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How To Alleviate Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

Avoid Quick Changes Of Position

Relieve Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

Another way to prevent abdominal pain during pregnancy is that when you’re resting, you should avoid quick changes of position. If you’re lying on your side and you want to turn around, do it slowly to make sure the foetus will also move into the new position and it will not shift around, causing you pain.

How To Relieve Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

If you have been experiencing back pain throughout your pregnancy, it is not uncommon for some to ask what causes it. Pregnancy is a challenging time for women, but one that must be endured. Expecting a baby is one of the most anticipated events in a womans life, but can also be one of the most tiring processes.

Your body changes dramatically as you are pregnant, and there are many things that go on inside your body. Many of these changes are completely normal and beneficial, but some are simply stressful and will lead to pain during pregnancy.

In case youre reading this article for yourself or for a loved one, this can be a good guide for you as to understand what causes this back pain and what the most common treatments for this condition are.

Exercises To Ease Back Pain In Pregnancy

This gentle exercise helps to strengthen stomach muscles, which can ease back pain in pregnancy:

1) Start on all fours with knees under hips, hands under shoulders, fingers facing forwards and stomach muscles lifted to keep your back straight.

2) Pull in your stomach muscles and raise your back up towards the ceiling, letting your head and bum relax downwards gently do not let your elbows lock and only move your back as far as you comfortably can.

3) Hold for a few seconds then slowly return to the box position take care not to hollow your back, it should always return to a straight, neutral position.

4) Do this slowly and rhythmically 10 times, making your muscles work hard and moving your back carefully.

Doing prenatal yoga or aquanatal classes with a qualified instructor can also help build your muscles to better support your back. Ask at your local leisure centre.

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Another Common Question We Get From Moms Is How Do I Know What Strength And Stability Work That I Should Be Doing

This is a great question, and often depends on the individual. Some moms might need to work more on core strength, others might need pelvic floor strength, some might need core stability, and others might need low back or hip strength. This is why it is important to develop a plan that is customized to you, and not generic exercises on a worksheet or from the internet. This is why we are currently offering FREE Total Body Diagnostic visits for moms. During this visit, we will discuss what you are struggling with, what your goals are, and look at your movement head to toe. We will then come up with a plan that is customized to you to help you reach your goals, and feel great in your body!

How Your Muscles Can Cause Back Pain

Nonpharmacologic Remedies for Back Pain During Pregnancy ...

It can be hard to imagine that muscle tightness causes your sacroiliac pain orlower back pain during pregnancy. The fact is: From walking to sitting to running, the iliopsoas muscles are involved. They are engaged during almost every bodily movement that you make.

When the iliopsoas muscles are too tight, your joints and bones are pulled out of alignment. This in turn leads to more issues and pain over time.

Theiliopsoas muscle is made up of two muscles: the psoas and the iliacus. The psoas originates at the vertebrae of your lower spine, and the iliacus originates on the inside of your pelvic bowl. The muscles both cross the hip joint and attach to the top of your femur . Both the spine and the pelvis are responsible for lower back and sacroiliac joint alignment.

This relationship of the iliopsoas to these integral bone structures and joints means that when there is trauma or stress around the pelvis, the iliopsoas muscles step in to protect it. Their primary job is to stabilize, so if there is an irritant threatening to cause your hip region instability, they tighten to reinforce balance.

However, this also happens in reverse. When your hip flexor muscles start too tight, they can cause trauma or stress in that area. It is a domino effect: If one aspect is out of whack, it creates issues elsewhere. Thats why you experience lower back pain during pregnancy in addition to other bodily traumas.

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Avoiding And Easing Back Pain In Pregnancy

Try these tips:

  • bend your knees and keep your back straight when you lift or pick something up from the floor
  • avoid lifting heavy objects
  • move your feet when you turn to avoid twisting your spine
  • wear flat shoes to evenly distribute your weight
  • try to balance the weight between 2 bags when carrying shopping
  • keep your back straight and well supported when sitting look for maternity support pillows
  • get enough rest, particularly later in pregnancy
  • have a massage or a warm bath
  • use a mattress that supports you properly you can put a piece of hardboard under a soft mattress to make it firmer, if necessary
  • go to a group or individual back care class

You can take paracetamol to ease back pain while you are pregnant, unless your GP or midwife says not to. Always follow the instructions on the packet.

Sleep On Your Back In A Reclined Position

Do you feel most comfortable snoozing in a recliner? Although sleeping in a chair may not be the very best choice for back pain, this placement can be valuable if you have isthmic spondylolisthesis Think about buying an adjustable bed so you can rest this way with the best placement as well as support.

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Hot And Cold Compress

Applying heat or cold on the pain area reduces the stiffness in the muscles and helps you to relax. Several women get comfort through this compress and get instant relief too.

What to do?

  • Take an ice pack and massage or compress it over the area of pain for 15 minutes.
  • Do this for two days and start to apply hot compresses for 15 minutes using a hot bag.
  • You will start to feel the pain getting relieved.
  • You can also pour slight hot water in the lower back area while you are bathing to get instant relief.

