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How To Stretch Lower Back

How To Improve Your Lower Back Curve

How to Stretch the Lower Back Stretches

Standing with an increased curve, or lordosis, in your low back may seem like a great way to accentuate your derriere however, it can actually have significant consequences.

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While a some curvature in your lumbar spine is normal, an imbalance in the muscles of your core and hips can lead to excessive amounts of lordosis and can result in the development of low back pain. Take several easy steps to help improve the curve in your lower back.

Video: 4 Easy Stretches For Neck And Shoulder Pain

See how to correctly perform the 4 neck stretches listed above.Watch Now

Stretches that are not recommended include neck circles or quickly stretching the neck forward and backward or side to side. These stretches may cause muscles strain or place additional stress on the cervical spine.

See Neck Stretches

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How To Stretch Very Tight Lower Back Muscles

The lower back is one of the most common areas to experience tension and pain, and by looking at current lifestyle trends, its only going to get worse.

Nowadays we spend most of our time sitting.

Whether that be at your 9-5 desk job, in your car or on your couch all this sitting can be really bad for your lower back.

The good news is that lower back pain caused by poor posture, too much sitting or a lack of mobility and exercise can be relieved through a daily routine of effective lower back stretches.

This is what this post intends to do, to provide a collection of the best stretches you can do to relieve and fix lower back pain.

Please note that this post is not intended to provide a solution for people with serious back issues caused by accidents and injuries which require surgery.

In this case, the best thing to do is to see your doctor or ask them beforehand if these stretches would help you with your lower back.

Mobility And Flexibility Exercises

Pin on Lower Back Stretches

These exercises improve range of motion in your hips and spine. That can alleviate tightness that could be contributing to back pain, Carina says.

Do stretching exercises as often as needed to help control pain, at least two to three times daily. Remember, exercise should be comfortable. If any symptoms occur, see a medical professional.

Trunk Rotation

Lying on your back with your knees bent and feet flat, rotate the knees from side to side in a small comfortable arc of motion. Begin with only small movements, making the arc progressively larger as is comfortable. You should feel a comfortable stretch in the lower back and waist area. This can also be done with the feet and knees about shoulder width apart, which moves the stretch lower into the hips. Repeat 10 to 20 times on both sides.

Knee to Chest

Lying on your back, pull one knee into your chest using both hands behind the knee. You should feel a comfortable stretch in the lower back and hip. If you feel pain in the front of the hip, discontinue exercise. You can keep the bottom leg flat or bend it with your foot flat on the floor, whichever feels more comfortable. The exercise also can be done with both knees hugged toward the chest, but move one leg into position at a time. Hold 10 to 30 seconds, and repeat two to three times.

Outer Hip Stretch

Hamstring Stretch

Hip Flexor Stretch

Press Up

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Target The Quadratus Lumborum For Extra Pain Relief

Outside of the traditional stretches, you may want to consider stretching and releasing your quadratus lumborum muscle.

The Quadratus Lumborum are muscles positioned around the lower back either side of the spine.

A tight QL can also be the cause of lower back pain so its a good idea to investigate whether you have issues with your QL.

Related: How to stretch the quadratus lumborum.

Best Lower Back Stretches

Stretching the muscles in your lower back can help improve flexibility and prevent lower back pain. And some research suggests that all you need to see an improvement is to stretch for 15 minutes each day.

“Stretches reduce muscle tension and promote muscle elasticity to improve joint range of motion and flexibility,” says Matsuno. “Increasing spinal joint mobility and flexibility will allow for our spine to bend when necessary, like a gymnast tumbling or a person rolling to cushion a fall.”

Here are five stretches that can prevent and alleviate lower back pain:

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When To Visit A Doctor For Your Lower Back Pain

Back pains now and then are quite common. But if the pain is accompanied by other symptoms, its time to consult a doctor or a pain management specialist. They determine the exact cause of the back pain and recommend a treatment plan. Here are other signs that tell you its time to visit a doctor for the back pain:

  • The patient has a fever. Back pain and fever are both symptoms of flu, but theyre also signs of serious infection.
  • The patient has encountered a trauma, such as a high fall or car accident.
  • The patient is over 50 years old.
  • Theres tingling or numbness in the back.
  • The patient experienced a loss of bladder and bowel function.
  • The pain persists for over six weeks.

How To Do The Cat

Real Simple How To: Stretch Your Lower Back
  • Start kneeling down with your knees below your hips, and hands below your shoulders

  • Form the ‘tabletop’ position, with a flat, straight back and neutral neck position

  • Lower into the cow pose, exhaling and pushing your stomach down, arching your back while keeping your shoulders and hips in the same position

  • Move back through the ‘tabletop’ position, inhaling and pushing the spine up, arching into the Cat Pose.

