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Which Mattress Is Good For Lower Back Pain

Is Your Mattress Causing You Pain

Best Mattress For Lower Back Pain & Sciatica (Top 5 Beds)

If you go to bed feeling normal but wake up with a sore back then your mattress or sleeping position could be to blame. An old mattress may contribute to your discomfort if it is no longer providing your back with the appropriate support.

Some other symptoms of a poor mattress include waking up a lot throughout the night tossing and turning waking up with a stuffy nose worsened allergies or asthma.

Another Organic Option Thats Ideal For Back Sleepers


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  • Materials: GOLS-organic latex, pocketed support coils
  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • Trial period: One year

Many of todays mattresses are made from memory foam, which typically contains synthetic chemicals. If youre looking for something a bit more eco-friendly, consider the Avocado Green Mattress. Its constructed of organic ingredients, including a layer of organic latex sitting on top of more than 1,000 pocketed support coils. The mattress has a gentle-yet-firm feel and five distinct ergonomic zones that adapt to your pressure points and provide relief where you need it. The thoughtful construction also helps reduce motion transfer and distributes weight more evenly so the mattress can contour to your bodys natural shape. Its best for back and stomach sleepers.

How Your Mattress Can Impact Your Sleep

Generally speaking, if a bed is too firm it may lack the conformance needed to adequately support your spine. On the other hand, if it is too soft, you may also end up in a position that causes pain.

Side sleepers often need a softer surface to relieve pressure from the pressure points. In regard to front and back sleepers, they often enjoy a firmer surface because their body weight is more dispersed. We understand that everyone is unique and your needs may differ, which is why we recommend trying our online Mattress Selector.

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Is A Firm Mattress Pad Right For You

If you go for a softer solution, it might not be that good to your back. Its possible the alignment of your spine could become compromised, increasing the radiating pain in your lower back area. While a soft bed could feel a lot more comfortable, chances are that you wouldnt be able to resolve the issues with your lower back.

A medium firm mattress topper is usually the preferred solution as it tends to combine comfort with convenience and it promotes proper spine alignment. However, keep in mind that the thickness, as well as the density of your pad, would also be predicated on the mattress itself. With this being said, if you have an extra-firm mattress, topping it with a thick and super-firm pad is likely to make it rock solid, hence somewhat uncomfortable, regardless of your preference.

On the other hand, if your mattress is extra-soft, youd like to pair it with a firmer pad in order to promote serious spine alignment without sacrificing the comfort.

Your sleeping position is also of importance. A soft mattress topper is usually geared towards side sleepers while firmer options are more comfortable for people who tend to sleep on their back or front. However, when choosing a top rated mattress topper for back problems, you should avoid super soft and super-firm pads. Try to find the golden middle ground and get a medium-firm pad as its going to provide you with the proper spine alignment while not sacrificing comfort at the same time.

How Hip Pain Affects Your Decision

Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain: A Definitive 2020 Review

The joints in your body, including the sockets of your hips, are generally affected by the overall type of support that you receive when you are lying in bed. Traditionally, people used to believe that firm mattresses and pads are best for hip pain sufferers. Nevertheless, throughout the last few years, this has been proven to be wrong as there is no one size which fits all.

With this being said, when it comes to hip pain, shoppers have long had quite a few different options. Affordable, comfortable and convenient alternatives to rock-solid beds are readily available thanks to plush memory foam as well as to latex. These are softer materials which are going to conveniently contour your body in an attempt to provide the ultimate support for hip pain and reduce it considerably.

So, what if you have a firm mattress and you start feeling a radiating pain in your hip area? Should you go ahead and buy a new one? Absolutely not there are far better alternatives. A mattress topper for hip pain relief could easily help you out its a lot cheaper and convenient than having to purchase a brand new mattress altogether.

Keep in mind, though, that places which bear the weight of our bodies, such as hip joints, are considered to be pressure points. These are the areas which are pressed significantly deeper into the mattress, and thats what creates pains and aches.

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Try It Out With Our Reassuring 60 Night Comfort Guarantee

The best test of a new mattress is to sleep on it. It can take a little time to settle-in with a new mattress so when you buy directly from our website, we offer a comfort exchange that gives you 60 nights to get really comfortable before making a decision.

If you’re still not loving your new mattress within 60 nights from delivery, you can exchange it for another mattress. Learn more about our comfort guarantee here.

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What Type Of Mattress Is Best For Lower Back Pain

If youre dealing with lower back pain, the right mattress can make a big difference.

A mattress that doesnt hold up our body will cause pain in the lower back, explains Dr. Lynelle McSweeney, a chiropractor in Reno, Nevada. We need support to keep our joints from going into a stress point, which puts pressure on nerves and strains the muscles.

In general, hybrid or innerspring mattresses will offer more support than all-foam options, which may be too soft.

The manufacturers firmness rating can also help you zero in on a supportive option. These ratings are based on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest. Medium-firm mattresses, which have a rating of 7 to 8, are typically recommended for lower back pain.

