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How To Use A Yoga Wheel For Back Pain

Rolling The Back On The Chirp Wheel

How to Use a Yoga Wheel For Upper Back Pain

You can use the chirp wheel to roll your back just like the foam roller.

Start by placing the wheel right underneath your mid-back and making sure the gap is right on the spine. . Use your hand to ensure that its the case.

Then, push through your feet and lift your glutes off the floor. Keep your glutes and core tight and engaged for support.

Slowly roll your back up and down.

You can also rest on the wheel to release deep lower back muscles and open up your chest.

How To Use A Yoga Wheel: The Ultimate Guide

Is yoga wheel good and what are the benefits of yoga wheel?

Flowing in yoga practice invigorates both body and mind, leaving an irrevocable feeling of deep focus. For the ultimate yoga experience, a famous US yoga instructor created a prop that is sure to strengthen your yoga practice, whether you are a novice or a well-trained yogi. Ever since its launch, the yoga wheel has been catching on across the world.

What size are yoga wheels and how much weight can a yoga wheel hold??

The roller comes in small, medium and large size, and is known to withstand up to 500 pounds. While the small wheel is used to massage target areas, medium works better in toning exercises, and the widest wheels are perfect for boosting balance. With a weight of only 4 pounds, it is a very convenient prop to carry around hopping from one studio to another.

Do yoga wheel help back pain?

Users have found it not only aesthetically appealing but also highly beneficial for improving postures and relieving back-pain issues. Resting on the yoga wheel while massaging the back was proven to release the pressure off the spine, improving the posture.

What is a yoga wheel used for?

The yoga wheel comes in gorgeous materials and designs, that were made to help you get deeper into the asanas more quickly and safely.

Having said that, it’s high time to refresh your yoga routine with these yoga wheel-inspired exercises.

The Yoga Wheel For Relieving Lower Back Pain

Yoga for Relieving Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a common complaint that sends many people to yoga classes.

However, a fast-moving group yoga class is not necessarily the best place for yoga for back pain relief! Having some yoga poses for lower back pain in your home yoga toolbox can really make a difference.

Yoga for Lower Back Pain Considerations

The type of yoga for lower back pain that you do will depend on your age, fitness level, yoga experience, and specific back issues.

A lot of people assume that all yoga is safe for everybody, which simply is not the case. You will need to do the right type of yoga for your specific body.

This is why it is a bad idea to compare yourself to the thin and hyperflexible yoga models that you will see in yoga magazines and on Instagram.

If you are recovering from an accident or major injury and/or have a herniated disk or a condition such as scoliosis, you will want to check with your physician first before doing any new exercises.

Also, people with osteoporosis and osteopenia have to be careful when doing extreme spinal movements. In the case of a severe osteoporosis, forced spinal flexion can result in a fracture.

A qualified yoga therapist who specializes in back pain can help you find the right yoga poses that will be safe for your condition.

If you cant find a yoga therapist, but you have a back condition or other physical limitations, try setting up a private session with a yoga teacher who specializes in gentle yoga.

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Wheel Assisted Pike Up Version Hand Stand

To get into the handstand, press your hands firmly onto the ground and place both legs on the wheel. Extend your shoulders and tuck in your pelvis. Tip your body forward as you lift one leg away, focusing on the fingertips and grip strength. Externally rotate the arms, with the sacrum pointing towards the sky. Activate bandhas and elongate through the right leg, as you balance on your left toes. Draw your navel in towards the spine and open up your armpits, as well as your chest, to align properly. Handstands play a vital role in blood purification and immune system enhancement. The ability to engage your whole body to glide into the posture will, therefore, be one of the clear indicators of the effectiveness of your yoga practice.

How Do You Stretch Your Back With A Yoga Wheel

How to Use a Yoga Wheel: The Ultimate Guide (23 Postures &  Exercises ...

Sit on the floor or a yoga mat and place a yoga wheel behind you. Hold the wheel with one hand as you slowly drape your back body over the prop. Use your legs as a support to roll on your wheel back and forth, massaging the muscles along your spine and releasing tension. Lift your arms overhead for an additional stretch in the shoulders.

Alternatively, hold a static pose if youve found a sweet spot.

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Is Wheel Pose Bad For Your Back

When doing a position like as Wheel, Bow, or a deeper variant of Cobra , for example, this might seem as an even more exaggerated arch in the lower back and pelvis area. This type of unequal distribution of the back extension frequently results in compression of the spine, which I like to refer to as the crunchy feeling that occurs when bone hits bone.

Rest Your Hands On The Yoga Wheel

Now, take a deep breath in and as you exhale, rest your hands on the yoga wheel. You can hold onto the sides of the wheel or place your hands in the center.