  • Maintain a steady flow throughout the Cat-Cow pose

  • Which of these five back flexibility exercises will you be trying first? Let us know in the comments below.

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    How Long Does A Pinched Nerve Last

    Pinched nerve recovery time depends on both the amount of damage and the type of treatment you choose.

    Damage from a pinched nerve may be minor or severe. It may cause temporary or long-lasting problems. The earlier you get a diagnosis and treatment for nerve compression, the more quickly youll find relief.

    Lets get right down to how to heal your compressed nerve as quickly as possible without medication.

    Six Stretches To Help Alleviate Low Back Pain And Tightness

    Letâs admit it, having low back pain is no fun, especially when you wake up in the morning with it knowing that you have a full day at work ahead of you. That is why we believe that every morning you should spend a few minutes stretching out the most important and most engaged muscles in the low back.

    Sitting at your desk all day can lead to lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder tightness, and other ergonomic issues. Performing daily stretches can help you loosen your muscles and improve your flexibility, making your body more resilient and better able to handle a full day at your desk.

    • Knee to Chest

    Use this stretch to align pelvis and stretch lower back and rear end muscles. Lie flat on your back with toes pointed to the sky. Slowly bend your right knee and pull your leg up to you chest. Wrap your arms around your thigh, knee or shin, and gently pull the knee towards your chest. Hold for 20 seconds and slowly extend the leg to starting position. Repeat three times each leg.

    • Lying Knee Twist
    • Use this movement to stretch the paraspinal muscles and strengthen the abdominal muscles. Lie on your back with your legs extended straight out. Bend the right knee up and cross it over the left side of your body. Hold in a position that allows you to feel a gentle stretch through the back and buttocks muscles for 20 seconds. Tighten your core muscles and rotate back to center. Repeat three times on each side.

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    Can Stretches Cure Lower Back Pain

    Sadly, it’s unlikely. While lower back stretches can certainly relieve you from the pain and muscle tightness, rest and strength training also play a part. Stretching is a great form of mobility for the muscles and joints, says Joshi. If you do it regularly it can be great for your lower back, but its important to implement strength training exercises, too. Thisll help iron out any muscle imbalances that mean certain areas are under too much pressure, which could be the root of your pain.

    Stockley adds that while it may feel like the pain is exclusive to the lower back, this is probably not the case, and so its vital to work on the other areas of the body, too. Strengthening the abdominals, glutes, upper back and chest is also important, as your musculature is so interconnected that its rare that pain is coming from just one area, she says. Sticking to only the lower back and overdoing it can induce pain of its own, so always take it slow, and stretch to the point of slight discomfort, never pain.

    Stretches To Relieve Lower Back Pain

    Lower Back Stretch

    Glute Foam Roll

    Grab a foam roller and start on your right glute first, slightly bending your weight to the right and roll back and forth and side to side. This will help to increase blood flow and relax tissue a bit. If you feel any pain, move side to side to see if that helps. Repeat on the other side.

    Quad Foam Rolling

    Flip over onto your stomach and place the foam roller right underneath your quad muscle. Again, this helps to increase blood flow to the area. Be sure to move side to side as well as up and down as in the last exercise. Repeat on the other leg.

    Lumbar Windshield

    So after the soft tissue work, we’re going to work on mobility of the joint. We want to make sure that the joint is fully moving through its proper range of motion to avoid excessive load on the lower back, explains Giordano. Go into the bridge position lying flat on the ground with your knees shoulder-width apart and your feet a bit wider than that. Drop your knees side to side. If you feel any sort of pain while you swivel from side to side, dont try to push farther than that range. Do this eight times on each side.

    Cat Cow Stretch


    Banded Bridge

    To decrease lower back pain, make sure youre consistent with this series, spending 20 minutes a day going through the movements.

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    Exercise Strengthens The Spine

    The simplest way to strengthen your spine is to move regularly throughout the day, in whatever capacity works for you. This might mean increasing your daily steps, taking short walks during the workday or prioritizing a slightly longer walk in the morning or evening.

    People who are physically active tend to have lower rates of back pain, and a recent meta-analysis of 25 studies found that the most effective way to prevent lower back pain from recurring was regular exercise, preferably combined with some form of physical education.

    Exercise doesnt cure everybody, but on average, its an effective intervention, said Mark Hancock, a professor of physiotherapy at Macquarie University and one of the authors of the study. There is no single type of exercise that has been shown to be effective, he said. If you are doing a variety of exercises, then you are likely getting all the things you need, he said, adding, Its just like your diet.

