsen the pain after a car accident. Exacerbating the problem can lead to a longer recovery time or result in further damage.

    Your doctor may request an x-ray or MRI to see if theres disc damage or degeneration, followed by a discography to pinpoint specific problematic discs. They can look closer at your injuries, assess your mobility limitations, and suggest potential therapies.

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    Car Accident Back Injuries

    Back injury can be an ambiguous term, ranging from pinched nerves to paralysis. Back pain after a high-energy injury such as a car accident can take many forms, having severe impacts along the spine.

    The spine is made up of 33 vertebrae, though only the top 24 are mobile. All of the vertebrae are categorized into five main spinal regions:

  • Cervical: the neck region is responsible for the joints that allow us to nod yes or shake our heads
  • Thoracic: the mid-back region is responsible for holding the rib cage to protect our lungs and heart
  • Lumbar: the lower-back consists of larger vertebrae to absorb stress on our bodies
  • Sacrum: connects our spine and hip bones
  • Coccyx region: the fused bones at the base of our spine attach muscles and ligaments to the pelvic floor. The everyday term for coccyx is our tailbone.
  • Were going to talk about the different types of back injuries experienced in a collision, and what to do about back pain after a car accident.

    Diagnosing Lower Back Pain And Neck Pain After A Car Accident

    Whiplash Car Accidents

    The lumbar spine has five vertebrae with soft discs in between, and each disc has a tough outer ring surrounding a soft nucleus. When were young, the discs consist predominantly of water, but as we age, they lose hydration and become more susceptible to cracking and fissures known as annular tears. These tears lead to inflammation and pain.

    Because back pain has so many different causes, its essential to have a skilled practitioner properly diagnose your problem. MRIs or tomography help identify signs of disc degeneration or damage. However, since some degenerated discs dont cause pain, skilled doctors will recognize the need for other tests, such as discography, to identify all problematic discs.

    It is also essential the radiologist and spine surgeon take time to illustrate acute trauma to the spine, as opposed to pain relating to degenerative disc disease.

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    Car Accidents Have A High Risk Of Causing Neck And Back Injury

    What is causing your neck and lower back pain after a car accident?

    How long does back pain last after a car accident?

    My lower back is killing me after a car accident. What should I do?

    When do I need a car accident lawyer after suffering back or neck pain?

    While the majority of drivers on Florida roads are focused and attentive, many can be reckless and negligent. This recklessness can lead to car accidents with severe consequences, like back and neck injuries.

    Following a car accident, back and neck pain can be a sign of a potentially severe injury that can affect your daily life. Car accident injury damages, such as medical bills, lost work, and pain and suffering, can add financial pressure while you try to recover from your injuries. You could pursue compensation for damages caused by a negligent driver by filing a car accident claim with the at-fault partys insurance company.

    Suffering back or neck pain after a car accident is common. However, it does not have to de-rail your entire life. If you experienced lower back or neck pain after an auto collision caused by anothers negligence, you should seek the guidance of an experienced car injury attorney to help assess what legal options are available to you.

    Common Back Injuries From A Car Accident

    Following a collision, people often feel sore in one or more body parts. However, back pain after a car accident is common. Although some back injuries resolve themselves with rest, others cause ongoing discomfort or result in an inability to perform daily activity without pain.

    Seeking immediate treatment after a car accident is essential. A physician can assess injuries and refer patients for follow-up care before the pain gets too severe. Some people initially feel okay and dont experience intense back pain until several days later. In Florida, you also have 14 days after an accident to seek accident care to qualify for coverage under your PIP insurance.

    If left untreated, an injury can lead to chronic pain requiring an orthopedic diagnosis and treatment. Explore the causes and symptoms of common back injuries from a car accident while learning about potential treatment methods.

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    How Are Motor Vehicle Accidents Dangerous

    No matter how insignificant it may seem, any form of an accident will carry a certain degree of danger.

    Some of these dangerous accidents include drunk driving car accidents in Georgia.

    Motor vehicle accidents are on a whole different level as it can bring long-term damage to several areas of the body, and the neck is no exception.

