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What Mattresses Are Good For Back Pain

The Best Mattresses For Upper & Lower Back Pain

Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain and Sciatica – Our Top 6 Picks!

What Mattress Firmness Is Best For Back Pain

It used to be considered common knowledge that an extra-firm mattress was best for relieving back pain. However, in recent years we have realized that there is no singular firmness level that is ideal for resolving back problems. The best way to choose the firmness of your mattress is by following your personal preferences. If it feels good to you and doesnt cause back pain, then its a good fit.

A Zoned Model Thats Firm In The Middle And Softer At The Edges


Type: Hybrid | Firmness: Medium-firm | Delivery: Bed in a box | Trial: 100 nights | Warranty: 10 years

Made with layers of pure New Zealand wool and 100% organic cotton, the Parachute Eco Comfort Mattress is another eco-friendly mattress that can help alleviate back pain. It has two layers of pocketed steel coils, and its designed to be firm in the middle for back support and softer at the head and feet for pressure point relief and spinal alignmentgreat for combination sleepers. In between the coils is a comfort layer made from real wool, and the whole thing is wrapped in an organic cotton cover.

What the reviews say: I wish we would have purchased this mattress years ago, says one coupled sleeper. It is so soft that its hard to get out of, and it isnt so that youre stiff in the morning. It was worth every single penny!

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Mattress Features To Look For To Relieve Back Pain

When shopping for a mattress to help relieve back pain, some features are more important than others. With so many products and a bevy of marketing hype, it can be tough to parse out what really matters. Based on our extensive experience testing mattresses, we believe that youre most likely to get the most satisfaction out of your purchase by focusing on certain key considerations:

Faqs About Mattresses For Back Pain

Is orthopedic mattress good for back pain? Best Mattress UK

As weve already mentioned, mattresses are a big investment and they will affect your life and health in a significant way. Considering that everyone has different needs, asking the right questions before buying a mattress can make all the difference between choosing the perfect mattress for back pain or ending up with a mediocre one.

In general, sleeping on your back offers the best support and pain relief as it distributes the weight of your body evenly.

Hybrid mattresses are best for alleviating back pain as they offer the perfect combo of support and pain relief.

A bad mattress can most certainly cause back pain and other health issues.

A quality mattress should last you anywhere between 10 and 15 years, perhaps even more.

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The Main Causes Of Back Pain Are

  • One of the main causes could be spine-related. Caused by wear and tear, sometimes the soft tissues in the discs between your joints come out and cause herniated or slipped discs.
  • Back pain most often occurs due to muscle or ligament strain and bulging or ruptured disks.
  • Sprains, strains and spasms can also be the cause of severe lower back pain.
  • Stress can also lead to muscle tension.

The Best Mattress For Back Pain In 2022 As Tested By Us

Why you can trust Tom’s Guide Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

The best mattress for back pain is the Saatva Classic. This mattress stands out for its high level of customization: three firmness levels plus two depth levels, which enables shoppers to design the ideal bed for their sleep preferences and body type. Nearly 1,000 of Saatva’s 5-star customer reviews come from those who claim their backaches have decreased or disappeared. That was our experience when we tested the 11.5-inch medium-firm version in our Saatva Classic Mattress review the improvement in our back pain was obvious when coming from an older, less supportive mattress.

Saatva has also earned a seal of approval from the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations for its lumbar zone technology. You’ll get a full year to test it out, although you’ll have to pay $99 for return shipping. Free white glove delivery is standard with all orders so you won’t have to worry about setting this over 100lb. mattress on your bed â a huge benefit for anyone with back pain.

It’s not a budget mattress, but frequent Saatva mattress sales shave hundreds of dollars off, making it a competitively-priced luxury mattress option.

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A Mattress With Reactive Memory Foam Adapts To Your Body


Type: Memory foam | Firmness: Very firm | Delivery: Bed in a box | Trial: 100 nights | Warranty: 20 years

Thanks to its Bio-Pur memory foama proprietary foam thats more responsive and adaptive to movementthis mattress contours your back and neck, promoting proper sleep posture and relieving pressure points. When you have back pain, soft spots can be detrimental to your comfort, but this mattress bounces back in seconds, alleviating sinking and misalignment that can contribute to aches. The Amerisleep AS1 also keeps you cool throughout the night by allowing air to quickly pass through its open-cell design. And it includes its Refresh Cooling Cover. This is the companys firmest mattress.

What the reviews say: We used the Amerisleep King AS1 mattress for close to 3 years and sleep has never been so comfortable, writes one reviewer. It has a great cover and the right amount of firmness. We liked it so much that when we needed another mattress we didn’t even think twice before ordering another one.

