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Which Doctor To Visit For Lower Back Pain

What Are The Symptoms

See your doctor NOW! (BACK PAIN). Understand red flags for lower back pain

Depending on the cause, low back pain can cause a range of symptoms. The pain may be dull or sharp. It may be in one small area or over a broad area. You may have muscle spasms.

Low back pain can also cause leg symptoms, such as pain, numbness, or tingling, often extending below the knee.

A rare but serious problem called cauda equina syndrome can occur if the nerves at the end of the spinal cord are squeezed. Seek emergency treatment if you have weakness or numbness in both legs or you lose bladder or bowel control.

Most low back pain is short-term and will go away in a few weeks. It is more likely to become long-lasting if you are depressed or under stress.

Types Of Doctors That Specialize In Back Pain


If you have back pain, there are a number of different specialists that can help. Back pain can be caused by a number of different reasons, and as a result, there are a number of different doctors that specialize in treating back pain in different ways. It can be difficult to know which type of doctor to see, so we have compiled a list of some of the most common back pain specialists, in order for you to make a more informed choice about your future treatment.

If you are experiencing severe pain and feel ready to find the best back pain doctor and book an appointment today, you can jump straight ahead to the bottom of this article and submit a contact form, or give us call at 767-3227. One of our team members will help you identify the best back pain doctor near you.

Can Pain In The Back Be Stayed Clear Of

Persisting neck and back pain resulting from unacceptable body auto mechanics may be dropped in remaining free from motions that jolt or stress the back, keeping the appropriate stance, along with increasing things appropriately. Which Doctor Is Best For Back Pain

Lots of job-related injuries are created or aggravated by stress variables such as hefty hauling, telephone call tension , resonance, reoccuring mobility, an awkward stance.

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What Happens When I Visit A Back Doctor

We gather a full medical history of your back problems and perform detailed physical examinations, said Dr. Guo. That includes checking for tenderness, spine range of motion, strength, sensation, and reflexes. Depending on your symptoms, we may perform provocative tests to find out what triggers your pain. We may order imaging studies, such as X-rays, MRIs, or CT scans. We may order electromyography and a nerve conduction study, which assess whether you have muscle and/or nerve problems that may cause your symptoms. We use all the information to help identify the cause of your back pain and associated symptoms, and provide the most appropriate treatments for you.

Help Which Doctor That Specializes In Back Pain Is Right For Me

Should I See a Doctor for Back Pain?

There are clearly many different types of doctor that specialize in back pain. All of them focus on different types of back pain, different causes of the pain, and different types of treatment options. These are important factors to consider when you are deciding where to seek medical help. We understand that it can be difficult to try and know where to start, and it may feel frustrating as you try different options, seeking to find one that helps you.

We recommend trying a pain treatment clinic.

A pain treatment clinic is a one-stop shop for understanding and treating back pain. The clinic houses a number of different medical specialists, who are all highly trained in different areas, but all function as pain doctors, to relieve your pain. They will help you to diagnose the cause of your back pain, and work with you to find a treatment option that is likely to help, and suits your preferences.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Lower Back Pain

If you have compressed nerves in your back, you may start to feel low-grade pain after periods of prolonged sitting or standing. If your pain is the result of an injury, you may experience:

  • Constant dull aches
  • Sharp or stabbing pain

Lower back pain may radiate into your hip, leg, or the sole of your foot.

Your doctor performs a physical exam and discusses recent activities or injuries to determine the cause of your pain. They may also recommend diagnostic testing like X-rays, a CT scan, or an MRI of your lower spine.

When Should I See A Doctor If I Have Lower Back Pain

In many cases lower back pain stops on its own. But if it doesnt, here are some guidelines on when you may want to start seeking professional help:

  • If the pain lasts four weeks or longer
  • If the pain keeps getting worse as time goes by
  • If you are experiencing other symptoms, such as fever, major weight loss or weight gain, loss of function or weakness in extremities, bladder problems, etc.

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How Common Is Lower Back Soreness Best Doctor For Low Back Pain In Houton

Around four out of 5 individuals have lower neck and back pain at time in their lives. It is just among the most typical elements people look into healthcare providers.

Some individuals are most likely to have lower neck and back pain than others. Danger variables for lower neck and back pain contain:.

Age: Individuals over 30 have added back pain. Disks deteriorate with age. As the disks compromise as well as additionally wear down, distress and also rigidity can result.

Weight: Individuals that are obese or lug extra mass are much more potential to have neck and back pain. Excess weight tax obligations joints and likewise disks.

Total wellness. Weakened stomach muscles can not support the back, which can cause back stress as well as also exertions.

People who smoke, eat alcohol too much or live a much less energetic way of living have a greater threat of back distress.

Profession as well as also way of living. Jobs and also activities that require hefty training or flexing can increase the danger of a back injury.

Structural troubles: Extreme pain in the back can result from conditions, such as scoliosis, that transform spine alignment.

