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How To Loosen A Stiff Lower Back

When Do You See A Doctor

3 Killer Exercises to Loosen up a Stiff Lower Back

Usually, youll see results within two to six weeks of performing regular exercises. You can see a doctor if your pain doesnt get better in a couple of weeks.

Also, see your doctor if, during the workouts, you have extreme discomfort, the pain spreads over your thighs, and you have any numbness, swelling, or serious pain.

Your doctor will determine if an underlying condition causes pain or tightness.

Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis

Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis is calcification or a bony hardening of ligaments in areas where they attach to the spine. Ligaments are supposed to be flexible, so DISH can cause symptoms such as pain, stiffness, and restricted movement.

Rarity: Rare

Top Symptoms: joint pain, upper back pain, stiff neck, stiff back, trouble swallowing

Urgency: Primary care doctor

Move : Seated Lower Back Rotational Stretch

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  • Sit on a stool or backless chair.
  • Cross your right leg over your left.
  • Brace your left elbow against the outside of your right knee.
  • Twist your torso to the right gently.
  • Pause here for a few moments, then repeat on the opposite side.
  • Continue alternating for a minute.
  • Tip

    “As you rotate, if you feel a point that you get stuck, take a few deep breaths and on the exhale, try to rotate even further,” Becourtney says.

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    How Are Conditions That Cause Tight Back Muscles Diagnosed

    4 Effective Exercises to Loosen Tight Hips

    Almost every medical condition thought to cause tight back muscles, from blunt force trauma to fibromyalgia, can be diagnosed with a physical exam conducted by a medical professional. More serious conditions causing tight back muscles that involve neurological issues may need to be identified during specialized scans or examinations.

    For conditions related to the spinal cord and TLF, doctors may order an immunohistochemical analysis of spinal fluid. This tests the fluid for the presence of certain proteins that may be connected with excessive tightness in the sheath, as well as levels of myofibroblasts, small connective tissue cells that increase contractile force to help close wounds on the skin .

    Certain kinds of arthritis that cause muscle tightness can also be detected by the presence of nodules and rashes on the skin.


    Almost every condition that causes tight back muscles can be identified by a physical exam. Conditions involving the spinal cord and TLF may require an analysis of spinal fluid, while arthritis can sometimes be diagnosed by rashes and skin nodules.

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    Iii Apply A Cold Pack

    For the first 48-72 hours, carefully apply a cold pack to the area to reduce any inflammation present. Protect the skin from any risk of ice burn with a thin towel before applying the pack. Apply for 20 minutes and use every 1-2 hours as needed.

    Caution:Not everyone benefits from a cold pack. If you find applying cold only numbs your pain while you are still stiff, then either reduce the length of time you apply it, or avoid cold treatment. Some people are more likely to feel even stiffer with cold treatment. The goal is to relax the muscle, not shock it.

    I recommend that you go with what works for you. Personally, I prefer heat instead, but everyone has their own preferences.

    Hyperextension On The Fitness Ball

    If you dont have a gym membership and youd prefer doing this stretch at home, grab a large fitness ball and lay on your stomach. Start by placing both hands behind your head and lowering your shoulders. Stop once you feel a full stretch and then engage your lower back, bringing yourself back up again. You can use this stretch as a back exercise as well by doing more repetitions.

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    How to Loosen Up a Tight & Sore Lower Back : Training Exercises

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    How Is Lumbar Strain Treated

    Specific treatment for a lumbar strain will be discussed with you by your healthcare provider based on:

    • Your age, overall health, and medical history
    • Extent of the injury
    • Your tolerance for specific medicines, procedures, and therapies
    • Expectation for the course of the injury
    • Your opinion or preference
    • Ice packs and/or heat and compression applied to the back
    • Exercises
    • Stretching and strengthening exercises
    • Education regarding the use and wearing of appropriate protective equipment

    Medicines, such as anti-inflammatories and spinal injections, may also be used to relieve pain and inflammation.

    What Do Your Hamstrings Do

    This muscle-tendon tag team provides the movement for everyday activities such as walking, running, jumping, and climbing stairs. They enable:

    • Knee flexion your hamstring muscles are the reason youre able to bend your knees. In addition, they allow the inward and outward movement of your lower legs, and help refine your speed and walking position.
    • Hip extension your hamstrings assist in the straightening of your hips, and the backward movement of your thighs when you walk. They also serve to power you forward through running.

