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Does Sex Relieve Back Pain

Lowers Your Blood Pressure

Pain and Itching After Intercourse

Research suggests a link between sex and lower blood pressure, says Joseph J. Pinzone, MD. He is CEO and medical director of Amai Wellness.

There have been many studies, he says. One landmark study found that sexual intercourse specifically lowered systolic blood pressure. That’s the first number on your blood pressure test.


Herniated Disc And Ed

A herniated disc can cause ED as well and that makes sense since spinal disc herniation can mess with so many bodily systems.

Watch out for so-called slipped discs, because the condition is a bulge rather than a slip when:

  • You have a hard impact on your back
  • You lift something that is too heavy
  • You cough or sneeze in the wrong way
  • You have an idiopathic tear in the ring around a disc.

Idiopathic just means you dont know what happened to cause the damage.

And heres the sad thing when this type of back pain leads to erectile dysfunction. Your doctor may not do much about it.

While its known that herniation of lumbar discs can negatively impact your sex life, not enough attention is paid to sexual problems by the average doctor, according to research .

Doctors simply dont take the time to give you recommendations that help you improve your sexual function, aside from writing scripts for one of the erectile dysfunction drugs, which do nothing to address the root cause of the problem.

Reasons Men Have Pain After Sex

Most of the time sex feels great, so it can be unsettling when you feel pain after intercourse. For some men, the pain can trigger performance anxiety and may diminish interest and pleasure during intercourse.

Causes for the pain vary depending on your sexual and general health, but one of the most common reasons include a condition called prostatitis, which affects up to 15 percent of the male U.S population.

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Spooning Is The Most Common Position For Those In Pain

Widely deemed as the least distressing position for those in pain, spooning can be a relief. Lying side-by-side facing the same direction is especially recommended for women. According to the study, this applies to those with “flexion-motion intolerance” a pain when they bend over to touch their toes or sit for long periods of time.

Strategies For Making Sex Satisfying Again For Your Patients

10 Core Exercises for Lower Back Pain Relief

Offer Advice on Positions

For patients whose pain is exacerbated by specific positions and postures, choose positions that put less pressure on the area that causes pain and use pillows to support that area, Dr. Hutcherson said.

For my female patients with pelvic pain, I find that often a side-to-side position or a sitting position tends to give less pain . One of the benefits of using pillows for support is that sometimes a patient will discover new areas of the body that are stimulated, because people tend to have sex the same way their entire lives, Dr. Hutcherson said.

For pain that is more severe or is exacerbated by intercourse, such as chronic pelvic pain, Dr. Hutcherson recommends other ways for couples to have sexual pleasure without intercourse. I try to get them to think about oral sex or mutual/individual masturbation, use of a sex toy, fantasy, and massage, Dr. Hutcherson said.

Insights from recent biomechanical studies suggest that certain positions are better than others for patients with chronic low back pain.¹ The researchers recruited 10 heterosexual couples to have sexual intercourse in a controlled laboratory setting while fitted with remote sensors that tracked how their spines moved in 5 common sexual positions.

Infrared and electromagnetic motion capture systems showed how the men and women flexed and extended their backs as well as when core and gluteal muscles were activated in each position.

Prepare in Advance

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New Study Says ‘spooning’ Isn’t Ideal For All Men With Aching Backs

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 10, 2014 — Guided by movements of couples engaged in sexual intercourse, a new report suggests that alternatives to the traditional missionary-style position can help men who have lower back pain.

The findings report that side-by-side intercourse, known as “spooning” and thought by some to be a cure-all, isn’t recommended for everyone.

Back pain during sex is a major issue for many people and there’s been little, if any, research into the best positions, the Canadian study authors pointed out.

“Up until now, clinicians have only had opinions to go on. Our objective was to set guidelines,” said the study’s lead author, Stuart McGill, director of the Spine Biomechanics Laboratory at the University of Waterloo in Ontario.

The good news is that most men with back pain can avoid triggering their pain during sex, he added.

At least one back pain expert, however, dismissed the findings, because the researchers only looked at healthy couples having intercourse. The methodology specifically excluded participants with back pain or those who had back surgery, according to the study, which was published Sept. 11 in the journal Spine.

For their study, the researchers used a “motion-capture” system to track the spinal movements of 10 men, average age 29, as they had intercourse with their female partner in five variations of three coital positions: facing each other, sideways, and from the back.

More information

Sex Positions To Help Minimize Back Pain

There are a number of positions and tricks that can effectively minimize back pain during sex. If you tend to use the same position with your partner, some of these may be a little awkward at first. By discussing them beforehand, you can feel more at ease during sex and reduce the risk of injury.

The recommended positions are especially valuable in older couples in whom low back pain can be progressive. This is especially true for postmenopausal women, who have a greater likelihood of low back pain compared with men of the same age.

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Q: Is Having Sex With Back Pain Dangerous

As you know, back pain is very complicated. Of course, like any activity that involves physical exertion, if youre not engaging in sex positions that are safe for your back pain type or injury, you can cause more pain. Causing more pain or adding strain can be dangerous.

