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How To Ease Period Back Pain

Here Are 7 Effective Home Remedies To Ease Period Pain And Even Prevent Menstrual Cramps So You Don’t Have To Suffer Every Month And Toss And Turn In Pain

Yoga For Period Relief | How To Reduce Menstrual Pain | Glamrs Period Hacks
  • Period pain interferes with the daily activities of 1 in every 5 women
  • Extreme period pain can at times be as “bad as having a heart attack”
  • Here are 7 home remedies to ease menstrual pain and cramps

Ugh! That time of the month again….American Academy of Family Physicians1. Massage with Sesame Oilabhyanga2. Fenugreek Seeds You can reduce period pain with the help of fenugreek seeds3. Heat4. Exerciseasanas5. Ginger and Black Pepper Tea6. Cumin Seeds7. Chamomile TeaJournal of Agriculture and Chemistry

Chamomile tea has pain-relieving properties

Yoga Exercises And Menstrual Cramps

Many girls and young women have cramps when they have their periods. Cramps usually feel like pain in the abdomen , pelvis , lower back, and upper legs. The pain usually hurts worst on the day before the period begins and on the first day of the period.

If cramps are heavy , it you might not feel like you can go to school. Instead of missing school, you can try stretching and moderate-intensity exercise to help relieve the pain caused by cramps.

You may feel like you have less energy than normal during the first couple of menstrual days, when bleeding and cramping are usually heavier. High-intensity exercises like running may not be appropriate. Instead, yoga and breathing exercises can be a good way to help reduce the pain caused by cramping. Yoga also reduces stress, improves flexibility, and strengthens muscles.

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Why Is Pcos So Painful

Period pain intensity varies from person to person, and often from period to period, too. For some, period pain may be mild, causing very little disruption to their lives, whilst for others, period pain can be debilitating.

But, why?

A period is essentially a womb shedding its lining. In order to shed its lining, the wall of the womb contracts vigorously, which compresses blood vessels and stops blood, and therefore oxygen, supply to the womb.

When starved of oxygen, the womb releases chemicals that trigger pain. Your body then begins releasing more chemicals, called prostaglandins, that increase period pain by causing the womb muscles to contract even more.

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Causes Of Lower Back Pain During Your Period

Though the exact causes of lower back pain during periods arent yet fully understood, its usually associated with hormonal changes and their effect on ligaments in the spine. Researchers found that hormonal changes may influence collagen production, which can lead to ligament laxity, or loose ligaments. Loose ligaments can cause spinal instability and are sometimes accompanied by pain in the lower back.

Prostaglandins may also play a role. Prostaglandins are chemicals that cause many of the symptoms associated with menstrual discomfort. They are synthesized by many tissues in the body, including the endometrium . They stimulate contraction of the uterine muscles to shed the uterine lining during menstruation. Prostaglandins also cause cramps. Heavy contractions can lead to low-back pain, as the pain can radiate from the lower abdomen into the lower back.

People with increased prostaglandin activity may experience severe menstrual cramps and back pain during their period. Prostaglandins can also cause symptoms such as vomiting, headaches, and diarrhea that accompany painful menstruation .

Lower back pain can also be a symptom of early pregnancy. During pregnancy, the ligaments in the body naturally become softer and stretch to prepare for labor. This can put a strain on the joints of the lower back and pelvis, which can cause back pain.

Here are some of the differences between back pain from your period and back pain from pregnancy.

Yoga Position # : Corpse Pose

Pin on Reduce menstrual cramps and pain naturally

This pose is a frequent ending pose for yoga courses, and it can be especially useful in the practice of mindfulness to overcome menstrual pain. This one is less about stretching your body and more about relaxing or focusing your mind.

Corpse pose is also called Savasana. Lie flat on your back, and rest the palms of your hands facing up. Slowly relax your body, starting with the top of your head, then your neck, your shoulders, your spine, your arms and hands, your thighs, your calves, your ankles, and finally your feet.

Meditative breathing will help you focus on something other than period pain. Corpse pose is the best time to practice your diaphragmatic breathing . Take long, deep, and controlled breaths and avoid quick, shallow breathing.

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What Is Are Menstrual Cramps

Dysmenorrhea is the medical term for pain with your period or menstrual cramps. There are two types of dysmenorrhea: primary and secondary.

Primary dysmenorrhea is the name for common menstrual cramps that come back over and over again and arent due to other diseases. Pain usually begins one or two days before you get your period or when bleeding actual starts. You may feel pain ranging from mild to severe in the lower abdomen, back or thighs.

