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Is Acupuncture Effective For Back Pain

How Acupuncture Helps Back Pain

Is Acupuncture for Back Pain Relief Effective? | Acupuncture In Tallahassee

Acupuncture is a traditional therapy based on the idea of energetics in the body.

Treatment consists of inserting needles at various pressure points on the body and through the skin. Needles are not meant to cause pain, harm, or discomfort.

A professional acupuncturist will target energy points for treatment. These are also called meridians, with some being of special benefit to painful nerves and muscles in the back.

There are a few qi meridians that an acupuncturist may focus on for back pain.

Some acupuncture points for lower back pain are:

  • back of the knees points
  • foot points

Study Selection Data Extraction And Assessment Of Risk Of Bias

Study selection, data extraction, and assessment of risk of bias were performed independently by two investigators . Two Cochrane’s risk of bias tools were utilized for evaluating the risk of bias of included randomized controlled trials and non-RCTs, respectively. Discrepancies were addressed by discussion or consulting a third party .

For the eligible studies, we retrieved the following: basic information: first author’s name, year of publication, country, and diagnosis methodology: characteristics and sample size of participants, study design, acupuncture intervention , imaging modality, and analysis methods and brain imaging data.

How Many Sessions Of Acupuncture For Back Pain

The number of sessions to thoroughly cure back pain through acupuncture generally vary. In most of the conditions, it is mandatory to complete the whole series of a session to gain maximum benefit from the treatment. But eventually, it depends on the condition of the patient as well as the analysis of the practitioner.

It is advised to have 6 to 12 sessions to complete the treatment. These sessions can be taken once or twice a week, and their duration lasts for 30 to 90 minutes per session. Small problematic conditions could take lesser time and frequency to get cured. , And as in severe cases, multiple treatment sessions are required. For people with chronic conditions, these sessions are induced further, even after the completion of optimal achievement.

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How Acupuncture Works For Treating Back Pain

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese treatment created more than 2,500 years ago. This alternative medicine option is quite unique since it requires skilled acupuncturists to insert super-thin needles into certain areas of the body, which may include more than 2,000 locations. Since these body areas are all connected, they create the flow of energy in the body that supports good overall health. When these areas are stimulated via the needle insertions, the body is put back into its natural balance, which helps relieve any pain experienced.

The Source Of Pain Is Not Always Clear

Can Acupuncture Be Effective For Back Pain?

One of the reasons back and spinal conditions are so difficult to address is because there is not always a clear source of pain. In some cases, the reason is obvious. For example, if you were in an accident that strained your back or neck, or if you have a herniated disk. Other times, pain persists long past an injury, or the initial source is not clear. The longer you live in pain, the stronger the pain pathways become, and the harder it is to treat it. Even if there is no anatomical reason, your pain is real and you need relief.

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Reasons To Consider Acupuncture For Back Pain Relief

According to WebMD, back pain is one of the top reasons people seek medical treatment, and it is also the number one reported rationale for undergoing acupuncture. For many people, back pain can be so excruciating that it prevents them from performing everyday duties. Anyone considering acupuncture treatment to reduce or even get rid of back pain should consider the facts about this alternative treatment.

How Acupuncture Can Help

This traditional Chinese healing practice involves inserting needles at specified points on the body. The aim of acupuncture is to remove blockages to the flow of energy along pathways or meridians that form a network throughout the body.

Acupuncture leads to the release of pain-killing endorphins by speeding the relay of electromagnetic signals through the body. It also stimulates the release of opioids in the brain that are shown to lessen pain and promote sleep. By activating the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, acupuncture alters secretion of chemicals that lead to a reduction in the sensation of pain.

The acupuncturist takes your complete medical history and conducts a physical examination. Your diet may be taken into account to ascertain nutritional well-being. Dietary changes may be recommended, possibly including herbal supplements. Treatment will be tailored to your specific condition and complaint, with follow-up appointments used to reassess the progress and make changes if needed.

Acupuncture conducted by an experienced, trained acupuncturist is generally a safe procedure. In treating low back pain it may be used in conjunction with other medical treatments such as chiropractic care or as a stand-alone approach. In the event that you are beset by low back pain, you can be reassured that acupuncture is there to give you the desired relief.

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Points To Consider About Acupuncture

If other treatments have failed and you are considering acupuncture, discuss it with your doctor. Be sure to let your doctor know any other medications you are taking. Also tell your doctor if you are pregnant, wear a pacemaker, or have any type of implant.

Your doctor may be able to refer you to a licensed acupuncturist. You may also contact the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture for the name of a doctor who does acupuncture.

Before starting acupuncture, find out if your health insurance will pay for it. Also ask how many treatments you should expect and how much they will cost.