    Neck injuries from auto accidents are common, so you shouldn’t brush off the event as insignificant. Headaches, nausea, tingling sensations, and slight pains are the least of your problems. Vehicular accidents can even cause compression fracture, disc herniation, and a swift jerking motion to your neck.

    Answer Questions But Avoid Making Major Statements

    Which Personal Injuries Pay the Highest Accident Settlements ?

    The police and insurance companies have the right to ask questions. If a police officer comes to the scene of the accident, he or she will be asking questions to fill out a report. Answer the questions honestly and calmly. While it is natural to be upset when you have been in a car accident, try to tone it down. The police are just doing their job. Dont forget to get the name of the law enforcement officer. It helps later when trying to obtain a police report. If possible, ask the officer if he or she can give you a copy and a business card.

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    Contact Dolman Law Group For Help With Your Car Accident Claim

    Back, neck, and spinal cord injury cases are unique and require the retention of a team of experts. These experts can illustrate how the injuries will impact the victims quality of life, the costs of future medical bills, and any necessary home alterations.

    These types of injury cases are, by nature, very expensive, and the law firm must also have the necessary financial resources to handle the case properly. It is vital that the car accident lawyer you hire is well versed in handling such cases and has the resources necessary to help you pursue compensation.

    At Dolman Law Group, our car accident attorneys have over 100 years of combined experience in assisting victims with neck and back injuries following a car accident. We work tirelessly for our auto accident victims to ensure they receive the proper medical attention for their injuries, as well as the proper recovery to offset the damages caused by a negligent party. Our personal injury lawyers have vast experience handling back, head, and neck injuries that proves invaluable to clients when countering the tactics and defenses employed by the insurance companies.

    Contact us today for a free consultation to get a feel for how our experienced car accident lawyers can help you pursue compensation. Call us at or leave us a message on our online contact page.

    Fight For Compensation A Settlement You Deserve To Recoup Medical Expenses

    From extreme back & neck pain to delayed back and neck pain affecting you for months to years after an accident you have a case to sue for damages. This is why you pay insurance premiums. No accident is small or minor enough to exempt insurance companies from being accountable.

    The cost of injuries due to whiplash after a motor vehicle accident goes beyond the dollars and cents siphoned from your bank account into the pockets of those responsible. How many times have you said no and sat on the sidelines as friends and family enjoyed summer activities, or had to depend on others for help because your back or neck is acting up? Or missed rent, got behind on debts or canceled plans because medical bills are bankrupting you?

    This is NOT normal. It hurts. Fighting for your compensation is not an inconvenience, its your right. Your duty is to stand up for yourself and get a fair whiplash settlement needed to compensate your pain and suffering.

    Steve and staff, I cannot thank you enough for all the work you did on my difficult case. I had everything stacked against me, yet you were able to overcome all of it. I appreciate everything you have done for me and for getting my case settled! I will always recommend you to everyone I can. I feel blessed to have had you on my side every step of the way. Thank you!! Stephanie Hanson

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    I Feel Pain In My Back After A Car Accident How Long Do I Have To Claim

    If you are making a claim for compensation for an injury caused by negligence, you will generally have a time limit of three years to begin your claim per the Limitation Act 1980. This will either be three years from the date of your accident or from the date of the diagnosis of your injury.

    The injury, or the extent of its complications, may not always be immediately apparent following an accident. If you had suffered pain in your back following a car accident, and only become aware of it being part of a more serious injury at a later date, your time limit could begin on the day you had received this diagnosis and were made aware of its relation to your accident.

    There are other instances where the time limit can be extended, such as:

    • If the claimant was under 18 at the time of the accident
    • If the claimant lacked/lacks mental capacity

    In either instance a litigation friend could represent them during the suspended period. However, they could make a claim on their own behalf:

    • When they turn 18
    • If/when they regain mental capacity

    To discuss these type of extensions, or see if you could still make a claim for suffering back pain from your car accident please reach out to one of our advisers.

