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What Kind Of Mattress Is Good For Back Pain

Best Mattresses Recommended By Chiropractors

Best Mattress For Back Pain Guide (What Type Of Bed Is Right For You?)

I am frequently asked by patients what mattresses I recommend for their back pain or particular condition. Patients want to know where to find the best mattress for back pain, chronic pain, sciatica neck pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, disc issues, muscle spasms, and after spinal surgery.

Nowadays most mattresses for back pain are sold online, which makes picking a bed a difficult task. It is a costly purchase that you will spend a lot of time using, so it is important to make an educated decision.

Choosing the wrong mattress could cost you thousands of dollars and many nights of back pain and restless sleep. I have some knowledge to share with you to make sure this doesnt happen.

What Is The Best Type Of Mattress For Back Pain

When it comes to back pain, mattress type is less important than mattress firmness. Likewise, the number of foam layers or support coils wont matter as much as how the mattress feels. And if you have back pain, studies show that a mattress that feels medium-firm is the best type of mattress for you. According to one expert we spoke with, thats because a bed labeled medium-firm is likely to support your spines natural curves whether youre a side-sleeper, a back-sleeper, or a stomach-sleeper. Whether youre trying a mattress in a store or testing one you purchased online, ask yourself these questions to get a better idea of how comfortable it really is.

What Is Back Pain: A Note From Dr Poorbaugh

Before we wrap up, I wanted to include some basic information on back pain that I learned from Dr. Poorbaugh.

According to Dr. Poorbaugh, most medical research is focused on Chronic Low Back Pain. Traditionally, to be defined as chronic someones lower back pain needed to continue for more than three months. But recently, doctors have started using functional brain imaging to illustrate that chronic is not necessarily a time dependent label.

Dr Poorbaugh says that the main determinant of chronic back pain today is central sensitization. According to Dr. Poorbaugh, central sensitization occurs when the central nervous system has lost its ability to dampen or control peripheral stimuli i.e. information from muscles, joints, and nerves.

When your nervous system cant control those stimuli, your peripheral nerves get irritated. This eventually affects your entire nervous system and makes normal activity feel painful .

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Can Memory Foam Cause Back Pain

A memory foam mattress can cause back pain if you dont find the firmness level best suited for you. The ideally firm mattress for your sleep position keeps your spine in neutral alignment while relieving your pressure points.

Side sleepers will be most comfortable on a medium, medium-soft, or soft mattress. Stomach and back sleepers will sleep comfortably on a medium-firm or firm mattress.

Which Brand Mattress Is Best In India

2021 Best Mattresses for Lower Back Pain (Top 10 Ranked)

All the mattress brands provide different qualities and features in mattresses So you need to select which mattress is perfect according to your requirement. Like looking good sleep, for back pain, and more. All mattresses are brand good. There are some popular brands in India like Wakefit, Sleepycat, Sleepwell, and more.

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How To Get Relief On A Budget

When youre struggling with back pain, you may feel like youre willing to give anything to get relief, but the realities of your budget can mean that you have to think about the impact of any mattress purchase on your bottom line. The good news is that there are multiple wallet-friendly ways to improve your bed, enhance your sleep, and give your back a rest.

Look Into A Custom Mattress For Even Better Back Pain Relief

Last but not least, you may want to consider buying a custom-made mattress to help eliminate your back pain in bed.

A custom mattress is precisely what it sounds likea mattress made to fit your exact specifications and unique needs.

Custom mattresses can be made to fit almost any size . But they can also carry with them a wide range of other benefits like eliminating back pain, keeping you cool at night, and even eliminating certain sleep problems.

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How To Tell If You Need A New Mattress

Sometimes, a worn out mattress is a large contributor to hip pain and other types of pain. After years of use, mattresses will develop permanent impressions in the foam, sagging in the coils, and other signs of wear that can significantly diminish the amount of support a mattress provides. If you experience any of the following signs in addition to your hip pain, its likely time for a new bed:

  • You notice impressions, lumps, sagging, rips and tears, or other signs of wear in your bed
  • You tend to roll to the center of the mattress while sleeping
  • You find the couch or other places to sleep more comfortable than your own bed.
  • Its been more than seven years since youve purchased a new mattress
  • You cant remember the last time you purchases a new mattress.

The average mattress lasts from 6-8 years, but mattress lifespan varies depending on the quality and materials its made of. Cheap memory foam and innerspring mattresses can last as little as four years, while higher-quality hybrid and latex models can last as many as nine or ten.

Whether your hip pain is a direct result of your mattress or not, an old mattress isnt helping. Most online mattress companies offer sleep trials, which allow you to try the mattress for at least 100 days before committing it. We recommend making use of this to help ease your hip pain.

The Best Mattresses For Back Pain In Canada

Best Mattress for Back Pain 2021 – What Type of Should You Buy?