Keep in mind that the firmness of a mattress will depend on a few different factors, including your preferred sleeping position, your body size and weight, and whether you share your bed with a partner or pet. Personal preference plays a role too.

There is no single right mattress for everyone, but there are certain considerations when youre dealing with lower back pain:

Make a point of checking reviews so you can see what previous purchasers have to say about any mattresses youre considering.

Comfort is highly individual, so take advantage of the free in-home trials that manufacturers offer to find a mattress that balances enough support for your lower back with overall comfort. Check the return policy and warranty, too.

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Best Budget: Linenspa 8

  • Free returns within 30 days

  • Compatible with any base

  • Doesn’t require a box spring

  • Takes up to 48 hours to expand

  • May not be as breathable as some need

You don’t have to put up with your back pain just because you don’t have a huge budget for a new mattress. This eight-inch mattress is described as medium firm and combines memory foam with the traditional support of an innerspring mattress. The innersprings are topped with a 1.5-inch layer of memory foam to cradle your body as you sleep and minimize pressure points.

The Linenspa mattress comes compressed in a box for convenient delivery as well, but as is true of all boxed mattresses, it perks up to its intended size and firmness level once it’s unpacked.

Firmness: Medium-firm | Thickness: 8 inches | Type: Hybrid | Trial Length: None offered

Best Mattress For Pressure Relief

Best Mattress For Lower Back Pain And Sciatica (2020) – Our Top Six Beds!

The GhostBed Flex is an affordably-priced hybrid design created of six layers, consisting of a quilted cover, two layers of memory foam, 2 layers of polyfoam, as well as a layer of pocketed coils.

It amounts to 13 inches thick, and also it has a firmness ranking of 6 on the 10-point firmness scale..

With gel-cooling innovation, the comfort of memory foam, and a sturdy innerspring coil layer, the GhostBed Flex can suit various sorts of sleepers.

The GhostBed Flex includes terrific side support and independently wrapped coils which lower activity transfer, making this a finest mattress for pairs.

Mattress Type: Hybrid

Client Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Firmness: Medium-firm Best Mattress For Bad Lower Back Pain

Test Duration for Returns: 101 evenings

To purchase:

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Ease Aches With These Trusted Buys

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts, and articles are reviewed by healthcare professionals for medical accuracy. Youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Verywell / Sabrina Jiang

Anyone who lives with back pain understands what a major difference a restful nights sleep can makeand, on the flip side, how disruptive it is when you wake up already experiencing discomfort. Though there are many causes of back pain, regardless of how it started, you want to make sure that the mattress you sleep on every night is meeting your needs. But finding one that works for you is often easier said than done.

There is no best kind of mattress for your back problems, so you may need to be open to some trial-and-error, says Dr.Gregory Funk, a chiropractor and the owner of Ideal Health Chiropractic in Denver. At the end of the day, you should look for a mattress that not only aligns with your personal preferences, but can also provide adequate support for the natural curves and alignment of the spine.”

We researched dozens of mattresses and evaluated them for firmness, thickness, type of mattress, trial period, cover and cushion materials, and price. Each of the mattresses chosen in this article were determined to be the best of these factors.

Here are the best mattresses for back pain on the market.

Finest Memory Foam Mattress Model

Nectar Sleep is among the worlds fastest-growing sleep companies. Nectar assures excellent sleep with ideal degrees of firmness, coolness, breathability, and also comfort with our mattress models, cushions as well as various other resting products.

The Nectar mattress is an all-foam bed in a box mattress that contains multiple layers of top notch memory foam.

This medium-firm mattress gives that quicksand-like comfortable experience a lot of individuals associate with memory foam.

It is great for light to medium weight side and also back sleepers, looking stress relief and total comfort and also support.

Mattress Kind: Memory foam

Client Ranking: 4.8 out of 5

Firmness: Medium

Trial Duration for Returns: 365 nights

To buy:

Country Living has actually been a household name for several years..

Currently, they have created their own mattress model line Country Living Sleep.

The Country Living Napa is their most glamorous line of mattress models. 16 thick and also offering 7 layers, the Napa is likewise offered in 3 firmness levels.

Being known for sleeping great as well as having wonderful edge support, the Napa makes our elect the very best high-end mattress.

Mattress Type: Hybrid Best Mattress For Bad Lower Back Pain

Customer Ranking: 4.8 out of 5

Firmness: Choose your recommended firmness level, from soft to firm

Test Duration for Returns: 18 months

To buy:

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Option : Hotel Platinum 1400 Pocket Sprung Mattress

The pocket sprung mattress contains hundreds, often thousands of individual springs, each sewn into its own pocket of fabric. The Hotel Platinum 1400 is, in our view, the best pocket sprung mattress for back pain.

