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What Essential Oil Is Good For Back Pain

Copaiba Essential Oil For Nerve Pain

5 Best Essential Oils For Back Pain Relief

Copaibas traditional uses include treatment for wounds, infections, pain, and other skin conditions. Copaiba oleoresins have been traditionally used in healing and anti-inflammatory agents in Brazilian folk medicine. Several studies suggest that copaiba has the following benefits :

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Heals ulcers
  • Neuroprotection

Copaiba may also be one of the more effective essential oils for nerve pain. How? Copaiba reduces inflammation, relaxes smooth muscles, protects neurons, and has analgesic properties . In a review of copaiba research, 8 preclinical studies found that copaiba essential oil is anti-inflammatory .

Copaiba reticulata is neuroprotective by reducing inflammation and damage to the central nervous system, as shown in a rat study . A substance in copaiba known as beta-caryophyllene is very beneficial for health. Beta-caryophyllene binds with cannabinoid receptors and thus can reduce inflammation and pain .

Copaiba essential oil also blocks a major compound that causes inflammation: NF-B. It also then reduces inflammation compounds like IL-6 and TNF- . A blend of copaiba oil with Deep Blue rub is effective at reducing arthritis pain in a clinical study as well there was a 50% decrease in total pain, increased finger strength, and increased range of motion compared to placebo .

Beta-caryophyllene is an agonist of a cannabinoid receptor called CB2, which is unique to beta-caryophyllene. Copaiba contains more beta-caryophyllene than any other known plant .

Best Essential Oils For Pain

When it comes to pain relief, essential oils can often provide natural pain relief without uncomfortable side effects. Searching for what essential oils are good for pain can seem like a daunting task, with over hundreds of oils to choose from.

With natural pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and soothing properties, the following are the best essential oils for aches and pains.

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Essential Oils For Lower Back Pain & How To Use

December 5, 2016 By Aspen

Did you know that about 80% of adults suffer from lower back pain in their lifetime? More and more people are trying to minimize the usage of conventional pain killers to manage pain because they come with drastic long-term side effects. In this article, find out how to use side effect-free essential oils for lower back pain!

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Essential Oils For Back And Hip Pain

Essential oils have been around for centuries as a popular remedy for treating and preventing a wide range of health conditions. From colds and allergies to muscle spasms and chronic pain, essential oils are highly lauded for their powerful healing nature attributed to the many compounds they carry.

Our point of focus today is back pain, a very common condition that can affect people of all ages, but its more prevalent with the elderly. As research has it, close to 80% of the American population will experience back pain at some point in life.

The pain can have varying intensities from a dull ache to really sharp sensations that make it difficult to work, move, and enjoy your hobbies affecting your quality of life.

Causes of back pain

You could be suffering from either acute back pain or chronic pain. Acute pain is usually caused by strained muscles or ligaments and irritated joints. With chronic back pain, the condition is linked to poor posture, ruptured discs, arthritis , obesity, sleep disorders, lifting heavy objects, and spinal infections.

Lower back and hip pain

Its very easy to confuse hip pain with lower back pain, since the joint of your hip is actually near the spine. Thats why injuries suffered by your hip can feel quite similar or even cause back pain. Just like other joint pain issues, hip pain and stiffness is commonly caused by arthritis. Other causes include muscle sprains or strains, injury, and pinched nerve.

Upper back pain and neck pain

Side Effects And Precautions

Pin on back pain causes

When used as directed, essential oils shouldnt cause any major side effects. Skin rash and irritation can occur without proper dilution or patch testing ahead of time.

Talk to a doctor if youre pregnant, breastfeeding, or have any underlying medical conditions. Keep in mind that aromatherapy can effects pets, children, and others in the area. Remember that essential oils are extremely potent. Also, dont take them by mouth or use them on or near your eyes.

The complexity of back pain requires a comprehensive treatment plan. Not only should you focus on alleviating pain, but youll also want to fight the underlying inflammation that could be contributing to your back ailments.

Other treatments include

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Essential Oils That Can Help Back Pain

Back pain will affect most Americans at some point in their life for a variety of reasons.

Back pain can make even the simplest of activities painful. Whether the activity is sitting, standing, lifting items or even laying down.

Thankfully, there are essential oils that can offer back pain relief.

In this article, we will look at back pain and how essential oils can help to relieve pain.

Essential Oils For Back Pain

When searching for the best essential oil for back pain, it is first important to understand the cause of the pain. Whether the pain is caused by inflammation, nerve pain, or menstruation can greatly determine what essential oils are good for back pain relief.

Ginger essential oil is one of the best essential oils for lower back pain, thanks to its pain-relieving properties. Its well-known properties have been studied time and time again, making it one of the top recommended essential oils for back pain.

Wintergreen essential oil provides a cooling and numbing sensation, making it one of the most popular essential oils for back pain relief. The analgesic effects help eliminate the pain signals to the brain, thus reducing overall experienced pain.