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Back pain is an extremely common problem among adults in Canada. A study conducted in 1998 among Saskatchewan adults revealed that 84% of them had experienced back pain at some point during their lives. How you sleep may contribute to your back pain. Choosing a more supportive mattress can be beneficial to those who suffer from back pain.

Please note that the mattresses weve chosen to feature in this article are very general choices. They are chosen based on customer reviews, comfort levels, and user tests. Please consult with your healthcare provider to determine if a mattress is right for you, especially if you suffer from chronic or severe back pain.

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Is Your Mattress Causing You Back Pain

Sleep Advisor Disclaimer – Nothing on this website is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment… Read more here

There are a lot of different reasons that people experience back pain. Figuring out where your discomfort is coming from can be difficult, especially if you lead an active or challenging life. However, the mattress you go to sleep on at night can play a big part in how you feel in the morning. In other words, its important to find out whether your bed is to blame for your back soreness or not.

Your Preferences Are Most Important

Remember that every sleeper is different. If you prefer a firmer mattress to a medium-firm, get a firmer mattress. If you want something soft with less support, get that one instead. The key to finding a good mattress for lower back pain is to get one that is comfortable for you. If you are uncomfortable on your mattress, you might make things worse.

Always evaluate potential mattresses against what you know you like.

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Why Does It Matter

When the body experiences trauma, like a car accident, a fall from a ladder, or slipping on the ice, the body has to find a way to accommodate the damage, heal it, and keep us walking upright. These changes can create misalignments that sometimes last for years and cause pain.

If youre wondering what this has to do with sleep, the answer is two-fold. One, sleeping wrong can be enough trauma to cause these issues, and two, sleeping right is a big part of healing these issues. So while those with chronic back pain might think they have a rocky relationship with sleep, the real issue might be the habits or the mattress.

Sleeping Tips For People With Back Pain

Best Mattress for Hip Pain (Updated Sep 2020) Buyers Guide ...

If you dont address your back pain in some way, it could continue to worsen over time with increased stress to the joints and spine. That being said, here are some actionable steps you can take to improve your sleeping situation if you deal with back pain.

  • Purchase a more comfortable and supportive mattress: Of course, our first recommendation is that you check out the mattresses weve listed as being the best for people looking for spine support and back pain relief.
  • Top off your current mattress with a mattress topper: A pressure-relieving mattress topper could be just the relief you need to keep your spine aligned when you sleep.
  • Change up your sleeping position: Sleeping on your back is the best way to keep your spine in a neutral position. If youre a stomach or side sleeper, you may want to consider switching up your position.
  • Use pillows for support: Using a pillow with the right amount of loft is important for keeping the cervical spine in alignment . If you sleep on your stomach, make sure youre sleeping on a thin pillow. Back and side sleepers need a medium to thick pillow. Stomach sleepers may also benefit by placing a thin pillow under the pelvis region to support the lumbar region of the spine. Side sleepers can be more comfortable with a pillow between the knees.
  • Speak with a doctor or medical professional: If your back pain is causing severe discomfort and becoming a hindrance to your sleep, its always best to consult an expert for medical advice.
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    Can Your Sleep Position Make Your Back Pain Worse

    Did you know that different sleeping positions require different types of cushioning, contouring, and mattress firmness levels to avoid worsening back pain? Whether youre traditionally a side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper, there’s a type of mattress that will best fit your sleeping style so you can avoid back pain.

    Is A Coir Mattress Good For Back Pain

    Coir mattresses are marketed as orthopaedic mattresses but sleep experts generally do not recommend them for back pain. These mattresses are made using coconut husk and foam which is usually quite firm and not very comfortable. Furthermore, these mattresses are neither springy nor lightweight. Even though they may provide a little support for some time, they are not durable and start to sag after a few years. Memory foam and natural latex mattresses on the other hand are quite durable and can easily last for around 15 to 20 years.

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    Are Memory Foam Mattresses Good For Back Pain

    Memory foam mattresses are often touted as the best option for back pain, and they can certainly be beneficial, thanks to their balance of support and cushioning. However, its key to purchase a mattress made with high-quality, dense memory foam, which will provide the support you need. Many inexpensive memory foam mattresses are too plush and dont provide adequate support, which may end up worsening your pain.

    Duroflex Back Magic 5 Zoned Orthopedic Coir Mattress

    Best Type of Mattress For Back Pain | Innerspring – Memory Foam – Latex

    Are you looking for the best quality coir mattress to experience break-free sleep? If yes, then you can go for the Duroflex Back Magic 5 Zoned Orthopedic Coir Mattress that is specially crafted with orthopedic supportive layers. This is the perfect mattress to support pressure relief points to all 5 zones of the human body .