Now, slowly begin to roll the yoga wheel up and down your back. Start from the base of your spine and move up to your shoulders. Roll the wheel back and forth for about 10-15 times. As you roll the yoga wheel, you should feel a deep stretch in your muscles. This stretch will help to release any tension that is built up in your back.

After you have finished rolling the yoga wheel, take a few deep breaths and relax in the position for a few minutes.

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Who Should Buy A Foam Roller

Most people should be able to use a foam roller for fitness and massage. Like I said before, talking with your doctor first is a good idea in case he or she has a concern.

For example, people with chronic back injuries or who are more susceptible to trauma may not want to use a foam roller.

The first time you use a foam roller might feel awkward, but it definitely gets more comfortable as you practice.

Remember to move slowly and apply direct pressure to the knots in your muscles. Moving too quickly can cause severe pain or injury.

Seated Forward Fold Pose

Yoga Wheel for Back Pain – Stretches, Strengthening & Back Massage with a Yoga Wheel

Begin by sitting on the floor with your legs extended. The yoga wheel should be directly in front of you. Bend your knees until your feet are flat against the ground, then take the wheel and place it underneath your legs and against the back of your calves. Grip the wheel securely as you lean your torso forward and scoot your hips back. You may feel a stretch if you have tight hamstrings. If not, then you should easily be able to rest your torso against your legs.

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What Size Yoga Wheel Is Best

While the majority of yoga wheels have a diameter of 12 inches or less, you may find a broad range of sizes ranging from six to fifteen inches. Micro or little ones are preferable for children to use for practice. Mid-size wheels are 10 inches in diameter and are frequently selected by petite people.

Yoga Wheel A Great Way To Stretch Your Back

One of these elements is the yoga wheel, a very useful tool to help perfect our technique in a short time, whatever the level. The creator of it was the teacher Sri Dharma Mittra who, in 1977, began to introduce it in his classes to help people gain greater mobility and elasticity to achieve postures that they never thought they could do. The wheel opened my back and my heart, so I feel much younger in every way. It is an incredible way to stretch every day, says the expert yogi about it.

Its use spread rapidly throughout the world and today there are many centers that offer this variant among their services. Using the wheel is not too difficult. Even the easiest way to use it is to simply lie on your back on top of it and gently move up and down to stretch each vertebra.

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Wheel Assisted Plow Pose

Lie down comfortably on your back. On the next inhalation lift both of your legs. You might place your hands under your buttocks, and bend your knees if you find it hard to get in the posture. As you exhale lower your legs to the floor, above your head. Try to stay still in the position with the help of your hands, interlaced behind your back, firmly pressing onto the mat to help you remain stable. Drawing your chin away from the sternum, as you slowly push the tights to the celling will enable you to sink deeper into the pose that is known for its multiple therapeutic benefits. When done regularly, Halasana can increase spine flexibility, while at the same time, supplying the nervous system with a fresh blood supply. The final results are curing severe headaches and sinus infections. If your knees and hamstrings don’t allow you to touch the floor with your toes just yet, this prop has got you covered. Using the roller to get into the posture is, therefore, very beneficial for those don’t get to experience the amazing advantages of this asana.

Is It A Good Idea To Use Yoga Wheel For Back Pain

How to Use a Yoga Wheel: The Ultimate Guide (23 Postures &  Exercises ...

Yoga wheels innovative design allows for its implementation in countless yoga positions and yoga wheel programs. It can be used in cardio backbend postures to provide a relaxing stretch without going too far. A yoga wheel is a stability program similar to a yoga block when positioned underneath your legs or quadriceps. Yoga wheels can also be used as an ab roller replacement for just wheeling around to alleviate stress. Yoga wheels can also be utilized for more energetic motions to develop the abdominal muscles and strengthen balance. Furthermore, you may shift back and forth by positioning the wheel under your feet for an incredible abs exercise.

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Benefits Of Incorporating A Yoga Wheel Into Your Practice

1. Helps with spinal health:

  • Provides a beautiful spinal massage
  • Improves spinal strength over time
  • Helps to connect you to the seven main chakra systems located along the spine

2. Works to improve your posture over time:

  • Simply fantastic if you work full time and are desk bound 9-5
  • Can be used as an at home alternative to expensive massages
  • Aids in getting rid of deep knots and tension
  • Great for using in an end-of-day wind down evening routine

3. Opens the front body and creates space:

  • Regular use of a Yoga Wheel can help to prepare your body for further heart opening poses
  • Also great to help your body prepare for backbends
  • Trains your body to naturally create better alignment for more difficult poses
  • Keeps your front body open which allows you to breathe much better