When it comes to essential oils for pain, in back or any part of the body, lavender essential oil still holds a strong position at the top of the list. The anti-inflammatory properties reduce inflammation in both the muscles as well as the connective tissues.

The analgesic properties reduce pain signals, making it one of the most popular essential oils used for pain in general. The calming effects also make lavender essential oil a key ingredient in pain management.

It is no surprise, then, that it is among the best essential oils for sciatica pain and nerve pain in the back.

Back Pain Relief Essential Oil Recipe

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Essential Oils For Tendon Pain

Tendon pain is usually caused by inflammation and swelling. This is most often seen in the knees and the wrists. The best essential oils for wrist pain and knee pain will treat the inflammation of the tendons and increase blood flow to the area.

Frankincense essential oil can significantly reduce swelling while wintergreen essential oil will increase blood flow, thanks to the cooling sensation. Add 2 drops each of frankincense essential oil and wintergreen essential oil to a carrier oil, and gently rub into the affected area.

Helpful Essential Oils For Nerve Pain

Essential Oils for Back Pain Relief

Over 60% of people in the United States report having some kind of pain, according to a recent population health survey of 24, 000 people. Nerve pain, also known as neuropathy, is very common among people with pain issues. Of those suffering from pain, almost 16% have nerve pain .

Nerve pain is difficult to treat and reduces the quality of life. Very few satisfactory treatment options or pain relievers are available as a prescription, so using essential oils for nerve pain is very appealing. Why? Essential oils can have pain-relieving effects on the body if used appropriately.

Essential oils work for many aspects of health because they have multiple mechanisms through which they benefit our bodies. Choose only high-quality Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils to avoid chemical additives and to provide the best purity and effectiveness. Bear in mind that the food and drug administration does not evaluate supplements or herbs, including essential oils.

This blog describes how both single oils and essential oil blends may help you with various kinds of nerve pain. You can also download a free PDF of which oils to use as a reference when buying oils as well as a recipe for nerve pain.

  • Cancer treatment
  • Genetic conditions

Damaged nerves can be due to many factors as you can see. Diabetic neuropathy is the main cause of polyneuropathy, according to the National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke .

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Other Natural Remedies For Nerve Pain

Here are some other helpful websites for natural remedies that you can try for your neuropathy:

  • Check out for some lifestyle remedies for neuropathy.
  • Vitamins and herbs for nerve pain at Better Nutrition.
  • 18 ways to naturally reduce nerve pain by OM Times.
  • B vitamins, acetyl L carnitine, alpha lipoic acid advice at MDedge Family Medicine.
  • Acupuncture neuropathy benefits from Medical News Today.

Healing Your Back Naturally

At around the same time, one of my good friends in college also suffered from acute back pain. Being the only child, his parents shuttled him from doctor to doctor in the hopes of finding a magic cure for their only sons back pain. They finally landed in a top specialists office, who promptly advised them to get surgery.

I chose to go the natural route, opting for a 5-day herbal oil treatment. Coupled with 2 weeks of rest, Im not completely back pain-free. Of course, I still use many natural preventative measures such as sciatica stretches and yoga to make sure I do not ever end up in the pitiful state I once was.

As for my wonderful friend, whom I admire so much, he still suffers with a bad back, which the costly surgery was supposed to fix. He cant pick up his kids as often as he wants to and he cant really engage in sports activities for fear of suddenly upsetting his back. The thing is he still frequently has to go to the doctor for back pain and is often told to go on bed rest while taking heavy pain killing drugs.

Even today, when his back pain gets too bad, he talks about getting another spinal surgery to fix the pain. We have told him so many times to try a naturopathic treatment such as therapeutic massage, but he just doesnt get it! Im telling you, its like God has to open your eyes to the healing world of nature if he doesnt, youre just going to remain blind to it!

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Essential Oils Are Strong Anti

Whether youre dealing with chronic low back pain, upper-back pain, sciatica, or just general aches and stiffness, anti-inflammatories help. Most of us think of Tylenol or Ibuprofen first, but essential oils can also do the job.

A lot of the most common essential oils can help reduce inflammation:

  • Lavender oil
  • Rosemary oil

And the list goes on and on.

Reducing inflammation will decrease pain and is critical if you want to make a full recovery.

Possible Side Effects And Risks

What Essential Oils Help Lower Back Pain?

You should always dilute essential oils before topical use. This can reduce your risk of irritation and other side effects.

You should also do a skin patch test before your first application to test for any potential allergic reactions.

To do this:

  • Apply a small amount of diluted essential oil to the inside of your forearm.
  • Cover the area with a bandage.
  • Wait 24 hours to see if any irritation occurs. If you dont experience any itching, swelling, or other negative reaction, it should be safe to apply elsewhere.

Other things to keep in mind:

  • You shouldnt use essential oils if youre pregnant or breastfeeding. Consider who else is with you inhaling aromatherapy. Consider pets and children or those who are ill or have allergies.
  • You should never ingest essential oils orally. They should only be used topically or inhaled through a diffuser.