Above following the rules for your back pain type and pre-sex tips for safer sex, its really a matter of letting your pain levels be your guide. If certain positions hurt, dont do them. If you are experiencing pain during sex, stop while youre ahead. Overdoing it by pushing through pain will likely lead to a longer recovery, spasms, a flare-up etc.

Q: Are there sex positions that I should avoid?

Yes. Again, let pain and common sense be your guide. In saying this, we will detail positions that are generally safe for men and women with different pain types. For example, if you are a woman who is extension-intolerant, spooning or side sex may be unsafe. If you are a man who is extension-intolerant, doggy style may not be comfortable or safe for you.

Continue reading as we detail tips on making positions more comfortable and safe positions for you.

Q: Will my sex life improve if I have back surgery?

Curious about back/ spine surgery? We asked a top orthopedic spine surgeon, who will back surgery help the most?

The study concluded that, sexual function is generally improved postoperatively when compared to preoperative function.

How Does This Happen

Reduce pelvic, hip, or low back pain during intercourse | Connect PT

The question that I often get in my office is, “how did this happen to me? More and more Im talking to people about how much sitting they are doing. Whether its at work, in the car, on the couch or at the dinner table, we are sitting for more hours than ever.

Most people assume that spinal problems only happen with car accidents, sports or work injuries. But more commonly we are seeing daily lifestyle habits contribute significantly to spinal imbalance and nerve system problems.

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Best And Worst Sex Positions For Back Pain

Researchers have developed recommendations to help pain patients engage in intercourse.

Back pain isnt just one of the most common reasons for skipping work. It can also affect your sex life. But new guidelines based on how the spine moves during intercourse could help.

Back pain affects 8 out of 10 people at some point in their lives, and low back pain is the leading cause of disability globally. Regarding sex, doctors used to recommend the spooning position for people with back pain, despite a lack of scientific evidence to support it. Also, a sex position thats appropriate for one type of pain, might not work for another type of pain.

Now researchers from the University of Waterloo in Canada have developed guidelines to avoid back pain during sex for men who dont have a preexisting back or hip condition.

Our analysis of spine motion during intercourse shows that, in fact, the recommended positions for men depend on what movements trigger their pain, says Natalie Sidorkewicz, a PhD candidate at the University of Waterloo and lead author on the paper published today in the journal Spine.

The researchers tracked how 10 couples spines moved in five common sex positions. Using both infrared and electromagnetic motion capture systems, they measured how the mens spine moved during sex, and created guidelines for best positions and techniques based on what movements cause pain.

Myths On Masturbation Effect On Kidneys

Many individuals tend to fall for misleading information. This is due to the lack of reliable sexual wellness information on the internet. Some of the myths around masturbation include:

  • Masturbation increases the growth of hair on the palms.
  • Masturbation leads to erectile dysfunction.
  • Masturbation results in a low sperm count.
  • Masturbation leads to penis shrinkage.
  • Masturbation damages kidneys and causes kidney failure or kidney pain.

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Over Masturbation Side Effects On Eyes

  • Over masturbation can lead to blurry visions. Research suggests that blurry visions are caused by nitric oxide deficiency, which escalates from over masturbation. This deficiency can lead to diminishing vision and sunken eyes with dark circles.
  • Studies have shown that excessive masturbation can cause pain in the eyes, followed by a negative impact on eyesight.

How Do You Know If Sexual Activity Is A Trigger For You

Tips to Relieve Ankylosing Spondylitis Back Pain

If you notice that you often begin to experience symptoms of migraine shortly after having sex, thats a pretty good indicator.

Actual sex headaches are easier to self-diagnose. These types of headaches come on hard and fast, unlike migraine attacks which have a more gradual onset.

Sex headaches are also pretty intense, and start at the most inopportune time like while youre in the throes of passion or just about to climax.

Symptoms to watch out for are:

  • a dull ache in your head that intensifies as your sexual excitement increases
  • a severe, throbbing headache just before or as you orgasm

The severe pain associated with sex headaches can last from a minute to around 24 hours, sometimes followed by milder pain that can linger for up to 72 hours.

Unlike with migraine, sex headaches usually dont cause aura symptoms, like vision disturbances or nausea.

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Tips For Better Sex Even With Back Pain

The results of SpineUniverse’s national survey on Sexual Satisfaction and Back Pain indicate that back pain is ruining the sex lives of many people.

While the statistical results of the survey are important, it is essential to remember that behind the numbers are real people. People who care about their sexual satisfaction and about their partner’s satisfaction. People who are currently frustrated and even depressed about the effect of back pain on their sex lives.

So what can they do to improve their situation?

Most experts agree that talking about sex and back pain can help improve the situation.

Most experts agree that three tips can help you have better sexeven with back pain:

Tip # 1: Talk it Out For some people, talking about sex comes naturally for others, their faces turn red even thinking about maybe talking about sex.