    The mattress from Duroflex is technically constructed with 7 customized layers that assure you about effective back support, natural ventilation, optimum pressure relief and durability of the product. All the layers of this mattress are infused with knitted fabric with PU foam, high-density coir, rebonded foam, and jacquard weave fabric materials.

    Next, what is the main advantage of this Back Magic model? This Back Magic model from Duroflex is specially infused with top quality rubberized coir that provides ultimate back support to its users and helps the mattress to regulate temperature evenly while using it. It also gives you a well balanced sleeping posture and let you experience smooth roll over on it.

    The mattress is technically sound with heat absorption technology that allows the surface to regulate your body temperature accordingly. The dimension of this mattress is 183 x 92 x 12.7 cm that is tested and certified by NHA .

    This Back Magic model comes in attractive colors and looks. Let us take a quick look at all the effective features of this model before investing money on it.

    Important Features:

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    What About Body Weight

    While back pain impacts 70%-80% of the population at some point during their lives, a 2010 analysis published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that larger-bodied people are at a higher risk.

    If you have a bigger body, choose a medium-firm or firm mattress to help keep your spine aligned while you sleep. Also consider adding a latex mattress topper to your current mattress for extra comfort and support, or choosing a heavy duty mattress, which is specially made to provide proper support for bigger bodies.

    What To Look For When Buying A Mattress

    Buying a mattress is a significant and consequential expense, so it is best to try out a mattress before committing to it. Does this mean that a mattress from a box is out of the question? Not at all, if the manufacturer offers the standard 100-day money-back guarantee. A hundred days is a much more thorough inspection period than whatever customers can find out during the time they spend trying out mattresses at a store.

    There are four key factors to consider when buying a mattress:

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    Which Is Better For Back Pain

    Neither hard nor soft mattresses are good for back pain or even for people with no aches. People should consider a medium-firm mattress as it provides the right amount of support and comfort to the body. The firmness of a mattress is measured in Indentation Load Deflection or ILD which is measured on a scale of 1 to 50 where low numbers indicate softness and high numbers indicate firmness. One should consider a mattress of around 20-30 ILD as it is medium-firm and supportive.

    Tips And Tricks For Sleeping With Pain

    Best Mattress For Back Pain Relief

    To wrap up this guide, I want to share some tips and tricks for sleeping with chronic pain. Unfortunately, theres no magical solution for alleviating pain, but there are some slight modifications you can make to get the journey started. I should note that not all pain sufferers will be able to implement all these strategies, nor should they. Were all different, and so our paths toward healing will be different, too.

    I always recommend that my clients see the big picture, Dr. Poorbaugh stated. When it comes to pain, we have two options: We can seek a fix or a heal. The path to less pain is quite different depending on your choice, but each option has three pillars of management with very little overlap.

    While the fix typically involves medication and surgery, the heal focuses on three main tenets: nutrition, sleep, and movement.

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    How Can Sleep Help Chronic Pain

    Now that weve gone over my picks, I want to take a second to talk about the purpose of this guide. While it may seem like the focus is on finding a mattress thatll make falling asleep with pain easier, its actually about finding the bed thats going to help you use sleep to actively deal with said pain.

    Sleep is very important for restoring balance to the nervous system and improving coping strategies for pain, Dr. Poorbaugh told me during our chat . Normally, our central nervous system is downplaying or ignoring stimuli from multiple sources simply because the information is not important. A person with chronic pain, however, loses this important dampening ability, so many activities that were once well-tolerated now become pain-provoking.

    Dr. Poorbaugh went on to cite a recent study, which showed that poor sleep patterns were directly related to higher rates of pain, poor mood, increased pain catastrophizing, and overall reduced physical function.

    So what can be done? In order to get the kind of sleep you need to help deal with your chronic pain, consider the following when choosing the right mattress to deal with pain.

    Factors To Consider When Choosing A Mattress

    The best mattress for back pain is the one that offers a cradling comfort while maintaining your spines neutral alignment. Memory foam mattresses can offer both. Both factors are key to getting a night of restful sleep. Better sleep relieves overall body soreness, including back pain.

    When buying a new mattress for yourself, look into its firmness, support, and materials. These factors are crucial determinants in choosing the memory foam mattress best suited to you.

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    Should I Consider A Custom Mattress To Prevent Back Pain

    It’s clear that buying the best mattress for your back is not as simple as choosing between firm or soft. There are lots of factors to consider and much of these are individual and come down to personal preference. Investing in a custom mattress is a brilliant way to achieve the perfect level of support and comfort not only for your back but for your entire body.

    Here at Endurance Beds we handcraft bespoke mattresses and offer a range of firmness levels to help you get the most comfortable night’s sleep possible. With a wide variety of features to choose from, including open-coils, pocket-sprung, memory foam, and natural fibres, you can create a mattress that meets all of your requirements and gives your back the support it needs to stay healthy and free from pain. You can place your customer mattress order online or contact us for more information.


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