Pain can typically last 12 to 72 hours, and you might have other symptoms, such as nausea and vomiting, fatigue, and even diarrhea. Common menstrual cramps may become less painful as you get older and may stop entirely if you have a baby.

If you have painful periods because of a disorder or an infection in your female reproductive organs, it is called secondary dysmenorrhea. Pain from secondary dysmenorrhea usually begins earlier in the menstrual cycle and lasts longer than common menstrual cramps. You usually dont have nausea, vomiting, fatigue or diarrhea.

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Why Womens Athletic Research Is Catching Up The Role Of Hormones

Lets address the big question in the room. Why havent we discovered this sooner? It all comes down to the primary focus of early sports medicine science: male athletes. As a result, many of the results from past nutrition and training research apply perfectly to men, but not so much for women.

Fortunately, as the field has become more diverse, more recent womens sports medicine research has produced a wealth of information on how the female bodies interact with activity and nutrition. And it shouldnt come as much of a surprise that the more we study, the more we discover just how distinct and different a womans needs really are.

Even more importantly, were finding that those needs arent particularly constant from week to week. A womans hormones affected by age, maturity and pregnancy history set the pace for her reproductive system and physical performance.

Were finding that hormone levels can influence a womans susceptibility to certain injuries, how your body processes food and even how flexible your joints are. Of course, as physicians and dietitians, were just starting to scratch the surface plenty more research needs to be done in a lot of areas. However, theres a lot you can do with what we know now to hack your menstrual cycle and make it work for you.

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How To Treat Your Pms Back Pain


Though it may feel like theres no way around the insane back aches during your period, there are actually a lot of things you can do to help deal with the pain. Dr. Potts recommends starting out with OTC medications and home remediesthat’s generally pretty effective for most people. Here are some of the best options:

1. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories

There is a large body of research showing that NSAIDs are super-effective in relieving period-related pain. However, side effectswhich can range from benign to much more serious are also common with prolonged use of these drugs. If you find that you need to use NSAIDs for more than 10 days, talk to your doctor.

2. Heat therapy

Dr. Potts recommends heating pads to help soothe lower back pain and abdominal cramping during your period. And it’s pretty legit: In a review of the clinical evidence available to support various treatments for PMS symptoms, applying heat directly to the site of the cramping was shown to be pretty effective. One older study from 2001 even found that continuous heat delivered via an abdominal patch provided pain relief that was comparable to the pain management achieved by treatment with ibuprofen.

3. Yoga

4. Aerobic exercise

5. Supplements and herbal remedies

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How Can I Manage My Back Menstrual Back Pain

There are many options for menstrual back pain relief that you can access online or with a visit to your local pharmacy. We’ve listed a handful of good options below.

Hot baths offer similar therapeutic effects for pain . Heat patches containing iron have been shown to provide similar analgesic effects to ibuprofen in treating menstrual pain . Similarly, a sericite-belt or body wrap with an infrared heat pack might effectively and safely treat women suffering from dysmenorrhea .

  • Electrotherapy methods have been used to effectively treat period pain . Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulationâcommonly administered by a TENS Unitârelieves symptoms of dysmenorrhea and the portable, disposable TENS device offers the same positive effects for women suffering from painful menstrual cramps .

If these methods do not alleviate your pain, talk to your doctor about other options. They may suggest treatment options such as:


There are many accessible and over-the-counter options for treating menstrual back pain, such as NSAIDs, heating pads, and exercise. If you are unable to find relief through those options, a doctor can help you determine if prescription medications, surgery, or other medical options could help you.

What Is Menstrual Pain

Menstrual pain or cramps are pains in your lower abdomen that happen when your menstrual period begins . This pain may continue for 2 to 3 days. Cramps may be throbbing or aching, and they can be dull or sharp. Symptoms can range from a mild discomfort to serious pain that interferes with your normal activities.

Menstrual cramps are the leading cause of absenteeism in women younger than 30. Although over half of people who have menstrual periods feel some discomfort, 10% are temporarily disabled by symptoms.

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Tip #: Do Light Exercises

Dont frown at this one. Yes, youve probably heard this before and wondered how you were going to exercise when you cant even stand up straight, but most doctors are referring to exercise throughout the month, not just when you are on your period. Some women find that doing very light exercise, such as yoga or swimming, helps to decrease back pain even if they are on the first or second day of their cycle .

Dont be tempted to lie in bed because your mattress might be another cause of back pain in addition to your monthly cycle. What mattress do chiropractors recommend for back pain? Find here.