Nonetheless, you and your partner need to find a way to discuss your back pain, and how it will affect-or already does affectyour relationship.

Take the time to talk through the five issues below:

Tip # 2: Practical Changes Here we go, the nitty-gritty details of what to do .

Position Matters It may not be the sexiest thing to think about, but you have to remember your diagnosis as you’re having sex. Do you have spinal stenosis? A herniated disc? Degenerative changes in your spine? Your diagnosis is vitally important during sex because what’s causing your pain influences how your body reacts to different positions. For example:

Talk To Your Partner About What Hurtsand What Helps

When youre in pain, it affects you and your partner: You dont want to be touched for fear youll ache even more. Your partner, afraid of causing you pain, may withdraw and feel isolated too.

The solution? Talk about your pain regularly, suggests Schultz, who’s also the founder of When you check in about each others day, include your pain levels in the conversation. You both can acknowledge that even though the pain sucks, its our normal.

Knowing that youre facing this together can go a long way to helping you as can simply reminding each other that you really are still drawn to one another. When were dealing with chronic pain, we may not feel attractive, Schultz says. Having our partners share the things they find attractive about us and the ways they still see us as ourselves can be really helpful.

Making more of an effort to touch each otherdespite the painis the other crucial component. If we avoid physical touch, we miss out on all of those things that help remind us how valuable we are and how important we are to other peoples lives, Schultz says. So show your partner what feels good outside the bedroom, even if its simply laying his or her hand across your forehead when youre watching TV. That connection is powerful and ultimately can help you in bed.

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Science Based Recommendations And How Therapy Can Help

Does sex give you a backache? Do you avoid sex due to your low back pain?

If you are thinking YES, you are not alone. In a study by Bahouq et al. in 2013, 81% of clients with low back pain reported sexual problems and 66% of those clients reported never bringing the subject up with their doctor. As we all know, sex is an important activity for many. Todays post will shine a light on the latest science based recommendations sex positions for those with low back pain and how the therapists at Femina PT can help.

Science Based Sex Positions

In the 2014 study Male Spine Motion During Coitus, Implications for the Low Back Pain Patient and the 2015 study Sidorkewicz and McGill used infrared cameras and electrodes to biomechanically test five common sex positions to analyze the strain they put on the spine. This was the first investigation of its kind.

Their investigation revealed that sex positions are not one size fit all – it depends on the type of back pain you have. Some people get backaches with spinal flexion , while others become more aggravated with spinal extension . Layered on top of this, some people experience more back pain with excessive movement, while others do not. Various sex positions can decrease or increase these types of movements, aggravating or allowing pain-free movement.

How Can Therapy Help?

The physical therapists at Femina PT are well equipped and ready to help, contact us today.


Quit Hormonal Birth Control Or Change Prescriptions

A Simple Fix For Chronic Low Back Pain (At Home)

If youve noticed an increase in pelvic pain, vaginal dryness, or yeast infections since starting the pill, it may be time to consider other options. Talk to your doctor about adjusting prescriptions or possibly going off the pill.

Check out this recent article if youre interested in learning more about your other contraception options.

I also wrote an entire book, Beyond the Pill, about this subject its been in the top 25 women’s health books since it published! In it I cover what every woman should know about her hormones and body, plus give you lots more solutions on supporting a healthy sex life. Its completely chock full of everything you need to know about post birth control syndrome and how to heal after experiencing side effects from hormonal contraception. If youre thinking of quitting or starting the pill, its simply a must read.

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At What Point Should You See A Doctor About Your Symptoms

Sex and orgasm headaches arent usually serious but they can be a symptom of an underlying condition.

See a doctor if this is your first time getting a headache during sex or if you experience a severe headache that begins abruptly or lasts more than 24 hours.

In rare cases, a sex headache could be a sign of serious medical emergency, such as stroke.

  • loss of sensation

Classic Missionary Style Is Great For Those Who Have Trouble Arching Their Backs

Simple missionary can be valuable to anyone. For this position to be comfortable, Natalie Sidokewicz at the University of Waterloo said the hips and knees, rather than the spine, should be the real controllers of movement. A cushion can also be placed under the curvature of the spine of the person face-up.

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Hey Doc Ive Got To Tell You Something

I still remember the day when an older gentleman pulled me aside during a busy shift and in a hushed tone said that he wasnt suffering from erectile dysfunction anymore and he wanted to know if it was from the work we were doing to restore his nerve system.

I responded by saying that it made sense based on the areas of his spine that we were working on. Then I asked, why didnt you tell me about your ED before? His response was fairly matter of fact. “Why would I, whats a chiropractor got to do with that?”

And yes, hes right. Todays chiropractic has nothing to do with erectile dysfunction, low sex drive or infertility. But as a nerve system specialist, a chiropractor goes after the block to the nerve that supplies those organs. AND on the way to beating your neck and low back pain, we get to see the body heal.

And sometimes in dramatic fashion.


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