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What Does It Mean When You Have Lower Back Pain

Arthritis Of The Spine

What does it mean if I have dull back pain and slight stomach cramping at 38 weeks?

Arthritis of the spine the slow degeneration of the spinal joints is the most frequent cause of lower back pain. All of us experience wear and tear as we age, and it is normal for your lower back to start acting up as you get older. As the cartilage breaks down between the spinal joints, surrounding tissues may become inflamed. The inflammation and the thinning of cartilage increase friction in the joints, which may cause pain in the lower back.

Suffolk County Police Alarm Permit

All Suffolk County residents served by the Suffolk County Police Department must register their alarm system. The Suffolk County alarm permit initial registration fee is $50 for residential and $100 for commercial. Annual renewals are $25 for residential and $50 for commercial. Permits are non-transferable. Use this link for access to the Suffolk County initial alarm permit application as well as renewals.

Any locations not registered will be accessed a service charge for the first false alarm. Registered locations will be allowed 2 false alarms before they are assessed any fines. The phone number for the Suffolk County Police Permit program is . Please check with your local jurisdiction to confirm permit requirements.

What Does It Mean If Lower Back Pain Is Shooting Into Legs

Lower back pain can radiate to other parts of the body: up or down from its place of origin. Sometimes lower back pain can be on one side of the back, which is also normal.

If the pain is shooting from the lower back into one or both legs, it could be sciatica , but its not always the case. There are many parts in the lower back that may cause the pain to radiate into the legs, such as facet joints, sacroiliac joints, muscles or inflammation of the bursa.

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All Action All Security 24/7

All Action Alarm is a family owned business that has been protecting Long Island homes and businesses since 1980. Our 5 diamond central monitoring station keeps watch over our customers alarm systems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When you choose All Action Alarm you get the personal service you expect from a locally owned security company.

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Choosing Silent Guardian For Your Home Security Services

Back pain and bloating: Causes, symptoms, and treatments

Silent Guardian is an established expert in providing high-quality and reliable residential security systems in Suffolk and Nassau counties. As one of the top home security companies in Long Island, we always put the customer first and can work with you to develop a home security system plan that fits the needs of your home and budget.

We want you and your family to be safe in your Long Island home, and well do whatever is required to make that happen. We can provide a free estimate on your security system and installation, and were constantly offering promotions to help save you money on your new system. Were the team that has the experience, equipment and commitment to customer service you need to protect your home. Contact us right away for more home security information!

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Do You Have Lower Back Pain In The Morning

Some people find that their back pain is worse in the morning, while others have more pain at the end of a long workday. Its important to pay attention to the times when your pain spikes because it could be an indication of the cause of your pain.

Its estimated that about 65 million people in the United States have experienced recent back pain, with about 16 million people having chronic back pain problems. When this pain persists, it can disrupt all aspects of daily living, making it hard to keep up with your responsibilities at home and work.

Not only does back pain make it difficult to get through the day, but this health concern can also be expensive. Direct costs include doctors visits, therapy appointments, pain medication, massage, and other services to reduce or eliminate the pain. Indirect costs of chronic back pain include missed work or lost opportunities because you arent feeling up to the job.

Even though back pain is a common complaint, you dont have to suffer from this discomfort indefinitely. Modern medical treatments might be used to help you manage the pain, so you can return to a normal, healthy lifestyle once again.

Every situation is unique, so the treatment outcomes vary. The most important step is to identify the root cause of your back pain. Then, a customized treatment plan can be designed to alleviate your discomfort.

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Sudden Muscle Or Ligament Strain

Weve all heard the story of our friend who pulled something in their back trying to move the couch. It’s extremely common for people to tweak muscles and ligaments when they are lifting with improper form or moving a load that puts too much tension on the lower back. The risk can increase when a person’s muscles are deconditioned, says Dr. Rifkin. This often occurs when someone isnt very physically active and has lost muscle tone and strength.