What If Your Pain Is Excruciating And Unbearable

Exercises To Get Rid Of Period Cramps

The good news is:

Low back pain during menstruation is usually not serious. But, if your back pain is excruciating and debilitating and you find yourself incapacitated for as a few days, the possible causes below require for you to seek medical care:

1. Endometriosis Uterine tissue that appears outside the uterus.

2. Fibroids and adenomyosis noncancerous growths in the uterus.

3. Ectopic pregnancy

4. Ovarian cyst

Generally, if youve always had the same pain levels than its nothing to worry about. But if you see a sudden change in your symptoms, get checked by a doctor please.

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How To Relieve Lower Back Pain During Your Period

Your pain is probably related to menstrual cramps. But even if something else is going on, there are a few ways to ease the pain:

Painful periods dont just cause abdominal cramps. The red tide can also bring other uncomfortable symptoms, including headaches, nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, and even back pain.

Wondering whats to blame for your lower back pain? There are several possible culprits.

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How Can You Relieve Mild Menstrual Cramps

To relieve mild menstrual cramps:

  • For the best relief, take ibuprofen as soon as bleeding or cramping starts. Ibuprofen belongs to a class of drugs called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs . They reduce the output of prostaglandins. If you cant take NSAIDs, you can take another pain reliever like acetaminophen.
  • Place a heating pad or hot water bottle on your lower back or abdomen.
  • Rest when needed.
  • Avoid foods that contain caffeine.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Massage your lower back and abdomen.

Women who exercise regularly often have less menstrual pain. To help prevent cramps, make exercise a part of your weekly routine.

If these steps dont relieve pain, your healthcare provider can order medications for you, including ibuprofen or another anti-inflammatory medication in a higher dose that is available over the counter. Your healthcare provider might also suggest oral contraceptives since women who take oral contraceptives tend to have less menstrual pain.

If testing shows that you have secondary dysmenorrhea, your provider will discuss treatments of the condition causing the pain. This might mean oral contraceptives, other types of medications, or surgery.

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Is Pms Back Pain Anything To Worry About

Severe lower back pain could be a symptom of another underlying period-related condition. Here are a few of the most common:

  • PMDD stands for premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and its often thought of as a much more intense form of PMS that can interfere with daily life and relationships. Symptoms can include more severe depression, anxiety and mood swings, gastrointestinal symptoms like diarrhoea or vomiting, and other symptoms like pelvic pressure, headaches, changes in appetite and changes in sleep patterns.
  • Dysmenorrhea is another term for painful menstruation, where the uterus contracts more intensely than for other people. This can cause severe and sometimes debilitating cramps, pain in the legs, and more, including lower back pain. One study found that over 84% of respondents experienced primary dysmenorrhea, and 16% of those respondents reported lower back pain which felt like spasms, shooting pains or stabbing pains.
  • Endometriosis is a condition where tissue that is supposed to grow inside the uterus ends up growing elsewhere and causing issues. When this happens, it can result in varying levels of pelvic pain, heavy periods, and of course lower back pain.

If you suspect you may have one of the above conditions, dont delay speaking to your doctor so they can recommend the appropriate treatment and get you doing cartwheels in no time

Does It Actually Relieve Period Pain

Period Pain | How To Stop Painful Period Pain Cramps

The Livia device has helped various women shift from using menstrual relief medications. The placement of the electrodes and intensity setting differs for each individual, nevertheless, period cramps were reduced significantly. Here are some notable reviews from women with various backgrounds and experiences.

I am a sufferer of endometriosis, and it has debilitated me for a good amount of my adult life. I tried Livia about 5 months ago, and I really couldnt believe the result! I am no longer in a hot shower at 3 am shivering in pain, I am no longer dreading that painful time of the month. It has really enhanced my life beyond anything, I wish someone introduced this to me years ago Marie I have endometriosis, adenomyosis, and recurring ovarian cysts. This little device is truly a lifesaver. I am constantly switching it from my lower back to my lower stomach. I cant even explain what a good distraction the tingles are from the somewhat constant pain I am in. I had my first excision lap about a month ago and have loved utilizing Livia during my recovery. I work as a dance teacher, so the clip is my favorite feature. I can clip it onto my pants and use it discreetly at work, while grocery shopping, and even while doing housework. I highly recommend Livia, and I think its worth every penny. I chose the subscription route as it worked better for me financially, and I found it convenient to get replacement pads when I need them since I utilize the device often Auriel

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