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What Is The Best Mattress Pad For Back Pain

Which Type Of Mattress Topper Is Best For Back Pain

Best Mattress Toppers For Back Pain 2022 (Top 6 Picks!)

Any type of mattress topper may have potential pros and cons. Depending on their personal preferences, back pain sufferers may enjoy different toppers.

As memory foam toppers conform closely to the sleepers body, many back pain sufferers find they give a good balance of pressure relief and support. These toppers also usually isolate motion well, so sleepers might not notice when their partner changes position. One potential drawback is that memory foam tends to retain heat, but some models are made with special features for added breathability and cooling. Memory foam is also usually slow to respond to changes in pressure, which can make it harder for sleepers to move around and change position.

Polyfoam toppers conform to the sleepers body without the close hug of memory foam. Additionally, this material tends to be more breathable and regain its shape more quickly than memory foam. Polyfoam toppers are also frequently budget-friendly options. While many sleepers find polyfoam mattress toppers comfortable, theyre often less durable than other types of toppers on the market. This is particularly true of toppers that make use of low-density polyfoam.

Pillow top mattress toppers often use feather and/or fiber fill. These toppers typically provide a plush sleep surface. However, since they do not usually provide much in the way of support or pressure relief, they may not be ideal for back pain sufferers.

Can A Mattress Topper Help With Back Pain

It sure can.

Easing back pain is actually one of the biggest advantages of using a quality mattress topper.

Not to be confused with a mattress protector or mattress pad, a mattress topper is a thick, supportive layer of material you place over your mattress and under your sheets.

This material can often serve the dual purpose of adding both cushion and support. This additional support can go a long way towards relieving pressure points, supporting a properly aligned spine, and helping you sleep free from back pain.

Adding it to your bed is also a more economical way of getting a better nights sleep without having to buy an all-new mattress.

Coonp Twin Mattress Topper Extra Thick Mattress Pad Cover

If you really want to amp up the comfort level on your bed, add this COONP Twin Mattress Topper, Extra Thick Mattress Pad Cover extra thick mattress topper, which has a hotel-luxury feel. It provides a ton of support thanks to a Baffle box design and a 3D snow down alternative fill.

The surface is brushed microfiber, so you will turn easily and freely on top of it. Plus, its elastic deep pockets will wrap securely around your mattress so it wont move around. Another huge plus: Its machine washable.

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A Mattress Topper Can Ease Your Back Pain Without Going To The Expense Of A Whole New Mattress

Low back pain is one of the most common concerns people bring to their primary care physicians. Sometimes back pain is not caused by lifestyle factors, but making changes such as losing weight or buying a quality mattress may resolve the problem.

Mattresses can be expensive, which is why a mattress topper may be a better solution to your low back troubles. Typically composed of memory foam or latex, these toppers can alter the feel and support of your existing mattress and align your spine throughout the night. But researching mattress toppers is also time-consuming and uncomfortable, especially with your back pain. We created this review for you, to take time and effort out of this uncomfortable task.

Below, we list the top 10 best mattress toppers for back pain. Pick one and start experiencing life without lumbago !

Which Material Type Of Mattress Topper Is Best For Back Pain

Top 8 Best Mattress Toppers for Back Pain in 2020

Memory Foam

The memory foam mattress is ideal for back pain due to its conforming properties. It is the most common material used on the top layer of many mattresses.

When you wake up with an uneasy back on your existing mattress, it is due to a lack of support and cradle to your back.

Generally, a 2-3 inch memory foam mattress topper is best for back pain. It is responsive and holds the body while you sleep. Most of them are infused with gel to counter heating issues.


The latex is a better option than memory foam for back-related issues. Memory foam is considered a better option as it has similar properties but at a much lower cost.

Latex is expensive than memory foam but with heat distribution. Many hot sleepers prefer latex if the budget is not a constraint.

Latex provides a better cradle and is known to be effective for people with lumbar and hip pain. The support provided by Latex is next to the best irrespective of sleeping position.

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What Thickness Of Mattress Topper Should I Get

Three inches is perfect for most people. A 3 topper provides plenty of support and pressure relief.

If your mattress has a pillow top or is in relatively good shape, a 2 topper will do. For beat up mattresses that have sagged quite a bit, a 4 topper will make a bigger difference.

Thicker 4 toppers are also great for those who want a plush and luxurious sleeping experience.