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Risks Of Using Essential Oils

Compared to surgery or drugs, essential oils are relatively low-risk. However, some people have bad reactions to certain oils, and so you should be careful if youre starting an essential oil regimen for treating back pain.

If you are applying them to your skin, always dilute them with a carrier oil. And dont use an excessive amount, especially if youre using a new oil for the first time.

Top 5 Essential Oils That Commonly Help To Relieve Back Pain

May 14, 2021 by Dr. Brent Wells

Back pain is extremely common and frustrating. According to experts, 80% of the population will suffer from back pain at some point. Often back pain isnt caused by serious conditions, which means you have to manage your pain until your back is healthy again.

If youre looking to avoid excess use of painkillers and try an all-natural solution, essentials oils may be right for you. Managing your back pain is possible with essential oils. In fact, recent studies now support the medicinal properties of essential oils for pain conditions, including back pain.

Lets go over how essential oils work and which ones have shown positive results in studies on back pain.

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  • About Dr. Brent Wells
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    Essential Oils For Pain

    Pain is an inevitable aspect of life that can get in the way of living. Whether the pain comes suddenly or slowly builds over time, quick relief becomes the primary focus. Traditional medicine can cause adverse reactions with long term use, making natural remedies an attractive form of pain relief.

    Essential oils are proven to be helpful in providing pain relief. In fact, there are many essential oils for chronic pain that may provide just the relief that you are looking for.

    Do Essential Oils For Back Pain Work

    Best Essential Oils For Back Pain

    Dr. Kiefer defines essential oils as chemicals that are extracted from plants. He adds, They are often aromatic, being small chemicals as far as chemical compounds go so that they easily enter into the air and allow us to smell them.

    When we asked both doctors for their opinions on essential oils, they agreed that they can be effectivebut, its something thats been difficult to prove scientifically.

    There are not a lot of studies that I can turn to in order to prove that they work, says Dr. Kiefer. One reason is that its difficult to do such a study. For example, it would be difficult to have a blinded study, which is often the best way to prove something, where the people in the study didnt know which group theyre inone can smell the oils.

    Despite these hurdles, there are some reliable studies around essential oils. For example, one 2016 study concluded that using essential oils as aromatherapy can significantly reduce pain. Another study suggests that specifically orange oil can relieve pain. Other research has suggested that when certain oils are applied topically to the low back, such as wintergreen or peppermint, they can act as an alternative to traditional medications that may cause side effects.

    Orange and lavender may be particularly effective for back pain, according to some scientific evidence.

    Although a lot more research must be done for essential oils to become standard of care, heres what Dr. Mukai said when asked if essential oils work:

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    Essential Oil Blends For Lower Back Pain Relief

    Try out this blends to get relieve from back pain using various essential oil, even you can use this blends for aromatherapy:

    • Take 4 Drops of roman chamomile essential oil and lavender essential oil
    • Add 3 Drops of peppermint essential oil
    • Now add 1 Drop of clary sage oil in the mixture
    • Now pour the blend into the bottle for external use like massaging.

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    How To Use Essential Oils For Lower Back Pain

    The most effective dosage mode for back pain is a topical application.

    Always dilute EOs in a carrier oil like almond oil, jojoba oil, or coconut oil when youre applying them directly to your skin.

    Stick to 2-3 drops of EO per 1 teaspoon of carrier oil.

    Apply to the affected area at least twice a day once in the morning and once in the evening.

    Create your own essential oils blends by mixing multiple oils for amplified effects.

    Add EOs, baking soda, sea salt, and baking soda to your bath water for a therapeutic soak.

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    Essential Oils For Neck Pain

    Neck pain most often comes due to sitting for long periods of time, such as at a desk job. Stress accumulates in the neck and shoulder area without much opportunity for release.

    Tension and inflammation set into the muscles, and a nagging neck pain ensues.

    When looking for essential oils for neck and shoulder pain, search for anti-inflammatory, warming, and calming properties. Frankincense essential oil provides warming and anti-inflammatory properties lavender essential oil offers calming properties chamomile essential oil serves as an anti-inflammatory and calming oil.

    Neck Pain Essential Oil DIY Recipe

    Creating an essential oil blend for pain may be the best option for treating neck pain. Try mixing together 5 drops each of frankincense essential oil, lavender essential oil, and chamomile essential oil with 2 Tbsp. of a carrier oil, such as jojoba oil.

    Gently massage this oil blend into the sore area. As the oils absorb into your neck, you will also benefit by breathing in the calming aroma.

    Top 5 Essential Oils For Back Pain

    How To Use Essential Oils For Serious Back Pain Relief

    These five essential oils have proven results for pain management. Specifically, they can help reduce muscle pain, tension, swelling, soreness, spasms/cramps and inflammation. For back pain, these anti-inflammatory properties are ideal for getting your back pain-free and healthy once again. Lets take a look at these top five:

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