    What Are Common Back Injuries Caused By Car Accidents

    West Palm Beach Personal Injury Attorney

    The human back and spine is made up of a complex system of bones, muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and nerves. It also houses the spinal cord, one of the most delicate and vulnerable structures in the human body. Injury to any one of these components can cause severe back pain, weakness and disability.

    Back injuries are an all-too-common result of car accidents because the back absorbs an incredible amount of force and pressure from a high-impact collision. If youve been in a car accident, seek medical help for care and treatment of back pain and symptoms, no matter how minor. Left untreated, acute back injuries can worsen and lead to long-term pain.

    Keep reading to learn more about common car crash injuries and the signs and symptoms to look for.

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    How The Whiplash Reform Program Could Affect Your Claim

    There have been recent changes to the law that affect how some road traffic accident claims are made. This is covered in the Whiplash Reform Program.

    Under the WRP, if a passenger or driver who is over 18 has injuries that are valued under £5,000, they now have to claim using an online portal. This can cover any type of injury that may be the result of a road traffic accident. However, the Whiplash Injury Regulations 2021 have re-classified how much whiplash claims are worth.

    However, you may be undervaluing your injury, so get in touch with us before you try to make a claim through the online portal. We can give you a more accurate evaluation of your injuries and see if you could potentially claim more compensation. Furthermore, you can utilise the services of a solicitor even if your claim has to be made through the online portal.

    When Should I See My Doctor

    Apart from the signs of a serious back injury, you should see your doctor if:

    • your problems have not improved at all within a few days
    • your problems have not improved completely within 6 weeks

    Your doctor may be able to help you manage any pain and may refer you for physiotherapy or other investigations.

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    Statute Of Limitations On Claiming A Car Accident Injury In Wisconsin: How Long You Have To Make A Claim

    Every state is different. In some states its only 1 year, in others its up to 6. Youll need to contact an attorney near you to verify and ensure youve got a solid case and good reason to sue.

    Wisconsin statute of limitations for claiming a car accident injury

    In the state of Wisconsin, the statute of limitations to report an injury in a car accident is 3years . There are several other important car accident laws affecting injury claims in Wisconsin.

    ready to make them pay?

    Your approach to filing a claim is paramount to maximizing the settlement.

    Dont do this on your own. Get an experienced, successful personal injury lawyer on your side to begin fighting and get every last penny youre owed for your pain and suffering. It matters.

    Take action. Contact personal injury attorney Steve Caya in southeastern Wisconsin for a free consultation. His office is in Janesville, but we can arrange a place to meet anywhere in the state to discuss your case.

    Typical Care For Cervical Spine Injuries

    Car Accident Back Pain Treatment- Austin Texas, Lifespring Chiropractic

    An accident victim with a cervical spine injury will generally attempt interventional pain management alongside conservative care. Many accident victims with neck symptoms will undergo epidural steroid injections of the cervical spine in an effort to determine whether temporary episodic relief can be obtained. If so, the patient may be a candidate for successful minimally invasive spine surgery.

    Interventional pain management is often more diagnostic than therapeutic. The pain management specialist will correlate the clinical presentation with the diagnostic results via MRI findings and determine the appropriate course of care. The insurance company will generally view the medical documentation from an interventional pain management physician and place a higher value on such as opposed to merely conservative care.

    In other words, the insurance carrier will note that conservative care failed to alleviate the individuals pain following a car accident and that the victim required more provocative care.

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    How Long Should My Back Hurt After A Car Accident

    The fact that you feel fine after a car accident does not mean that everything is fine. It could take hours or even days for you to feel uncomfortable after the accident. It is common to experience delayed onset back pain following a car accident. An injury to the spine, bulging discs, or soft tissue could cause pain.

    It is not uncommon for accident victims to feel fine after a collision. The adrenaline wears off, however, leading to delayed back pain that often appears days or even weeks later. This is why getting medical attention is so important, even if you do not feel injured.

    When you seek medical help as soon as possible after a car accident, you safeguard against your pain escalating if you discover your injuries were more severe than you realized. If you wait days after the accident before seeking medical attention, insurance companies may assert that the symptoms resulted from previously occurring activities.


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