The advantage of this is that the springs within a pocket sprung mattress operate independently of one another, respond to your weight, shape, movement and sleeping position and providing effective weight distribution, which is especially good for those who are taller or heavier. The ability of the individual springs to adjust to the contours of your body can help to provide relief and support for those with a bad back. As a rule of thumb, the higher the spring count the better.

Why is a pocket sprung mattress good for back pain?

    • Pocket sprung mattresses provide even distribution of weight, relieving pressure points therefore providing some relief from back pain
    • Responsive to movement and shape
    • Come in a variety of firmness & spring count options
    • Ideal for taller or heavier individuals suffering with a bad back

A Memory Foam Mattress That Adapts To Your Body Quicker Than Most

How To Choose Right Mattress For Your Lower Back Pain


  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King
  • Trial period: 100 nights

Thanks to its Bio-Pur memory foama proprietary foam thats more responsive and adaptive to movementthis mattress contours your back and neck, promoting proper sleep posture and relieving pressure points. When you have back pain, soft spots can be detrimental to your comfort, but this mattress bounces back in seconds, alleviating sinking and misalignment that can contribute to aches. The Amerisleep AS1 also keeps you cool throughout the night by allowing air to quickly pass through its open-cell design.

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Best Mattress Model For Lightweight Individuals

The Signature is Nolahs front runner product, and utilizes the brand names proprietary AirFoam ¢ as well as high density poly foam to accomplish a soft yet helpful feeling.

The Nolah Signature 12 is a high-end flippable all-foam mattress model thats medium-firm on one side and also medium-soft on the other.

Superb movement seclusion makes the Nolah Signature a great alternative for couples who are easily disrupted by mattress model movement while they rest.

Mattress Type: Air Foam

Client Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Firmness: Medium-soft or Medium-firm

Test Period for Returns: 120 nights

To acquire:

The Best Mattresses For Back Pain In Canada

This article was created by Sustainable Planet and may contain affiliate links.

Back pain is an extremely common problem among adults in Canada. A study conducted in 1998 among Saskatchewan adults revealed that 84% of them had experienced back pain at some point during their lives. How you sleep may contribute to your back pain. Choosing a more supportive mattress can be beneficial to those who suffer from back pain.

Please note that the mattresses weve chosen to feature in this article are very general choices. They are chosen based on customer reviews, comfort levels, and user tests. Please consult with your healthcare provider to determine if a mattress is right for you, especially if you suffer from chronic or severe back pain.

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Can Replacing Your Mattress Improve Lower Back Pain

Yes. If your mattress isnt offering enough support because its too soft or too old, swapping your mattress for a medium-firm option can help improve lower back pain.

You can also try moving the mattress to the floor, using plywood beneath the mattress, or adding a supportive mattress topper designed to alleviate back pain.

The Most Effective Mattress Materials

Best Mattress For Lower Back Pain & Sciatica (Top 6 Beds!)

As you review each mattress models materials, know that a lot of bed-in-a-box ranges are memory-foam mattress models.

Some variants are hybrid designs, which may consist of memory foam, innersprings or latex.

Other mattress models are made with innersprings or coils, while some mattresses are made with latex for someone who seeks an all-natural product alternative.

Each product has its advantages and disadvantages.

Memory foam is a good alternative for anybody that suches as to really feel hugged by their mattress model.

It utilizes your body heat to mold and mildew to your shape, providing tailored support at stress points and also all-over padding.

Generally its not been the best selection for anyone who tends to overheat during the night, yet memory foam has come a long way recently, and also the best memory foam mattress models tend to come packed with special cooling materials.

Spring mattress models have more bounce than memory foam, and also can be less expensive. Best Mattress For Bad Lower Back Pain

Typically they were an excellent choice for any person who sleeps warm, as a result of the increased air movement throughout the mattress, but developments in materials across the board implies thats not necessarily the situation now.

Hybrids can bring you the most effective of both worlds: the tailored support of foam, with the refined bounce as well as increased air movement of springs.

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Mattress Score For Lower Back Pain

Overall Score for Lower Back Pain: 9.8/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.6/10

#2 Bear Mattress

Bear mattress offers three amazing mattresses that have received rave reviews from customers. Their original memory foam has won acclaim with athletes on a budget, the Bear Hybrid is great for those looking for a pressure-relieving higher end feel, and their Bear Pro is perfect for those looking for an ultra-cooling contouring feel. From the Celliant® to copper cooling, these mattresses also are designed to be superior at cooling, alleviating muscle pain, and supporting the spine. With these three competitive mattress options, folks report loving these beds.

What To Look Forward To

The 13½-inch-thick WinkBed in Luxury Firm, a pick in our guide to the best innerspring mattresses, was recently redesigned: The company replaced the microcoils in the top layer with polyfoam and added more support coils to the lower layer. We previously recommended this medium-firm innerspring as a good option for back-pain sufferers who prefer a billowy surface. Were planning to test the redesigned WinkBed soon, and we will update this guide with our assessment of how it may now work for back-pain sufferers.

Kelli Pate contributed to this guide.

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