Loose Pelvic Ligaments In Pregnancy

Stretches to Relieve Pregnancy-Related Back Pain

Another common contributor to lower back pain during pregnancy is a loosening of ligaments, especially in the pelvic area. During pregnancy, a woman produces relaxin, a hormone that causes ligaments to loosen and relax. Relaxin aids the birth processallowing the pelvis to stretch and accommodate the passage of a baby but during pregnancy relaxin can contribute to discomfort and pain in the pelvis and lower back.

I remember pain in my pubic bone and my sacroiiliac joints on either side of the sacrum, in the upper glutes worsening as my pelvic ligaments loosened and my pregnancy progressed. It felt like my joints were slipping out of place during daily movements like kicking off my shoes.

Looser ligaments can worsen pre-existing postural problems, such as exaggerated lordosis, as well. The loosening of pelvic ligaments leads to instability, and this is also a root cause of low back pain, says Micheline.

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Sit And Stand With Good Posture

Standing or sitting for extended bouts can often lead to chronic low back pain, given the increased musculoskeletal strain. “If you’re standing in one place for longer than 15 to 20 minutes, try placing one foot on a low step stool to offload the back, and make sure to alternate sides,” says Dr. Gondeck. “When sitting, make sure your seat has a solid low back support, a firm seat cushion, and that your feet can touch the floor.”

Misaligned postures often stem from habit. In fact, the root cause of neck, shoulder, and back pain for many can be triggered by a forward head posture, rounded shoulders, and an anterior pelvic tilt, according to Dr. Gondek. This creates excessive strain on the spine, shoulders, and hips, only worsened by weakness or a lack of muscle flexibility.

Her recommendation? Set an alarm periodically to remind you to take a posture break and change up your position to reduce unwanted strain.

Sleep In A Comfortable Position

A maternity pillow may also help you deal with lower abdominal discomfort during pregnancy, especially when you are in the last months of the period. You may feel a strong pressure whilst resting, which can be alleviated if this pillow is used. Depending on the pain you feel, you can put this cushion under your legs, under your breasts or between your legs.

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Acupuncture How To Ease Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

This old Chinese recovery practice may bring alleviation for individuals with chronic low back pain. Delicately placing slim, completely dry needles right into your skin at details points may activate the launch of endorphins, your bodys all-natural painkillers, or it might change your brain chemistry so you have a greater discomfort tolerance. You must use it in addition to various other therapies.

How Often Should You Do These Stretches And How Long For

Surprisingly Common Culprits for Back Pain during Pregnancy

The more often you get to do these stretches, the better. When I was pregnant I would hold them for 15 to 20 seconds and do them about 3-4 times a day in the morning when I woke up, before going to bed in the evening, and any time in between during the day when I felt like I needed to move.

Keep in mind we don’t need to aim for the most intense sensation ever! We’re actually just looking for that initial gentle pull which begins to get your body moving in different ways, so dont feel you need to push too hard into these stretches.

While these stretches help to manage or prevent pain, they also have the benefit of helping to prepare your pelvis for the essential mobility that it needs to get ready for birth.

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Treatments For Back Pain In Pregnancy

More good news: Unless you had chronic backaches before you got pregnant, your pain will likely ease gradually before you give birth.

Meanwhile, there are many things you can do to treat low back pain or make it rarer and milder:


More tips:

  • If you need to pick something up from the ground, use your legs to squat rather than bend over.
  • Don’t wear high-heeled shoes. Choose low-heeled shoes with good arch support. Remember, as hormones loosen joints, you may need to buy a larger shoe size.
  • Don’t sleep on your back.
  • Wear support hose.

If your back pain persists, you may want to consult your doctor to see what else you might try. Be sure to consult your doctor before taking pain medications. Acetaminophen is safe for most women to take during pregnancy. Aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen or naproxen are not advised. In some cases, your doctor may recommend other pain medicines or muscle relaxants that are safe during pregnancy.

Strengthen Stabilize & Rehabilitate

The body will naturally do its thing in releasing relaxin during pregnancythat you can’t stop, but you can work on strengthening and stabilizing the body to better support your joints.

As an example, research has found that stabilization of the lower spine, coupled with stretching, has a positive effect on pain reduction. “Working with a physical therapist with special training in womens health, prenatal physical therapy or pelvic rehabilitation can make a big difference when managing back pain,” Dr. Gondek suggests.

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When To Worry About Pregnancy Back Pain

Low back pain that’s worse when you’re standing but eases once you sit or lie down is considered normal during pregnancy. But talk to your doctor if the pain starts to radiate down your legs into your calves or feet interferes with daily activities or causes fever, chills,weight loss, weakness, or sensory issues.