Effects Of Sleeping On A Hard Bed

5 Best Mattresses For Back Pain (UPDATED!)

Pressure points. Contrary to popular belief, there are actually no known benefits of sleeping on a firm mattress if it is too firm for your body height and weight. A mattress that is too firm for your body type will only block your spine from contouring naturally into your mattress leading to pressure points and aches.

Spinal misalignment.A mattress which is too firm will not support your spine in its normal alignment. This often causes long term problems from the lack of proper support for the spine. For someone with back pain, a firm mattress can cause all sorts of problems as the body tries unsuccessfully to compensate for the lack of lower back spinal support.

Lack of conformability. A firm mattress will not conform properly to your body, leaving gaps between your body and the bed. This means some areas of your body will simply not be supported by an overly firm mattress, and this will lead to additional pain if you have a bad back. Ideally, a mattress should give you good supportiveness but still conform to your bodys contours.

Beware of Orthopaedic labelled products

Its understandable to assume that the best mattress for back pain is the one with a generic orthopaedic stamp attached to it. However, this is a substantial myth. The truth is that there exists no industry standard requirement, regulation, or any specific test for a mattress to pass in order to be labelled as orthopaedic.

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What Is The Best Foundation For A Latex Mattress Expand/collapse

Our Zenhaven latex mattress is compatible with most foundations, box springs, platform beds, and adjustable bases.

The Zenhaven Lifetime warranty specifies that if your platform bed has slats, itâs required that you apply a layer of solid surface over the slats to achieve a uniform surface to preserve the longevity and integrity of your two-sided mattress.

Best Boxed Mattress: Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress

  • Offers a hybrid of coil and foam

  • Great for side sleepers

  • Strong chemical odor

Today, more and more mattresses are being shipped in boxes, allowing for faster delivery and easier set-up. Hands down, one of the best boxed mattress options for those with back pain is the Helix Midnight mattress.

This 14-inch mattress provides support with a layer of wrapped coils which sits under layers of foam for comfort. The company claims that this mattress is their most popularproviding a medium firm feel that is ideal for side sleepers who need pressure point relief. The mattress is covered with a breathable quilted pillow top that keeps you cool throughout the night.

Helix offers a 15-year warranty on their Midnight Luxe mattress, so you know you’re getting the most protection for your investment. You can test out your new mattress for 100 nights, opting to return it if it doesnt meet your expectations.

Price at time of publication: $2,099

Firmness: Medium | Thickness: 14 inches | Type: Hybrid | Trial Length: 100 nights

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Herniated Discs And Pillows: How To Find The Perfect Balance

When the pillow is too heavy or too high, it can cause a herniation of the discs in the lower back. It may be possible to ease pain by sleeping on your side, but this is not the best option. It is always best to sleep on your back because it is the best location for your spine. Pain can be exacerbated if you cough, sneeze, sit down, drive, and bend forward. Because of the increased pressure on the nerve, making these movements increases the pain.

Swap Or Flip The Layers

The Best Mattresses for Back Pain to Help You Sleep Easy

Latex mattresses often have individual, non-fused layers that can be swapped around.

Similarly, some mattresses specifically come with dual firmness settings so that you can pick and choose.

For example, the Mend Adapt has a flippable comfort layer that allows you to choose between firm and soft as you see fit.

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There Are Five Different Types Of Mattress Fabric

  • Bamboo: When you sweat while sleeping on a bamboo fabric mattress, it wont get wet.
  • Organic cotton is eco friendly and it is always soft and highly resilient.
  • Tencel is lightweight and a great moisture absorber. It is perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Modal is a type of rayon cloth, easy to clean as it is washable.
  • Silk is the strongest natural fibre in the world. It is considered to be a natural anti-ageing product in the bedding industry.

Once you know which mattress is the best for back pain and which bed will be apt for supporting it, take a look at which bedding will be perfect according to your taste.

Wakefit Waterproof Mattress Protector is soft and machine washable. It helps in safeguarding the mattress from any kind of spill or leakage. For optimum comfort, buy Wakefit siliconised Micropeach Reversible Comforter. It is 100% cotton, hypoallergenic, reversible and can be used on both sides.

There are various advertising tactics salespeople use to lure you into buying a mattress. One of the most misleading things they tell you is that every mattress available on their website and shop is a fresh product.

To save yourself from buying an old item, ask the salesperson for the details of its warranty and manufacturing period. See if they are ready to give you one year of replacement time. Know your needs about which fabric or which type of mattress will be suitable for your age, body and size.

What Is A Flippable Mattress

A flippable mattress is just what it sounds like. Its a mattress designed with a sleep surface on both sides.