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How To Find A Certified Acupressure Practitioner

PART 3 – Acupuncture Treatment for back and neck pain – Explained

Because acupressure is a form of TCM, finding a qualified practitioner is different than finding a mainstream, Western medicine clinician.

A good place to start your search is by visiting the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine website, which features a list of all certified TCM providers, including acupressure practitioners. Finding a certified acupressure therapist is important, as its often necessary to achieve licensure in many states.

Other places to look include searching for your states TCM/Oriental medicine professional associations, which may help connect you to local, qualified practitioners. Some cities are also home to TCM schools or training programs, which are another great source for qualified acupressure therapists.

Community resources, including health food stores, holistic health providers, and spas, may also help connect you to a qualified acupressure practitioner.

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What Are The Acupuncture Points For Back Pain

The acupuncture points for back pain that are mainly focused on by practitioners are

  • Points on the hands

These points are responsible for maintaining a balance of the nervous system. Any hindrance caused during the flow of energy resulting in an improper imbalance could cause pain. Acupuncture for lower back pain is carried out by focusing the acupoints present at the lower back of your body.

The points present at the upper back of the body are also used as a remedy for various other aching problems, such as fibromyalgia, sciatica, temporomandibular joint disorder , etc. Acupuncture is also followed separately to get over with sciatica, by following acupuncture for back pain sciatica.

Princeton Acupuncture And Oriental Medicine

Our patients know just how effective treatments are for these and a host of other problems. Steven Hoffman, a New Jersey Licensed Acupuncturist and Diplomate in Oriental Medicine, will provide you with a thorough intake and evaluation and a clear, comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan that will insure that your goals are met or exceeded. Do you want to move past these or other problems? We will help you thrive not just survive!

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Study: Acupuncture Eases Low Back Pain

Patients Report More Pain Relief From Acupuncture Than Conventional Treatment

Sept. 24, 2007 Acupuncture proved to be more effective than conventional lower back pain treatments in a new study, but it was no more effective than a sham needle procedure.

The German study compared outcomes among 1,162 patients with chronic low back pain treated with traditional Chinese acupuncture sham acupuncture or a conventional approach to treating back pain using drugs, physical therapy, and exercise.

The study is the largest investigation of acupuncture vs. conventional nonsurgical treatment for lower back pain ever reported, researchers say.

Acupuncture represents a highly promising and effective treatment option for chronic back pain, researcher Heinz Endres, MD, tells WebMD. Patients experienced not only reduced pain intensity, but also reported improvements in the disability that often results from back pain and therefore in their quality of life.

Help Treat Your Back Pain With Acupuncture In Amarillo Texas

Acupuncture for Back Pain Miami

If you are suffering from back pain, contact the professionals at Back to Basics Massage Studio in Amarillo, Texas today. We have a licensed acupuncturist on staff to help evaluate your symptoms and find the pain relief you need. Besides Acupuncture, we also offer Swedish Massage, Cupping Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, and Prenatal Massage services. Call us today at 322-3706 or Contact Us by email to learn more about how we can help you. You can also Book An Appointment online or visit us in person at 3714 Olsen Blvd in Amarillo.

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Pain Relief Is A Common Reason Why Patients Seek Acupuncture Therapy

Most patients in my practice come to see me for pain relief. Neck and back pain are the most common conditions. Since acupuncture is usually sought out last after more conventional medicine has not achieved the desired result, many of my patients are surprised at how effective it this centuries old method can be. Its a very rewarding experience to see my patients able to either be pain-free or living with less pain!

For anyone who may be thinking of acupuncture as a modality of treatment, I say, make it your choice, not your last resort.

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Acupuncture For Sciatica: Can It Help

We see many people with lower back pain and sciatica at Village Remedies in our Balmain and Sydney CBD clinics. For some it may be an acute episode of lower back pain that brings them in, while others can be suffering from sciatica for years with little to no relief. In this article well look at sciatica and acupuncture treatment for lower back pain.

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Repeat Sessions Required For Best Results

Acupuncture doesnt work on a single-use basis like injections or some medications. The best way to get the most out of acupuncture is to schedule regular sessions. This may not be an issue for people who have the time or the money to visit an acupuncturist, but it can be a limiting factor for others who dont have that kind of access.

The benefits also dont stay for long. Because the body can heal itself, the changes made by the needles need to be reapplied for results to stick. Further complicating this is that the benefits of long-term acupuncture have not been fully studied yet, so theres the possibility that there are other side effects that may arise from long-term use.