    So sure, your glutes might steal most of the powerhouse glory. But without the aid of healthy hamstrings, youd find yourself in a spot of trouble. Squatting down, moving from seated to standing, and even staying upright, all rely on your hamstrings.

    So its important to remember that in the same way that your joints sometimes need a little extra consideration, your soft tissues can need a spot of TLC too.

    Which neatly leads us onto your next question.

    Image credit: Alora Griffiths

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    Old Or Unsupportive Bed

    Many people overlook their old, unsupportive beds as a cause for back pain and stiffness. As illustrated below, a soft, sagging, unsupportive bed will cause certain muscles to tighten, while allowing others to stretch too much. At the end of the night, the end result is you guessed it: back stiffness.

    Back Pain 7 Stretches You Can Do From Your Desk Chair

    Exercises That Loosen Your Tight Back


    Back pain, especially lower back pain, is extremely common, brought on by movement, activity or even the opposite. Staying in a seated position throughout the day in a less-than-optimal desk chair or car seat can bring on the pain.

    Physical Therapist Heather Harrison of OrthoCarolina Huntersville has seen her fair share of patients with back pain and she often recommends using a chair with lumbar support. But even if your chair has built-in support, Heather says one size doesnt fit all.

    For a little extra support, try rolling up a jacket, sweatshirt or towel to place behind your back. When youre in a bind, Heather says this simple step can help support the natural curvature of the lumbar spine.

    Still feeling that lower back pain? You can do these exercises right from your desk chair:

    ABDOMINAL BRACING 10 x 10 seconds

    Begin in a seated position with hands on your lower abs. With a slow, controlled movement, draw your navel to your spine, bracing your abdominal muscles. Hold, then relax.

    Be sure to keep your tall posture throughout the exercise, avoiding bending forward or holding your breath.


    Throughout the exercise, remain seated in your chair with a straight back and abs braced by pulling the navel to the spine.

    Your knees stay bent as you pick one leg up off the ground, lower it back down and alternate with the other leg.


    3 x 30 seconds

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    Lower Back Stretches To Reduce Pain And Build Strength

    Lower back pain is a fairly common health concern, as so many things can cause it.

    In some cases, it might be a symptom of an underlying condition, like kidney stones or acute pancreatitis. Other times, its simply a side effect of a sedentary lifestyle or repetitive motions.

    While stretching isnt a remedy for all lower back pain, in many instances, it can provide relief. If youve been living with some mild discomfort or stiffness, these seven stretches may help reduce the pain and strengthen the muscles in your lower back.

    The Standing Hip Shift Exercise

    Illustration below

    This movement is rarely taught, yet we often perform a variation of it every day during our everyday routine .

    If it hurts, dressing and putting on your socks is not easy to do first thing in the day. You have developed significant stiffness in your hips so that it remains with you overnight. Although you may become more flexible towards the end of the day, your weaker hip muscles continue to make you prone to becoming very stiff.

    The exercise targets weaker, tighter and often neglected lumbar region, hip and leg muscles. It is to be done with upright support and requires practice as balance, and hip shifting is encouraged.

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    Move : Prone Hamstring Stretch

    Image Credit:

  • Lie face-up on an exercise mat with your legs extended in front of you.
  • Pull your right thigh up toward your chest with your knee bent at a 90-degree angle.
  • Straighten your leg until you feel a stretch in the back of your thigh.
  • Hold this stretch for one minute before switching to the opposite leg.
  • Tip

    Point the toes of your elevated foot toward your body to add a calf stretch element to this back stretch, Becourtney says.

    What Are Muscle Knots That Crunch With Massage

    QUICKLY loosen up a stiff lower back

    According to a massage therapist I spoke to, a muscle knot that feels like it crunches when you massage it is the muscle fascia slipping past the skin with enough friction to catch and release repeatedly.

    How about you? whats the most effective muscle knots reliever you ever tried?

    To your health and happiness,


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    Maintain Your Hip Flexibility And You Will Win Half The Battle

    Most people are reluctant to exercise in order to reduce their stiffness. You dont need to be. The type that I recommend and perform myself everyday will keep your hips very well conditioned and will help to minimize your pain.

    Over time, with age, lack of conditioning and injury, we become prone to waking up with stiffness. We are no longer able to naturally maintain the level of flexibility as we did as when we were younger.

    Sometimes, our muscles are not able to recover fully from our busy schedule the night before.