Stop It To Begin With

How To Relieve Low Back Pain During Pregnancy

Do exercises to reinforce the core muscle mass supporting your back, and your stomach, back, as well as hip muscular tissues. Stay clear of any type of workout that causes you to extend your back to the point of pain. Bend at the knees when raising a hefty things, as well as keep it close to your body with your knees a little bent as you hold it. Practice great stance: Dont drop when you sit, as well as use the muscles in your shoulders and abdominal areas to keep your back in a neutral setting.

Individuals with back pain in some cases also deal with anxiety. Dealing with clinical depression can reduce the discomfort since the same chemical messengers in the brain affect your state of mind and also just how you perceive pain. The antidepressant duloxetine is FDA-approved for dealing with chronic lower back pain. A word of caution: The medicine can trigger unusual however significant adverse effects, including lowered blood pressure as well as risk of liver failure.

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Secondly Take Care Of Your Body

You know those tight muscles that we mentioned earlier? The ones that feel overworked and tight? Massage and soft tissue work can help those muscles relax, which will help decrease your symptoms. It is important to know that there are many different types of massage, and massage is not a one size fits all treatment. It is important to find a practitioner who feels confident working with moms, and who will empower you to take charge of your wellness journey, instead of having you rely on them for relief. Here at LeBauer PT, we empower our patients who are moms by teaching them how to perform self treatment, which helps you keep nagging symptoms at bay, build self sufficiency, and build resiliency. We treat each mom as the unique individual that they are because we understand that there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to healing.

How To Ease Low Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain can be disabling particularly when your day-to-day life involves movement. If you take care of back pain, right here are some amazing tips that can help ease your suffering.Copulate a pillow under your knees How To Ease Low Back Pain During Pregnancy

When you have back pain, sleeping can be tough. It can be a vicious circle because when you do not obtain sufficient rest, your back pain may really feel worse. A poor sleep setting can additionally exacerbate back pain. Attempt pushing your side. Area a pillow between your knees to keep your back in a neutral position and eliminate stress on your back. If you require to sleep on your back, slide a cushion under your knees. Make certain to sleep on an easily firm mattress.

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Prenatal Exercises To Ease Lower Backaches

If you’re pregnant and experiencing twinges or chronic aches in the lower back, know that you are not alone. Back pain, in general, is one of the most reported issues among pregnant women and is more prominent in the later stages of gestation. And it’s not surprising, given your body is undergoing tremendous physical changes week by week.

According to Dr. Kasia Gondek, PT, DPT, CSCS, a physical therapist specializing in womens health, pelvic floor rehabilitation, and orthopedics at Femina Physical Therapy in Los Angeles, there are a few common causes of lower back pain when you’re expecting. “Women with a previous history of lower back injuries or aches are at an increased risk of having back pain during pregnancy, in addition to anyone with underlying muscle weakness that can cause hypermobility,” meaning overly flexible joints.

In addition, the hormone relaxin, a pregnancy-related hormone produced by both the ovaries and placenta, helps to relax ligaments of the pelvis and soften the cervix. “Relaxin, which peaks during the first trimester, allows your hips to widen in preparation for birth, mainly affecting the ligaments and connective tissues of the pelvis,” says Dr. Gondek. “Other areas commonly impacted by relaxin are the shoulders, spine, hips, ankles, and feet.” The loosening of the spine, in particular, can affect your stability, leading to ongoing bouts of back pain.

Causes Of Low Back Pain During Pregnancy

Pin on Exercise &  Sleep

Pain in the lower back usually occurs between the 5th and 7th months of pregnancy, although in some cases it begins as early as 8 to 12 weeks. The pain is usually located in the lumbar area in the center of the back between the ribs and the waist. Pain is also common in the back of the pelvis between the waist and the tailbone.

Although back pain is common during pregnancy, there are simple things you can do to ease or avoid it.

There are several causes of lower back pain in pregnant women and here are some of the more common ones:

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Releasing The Front Of The Hip

Releasing the front of the hip is by far the most difficult – and one of the most vital – aspects of improving your iliopsoas muscle health.

To do this, you need to reach the iliacus and the psoas muscles, which is tricky because the best release point is tucked slightly behind the hip bone. To reach this area, you need a physical therapist to help you or a tool like theHip Hook.

Unlike other massage tools, the Hip Hook is specifically designed to access both the psoas and the iliacus muscle. The unique shape allows it to reach around the hip bone and press directly onto the iliacus muscle, providing a much-needed release.

Releasing both the psoas and iliacus are essential to healthy hip flexors. If you have really tight hip flexors, you can also use a tool like theHip Flexor Release Ball. The size, shape, and density of the ball are perfect for releasing the front psoas muscle.

These tools cannot be used during pregnancy. Getting this muscle released isnt impossible though. You may be able to work directly with a physical therapist to relieve your lower back pain during pregnancy, as they will know how to release the muscles in a way that will not be harmful.

If you are trying to get pregnant, it can help to start this three-step process before conception. This will prepare your body for all of the hormonal changes that influence lower back pain during pregnancy.

2. Releasing the back of the hip


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