Our Home Security Picks For New York City

Low back pain- The most common causes of lower back pain

Our top three NYC home security companies went beyond the basics with affordable professional monitoring plans, video camera systems, and mobile app alerts to give New Yorkers peace of mind: Total Security, Vertex Security and Alarms R Us.

To find the best home security systems in New York City, we wanted to look beyond national providers like ADT and find local security companies with a solid reputation in the Big Apple.

Given how widely crime rates and community concerns vary from neighborhood to neighborhood in New York City, having someone who understands the needs of a tenant in Brooklyn versus those of a homeowner in Staten Island is a significant asset.

We looked for providers who had a decade of experience in New York City with a reputation for excellent customer service and quick response times.

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What To Do With Back Pain From Pneumonia

You need to control the back pain. It is not just a matter of comfort. Uncontrolled back pain from pneumonia makes it difficult to recover and also makes you vulnerable to more complications. You can start by taking some Tylenol. Ibuprofen or Naproxen can be taken on top of the Tylenol. The goal is to make your pain tolerable enough to be able to cough and take deep breaths regularly. If over-the-counter pain medications are not enough, you may have to ask your doctor for prescription pain medications to enable you to cough and take deep breaths comfortably. However, it is best to avoid opioids. They can make you drowsy and suppress your cough reflex.

When you have a severe, sharp pain in your back from pneumonia, you may avoid taking deep breaths. If you dont take deep breaths, the lower part of your lungs may collapse. A collapsed lung can worsen your pneumonia and make you more short of breath.

Taking deep breaths and coughing normally are two very important things to help you recover from pneumonia.

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  • The industry leader for more than 100 years in home and office security, ADT Security understands choosing the best home security system for your family’s safety is an important decision. That is why you will also have the opportunity to enhance your ADT Monitoring Services with medical alert systems, carbon monoxide alerts, video surveillance and more.
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Security Systems Long Island

Do You Have Lower Back Pain?

A properly installed Security System As all systems installed by Long Island Security System in Long Island are – will help protect your assets from theft, vandalism and save you money on your insurance policies. Security Systems act as a deterrent to potential thieves, and make sure the proper authorities are notified to help minimize any loss due to burglary. Every security system installed by Long Island Security System has the capability to detect unauthorized motion, glass breakage and the opening of all points of entry. Each security system also supports several methods of panic or duress notification. It is our goal to make sure you have the tools and information needed to decide on the best security solution for you.

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Lower Back And Stomach Pain: Possible Causes And Treatments

Jenny Hills, Nutritionist and Medical Writer Health

Lower back and stomach pain is an unpleasant and worrying experience for any person. Because there are a number of organs in the abdominal and lower back area, there are many different reasons for having pain there. Pain in the stomach and lower back can be caused by constipation, stones in the kidney or gallbladder, or a cyst. However, sometimes the pain could be a sign of a more serious condition like appendicitis or even a heart attack.

Lower back and abdominal pain should never be ignored. Some home remedies can help you find relief from some of the symptoms of lower abdomen and back pain. However, if your symptoms last for more than a few days, or you experience intense or severe pain in your stomach and back, you should visit your doctor for a checkup. This is especially true if the pain is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, severe cramps, or pains in your chest.

Lets look at the different reasons why you can experience lower back and stomach pain. This will help you find the root cause of your pain and discomfort and discover if there are any natural home remedies to give you relief.

Professional Installation Of High Quality Hd Security Systems To Keep Your Home Or Business Safe

Dig Down Media specializes in low-cost high-quality custom security camera installations. Where others offer package deals with inflated prices, we charge you only for what you really need. Every space has different requirements and flat rate shops inflate their prices and/or reduce the quality of work to meet every use case. At Dig Down Media we give you honest pricing, unparalleled support & a worry free installation at the best possible value.

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Popular Home Security Equipment And Features In Nyc

Modern home security systems do more than deter criminals you can integrate your system with smart automation features through your devices, and even livestream remote video footage. The best systems also allow you to customize alert notifications and arm or disarm the alarm through an app on your phone.

Consider the following features when looking for a home security system in New York:

Lower Back Pain: How To Tell If Its Muscle

How to do ab crunches- if you have lower back pain or want to avoid it!