    Physical activity also strengthens the bones and cartilage of the spine, protecting against age-related degeneration, and increases blood flow to cartilage discs in the spine that dont receive a lot of blood supply, Dr. Shah said.

    If you have time, try some fast walking or jogging. A number of studies suggest that runners have thicker, healthier cartilage discs in their spine than people who arent active.

    Great Stretching Exercises For Your Spine

    Roughly 80% of Americans will experience back pain at some point in their lives, and for most of them the pain will resolve on its own within a few weeks. For millions of people, however, back pain becomes chronic. In fact, back pain is the second most frequently reported medical complaint.

    Board-certified orthopedic surgeon Dr. Thomas Jones II and our team at The Spine Institute of Southeast Texas understand the impact of back pain on daily life. Simple activities that most take for granted can be a struggle. It can interfere with many areas of your life, from work to social activities. Seeking medical evaluation is the first step to getting relief.

    Treatment for chronic back pain depends on the cause. Dr. Jones formulates a treatment plan for you after a comprehensive evaluation. Your treatments may involve steroid injections, physical therapy, pain-relieving medication, or surgical approaches.

    Common causes of back pain include:

    Stretching exercises for back pain can help keep your spine healthy and provide relief. While these stretches are safe for most people, its important to discuss it with your doctor first.

    Here are five pain-relieving stretching exercises for your back.

  • Back flexion
  • Cat-camel back stretch
  • Prone extension
  • Levator scapula stretch
  • Chin-to-chest stretch
  • Tips for stretching your spine

    To stretch your spine effectively and reduce the chances of injury, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

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    Best Stretches For Low Back Pain Relief You Can Do At Home

    by | Aug 11, 2020 | Back Pain |

    Low back pain is common in adults. In fact, its estimated that 80% of the population will suffer from some type of back pain in their lives. While that figure is staggering, athletes can pose an even higher risk for back injuries resulting in downtime from exercise and training. It is critical to research the best stretches for low back pain relief.

    As frustrating as back pain is, not being able to workout may be even more devastating. The best stretches for low back pain relief can help ease muscle tension in the spine and improve range of motion. Here are 5 stretches that will get you back to your active lifestyle.

    Bird Dog Hip Extension

    How to stretch for Lower Back Pain

    Why its beneficial:

    The bird dog hip extension is designed to improve low back stability. It also helps to reactivate and stabilize your abdominal muscles during movement.

    Try it:

  • Kneel on a mat with both hands down and arms shoulder-width apart.

  • Start by engaging and tightening your core muscles.

  • Slowly straighten one leg behind you while maintaining a flat back.

  • Return the straightened leg back to the starting position.

  • Repeat on the other side.

  • Perform 10 repetitions, while holding each for 20-30 seconds.

    Modification: If this causes any discomfort, lift your leg only several inches off the ground rather than reaching full extension.

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    How Common Is Lower Back Pain

    Around four out of five people have lower back pain at some point in their lives. Its one of the most common reasons people visit healthcare providers.

    Some people are more likely to have lower back pain than others. Risk factors for lower back pain include:

    • Age: People over 30 have more back pain. Disks wear away with age. As the disks weaken and wear down, pain and stiffness can result.
    • Weight: People who are obese or carry extra weight are more likely to have back pain. Excess weight puts pressure on joints and disks.
    • Overall health: Weakened abdominal muscles cant support the spine, which can lead to back strains and sprains. People who smoke, drink alcohol excessively or live a sedentary lifestyle have a higher risk of back pain.
    • Occupation and lifestyle: Jobs and activities that require heavy lifting or bending can increase the risk of a back injury.
    • Structural problems: Severe back pain can result from conditions, such as scoliosis, that change spine alignment.
    • Disease: People who have a family history of osteoarthritis, certain types of cancer and other disease have a higher risk of low back pain.
    • Mental health: Back pain can result from depression and anxiety.

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    So How Do You Fix Hyperlordosis

    First, be aware of your posture:

    1. Stretch your spine up. You should feel like someone is pulling your head up.2. Keep your chin tucked in slightly as your spine stretched.3. Now, as you keep stretching your spine, draw your abdominal muscles in a little bit and tuck in your tail bone.4. Maintain this posture as you sit or stand as much as possible.5. If you sit a lot, be sure to get up and walk around every 30 minutes.

    Secondly, Do specific exercises & stretches

    Stretch and release these muscles:

    Core muscles Butt muscles

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