Problem: People that have a family tree of osteo arthritis, certain sorts of cancer cells, along with different other problems, have a greater danger of low back discomfort. Mental wellness: Back ache can occur from depression along with anxiousness.

Common Causes Of Back Pain

When should I see my doctor about lower back pain? – Dr. Kodlady Surendra Shetty

Two of the most common reasons for back are muscle strains or ligament sprains. and bad posture can put on your back and make it hurt. and other changes in your spine as you get older can cause back pain. More serious causes of the condition include a ruptured disc or . Possible causes of back pain include:

  • , when the soft center of spinal disc slips out of place

  • , a disease that thins and weakens bones including the vertebrae

  • , a bone infection

  • , arthritis in the spine

  • Sacroiliitis, inflammation of the joint between the pelvis and lower spine

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Treatment Options For Lower Back Pain

If your GP thinks there may be a specific cause for your back pain, they may refer you to a specialist to treat that specific condition.Usually, lower back pain gets better in a few days or weeks and often you can manage it yourself at home. For some advice about when to seek medical help, see our section on Symptoms.

Your physiotherapist or GP will probably encourage you to try self-help measures. They can also advise you on what exercises you can do to help your back. If the pain doesnt improve, then your GP can help with other options or may refer you to a specialist.

Coping With Chronic Back Pain

Low back pain can take a toll on your mental health. You may feel fear, frustration, and anger or have depression and anxiety because of ongoing pain. Those common reactions can make your pain last even longer. If pain is starting to get you down:

  • Let people know when you need a helping hand. Ask family members or friends to help out with physical tasks you can’t do right now.
  • Be honest with your doctor about your pain. Ask for a referral to a counsellor or pain management specialist. A prescription antidepressant or antianxiety medicine may also help with chronic pain.
  • Work with your health professionals and your work supervisor to make a return-to-work plan, if needed. Ask for an ergonomic consultation if you need to learn how to do some of your job duties differently to avoid hurting your back again.

One Man’s Story:

“I started feeling sad and angry a lot. I didn’t want to do anything. My back was hurting more. I was having trouble focusing on my work. My life just started feeling smaller and smaller.”âRavi

Read more about how Ravi learned he had depression and how he fought back.

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Informed Choice Can Help You Choose A Trustworthy Provider

There are as many choices as there are colors in the rainbow. There are a number of distinct physicians within the medical world that you have a choice from. Internists, family physicians, orthopaedists, neurosurgeons, spine surgeons, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists, neurologists, anesthesiologists, and even some psychiatrists that treat lower back disorders. There are places that have multiple specialists who treat these disorders as a group.

There are a number of distinct physicians within the medical world that you have a choice from. Photo Source: are many types of nonmedical practitioners to choose from, and they vary greatly even within their own specialty. You can go to a chiropractor, physical therapist, massage therapist, athletic trainer, acupuncturist, Feldenkrais or Pilates practitioner, personal trainer, or even an aroma therapist.

Stretch And Strengthen Your Back

Which Type of Doctor Should I Visit for Lower Back Pain?

When you no longer have acute pain, you may be ready for gentle strengthening exercises for your stomach, back, and legs, and perhaps for some stretching exercises. Exercise may not only help decrease low back pain but also may help you recover faster, prevent reinjury to your back, and reduce the risk of disability from back pain.

Walking is the simplest and perhaps the best exercise for the low back. Your doctor or a physical therapist can recommend more specific exercises to help your back muscles get stronger. These may include a series of simple exercises called core stabilization. The muscles of your trunk, or core, support your spine. Strengthening these muscles can improve your posture, keep your body in better balance, and decrease your chance of injury.

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Which Doctor Is Best For Back Pain

Your lower back is called the lumbar region of the back. It has a great deal of significant hauling to do. The back spine lugs the mass of your whole top body, plus biomechanical anxiousness that go along with the movement. Which Doctor Is Best For Back Pain

The back spinal column has five vertebrae foundations. Each vertebra has a big disc cushioned gel wrapped in a difficult membrane on its front side that serves as a shock absorber.

Each vertebra additionally has 2 cartilage-lined element joints on its behind. Communicating, discs and additionally component joints allow the back to securely transform as well as flex.

Your lower back in addition contains ligaments, ligaments, and also muscular tissue mass. Tendons are strong bands that hold the vertebrae in addition to discs with each other. Ligaments connect muscles to the vertebrae. These frameworks help restrain too much exercise that might destroy the back.

Switch To Better Shoes

Putting on shoes that do not fit or that deal no support can lead to muscular tissue aches in the back, legs, and also also neck.

High heels, as an example, can shake off the bodys alignment, causing decrease neck and back pain. One study found a link in between wearing high heels for lengthy periods as well as having back agony.

Putting on footwear that are extremely flat can also place included tension on the feet and back.

If a person experiences reoccurring back pain, they must consider switching to footwear that fit properly and sustain the feet. A podiatrist or foot expert can assist an individual locate adequate shoes if required.