Functional And Structural Abnormalities In The Brain Of Lbp Patients

Acupuncture for back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, migraines Glasgow Edinburgh ( #2

In this review, five studies reported that LBP patients showed cerebral functional and structural alterations compared with HC. The structural alterations mainly include the elevated GVM in the SI and reduced FA in SIback regions. The functional changes usually manifest as reduced functional connectivities of DMN higher ReHo values in the bilateral inferior temporal gyrus, left STG, and left superior parietal gyrus and lower ReHo values in bilateral postcentral gyrus, bilateral superior frontal gyrus, and right supplementary motor area. Furthermore, a systematic review on neuroimaging studies of LBP patients indicated that brain regions such as the ACC, insula, mPFC, and cerebellum were involved in the central pathological changes of LBP patients . These studies mapped the functional and structural alterations in LBP patients and provided the potential target for exploring the central responses to acupuncture stimulation in LBP patients.

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What Does Acupuncture Feel Like

Acupuncture is done using hair-thin needles. Most people report feeling minimal pain as the needle is inserted. The needle is inserted to a point that produces a sensation of pressure or ache. Needles may be heated during the treatment or mild electric current may be applied to them. Some people report acupuncture makes them feel energized. Others say they feel relaxed.

Improper placement of the needle can cause pain during treatment. Needles must be sterilized to prevent infection. That is why it is important to seek treatment from a qualified acupuncture practitioner. The FDA regulates acupuncture needles just as it does other medical devices under good manufacturing practices and single-use standards of sterility.

Instead of needles, other forms of stimulation are sometimes used over the acupuncture points, including:

  • Heat


Are You Currently Suffering From Back Pain

Ready to find out if acupuncture treatment will provide you with the back pain relief you need to perform your everyday activities without experiencing further discomfort? Contact an acupuncture professional now and set up an appointment to learn more about this alternative therapy and obtain an individual treatment plan. Our office is happy to provide further information and answer any questions.

Are you considering acupuncture in the Ooltewah area? Get more information at .

Check out what others are saying about our services on Yelp: Read our Yelp reviews.

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Precautions To Be Taken During Acupuncture To Treat Back Pain

Before going for an acupuncture session to treat back pain, one should take care of the following precautions

  • In the case of back pain due to pregnancy, women should consult a doctor prior to going for an acupuncture session. The procedure enhances and stimulates the chances of labor and delivery. As such, a consultation with the doctor is mandatory. Always choose a certified and professional acupuncturist to perform the sessions. If the acupuncturist is not a skilled person, then he might cause damage to your body with his practice.
  • The needles used in the procedure should always be sterilized beforehand to avoid contracting infections. They should be stored at a sterilized place before and after use. Broken needles should not be used for the practice.
  • Consult a doctor before attending any acupuncture session if you run on blood thinners, certain medications, use a pacemaker, or have any type of implants in your body. In these cases, it is always necessary to consult a doctor first about your condition.

The Causes Of Back Pain

Is Needleless Acupuncture Effective Enough for Back Pain ...

Sometimes it can seem as though there are almost as many causes for back pain as there are people who experience it. Any or a combination of the structures that make up the lower back can be affected, including the vertebrae , muscles, ligaments, nerves, and blood vessels. The lower, or lumbar, spine is particularly vulnerable, in part due to its high degree of mobility. The lower spine is made up of the lumbar and sacral vertebrae , the nerves that make up the spinal cord, and the muscles and ligaments that allow us to move.

Muscle strain is a common cause of lower back pain. Also known as a pulled muscle, a strain is caused when a muscle is overstretched or torn due to improper use, overuse, or fatigue. A myriad of structural problems can also cause back pain. Bulging, herniated, or ruptured discs can put pressure on nerves, sometimes causing severe pain. Compressed nerves can cause symptoms such as pain, tingling, and numbness. Still other causes include scoliosis, arthritis, osteoporosis, spinal stenosis, spinal infection, or a spinal tumor. Kidney pain can also cause lower back ache.

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Acupoints Or Acupressure Points For Back And Neck Pain

Manual acupressure targets specific pointsthe acupointsto activate your bodys natural ability to reduce different types of pain and associated symptoms. Below are common acupressure points that may help ease back and neck pain:

  • Spleen 6: Located inside your leg above your ankle, this point may be targeted if you have pelvic pain, fatigue, or sleep problems.
  • Stomach 36: Situated four-fingers-width down from the bottom of your kneecap, this point may help reduce stress and fatigue.
  • Large Intestine 6: Located at the top of the muscle where the thumb and index fingers are joined, this point may help reduce headaches, neck pain, and stress.
  • Pericardium 6: Located three-fingers-width down on the inside of the wrist, putting pressure on this point may ease headaches.
  • Gallbladder 21: Situated halfway between the top of the neck and shoulder, this acupoint may ease neck and shoulder stiffness and pain, and headaches.
  • Triple Energizer 3: Stimulated to help ease upper back pain, headaches, neck stiffness, and shoulder pain, this acupoint is located in the groove between the fourth finger and pinky.
  • Large Intestine 10: Located on the front side of the elbow, this point may be pressed to relieve shoulder pain and neck tightness.


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