When a patient visits my office with back pain, its my job to uncover the pain generator. We talk through the patients history, discuss their symptoms, and make a determination as to next steps. If need be, I prepare their case to be looked at by a surgeon, but generally, my goal is to help patients avoid surgery and find relief with more conservative measures.

Most cases of back pain are not caused by serious conditions. But its important to always rule out the possibility that a patient has another internal issue that mimics back pain . Colitis, kidney stones, gallbladder issues, vascular problems, or an aneurysm are examples of serious conditions that are capable of causing pain to radiate into the back, making it feel like youre experiencing back pain.

A thorough fact-finding investigation should help determine the cause. When did the pain start? How long did it last? What makes it better or worse? Key to determining the pain generator is the patients description of their condition and their medical history. For example, if a patient describes the pain as having come on suddenly and causing nausea, nearly prompting a trip to the emergency room, then disappearing just as suddenly, they may be suffering from a kidney stone rather than back pain from a spinal condition.

  • Muscle pain
  • Disc pain

Lets take a look at each type in more detail.

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Security Systems In Westchester County Ny

Homes and businesses are full of personal belongings, technology and expensive items. At any point, an intruder might try to break in to steal jewelry, money, valuable documents and more. However, you can stop an unfortunate incident by installing industry-leading panic alarm systems from Knight Security Systems.

We believe that a residential or commercial space should be a safe spot for all. With more than 60 years of industry experience, our team serves Westchester County, NY, and surrounding locations with custom alarm solutions that make a difference in an emergency. From unexpected fires to an open door, our cutting-edge systems help you identify a security issue the moment something appears out of the ordinary.

Seeking And Acknowledging The Spiritual Meaning Of Lower Back Pain Can Set You On A Course For Recovery

Lower back pain can be debilitating. When this part of your body is in crisis, it creates a sense of desperation. Along with physical issues, many people only find relief when they tend to the emotional and spiritual meaning of lower back pain.

The lower back, including the lumbar spine and sacrum, is a storehouse for emotion. Unless you are exploring the deeper emotional and psychological roots of back pain, you are missing an opportunity to heal.

In the maze of treatments for chronic back pain, the spiritual meaning of lower back pain is one that is often overlooked. Jeana Naluai, Director of Hoâomana Spa on the island of Maui and kumu of indigenous Hawaiian wisdom and practices, explains that back pain is the most common complaint from people who, âhaving tried everything else,â show up on her table desperate for relief.

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Long Islanders Voted General Security Best Alarm Company

General Security

The safety and security of your home or business need the oversight of this expert alarm installation company and authorized installer and partner of products regarded highly as an industry star in smart home automation. Clientele can rely on the firms technical expertise and personalized support, guiding them fully through all connections and configurations. With installations, customers are equipped with a suite of tools to monitor their alarm system. These include a mobile app with real-time, on-demand video surveillance. The technology facilitates alerts via the app when there is a possible security threat, and able to distinguish actual danger v. natural movement. After installations you can rest easy knowing the company has a reputation for providing quick resolutions that are beyond fantastic should your security system need service.

Why Choose Silent Guardian As Your Premier Security Company In Long Island Ny


When youre seeking a home security alarm company in Nassau County or Suffolk County for your home and family, you want a company you can trust on your side. When you choose Silent Guardian, youre getting the experience of someone who has worked in technical security for law enforcement for over 25 years, the benefit of a company that prides itself on offering superior customer service and skilled technicians to install your security systems and make sure theyre working optimally to protect you and your family at all times.

Were constantly offering promotions to help you fit your security needs into your budget and make it easier for you to choose stress-free, reliable security system installation over doing it yourself.

When it comes to commercial security camera companies in Suffolk County and Nassau County, Silent Guardian is the answer as well. We offer superior alarm and video security options to protect businesses. We know your company is important to you, and we make sure that we offer state-of-the-art solutions to protect your inventory and employees. You wont find a better option for business or personal security in any other commercial or home security companies in Long Island, NY. Reach out to us today.

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