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Which Doctor Is Best To See When You Have Back Pain

Most adults will experience back pain at some point. One of the most common medical complaints is lower back pain.

Typically, back pain is muscular in nature and short-term, often caused by strain from lifting heavy objects or sudden movement, says UH orthopedic specialist Zachary Gordon, MD. More serious back and spine problems may be caused by nerves, joints and discs, he says.

Most back pain will resolve on its own within a few weeks. Home care, including over-the-counter pain relievers, heat, ice and rest can help. If back pain doesnt subside and is disrupting daily activities or sleep, you should see a doctor. A primary care physician may help in cases where pain is caused by strain or mild injury.

What Are The Causes

7 Best Lower Back Pain Relief Treatments – Ask Doctor Jo

Below you will find the causes of constipation and back pain. In a few cases, you cannot determine the primary cause of constipation. However, the possible causes of constipation may include:

  • Dehydrated Body

  • Bowel Obstructions

  • Colon or Rectal Cancer

So, several factors can trigger constipation. It encompasses your diet, physical activity, and stress levels. However, slight constipation is usually due to an imbalanced diet or water intake.

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Be Proactive About Your Back Pain Treatment Plan

If the current treatment plan for your back pain isn’t working, consider researching various spine specialists on your own. There may be a different type of health professional who is better suited to treat your condition.

Before you see a specialist, write down a clear description of your symptoms and the treatments you’ve tried. This written record can help you to better communicate with your new doctor. Also, don’t be shy about seeking a second opinion if you think it will help alleviate your back pain.

Chiropractic Care For Back Pain

It may take several types of tests including x-rays, MRIs, and blood tests, to determine the exact cause of your back pain.

And you may need more than one expert managing your back pain.

It really just depends on your specific situation and the amount of damage that has occurred in your spine.

But for back sprains, strains, and even herniated discs, a visit to your local chiropractor may be all it takes to start feeling better.

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Causes Of Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can be caused by various things. Strained muscles are the most common cause for these pain symptoms. Lower back pain may be a direct result of an injury or an additional medical condition affecting the region.

Common causes of strain-induced lower back pain are:

  • Prolonged Sitting: Sitting hunched over or having poor posture while sitting at your work desk all day can contribute to your lower back pain. The lack of lumbar support can exacerbate the damage occurring in your lower back
  • Sedentary Lifestyle: Not being physically fit contributes to having weak back muscles and weak abdominal muscles. The lack of strength in your muscles wont properly support your spine making injury more likely.
  • Highly Physical Job: A job that requires frequent twisting or bending and heavy lifting can lead to injury and back pain.
  • Strains/Sprains: Injury from overextended and overused muscles and tendons.
  • Inflammation: Inflamed muscles from injury or overuse.
  • Chronic Conditions: Like arthritis and fibromyalgia.
  • Injured Discs
  • Nerve Root Pain: Like sciatica.

When there is a disruption in the way the components of the back operate it can be considered a mechanical problem. The functionality can be limited or impacted by conditions that also cause lower back pain.

Mechanical problems can include:

Emotional Effects Of Lower Back Pain

When Should You See a Doctor for Back Pain?

Back pain affects everyone differently. In some situations, back pain can be become chronic, which means it lasts a long time. Some emotional factors may increase the risk of back pain becoming chronic, including:

  • believing that physical activity isn’t helpful or having lots of bed rest
  • emotional problems such as feeling depressed, anxious or stressed
  • a lack of social support from family and friends
  • not wanting to play an active role in your treatment

Although you may think your pain is a warning sign to stop you doing certain activities, its important that you keep active to overcome it. If you have any questions about keeping active, talk to your physiotherapist or doctor. They can reassure you that keeping mobile and being positive about managing your back pain are the keys to helping you recover. Exercise will also help to prevent back pain in future.

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What Options Does Your Doctor Have When Making A Diagnosis

Following a brief examination and a much fuller discussion around how and when your back pain occurred , it is very possible you will get referred for any one of a number of scans these can broadly be broken in to X-Rays, CT Scans and MRI Scans.

X-Ray. An x-ray is normally the first form of diagnostic test done, even if not the most sophisticated. The part of the body that is due to be scanned will be placed between the X-ray machine and a photographic film.

It works by sending electromagnetic waves through your body, creating an image of the areas that were less penetrable on the other side of the photographic film.

X-rays are typically used to diagnose clearly present problems such as bone disease, dislocations, fractures, tumors or spinal degeneration. X-rays can also be used to look at organs in association with a dye that you be asked to drink.

MRI Unlike an X-Ray or a CT Scan, an MRI does not use radiation instead it uses radio waves and a very powerful magnet to create detailed cross-section images of organs/ bones.

You would be laid down on a table and slid in to a tube-shaped scanner. The MRI scanner then creates a magnetic field around the you, projecting radio waves in to your body.

These create vibrations that are translated in to images captured on a computer. Typically, MRI scans are used for diagnosing torn cartilage, herniated discs and bone issues.

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