Our Picks For The Best Mattress Topper For Back Pain

Please Note: This Post Contains Affiliate Links

A lot of people have pain in their upper and lower backs. You might have something to help support your back at work or when you take a seat, but dont forget about when you lie down at night. A good mattress can only do so much without a good mattress topper to support you. Ease your pain with one of the best mattress toppersso the only thing that will keep you up at night will be which products you should buy!

At The Sleep Shop Inc, we get the privilege of being able to test a ton of mattress and mattress topper products. Not many people have that luxury! Our goal at The Sleep Shop is to share of knowledge about mattresses and mattress toppers with our readers to help them make the best choice.

According to our tests, the best mattress topper for back pain is the Ghostbed mattress topper. This unique topper has 5 different zones that support each area of your body differently, which drastically improves your odds of waking up without back pain from a bad night’s sleep.

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Best Mattress Topper For Back Pain Reviews

While some mattress toppers may appear very thin, dont be fooled by their size alone. These specially designed toppers make a huge difference, even though they may not look like a miracle cure to sleeping through back pain. However, youll notice a huge difference as soon as you place it on your bed.

If you have back pain and are shopping for a mattress topper to help alleviate your pain, its important to know the difference between mattress pads and mattress toppers.

As its name suggests, a mattress topper will sit on top of your mattress and its thick make-up creates an extra layer of support when placed on your mattress. While mattress pads also add additional comfort, theyre much thinner than toppers and mainly provide protection for your mattress, e.g. from spills and stains. Pads often have straps or zippers to firmly attach to your mattress so they wont shift, while toppers may shift during the night. Most mattress toppers are dry-clean only, so factor this in while budgeting your costs.

After researching countless toppers, we tested over 13. Everyone suffers from back pain differently after all, so not all of these options will work for every sleeper. Here are the top mattress toppers that we personally tested: you wont find a better topper to cure your back pain than these!

How Do You Clean A Mattress Topper

Best Mattress Topper For Back Pain – 10 TOP Rated Mattress Toppers For Back Pain – Reviews

As mattress toppers typically arent machine-washable, its best to spot clean your topper with mild soap/detergent and allow it to air dry for optimal results. For those hard-to-get stains, a quick trip to the dry cleaners will have your topper good as new.

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    Difference Between A Pad And Topper

    If you are searching for an additional new layer thatll be on top of your existing mattress, youve probably come across different pads and toppers, and you might be confused on what is the best alternative for you.

    To make the right choice, you need to know the differences between these two, and then youll be able to purchase the right product.

    The mattress pad is a thin layer that is added above the existing mattress, and it is usually attached with straps that are wrapped around it to stay in place successfully. Often, its primary aim is to add an extra amount of comfort, so that you can have the ultimate night of relaxation.

    Also, it can help you alleviate any pain, and you can use it to adjust the current firmness of your bed.

    Mattress toppers, on the other hand, are much like an upgrade of the mattress because its thicker and can be constructed of varieties of materials such as foam, latex, cotton, wool, etc. The toppers can give the old bed a new look, and you may feel as if you have bought an entirely new mattress.

    They can also protect the bed from deterioration and from any damages that may be caused by some improper use of the sleeper.

    What Type Of Mattress Topper Is Best For Lower Back And Hip Pain

    Mattress toppers come in a range of thickness levels and fill types, so youll want to be sure you choose a product that addresses your personal needs. For lower back and hip pain, opt for a topper thats at least 4-inches thick so that it can effectively support heavier joints. And it should be constructed using a memory foam fill that can cradle contours, fill gaps such as your lower back and ensure neutral spinal alignment. A great option at an affordable price is the Best Price 4-inch memory foam topper.

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    What Is The Best Mattress Topper For Lower Back And Hip Pain

    There are a few things youll want to look for when trying to find the best mattress topper for back pain and hip pain.

    • Firmness Balancing the line between a firm mattress topper for back pain and how cushiony your mattress topper is can be tough. Side sleepers especially will want a topper that allows their shoulders and hips to sink in rather than be pushed out, misaligning the spine.
    • Contouring In the same vein, the best mattress topper for hip pain will allow for a high level of body contouring. The more it can absorb your bodys natural shape, the less pressure your hips will be to move out of place.
    • Thickness The best mattress topper for back pain will likely be on the thicker side. A thicker mattress topper usually provides more cushion and support, relieving your back pain and giving your bent spine a rest.

    In the end, youre going to want to find a firm, thick mattress topper that actually contours to your body shape.