    Thats why Hip Shifting is crucial.

    If you keep performing this hip shift method to keep your hips mobile, they wont tighten up overnight. Its when they get tighter as you sleep that causes a lot of your discomfort.

    Not only will your muscles remain tight overnight, your muscle conditioning and tone weakens also. Injury, inflammation and nerve pain also causes us to avoid certain movements in favor to avoid discomfort. By avoiding, youll keep the muscles tense overnight. In most situations youre not even sure what the cause is.

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    Stretching Tips For Tight Hamstrings

    Slowly stretching your muscles will help you to improve and maintain hamstring flexibility. This, in turn, leaves your hamstrings less prone to that sudden, dreaded pop.

    Before we show you a few easy stretches, well offer a quick pre-stretch safety tip:

    As with any stretching programme, or any form of exercise, its important never to force a movement. It might be tempting to push through any resistance but your hamstrings wont thank you for it. Pain and resistance are our bodys way of saying hang on a sec. By ignoring those signals and pushing harder, you run the risk of causing further damage. So the first rule of stretching? Take it easy!

    If youre completely new to a hamstring stretch, it can also be easier to start with a little bend in your knee. Go ahead, youre allowed!

    Thats safety covered, so its on to the stretches themselves.

    Stretches to loosen tight hamstrings include the following.

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    Sauna Bath And Steam Room

    A hot bath or going to a steam room or a sauna to relax. These options operate by increasing the bodys temperature, which in turn increases your blood circulation.

    With increased blood flow, all muscles in your body can receive more nutrients and more oxygen. Spending just 10 minutes in the water, steam room, or sauna will make the muscle wonders work. If you have an injury, make sure to add some ice after a workout before taking a hot bath. Its much easier to do some stretching exercises while in the water.

    Relieving Back Tension At Home

    Pin on Pilates

    The underlying issue may be different for every instance of back tension, but all of the following treatments will suffice to provide at least temporary relief. The benefit to these treatments is that they can all be performed in the comfort of ones own home, without the added cost of an expensive doctors visit. If these treatments do not provide the necessary relief, it may be time to consult a physician to examine for deeper issues.

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    Relieving Your Back Pain

    When you are suffering from an ache or struggling to get lower back pain relief, it may seem difficult to take a proactive approach to the matter. However, alleviating such aches may be largely within your control. If you make some simple changes in habit and lifestyle, you might be pleasantly surprised by the results. At North Texas Medical Center, we take great pride in helping our community achieve better health. If you are suffering from backache, call us at , or contact us online today.

    Find Out Why Stretching Is So Important For People With Back Pain And Neck Pain And How To Stretch Correctly

    During a bout of back pain, the last thing you might want to do is exercise. But for some people, itâs just what the doctor ordered. While we all know that regular exercise is important for our overall health, stretching is often an overlooked component of our routine. For people with back pain, stretching exercises are especially important because they can help reduce back pain and may even help prevent future episodes of pain or injury. Correct technique is essential. Read on to find out why stretching is so important for people with back pain and neck pain and how to stretch correctly.Stretching exercises are especially important because they can help reduce back pain and may even help prevent future episodes of pain or injury.Why Should I Stretch? The spine is a complex structure comprised of muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones. Itâs designed to move side-to-side and front to back, as well as carry the bulk of the bodyâs weight. Thatâs why itâs so important to keep all its parts in good working order.

    Regular stretching exercises help keep muscles and ligaments flexible. They can also reduce stress on joints and improve the flow of blood and nutrients throughout the body. Without it, stiffness, limitation of movement, and pain can occur or increase.

    Good Stretching To get the maximum benefit from stretching, proper technique is essential. Itâs also an important way to avoid injury. Keep the following stretching tips in mind:

    Neck Stretch

    Hip Twists

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    Your Brain Onthis Is Your Brain On Yoga

    As a yoga instructor, I have a few favorite stretches for the hips and theyre not just my favorites because they feel good theyre extremely functional and work the hip from all angles. Frangiamore is also a fan of these yoga poses. Stretches like the pigeon pose, warrior 1 and groin stretches all work to lengthen muscles that attach around the hip joint , which become shortened after prolonged sitting or resting, he says. Lengthening these muscles can decrease tension and excessive pull on the hips and lower back which can improve posture and decrease associated pain.

    Ready to get loose? Give these three stretches a try.

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