Typically, the firmness levels vary from one side to the other. Flippable mattresses may also last longer than their one-sided cousins. Thats because flipping the mattress reduces the wear and tear that tends to occur in the spot you sleep on night after night.

You can find flippable mattresses made with materials like foam, latex, and innersprings, as well as hybrid models. Typically, hybrids are constructed with a supportive coil system in an interior layer and comfort layers on either side.

Some flippable mattresses are marketed to children. With different firmness options on either side, these mattresses are designed to accommodate the changing needs of kids as they grow. They can also be a good option for guest bedrooms since guest preferences vary.

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How Do I Know If My Bed Is Causing Back Pain

10 Warning Signs Your Mattress is Causing Back Pain

  • Your Mornings Start with Pain.
  • You Are Tossing & Turning All Night.
  • Your Mattress Seems to be Eating You Up.
  • Your Mattress is Either Too Soft or Too Hard.
  • You Have an Aged Mattress.
  • You Keep Waking Up During the Night.
  • Comfortable Sleep Seems Just a Dream.

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Best Mattress For Back Pain According To Our Sleep Experts

Is orthopedic mattress good for back pain? – Dr. Kodlady Surendra Shetty

Aches and pains disrupting your sleep? Don’t let a bad mattress ruin your rest. Here are the top recommendations for the best mattresses to combat back pain from CNET’s sleep experts.

Reviewed by:

Troy Mensen, DO

Troy Mensen is a family medicine doctor based in Chicago. He received his Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine from Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine and holds a certification in family medicine from the American Board of Family Medicine. He is licensed by the State of Illinois Medical Examining Board.

McKenzie Dillon


McKenzie, a Certified Sleep Science Coach and proclaimed mattress expert, has been writing sleep content in the wellness space for over three years. After earning her certification from the Spencer Institute and dedicating hundreds of hours to sleep research, she has extensive knowledge on the topic and how to improve your quality of rest. Having more experience with lying on mattresses than most, McKenzie has reviewed over 150 beds and a variety of different sleep products including pillows, mattress toppers and sheets. McKenzie has been a guest on multiple radio shows including WGN Chicago as a sleep expert and contributed sleep advice to over 50 different websites. Before she was writing about sleep, she graduated as an English major from the University of Nevada, Reno and was covering music news for an online entertainment magazine.

Lindsay Boyers

CNET Contributor

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A Peek At The Best Mattresses For Lower

Low-back pain is one of the main causes of poor sleep quality2. And the tricky thing is that if you’re not getting proper sleep, back pain becomes a whole lot harder to recover from.

“Without the healing benefits of a good night’s rest, the injury may last longer, and therefore pain levels last longer too,” says Jacinta Di Prinzio, D.C., of Open Space Healing in Western Australia. She adds that poor sleep is also associated with increased markers of inflammation3, which only exacerbate pain.

On the other hand, when back pain sufferers are able to rest up, it’s super beneficial for their recovery. “Think of a good night’s sleep as our body’s way to reset from the wear and tear of the day and heal,” says Caitlin Redding, D.C., RYT, of Redding Chiropractic in Pennsylvania. There’s no part of the body that doesn’t benefit from a solid snooze, our backs very much included.

Why Casper Wins As The Best Mattress For Upper Back Issues

Casper Wave is our top pick for the best foam mattress for upper back pain, though, we should clarify that its available in an all-foam version and a hybrid version. What makes this mattress interesting, though, is that it has what Casper mattress calls its Hyper-Targeted Support System.

This means that the bed offers more back support in the center third and more pressure relief in the top third . Its a novel concept that makes the Wave stand out from the rest of the other hybrid beds out there, and we think its incredibly accommodating.

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Can Replacing Your Mattress Improve Lower Back Pain

Yes. If your mattress isnt offering enough support because its too soft or too old, swapping your mattress for a medium-firm option can help improve lower back pain.

You can also try moving the mattress to the floor, using plywood beneath the mattress, or adding a supportive mattress topper designed to alleviate back pain.

Save Up To $200 On Layla Mattresses

11 Best Mattress Pad for Back Pain Reviews and Buying Guide ...


Youll notice that many hybrid mattresses made our list because their combination of contouring memory foam and supportive coils is ideal for folks with back troubles. Of all the hybrid beds here, we rank the Layla Hybrid at the top. Why? It has it all: spinal alignment, pressure relief and affordability.

This hybrid doesnt just combine two materialsit also offers two firmness levels. The adaptable Layla can be flipped so sleepers are able to pick the firmness level they prefer: medium-soft or firm. The only population our testers recommend against the Layla Hybrid is heavyweight side sleepers, who may not get the same pressure relief as they would with a more supportive model, like the GhostBed Flex.

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