    And once you have found your ideal mattress topper, youre also going to want to make sure you know how to use it correctly.

    How We Chose The Best Mattress Toppers

    Best Mattress Toppers for Lower Back Pain Relief in 2020 ...

    To find the best of the best, we turned to the people most knowledgeable in the field: certified sleep health specialists and experts who run websites solely dedicated to reviewing sleep products. We also scoured the web and combed through thousands of user reviews and ratings to find designs that earn top scores among consumers. And because everyones slumber tendencies are so unique, we found picks that appeal to a variety of preferences, at all price points. If this sounds like a dream come true, top your topper with the best pillows for your sleep style and youll really have the best night ever. But before you buy, there are a few things you need to know about this mattress must-have.

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    Why We Get Back Problems

    About 80% of sleepers are likely to come across some type of lower back pain throughout their lifetime. Of course, it goes without saying that not everyone is actually affected in the same way by these issues.

    However, this doesnt mean that you should stay uninformed about them. Some have the potential to get worse over time.

    There are two types of back pain that are commonly observed: Acute pain that lasts for less than about six weeks and chronic pain which is less frequent but longer lasting. This is according to the reputable Mayo Clinic. The breakdown is followed by serious research and studies carried over periods of time and a lot of back pain sufferers.

    With this in mind, there are also different causes for back pain . Here are a few common ones and some tips on how to prevent them.

    The Best Mattress Toppers

    When it comes to finding the best mattress toppers for your needs, there are many options available. The Parachute Down Feather Bed is a 3-inch thick mattress topper filled with white down and feathers. It has a fill power of 550 and adds a pillow-top feel to any bed. If you have a soft mattress, a three-inch topper may be enough. If you have a firm mattress, a two-inch topper may work better.

    The Saatva mattress topper is composed of various materials. It is composed of high-density polyfoam, which conform to your body. While it does not provide the same hugging effect as memory foam, this topper does provide extra comfort. Its price ranges from $100 to $200. Its quality is medium. The Saatva is also the least expensive option. Its price is very competitive.

    The memory foam topper is a soft layer of extra cushioning. It does not provide pressure-point relief, but it feels fluffy. It is ideal for people with light-weight bodies. This type of mattress topper does not come with a cover, but it will last longer under a mattress protector. This material is also eco-friendly. But you should check the material toppers thickness to be sure it will work for you.

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    When Is It Time To Buy A Mattress Topper For Back Pain

    If any of the following situations describes you, then you may want to consider purchasing a mattress topper:

    Your mattress is too soft: An overly soft mattress doesnt provide adequate back support. It also messes up spinal alignment your back will sink lower than the rest of the body. This can cause or worsen back pain.

    Your mattress is too firm: A rock hard mattress is not good either for most people. Because it does not conform, it exerts pressure on the back and other areas of the body. This can cause or worsen back pain.

    Your mattress is worn out: A depression in the middle of the mattress, no matter how small, can affect spinal alignment again, causing or worsening back pain. A topper can temporarily make the mattress more comfortable, but you are ultimately better off buying a new mattress.

    You need extra contouring or support: Your mattress may be fine, but you might need extra support or contouring for your back problem. This is especially the case for people with injuries or health conditions that cause serious back pain. In this case, an orthopedic can help reduce back pain.

    What To Consider In A Mattress Pad

    The 5 Best Mattress Topper for Back Pain – Which Is Right For You?

    There are various things to look for in a mattress pad when you are buying one specifically to alleviate back pain.

    Pressure Relief

    Mattress pads relieve pressure at targeted points through weight redistribution across the pad. This can relieve the buildup of pressure near heavier parts of the body like your hips and shoulders.

    Ability to Conform

    Mattress pads are built to conform to your bodys shape. This allows for wider, heavier parts of the body to sink in more, relieving the build-up of pressure on those areas. This also supports the spines natural alignment.

    Quality Materials

    The material your pad is made of contributes to its durability and performance. Firmer materials like fiber, memory foam, and latex offer more defined contouring for back pain. While softer materials like cotton are plush and allow your back to sink into softer contouring.

    Higher-end materials also offer additional benefits such as heat control and breathability and they regulate bounce. While these dont affect your back directly, they will help you sleep through the night.


    Mattress pad prices are based on the materials used in their making, as well as how they are constructed. The lower-priced versions break down more quickly, so the longevity of support is lacking.

    Paying a bit more for a higher-quality mattress pad brings you the other benefits along with a product that provides back support for a much longer period of time.

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