4. Eventually might allow you to get into Wheel Pose safely:

  • Helps to strengthen and prepare your body for Wheel Pose
  • Wheel pose strengthens arms and legs
  • Tones abdominal organs
  • Using a Yoga Wheel is an easy way to strengthen your core over time
  • A strong core helps to protect the spine and lower back
  • Improving core strength is key for getting into deeper poses like wheel, shoulder stand, head stand and hand stand
  • Strengthening the core can also help with any balancing poses like dancers pose or tree pose

Anjaneyasana With Yoga Wheel

This variation of Anjaneyasana involves the use of a yoga wheel. The yoga wheel adds a bit of pressure to the upper body in this asana. To perform the pose, place the brim of the wheel on the floor. Then, bend your elbows and stand up tall. This variation of the pose emphasizes the shoulders, arms and navel. Moreover, it also stretches the muscles in the back and leg.

Start in the inner leg stretch position by kneeling on a blanket and holding onto a wall or a sturdy object. Lift your right leg and place it in the center of the wheel. Straighten your other leg. Focus your attention on one spot and hold for 15 to 30 seconds. You can do this exercise on either side. If you experience back pain, its best to consult with a doctor before starting this exercise.

Once youve mastered this asana, move on to more advanced postures. One great way to get started with yoga is with cat-cow stretches. For example, you might want to hold a cat-cow position on the yoga wheel for a few minutes before attempting to hold it for longer. As you get stronger, the cat-cow pose can help relieve lower back pain by strengthening the core muscles.

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What Stretches Can You Perform With The Yoga Wheel

The Childs Pose

A wheel assisted childs pose can be vital in reducing pain in the lower back. The pose stretches your chest and shoulders to release pressure from your lumbar region.

For this pose, rest your arms on the wheel and roll it forward as much as possible. Remember to exhale and inhale to relax into the pose.

Deep Backend

This pose is the most natural wheel assisted pose and has terrific low back pain relief benefits. You simply position the wheel at the center of your back, and lay over it, stretching your arms outwards while your head hangs back.

This pose helps align your spine, and also relieve pain and tightness in your lower back.

Improve Your Yoga Practice

10 Min Yoga Wheel Stretches For General Back Pain & Tension Relief (All Levels Yoga)

Maybe you feel stuck in your practice or believe that there are yoga asanas youll never be able to do. But if you use a yoga wheel, you could work up to those poses and even use the wheel to assist you in the poses you couldnt formerly achieve.

Once you gain the strength and the balance using the yoga prop, your overall practice will begin to improve. It might be just the thing you need to ascend to the next level in your yoga quest.

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Help Relieve Stress And Tension In The Body

Not only can a yoga prop relieve tension in your back, but it will help you relieve stress and tension in your whole body. Finding poses that utilize the wheel in different areas, such as on your arms, legs, chest, and hips, can help alleviate any stress that your body is holding as well as adding depth to your yoga experience.

The best thing about using yoga wheels for your poses is that the wheels are customizable and flexible. Wherever you feel tightness and that closed-up feeling in your body, you can use the yoga wheel to address your problem areas.

The Yoga Wheel For Neck & Shoulders

One of the most common problems my yoga students complain about is chronic pain around the shoulder blades and in the upper back and neck. This kind of pain plagues those of us who work with our arms extended in front of us, whether were typing on the computer, cooking, carrying children, lifting heavy objects, or washing dishes. Lets face it: that includes just about all of us. Because these activities are especially demanding on the arms, shoulders, and upper back, its not surprising that back pain is so widespread, even among the most dedicated yoga students.

Upper back pain commonly stems from the tendency to slump in the spine and round the shoulders. Slumping causes the shoulder blades to slide away from the spine, chronically overstretching and weakening the muscles around them. Eventually these muscles harden into tough bands to protect themselves from this constant strain. As they tire, these weakened fibrous muscles go into spasm, creating hot, persistent pains along the edges of the shoulder blades and the sides of the neck.

The same is true in downward-facing dog. Though it is generally easier to straighten the arms in this pose, the upper arm bones still tend to rotate inward toward the ears. The weight-bearing nature of the pose makes this inward rotation all the more dangerous if you push your chest toward the floor, straining your shoulders at their weakest point, having no rib anchor.

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What Size Yoga Wheel Should I Use

Yoga wheels with a diameter of 12 inches are suitable for the majority of people of all heights and body types. Mini yoga wheels are best suited for yogis who are under 5 feet tall or who prefer a more targeted treatment. Extra-large yoga wheels will be more beneficial for extra-tall practitioners or experienced practitioners seeking extra-deep stretches.


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